[Farther]: XXVIII - Oldies

[Farther]: XXVIII - Oldies
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
A/N: ((Oh shoot, almost forgot, Ray can also limit one person's consumption and not both - like Maroon 2 per day and Hykraw 3 per day, or vice versa))
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
>Hykraw and Maroon should alternate days where they eat just two rations. Every third day they both eat two rations.
>Meaning that should extend to a fifth day where there is food, even though it would just be 5 rations.

>Do we have anything that could get us around faster? Maybe we should look into making the distress signal more powerful
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
>Ray and Hykraw would be the best combo imo. I have a feeling hykraw would be able to handle it better.
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [Farther]: XIX - Dole
>Definitely limit rations. Ray's made this decision already, it seems, so it shouldn't be as risky for morale.

(if he does begin losing morale: talk to someone about it, Ray!!! bE a fRIenD!!!! They're here for you!!!!! They could split one of their third rations!!!!!!!! Picnic!!! AAAAAAA)
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
[Farther]: XX - Potatoes
Majority Wrote:>Lower the amount of rations
(02-04-2018, 09:32 PM)LoverIan Wrote: »>Hykraw and Maroon should alternate days where they eat just two rations. Every third day they both eat two rations.
(02-05-2018, 04:01 AM)[Robocoon] Wrote: »>Ray and Hykraw would be the best combo imo. I have a feeling hykraw would be able to handle it better.

[Image: yaLWISK.png]

Ray decided to lower the amount of rations. Starting today, Hykraw and Ray would both eat two rations per day, while Maroon ate the regular three, and every third day all three of them would eat two rations. He also noted that the plan wasn’t final at all - he could change the ration plan at any time, if needed. The current plan would definitely minimize complaints from Maroon, who for sure would make a big deal out of it… Ray sighed. Sometimes he wished he was the captain of the ship instead. But whatever. You play the hand you’re dealt with.

[Image: XEpXI6p.png]

He glared at the robot across the room. At least they got one good thing out of the AI – it didn’t need to eat. More rations for the rest of them.

[Image: 14C5yLJ.png]

[Image: sNF7Res.png]

[Image: h4t7VoK.png]

[Image: OUkyG43.png]

[Image: vzKIsHa.png]

[Image: jsWFJeg.png]

[Image: yL2hlpy.png]

[Image: uauEneY.png]

[Image: Rcnt7hV.png]

[Image: q6qa8vb.png]

[Image: mtBKYc0.png]

[Image: XyvxQJ3.png]

[Image: YEs2KXp.png]

[Image: MflzPkG.png]

[Image: EK82fXL.png]

[Image: 2GNOW7S.png]

[Image: dNA2sxO.png]

[Image: RDTltC9.png]

[Image: inIlPLV.png]

(01-14-2018, 03:01 AM)[Robocoon] Wrote: »>go tell ray and andy about the news of electricity

[Image: 2rHnSqL.png]

[Image: QjImEpl.png]

[Image: le2kchS.png]

[Image: ellEU0E.png]

[Image: SSIRng5.png]

[Image: Fj1DCyl.png]

[Image: ZAE9LxF.png]

[Image: AfQW3Dl.png]

[Image: o9Wm7Wv.png]

[Image: eahLGw6.png]

[Image: 6Iu55w4.png]

[Image: P1q4e0x.png]

[Image: IPAtUix.png]

[Image: 5IGQC1c.png]

[Image: x38G9om.png]

[Image: R1L5F3K.png]

[Image: zU4VywU.png]

[Image: 0x0ijGy.png]

[Image: fovmJXH.png]

[Image: kvEUqK9.png]

[Image: UCe3yPT.png]

[Image: 1yFzO68.png]

[Image: K7NqkSs.png]

Not very totally destroyed, thought Maroon to himself.

[Image: 70sYE4h.png]

Andromeda had forgotten just how many of these reminder sticky notes he had put up.

[Image: s1RP6dQ.png]

Ray didn’t really mind the current state of his room – the crash hadn’t affected much.

[Image: WyRvNQs.png]


RE: [Farther]: XX - Potatoes
> Andy: Read the notes.
"Fainting isn't real, only ninteenth century girls in corsets faint."
RE: [Farther]: XX - Potatoes
>Maroon, hug a poster for comfort.
RE: [Farther]: XX - Potatoes
>Hykraw: Huh. How odd. Your furniture has disappeared without trace, and there's a hole in the floor. Examine hole.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: [Farther]: XX - Potatoes
>Hykraw: Get Ray's help
>Maroon: Examine poster of dad, also the thing in the corner
>Examine the fridge
RE: [Farther]: XX - Potatoes
>Maroon: Examine el póster
>Hykrak: revise ese agujero en el piso con Andromeda
>Ray: Recoger algo de chatarra quede puede ser útil mas tarde
>Maroon: Examine the poster
>Hykrak:check that hole in the floor with Andy
>Ray:Recovering some junk may stay later
[Farther]: XXI - Notation
(03-01-2018, 05:22 PM)Heyoceama Wrote: »> Andy: Read the notes.

[Image: dBf1rlK.png]

Andromeda takes a few steps and picks up a note close to him.

[Image: PqnSKOV.png]

"Part 1"? Where was part 2? Or 3?

[Image: KlaMW0q.png]

[Image: tMd7Crv.png]


[Image: ykCDl4m.png]

What did these notes mean again?

[Image: ypjKz8M.png]

...right! Tuning. Snare drum. The drums. He thought about the last time he practiced on his kit – had it been a long time? Probably, and it was a shame too, since his goal was to continue practicing every day to keep his drum-playing skills up (he knew he had troubles with maintaining skills over time) but ever since a certain incident crashed into his life his daily routine had been interrupted.

[Image: lA8qD9U.png]

He hoped maybe his abilities hadn’t deteriorated too much... perhaps he would play right now to test, if only the drum didn’t have a giant gaping hole busted through it. Oh well.

(03-01-2018, 06:16 PM)eerr Wrote: »>Maroon, hug a poster for comfort.
(03-07-2018, 09:02 PM)cottixuwu Wrote: »>Maroon: Examine el póster
(03-01-2018, 08:14 PM)LoverIan Wrote: »>Maroon: Examine poster of dad

[Image: g4bkcZa.png]

[Image: NsJBaLd.png]

[Image: 7tRbhey.png]

Maroon would say something like “this is a poster of my father, this is all for him” at this moment, but for some reason he falls oddly quiet.

[Image: bqbtCtm.png]

Hykraw swears she put actual stuff in her room this time. Sure, when she moved into that one flat, she didn’t even take things out of the boxes that were used to move her stuff, but Maroon had insisted that she decorate her room accordingly because “it was important”. To keep crew morale high or something like that. Well, if it meant that much to him why not do it, right? Anyway. If all her stuff really was gone that would be kind of a problem. She wouldn’t have a “high morale” in the first place if her prized possession was missing.

(03-01-2018, 08:05 PM)FlanDab Wrote: »>Hykraw: Huh. How odd. Your furniture has disappeared without trace, and there's a hole in the floor. Examine hole.

[Image: oXrljnk.png]

Looking around the room for any signs of life (her furniture) she stumbled upon a jagged, gaping hole in the floor. She peered down. How did...

[Image: Jm4uadY.png]

[Image: ymmqp.png]

She thinks she knows now what happened to all her stuff. But she really hopes it isn’t the case.

[Image: XWe3vmG.png]

As Andromeda reached over to pick up another note, he heard Hykraw call “Guys?” from her room. He could hear Maroon responding affirmatively, exiting his room and walking down the corridor, as did Ray. He supposed he should go check it out too. Andromeda headed to the exit when...

[Image: 6KBk1jQ.png]

...a sticky note on his door? He doesn’t remember this being here. I mean, yeah, sure, but he’s definitely sure he never put any sort of note on the door. Definitely. With an outstretched hand, he plucks the note off the door and reads it.

[Image: idUYkpF.png]

[Image: rtn2S5X.png]

Andromeda doesn’t really know how to make heads or tails of this note, but... it made him smile. He places it in his inventory, and steps outside to meet with the others about Hykraw’s situation.

RE: [Farther]: XXI - Notation
>Andy: Head to Hykraw, and bring up if you could use some scrap to fix your horn
[Farther]: XXII - Airlock
[Image: ndB0dUb.png]

[Image: otqGqGI.png]

[Image: W4UtZWB.png]

[Image: FsFZZM7.png]

[Image: 7PKO1t6.png]

[Image: qrPRrWd.png]

[Image: P8r95GV.png]

[Image: QZ81SWm.png]

[Image: ESKuWHj.png]

[Image: nNqcXMr.png]

[Image: TnttggD.png]

[Image: DCZXBYu.png]

[Image: J13FTQ4.png]

[Image: I7G8lHE.png]

[Image: E0VsKUd.png]

[Image: 8mOBtMj.png]

[Image: I8G4IRH.png]

[Image: dmdCnHa.png]

(12-11-2017, 08:16 PM)Robottobt Wrote: »>send the most stable members to retrieve mordis' body and give her a proper burial.

[Image: V3bhw4E.png]

[Image: uYYGSOj.png]

[Image: ROY6J9F.png]

[Image: KliucBU.png]

[Image: x2G94Lq.png]

[Image: WT6oyUJ.png]

[Image: gxfw17f.png]

[Image: OWbFaCL.png]

RE: [Farther]: XXII - Airlock
> Crew: Prepare for the funeral.
"Fainting isn't real, only ninteenth century girls in corsets faint."
[Farther]: XXIII - Eulogy
[Image: jrdYxF4.png]

[Image: 5OGrFQe.png]

[Image: miYdLBj.png]

[Image: anznLaV.png]

[Image: ldGCX6F.png]

[Image: tcfllt6.png]

[Image: wQOQO8R.png]

[Image: 7YpOFmE.png]

[Image: Io5j940.png]

[Image: FoZKGBk.png]

[Image: tbWHKOa.png]

[Image: FXlWw2S.png]

[Image: ef4QfED.png]

[Image: oUzIJd2.png]

[Image: Pppfysf.png]

[Image: YYTwzfM.png]

[Image: ip0ZFRX.png]
(04-23-2018, 07:30 AM)Heyoceama Wrote: »> Crew: Prepare for the funeral.

[Image: L36RIE5.png]

[Image: xoEFMKn.png]

[Image: HeGz30S.png]

[Image: qncTa2Y.png]

[Image: m0ZzAJL.png]

[Image: jaG6arm.png]

[Image: 0kwItQH.png]

[Image: t4ZsEgg.png]

[Image: nQBN8vR.png]

[Image: 9gHDMuL.png]

[Image: rsUh1LR.png]

[Image: qaaPVor.png]

[Image: NuR4sJr.png]

[Image: RpZTiT0.png]

[Image: LdHaRbK.png]

[Image: P1YxNhN.png]

[Image: 2jrC14k.png]

[Image: ZUSB1kj.png]

[Image: Cp30DJ2.png]
RE: [Farther]: XXIII - Eulogy
>Andromeda: Show them your notes. It's a good chance to ask for help looking at any issue in your code?
[Farther]: XXIV - Weird

[Image: 7oZK5v3.png]

[Image: Evv1knV.png]

[Image: QKMtFJ8.png]

[Image: ip0ZFRX.png]

[Image: AIeLgPs.png]

[Image: jn9DUCn.png]

[Image: vYoUXxv.png]

[Image: dWbHXWl.png]

[Image: kld4HgM.png]

[Image: y5Mle7Q.png]

[Image: LrtwSyr.png]

[Image: Qw9u9iM.png]

[Image: PoWa4CH.png]

[Image: qF9lXZl.png]

[Image: gS3BzxB.png]

[Image: Oe5ra9R.png]

[Image: TFO842U.png]

[Image: oo8OUQP.png]

[Image: VhmVBTW.png]

[Image: 0ErHae4.png]

[Image: or3wUnU.png]

[Image: 67I7Q5T.png]

[Image: AfrfkEd.png]

[Image: sdjnz.png]

[Image: xgiEnwB.png]

(11-07-2017, 05:24 PM)Heyoceama Wrote: »> Well hey, it's not like you guys have any plans other than survive. Even if it was a hallucination it couldn't hurt to look. After you get the wreckage sorted out and set up to live in that is.

[Image: SpRHH7F.png]

[Image: W1DjK7D.png]

[Image: bsMkqkP.png]

[Image: mEcVlVt.png]

[Image: zBy9CBd.png]

[Image: gW3BsOR.png]

[Image: 6ODTrcd.png]

[Image: vA3jfHA.png]

[Image: 0l49ujL.png]

[Image: uWFG7zN.png]

[Image: PyUpKxi.png]

[Image: sdsls.png]

[Image: z4z2oFV.png]

RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
Destroy those who stand in our path, we will be as one as night falls, eternity is no object!
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
aw c'mon ray! even if it was we are delusional, a little pointless adventure never hurt anyone!
[free]: a fantuna about freedom: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=4068 (updates sundays!)

[S☉LAR]: one kloegarb. one life. something has gone terribly wrong. http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=3989

[GL1TCH]: a discordtuna about robots: https://discord.gg/4qkqwJq

[VITA]: a discordtuna about life and death: https://discord.gg/KC2ER3t (updates every other day!)
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
You gotta say yes! Is sitting around actually a better alternative? nahhh
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
> Didn't we set out a distress signal? What will they do if someone comes and finds no one by the ship?
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
>"Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it."
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
>Ray: Do you really want to stay alone on that metal box in the middle of a sandy nowhere?
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
I'm plunkin' the update on the next page since -
RE: [Farther]: XXIV - Weird
- the length of this page is starting to lag my comp H