Thread prefixes

Thread prefixes
Thread prefixes
Hey so while trying to figure out how to give admin permissions out maybe-possibly, I found a menu called Thread Prefixes.

These let me add a prefix (with optional HTML markup) which you can then append to the first post of a thread. Interestingly, they don't seem to show up on the front page which is good because space is kind of at a premium there for determining threadnames+content.

Once I've added them, users can add them to their threads via a dropdown menu. You can also use them as a search filter from the Search page.

I'm not sure what use exactly they'd be but if you wanted them instituted in the likes of Hawkspace I'd be happy to do so for a lark?
RE: Thread prefixes
Currently the only one is "test" which just adds a period (.) to the front of selected threads, of which there are presently two.

If you have a prefix you'd like added to the forum, here's the fields I'll need:

Name: (plaintext, shows up in dropdown menus in various places)
Display style: (you can use HTML for this but plz don't go overboard)
Available in Forums: Can select/restrict which subforums you can use it in. Adding them to the Lawless Zones of Hawkspace+Dark Hawkspace is subject to the usual rules there.