The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:Angela: Begin running from the other ixies in terror believing that they are a vast swarm of miniature versions of your angry mother.
Ixies: Tire yourselves out trying to capture your deranged sister.
start wondering if "Teh plan" really trully is that.

"NOOOO SALV!!" Angela screeched somewhere in the bushes nearby, followed by lots of buzzing and crashing around. "Why R their sew MINI of U?? Its true I wanted 2 B an Ixie but I swear I havent strayed from Teh Plan!!1!"

"There is no Plan!" another Ixie yelled amid sounds of a struggle. "We're all just winging it!"

I shook my head and turned my attention back to the quivering spruce.

Quote:>Adler: Never let an opportunity go to waste. You could put the tree back, but what will it do for you in return?
>Lil' Sprucey: You'll do anything! ANYTHING! You are new, you swore no oath and owe no allegiance to the other trees. You were a normal sapling before the other's shanghaied you into whatever is going on.


"What's this about not being allowed in the circle?" I demanded.

"It's true! This ground is off limits! If we were allowed to grow here, we would have taken it over long ago. If I stay much longer, I shall perish!"

"And why should I put you back?" I snarled, pressing my advantage. "You trees have all but declared yourselves my enemies, keeping me isolated on the orders of General Bonsai, or maybe the Duchess, I don't know which!"

"Not I! I am barely more than a seedling! I swore no sap-oath and I owe no allegiance to the interlopers who came here from Percysthorpe. They do not honor the Tulge!"

"If I put you back, will you serve me?" I demanded.

"Yes! Command me, my lord."

Quote:>Adler: It seems the trees that were here before your wardens showed up are not happy about the encroachers. The situation might be right for a bark ridden tree civil war
>Adler: The most success you've ever had was turning people against each other. Keep using what works. Tell the spruce to spread word among the trees that don't like taking orders from a bunch of deranged militants
Adler: Use this tree to your advantage, he is young and very impressionable, you think you can convince him to go against his masters and possibly create a larger insurrection


I liked the sound of that! Why shouldn't I be the Lord of the Forest? That was a fitting title for an elf, and it would certainly impress my cultists!

"Very well," I chuckled. "I shall replace you in your wonted spot, if you spread the word among your leafy brethren that I am rightful master of Albric Tor. Serve me, and I shall treat you well. Cross me, and the consequences will be dire!"

"As you wish, my lord."

I very carefully apported the little spruce back into the place from whence I had taken it. I then proceeded to make a similar bargain with the other shrubs and vines I had moved.

When all that was done, without shrubbery the rest of my landscaping efforts looked tawdry and feeble, so I cleared the circle of clutter and opted instead for a single weathered stone basin full of water, standing in front of the dolmen. It was simple, but overall a more effective use of the space.

I mentally reviewed the situation to see if there was anything else I needed to do to prepare for my cult members' arrival...

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