[Farther]: XXVIII - Oldies

[Farther]: XXVIII - Oldies
RE: [Farther]: XVI - Hykraw
> "Mordis is dead."
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: [Farther]: XVI - Hykraw
>don't say anything, just get to the ship and let maroon wander into mordis's room. pretend you never saw the body. after all, you don't want to shock him, but you don't want to hide information from him.
I tend not to draw very well, so don't expect me to do much other than look at Fortuna fanventures.
RE: [Farther]: XVI - Hykraw
>"Hey, buddy...Mordis didn't make the trip. I'm sorry."
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
[Farther]: XVII - Mordis

[Image: a1RPIML.png]

(11-25-2017, 07:34 PM)LammarWesley Wrote: »>Hykraw : Try to be a bit soft and direct about it, Mor
dis died.
(11-25-2017, 08:27 PM)Artem1s Wrote: »>just say it bluntly, hiding the truth is just gonna cause problems
(11-25-2017, 08:57 PM)Robottobt Wrote: »> " she's dead."

[Image: P8FwHKd.png]

[Image: 4FEvCdj.png]

[Image: jKD5Yx9.png]

[Image: yx5X8ie.png]

(11-07-2017, 11:08 PM)Dorsidwarf Wrote: »>Andy: Be sad about dead friend

[Image: ePGCUOU.png]

[Image: tdWrj1B.png]

[Image: KKK8oCq.png]

[Image: xbJVvr5.png]

[Image: EcnV73D.png]

[Image: elg218O.png]

[Image: a5gcp4l.png]

[Image: 1Gz9Bee.png]

[Image: 4opDWba.png]

[Image: XpwChmx.png]

[Image: Ifeptjk.png]

[Image: BmH6nV1.png]

[Image: Tt2uec5.png]

[Image: Zv3UNqT.png]

[Image: sOhLlq2.png]

[Image: Drc54ef.png]

Maroon and Hykraw were now inside the wreckage of the ship. Somehow, Maroon felt better in these cold dark corridors than he did in the harsh sunlight of the desert dunes.

RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
>storage area
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
>yo, lets check out the cockpit
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
>Figure out how much you have to eat. Rationing is important.
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
> 8, storage
"Fainting isn't real, only ninteenth century girls in corsets faint."
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
Mordis's room, to meet your fifth crew member, your good ghost friend Mordis
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
>send the most stable members to retrieve mordis' body and give her a proper burial.
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
> 8. Storage should have room and supplies for things.
RE: [Farther]: XVII - Mordis
(NOT AN UPDATE) but [Farther] is now a year old! 1st anniversary! Yeah!! Thanks to everyone who suggested on the adventure / supported me throughout the year and I promise 2018 will hold bigger things for [f]! Thanks again!

[Image: choose_your_character__by_sinnerdevil-dbw1qz3.png]
(by Devil)
RE: [Farther]: Anniversary
>Also coordinate everyone's inventory

(this has been really enjoyable, nice soundtrack choices : D)
RE: [Farther]: Anniversary
use mordis's room, cause why not?
[Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
(12-11-2017, 05:00 PM)[Robocoon] Wrote: »>yo, lets check out the cockpit

[Image: yYMPbAI.png]

[Image: yiuz7yN.png]

[Image: H82vSH6.png]

[Image: hhnlkP1.png]

[Image: etqOsv6.png]

[Image: hywUKeb.png]

[Image: FNEis1f.png]

[Image: UZjyila.png]

[Image: SAUEbbJ.png]

[Image: axQ1jmO.png]

[Image: 6ljdvp1.png]

[Image: Vkuc4Vo.png]

[Image: WodIVcn.png]

[Image: K7nag7f.png]

[Image: oCdG0sq.png]

[Image: nh0qpGx.png]

[Image: dCBe2iE.png]

[Image: MJrLHpg.png]

[Image: N3U9Ptz.png]

[Image: Pwp6XeV.png]

(10-08-2017, 09:14 PM)Wheat Wrote: »Oh, you're captain, you should know this. That's the black box for when your ship crashes. You should go check on it.

[Image: YaE1OWH.png]

[Image: qZrEJOd.png]

[Image: brkFmm6.png]

[Image: ub6fY5S.png]

[Image: ip0ZFRX.png]

[Image: Re8c0D7.png]

[Image: 7OLc9Kb.png]

[Image: xO0pSpQ.png]

[Image: EKArvPD.png]

[Image: KYHag1Q.png]

[Image: jSobdos.png]

[Image: 0UdzaQV.png]

[Image: z9wLUFj.png]

[Image: gQt261Q.png]

[Image: GCbk3u9.png]

[Image: L7ovW0Y.png]

[Image: 0jX88JM.png]

[Image: WZDXriQ.png]

[Image: z044vDp.png]

[Image: yFJQHtr.png]

[Image: EewmWkF.png]

[Image: Jm7oEAJ.png]

[Image: NntqkAr.png]

RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
> "Hykraw, that's funny and all, but we have limited power. Let's stay focused and try not to waste it on jokes."
> "What if someone thinks this is a prank distress signal?"
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
>Maroon: inspect the black box for ports, it might be worth it to know what was up before the crash
RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
(>Kill Hykraw for joking about asses)
> Let's see where's Andy and Ray!
RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
>damn it Hykraw not again!!
>go tell ray and andy about the news of electricity
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
>We're gonna do it, we're gonna get out of here.
RE: [Farther]: XVIII - Keyboard
>try to show that this is serious and keep inspecting
[Farther]: XIX - Dole
(12-11-2017, 08:18 PM)juddy555 Wrote: »> 8. Storage should have room and supplies for things.
(12-11-2017, 05:04 PM)eerr Wrote: »>Figure out how much you have to eat. Rationing is important.

[Image: Z3ATHVg.png]

Meanwhile, Ray headed into the ship’s storage area – which was only marginally bigger than a broom closet - figuring it would be a good idea to get a sense of what the crew had on board. Ray squinted in the darkness. Something littered the floor, but he had no idea what exactly. He wished he had batteries.

[Image: 3WR8BL4.png]

Suddenly, Andromeda entered the room, lighting up the area with his screen.

[Image: OBAul2u.png]

[Image: FLglbCr.png]

[Image: hEgQVzl.png]

[Image: zBGAwYw.png]

Ray looked around the now-lit storage room. There was the upturned plastic tub Maroon had brought, affectionately labeled “LOOT” with tape and a marker. Maroon had explained that he planned to fill the tub with any loot they looted from other planets, but on their way to the very first pit-stop someone decided to crash the ship. So it remained empty.

[Image: xFVfpbT.png]

[Image: fV1mRFJ.png]

[Image: CCP6ugN.png]

[Image: 5jTD7t4.png]

Ray walked over to a crumpled cardboard box labeled "RATIONS" and looks inside.

[Image: uv1HOzF.png]

[Image: FqAo6U9.png]

[Image: NfAldKA.png]

[Image: Q7TWnFq.png]

[Image: 7mpVmTh.png]

[Image: KZI2PI0.png]

[Image: oNZz3Ge.png]

[Image: BIoziMv.png]

Currently, both Maroon and Hykraw are eating three food rations a day, with Ray eating two daily instead. Ray can choose to limit their consumption to two a day - this increases the number of days the food supply lasts but could have effects on morale and spirit. What should Ray do?
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
> Make Ray limit his consumption, he seems fine with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
Limit rations, survival is best.
time to die i guess
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
>Lowering the amount of rations eaten would give the crew more time to be rescued. That seems to be the most reasonable option.