Eagle Time Baseball Team!

Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Congratulations, Chicago Cubs! 108 years and you've finally won the World Series. Well, with baseball over for foreverthe year, it's just too bad that we won't be able to answer one of the biggest questions plaguing humanity since Day 1.

Can the users of Eagle Time successfully manage a baseball team?

Sadly, with no more baseball, this question will never be answered. It's not as if there is a baseball simulator program, which I have downloaded, and allows me to set up such a scenario with ease.
[Image: oMJJ2Ug.png]
Oh. I guess there is.

Welcome to Eagle Time (attempts to) manage a baseball team in the major leagues! All controls are given over to you, to see how likely the forum as a whole can manage the team. I have a guess, but I'm not going to say which right now, to not influence your decision making skills.

Before we get started, let's see what's going on.
[Image: u4Eyl5S.png]
Yep, that looks like an MLB season, which I have to simulate through in order to do certain things. Wonder what's going to happen in this version of 2016, though?
[Image: dociBgw.png]
Okay, some slight differences. Pay no attention to the fact that I'm apparently Baltimore Orioles; they are the first team in alphabetical order in the American League, so that's the default for no team. Unfortunately, the Cubs don't end their drought this year by virtue of not making the playoffs, and the Giants don't suffer a colossal collapse after the All Star break to still win their division, but all I care about is how do the playoffs end?
[Image: fV6fyw9.png]

[Image: 8RNWaaZ.png]
Okay, so now that the season is over, we can make some changes. Now, I could let you all control one of the teams already existing, but I figured, it would be a lot funnier to put us in charge of a brand new team, so that we can mess around with a lot more stuff.

What I need is:
  1. The city where we want to play
  2. The nickname of our team
  3. Whether we want to play in the National or American league
We'll just do that to start but there will be more next time; I'll have to realign the league depending on where we end up playing, so we most likely won't get to choose our divisions or rivals.

So, with that, PLAY BALL!
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
apparently no major league team is called the eagles. let's just boot the Winford, South Carolina Eagles up to the American League
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
1. Wallace, Idaho, the city in which miners shot up mine owners, and then the city proceeded to be set on fire, thus everyone decided to just not live there anymore.
2. Corn Stars or Mines Aflame
3. National

Edit: Also it turns out the Center of the Universe is in Wallace, Idaho, wow I'm really good at randomly picking cities in Idaho.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
american league or bust

edit: wait, what about japanese or canadian teams
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
As long as it's closeish to the United States, wherever you want to pick is fine. So Canada (as well as something like Mexico or the Dominican Republic) would be okay, while Japan is a bit further off for this sim.
I mean, the World Baseball Classic is coming up next spring, so who knows what I'll do then
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Can the team be a japanese baseball team attempting to disguise themselves as a simple American team in Wallace, Idaho? If so I'm voting for that.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
i change my answer to the Cuban Bald Eagles. our commie asses are going to use america's national bird in america's national sport when none of the american teams could step up to the plate, so to speak.
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
(11-06-2016, 03:42 AM)☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ Wrote: »i change my answer to the Cuban Bald Eagles. our commie asses are going to use america's national bird in america's national sport when none of the american teams could step up to the plate, so to speak.

hail, comrade!
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
communism means that every player on the team doubles as a pitcher and we each let them pitch one ball in a constant rotation
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
[Image: dA6mGQz.png]
And just like that, the CUBAN BALD EAGLES are now in the Major Leagues. We still don't really have anything, but getting here is half the battle, right?

Here's a complete update on everything to get this alignment:
Tampa Bay Rays moved from AL East to AL South
Houston Astros moved from AL West to AL South
Texas Rangers moved from AL West to AL South
Kansas City Royals moved from AL Central to NL Central
Cuban Bald Eagles were placed in the AL South

Atlanta Braves moved from NL East to NL South
Miami Marlins moved from NL East to NL South
Cincinnati Reds moved from NL Central to NL South
Pittsburgh Pirates moved from NL Central to NL East
Colorado Rockies moved from NL West to AL West
A mystery team that nobody should bother caring about was placed in the NL South

Yeah, I had to add a second team, because 31 isn't a nice number. There's going to be an expansion draft, where we get to pick our players, so let's check that out.
[Image: RN3xSYc.png]
[Image: 4xQPXLL.png]

[Image: vjzrGmW.png]
Okay, so here's our team. I added the two other suggestions as our top farm teams, because they were automatically added and I had the space. Anyway, as you can see at the moment, we don't have a roster. Or a rotation. Or bullpen. Mainly because we don't have any players yet.
[Image: MScYLwe.png]
On the right, you can see our current ballpark, which is pretty boring and we'll fix that later. On the left is the owner, which we can fix now like...
[Image: sSemWZj.png]
This. Much better, if I do say so myself.

So, we must head on to our first, and by far most pressing task.
[Image: pUKugpD.png]
Coming up with uniforms, and a better logo. I mean, we aren't the 2001 Diamondbacks here, leave them with their teal and purple coloration.

Now, we could spend forever choosing the specific color and details, or you could mess around on this site to create the jerseys (and there's one for ballcaps too)! There isn't one for logos, so we'll have to make one wherever you want.

So, what I need for this next set is:
  1. A primary and secondary color for our team (team color and team text color)
  2. A logo for our team
  3. (Optional) A jersey and cap from that website. I can make stuff from our colors, but it's more fun to give you this:
    [Image: VF3jpbv.png]
    [Image: xrOMa3M.png]
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Bright red and yellow, obviously.
Communist logo, but the sickle is the highlight on the edge of a baseball and the hammer is a bat.

Players: Beards. As long as you can make 'm.
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
#00FFFF and #FF00FF

[Image: TsJcso7.png]

They should just wear pasta
[Image: I8drIOU.png]
and fire
[Image: 058kmlO.png]
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
[Image: 27xOUPj.png]UPDATE 3: STADIUM![Image: 27xOUPj.png]

OKAY! So, the pasta jersey is now our road jersey and the home jersey is...
[Image: ijHOgqt.png]

All together, we have:
[Image: DpWQ3Bv.png]
[Image: CoztL02.png]

[Image: 9utzBV4.png]
Now that looks a lot better... except for that boring stadium.

I just need the basic information and ballpark dimensions from whatever you want. Everything else depends on what you fill in for those. Because I might want to make a horrible abomination out of combining all of the suggested ballparks. And by might, I mean probably will.
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Park Name: Actual Hell
Country: Cuba
City: Guantanamo
Type: Dome
Surface: Fire
Foul Area: Extra Small
Altitude: 0
Capacity: 5
Distance/WallHeight: -666
Temperature/Precipitation: 666
Average Wind: 1000
Player Locations: On top of each other
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
i like a lot of the above, but i'd like to make a few suggestions of my own. the site's kinda fucked up but i think this gets across the idea:


so first, and most obviously, it's a heart-shaped field, but also a very SMALL heart-shaped field, lots of homers, very exciting high-scoring games. the center wall dives in so it's touching second base, our right and left fielders become duplicate basemen, and the center fielder has to stand between the pitcher and the catcher. you've got some kind of freak jet stream that's going to yank your ball right out of the park if it goes down the center lane, but if you hit it off to either side, you've got powerful countervailing forces against you. it's like a hurricane, but all the time, and it never moves. OBVIOUSLY it's an open roof stadium and OBVIOUSLY the grass is colored our team's pink
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
I've got a proposal as well

Located in scenic outer space, "The Spike" provides a challenge to people with certain styles, but if you can figure out the secret, it's a great chance to get a few home runs in. Not sure about baseball in space? Well don't worry, our climate control system functions properly for like, a third of the year maybe?

limited seats on the shuttle up

also, unrelatedly, maybe we should consider entirely right handed batters?
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
If Robust suggestion is possible lets do that.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
[Image: mPz6y4u.jpg]
Unfortunately, OOTP proper is more strict on what can and cannot be a ballpark than the generator, but I think I tried my best to capture the spirits of the two designs. And... well... I think I screwed up the image upload but who cares. Now hey, I've had a message for a while, let's see what that all's about.

[Image: c7riimo.png]
Very sage advice from Sbnkalny. So what do you say, let's not suck.

[Image: uwFpwNI.png]
Oh wonderful! We ended up sixth in attendance even from 0 games played. As a ridiculously popular team in a ridiculously spacious stadium, I wouldn't be surprised if we beat that total handily when we actually play games.
There's only one problem though.

[Image: 20ifdH5.png]
We don't have any players whatsoever.
[Image: 1nAT7NK.jpg]
(Although our completely empty farm system ranks better than our expansion partner, the Miami Marlins, and the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim)

Now then, I simulated forwards to two days before the expansion draft occurs and we can steal select players from other teams. We could wait until then...
[Image: LIeqgZm.png]
Or dip our talons into the Free Agent Market. I mean, we have one billion dollars, and not a care in the world regarding luxury tax or anything similar, and we'll probably have to end up there somehow to fill out the rest of our equally empty farm system. It's just why not start now, and have a chance to nab some of the top free agents. Let's see if there's anyone willing to defect back to Cuba...

So, what kinds of players are we looking for? And how much are we willing to pay them?
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
See if there is anyone who will take 13$
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
let's take Michael Jordan out of retirement
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
I hear we want right-handed batters
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
So, bad news on our first goal. Out of the Park Baseball doesn't keep track of retired players who didn't make the major leagues. And since Michael Jordan never did... oh well.

On the other hand...
[Image: JUPSFGA.png]
I mean, we still need an assistant GM for our team.
[Image: 8ZpFHRZ.png]

Also, speaking about looking at retired players
[Image: kwIFCTL.png]

Oh wait, I'm in cheat mode; I can just fix it. And sign him to our team.
[Image: gSLngOR.jpg]

Now then, time to look for potential members of the Bald Eagles. And lo, right away I stumble upon a deal.
[Image: fx9S6AV.png]
A potential of four and a half stars? With no minimum demand?
[Image: EAJisge.png]

[Image: cKn86mK.jpg]
There we go, $13 above the absolute minimum.

[Image: 4GyHPhO.png]
Now then, looking at the other free agents, I notice this right near the top. I mean, another near perfect player, but with the same value for current? And from GLORIOUS CUBA? Does this get any better?
[Image: qkae6hY.png]
[Image: M7EPLB2.jpg]

ANYWAY that was boring, but now we have about fifteen players. Combine that with our pickings from the expansion draft tomorrow, and we'll be golden.
[Image: b2iHT73.png]
If everyone signs (and trust me, they will) our current salary will be around $50M, and the spending limit before being taxed (PSHAW like that matters) is around $190M, so we still have loads of room to partake in amazing deals.

So, what sorts of players should we be looking for to steallegitimately acquire in the expansion draft?
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
i think we need to focus on players who can double as pitchers, so we can move everyone in the outfield around in mid-inning by transferring them to the mound for 1 pitch, then taking them back off the mound to their new position for 1 pitch, then moving the original pitcher back onto the mound again. this will give us the on-the-fly flexibility other teams can't match

also you forgot to put the center fielder between the pitcher and hitter

beyond that let's sign kobe bryant, a literal pitching robot like hitters use to train, and whoever the worst player in the league is
RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
Sadly for our strategies, Out of the Park Baseball doesn't allow for changing the rules of baseball, so we unfortunately have to follow:
Rule 5.10(d) Wrote:A pitcher may change to another position only once during the same inning; e.g. the pitcher will not be allowed to assume a position other than a pitcher more than once in the same inning.
Rule 5.10(g) Wrote:If the pitcher is replaced, the substitute pitcher shall pitch to the batter then at bat, or any substitute batter, until such batter is put out or reaches first base, or until the offensive team is put out, unless the substitute pitcher sustains injury or illness which, in the umpire-in-chief’s judgment, incapacitates him for further play as a pitcher.
Rule 6.04(‎c‎) Wrote:No fielder shall take a position in the batter's line of vision

ANYWAY, on to the next chunk of the offseason:
[Image: TizOdFT.png]
So, Colby Lewis is the worst pitcher, and none of the batters are worse (I looked, the batter only had -1.6 WAR), LET'S SIGN THEM!
[Image: qDW9HT2.png]
Also, here's our pitching machine.

Now then, we had the expansion draft. It was boring.
[Image: 4aZ1sKf.png]
[Image: qxAL0Cw.png]

[Image: JTltv0b.png]
And shortly afterwards, the first of many people starting signing with us. Eventually, everyone we picked did choose to sign with us, albeit in some cases cough cough KEVIN RICHARDS cough it wasn't easy.

Okay, here's that story. After getting the $1 million offer, Richards wanted more money, to $1.2 million. Then $1.3 million. Then $1.4 million. Then $1.5 million. And in the exact same manner, so did Yorden Barley. And there's a $3 million cap on what you can spend, so by that point, everything was used up. AND THEN RICHARDS WANTED MORE MONEY. Since I couldn't do that, he signed with the dreaded evil Yankees. To which, I just promoted him, and then traded $500,000 to get him. And then offered $2 million to Barley, who immediately signed with us.

[Image: VVZAyS7.png]
Also, everyone's excited about BARTOLO COLON, we need to do something that I forgot to do when first unretiring him.
[Image: 0k2MPmv.png]
There we go. And if you think I'm crazy for that nickname...
[Image: hdBUJXa.png]

[Image: EeZQULl.png]
Also, here's the hall of fame voting. Thibodeux, eat your heart out, with Manny getting way to high of the vote, while Hoffman and (sadly) Raines missing out.

So, with all that out of the way, here is our full roster at the moment. All I know so far is that Ozhaino Albies is probably going to be our starting shortstop. I picked him up in the Rule 5 draft, which means he must be on our roster the entire year. And given that he was the best player, and we didn't have a good shortstop whatsoever? Worth it.
[Image: RRlck7j.png]
[Image: lXM8mZP.png]
[Image: FS7quSg.png]

Now then, is there anything more we want to do before spring training starts? Or should we just skip another month forwards?
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RE: Eagle Time Baseball Team!
>make a note at some point to recruit Bill Buckner
>also what can we do to make Pedro Stop happy
>turn that frown upside down pedro into a Happymelon