[TYCHE]: Come see some positivity!

[TYCHE]: Come see some positivity!
RE: [TYCHE]: Halloween raffle! Ends 10/31
The winners of the contests are CosmicClaxon and LoverIan for their amazing and creative entries!

And now here are the prize winners!

Prize winners!
1. DS Piron - Anything you want
2. Fellow - The final station
3. Orpheus the Bard - Anything you want
4. SirBlizz98 - Anything you want
5. wiltingMyosotis - Kieros "Variety Gacha"
6. Babybowser101 - Kieros "Notail gacha"
7. LammarWesley - Undertale
8. awkwardcarapace - Super Time Force Ultra

If you won please pm me by the end of the month so I do your prize or direct you to the person who is giving you your prize!
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RE: [TYCHE]: End of raffle!
Anonymous Positivity Raffle!

Another raffle is here! This month will be the Anonymous Positivity raffle! It's a new year now so let's start this on a positive note for everyone involved!

End date: You have until 1/12 at 11:59 to enter into the raffle! Any entries after that will not be counted. The raffle drawing will be done live in discord on 1/13!

[Image: luR0hwi.png]
An art piece by the amazing Nekolychee

Raffle prompt
Here's the prompt for this round! Look up three or more of your favorite Cosmosdex entries and note down the name of the creator. Attempt to avoid picking the same person twice! Then all you have to do is write a single sentence (or more if you wish!) about what you really like about the entry and then pm it to Gimeurcookie on eagletime with the title "Raffle Entry". DO NOT POST IT ON THE TOPIC. This is to make sure that at the end of the raffle all the compliments can be posted anonymously for all to enjoy and without any embarrassment.

When you are done sending the pm post on the topic that you have entered into the raffle.

Remember, pm at least 3 compliments (Though you are free to post more), and don't worry about making a big love poem about it, a simple "The design of your species is amazing and super creative." is good enough to count for one!


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RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
I've sent a pm but I don't actually want any of these prizes. I just wanted to hand out some compliments.
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
I've submitted my compliments!

RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
I always accept an excuse to hand out compliments
(also will there be a ping for when the raffle is drawn, cause I'd like a ping for that when that happens please)

Watch in awe as I end every comment I've ever written and ever will write with the greatest and most anticlimactic signature in the universe!!!!!!!!!

RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
The compliments, some overdue, have been submitted.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Compliments sent in

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Sent in!
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Sent mine in

RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Loveposting: sent

Prize list
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Compliments are in =]

(sorry if I'm late, throwing some good vibes to the creators is enough <3)
womp c(:
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Adding 5 more hours to this raffle cause I forgot to make a last call.
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RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)

RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
The winner of the prizes are.....

1. potatocrisps(CW) Anything Prize!
2. Babybowser101 Anything Prize!
3. IronLionShark Anything Prize!
4. LoverIan Drawful 2!
5. Fuade Doodle

That's all the winners. If you won any of the Anything / Doodle Prizes please pm me on eagletime! Now here are all the wonderful comments that were sent out!

(As a note a very small few were edited so it would be harder to pinpoint who wrote what to keep the anonhood! We got around 100 amazing comments! Some even from people who decided to not take a prize. I attempted my best to group together comments to the same person.

Feel free to say thank you to the anons for their compliments in this topic!)

[Image: tTgYYj2.png]

Selachim - Schazer
The selachim are just sharks in mech suits, and seeing such a normal animal in such a cool situation is really neat!

@HootoffDPresses - Schazer
HEYY remember this guy?? They were tons of fun RPing with on the first fortuna mafia and their character is wonderfully expanded on here (which makes me appreciate their lines way more in the game)

Crawlerz - MaggotsBoy
To the creator of the crawlerz, your designs are always wickedsick, and these undead friends are no exception. And it's SUPER amazing you got bogleech to draw their dexart too!! Although, I will always be kept up at night wondering if Margot ever got home and saved her Childs (JOKES there isn't any pressure to finish that)

Detix - MaggotsBoy
Nothing means more to me than a species that can help my friend find their way out of their shell, creating a truly lovely species from something like a mosquito.

Crawlerz - MaggotsBoy
I just... I love these poor bug friends? I have no idea what to say but they're so cute.

All Of Them - MaggotsBoy
so it turns out when looking through species i had ended up opening *checks notes* every single one of beck's species and like maybe i talk about the crawlerz because i love love love me some creepy friends, or maybe i talk about the aluchaquin because we so needed some people to fight for fun in the universe and these lucha boys are just so good to do it, or maybe i talk the gondii who were like my first favorites or now the detix b/c i need more bugs and also honestly i keep thinking about how they ride other species and they're still bigger than fairies and i know it doesn't make sense but it's a mental picture that amuses me okay!!

Zanni - MaggotsBoy
The zanni are a wonderfully whimsical species, and their hammerspace ability is incredibly creative!

Duckarium - LammarWesly/MaggotsBoy
Quack quack it's the ducks with a pot on its head. A fine example of the quirky fun that makes the cosmosdex such a great place. Do not feed tourists to the bread.

Mettaet - LammarWesley
SCRAP EATING FRIENDS! Loved the AI predator concept behind these guys since it was mentioned, and continue to love these guys seeing their designs and the endless combinations they can produce. Wendigos are still scary tho.

Kaikians - CmdrCade
Science friends!!! I still remember when these guys had spiky tails, but nevertheless their current design is still super great and charming. And despite their usually chippy demeanor, they've got an eerie/mysterious backstory that involves their homeplanet, making them a little bittersweet of a species (always a plus).

Kaikians - CmdrCade
They dislike notails. Really though, a science species that doesn't consider vivisection an acceptable way of greeting a species for the first time is good in my book.

Ignalisks - nonexistentPumpkin
Big whistle lizards I love <3 I actually very much enjoy horned lizards and have found some around my house before theYRE HECKN COOL I LOVE THEM!

Kuppa - nonexistentPumpkin
okay this is like my fifth one right now but damn it kuppas are the best! who would have thought you could make cool aliens out of coffee cups? this dude. genius. I hate coffee, but kuppas exist so we're even I guess.

Carcili - Dorf
The idea for your species is amazing, everything about them help make my dreams come true.

Eternity - Dorf
I love the attention to detail you have with this app. The ringworld math is amazing!

Me?????? - Dorf
you came up with a good gimmick and backed it up really well. When I first read this it didn't quite get me properly -- because the name cookie wasn't set up properly on the computer I viewed it on. But then I set my name and everything was good and I was into it. Then browing legendaries again I came across it and saw my name, and despite already knowing the gimmick it threw me off and confused me. But besides the effective surprise, the actual character is super good. Y/N is just a great creepy story, and the way the gimmick complements how fake they are is nice.
Also I like that they never replicate people who are notable, so, get wrecked, reader.

Xor - Dorf

Metima - Dorf
not only is their design super neat (gotta love that teal), the Legates and their whole government as a whole prove to be really interesting characters as well! Thank u longarms

Poppets Art - SirBlizz98
Made a fine example of a poppet for their species page, particularly the up-close details on the mouth-gash. I feel it impresses on the viewer their 'pitcher-plant' physiology without giving it away outright."

Vaeris - SirBlizz98
Vaeris are pretty cool. like, they're not cute at all, but the whole idea that there's just an entire empire of mad scientists out there just sort of makes life worth living again, you know? there's something inspiring about them. in a vast and unfeeling universe, it's difficult to find a purpose that one can really care about. but to a vaeri, having a purpose at all is all they need. the fulfillment of that purpose is just the natural response, a process that can never end because the purpose never ends. a vaeri without an ambition is like a jar without the jelly... a person without a soul, without a goal to strive for. a vaeri isn't content with just reaching the top of the hill and staying there. a vaeri builds a bigger hill on top of the previous hill so they can keep climbing. and that is a real power move

Braiab - SirBlizz98
The emblem you made is really cool, and the humor you always incorporate into your apps is something I love for.

Apidees - SirBlizz98
Apidees are awesome! a bunch of bees? heck yeah, and they're always super adorable I just want to be friends with every apidee I see they're great.

Vaeri - SirBlizz98
The vaeri, living embodiments of 'has science gone too far' in a scientific package. They may be responsible for as many problems as they solve, but the scientific world wouldn't be nearly as advanced without them providing solutions to problems they have plausible deniability in causing.

Isment - Ianflow
Floaty magnetic anti-memetic conspiracy triangles will never stop being amazing. The isment entry is quite rad.

Isment - IanFlow
The isments have, in my opinion, one of the most interesting abilities of any species in the dex. The execution of this ability is done exceptionally well, and on top of all this, the isments have a really creative and good-looking design! If only I could remember what that design was...

Zhilliatt - IanFlow
you have a knack for writing interesting and detailed Cosmosdex articles (as I'm sure you have a lot of experience by now, *wonk*), and this guy's story really drew me in, which is why I appreciate the article (it's hard to do that with shortform literature!) Kinda sad fellow, feel bad for 'em :'( The unidolencia also have a great "extremely alien" design too, so it's pretty amazing trying to imagine Zhilliatt walking around in a snake robe.

Boog - RobestLaser
Good for eyesore aesthetic B)

Viedafo - RobustLaser
Landscaping perfectionists who understand that a job worth doing, is one worth doing right. Further, their interest in damage control is laudable in a galaxy where collateral damage is often an afterthought to be leveraged or ignored.

Viedafo - RobustLaser
very creative species that allow for a LOT of great designs (as you already have shown off in your own art!)

Boog - Robust Laser
Where do I begin with these guys? The boog take the idea of physical spambots, combine them with nearly unlimited design potential, lore involving eldritch horror, and one of my favorite gimmicks on the site.

Boog - bonus compliment for my own entry?????

Piscipleu - CosmicClaxon
I am not one normally for such designs, but you created a beautiful fun species with these flying fish. Fun friends I am always glad I came across.

Monike - CosmicClaxon
The monike is a very creative and devilish take on how one might raise an N class. Describing the two responses is a good touch, too.

Piccolo Fritz - ComsicClaxon
HEY you have a great ability for writing Cosmosdex articles - the way you incorporate a humorous writing style and even a narrative into these things makes for SUCH an enjoyable read. As for Mr. Moon himself, what a fancy snazzy lad. Don't mind me I'm going over to the polling place rn to vote for him

Cereustractii - greatwheatshrike
To the creator of the cereustractii, Wheat: thank you for your constantly quirky and inventive designs/mechanics on the Cosmosdex, and I'm not just talking about the cactibirds. 100%!

Larry - Justice Watch & Greatwheatshrike
The entire race is very wholesome and I love that

Generic - Kireos
they somehow made little green men cool... like, the whole joke with generics being as generic as possible just works on so many levels. just, well played...

Generic - Kieros
Your creation exists to an acceptable degree. (Consult section 3 subsection six for additional applicable compliments).

Honklit - Robocoon
You took an idea you were fond of, gave it a fresh coat of paint, and made something wonderful in the process. The clowns would be proud, good job!

Bill Gale the Science Notail - Robocoon/Gimeurcookie
This is the funniest entry on the entire site. A* grade 100% I want Bill Gale the Science Notail to come to my house and teach me science until i die.

Aftiks - Gimeurcookie
yo, them aftiks are pretty cool. like, some of them are all quirky and fun while some others are all angry and stuff, the stories you can tell around these guys is an untapped goldmine and I love them all they're so floofy...

Tweep - Gimeurcookie
people hate how tweeps talk, right? I love it. I love tweep talk, I need more of that in my life.

Gemimi - Gimeurcookie
The gemimi are a really interesting concept and have a really fun design! I love these ghost-costume-y tentacle-y puppet-show-y little (or big) guys!

Aftik - gimeurcookie (aka you lmao)
Aftiks are very adorable and if they were real I would give all of then hugs uwu

Mors - Gimeurcookie
For my first compliment, I chose the Cosmosdex entry for Mors, originally created by you,Gimeurcookie. Mors is currently one of my favorite characters in Fortuna, and he is so cute!
(Bonus compliment for the entry artist SplendidlyDull: The drawing of Mors is literally the cutest thing I've seen all year.)

Aftiks - Gimeurcookie
Dear the creator of the aftiks, Gimeurcookie: ah, the legendary Frens that started it all - one of the main things that hooked me into reading the rest of the comic tbh!! Their lovable design and the endlessly wonderful characters they produce are truly iconic. Although technically not alphabetically #1 anymore, they are and will always be #1 in my heart.

Notail - Gimeurcookie
notails are terrible.

All the Frescari fauna - mel
mel hey, all of these creep me the fuck out
like i was going through the fauna like 'what fauna do i like' and the most glaring thing is how impressively terrifying these things are. Like, their designs, obviously effective, and then maybe you think 'well obviously the chekkaton are the horrorterrors here' and then oh wait nope the bbizom are also horrible stalkers okay well they've got creepy hands so duh how about the chittakri they're the least inherently creep- ah, death parasites. dope.
s'real good

Goopmick - Bo/Mel
I like it when species act alien or have a really strange kind of society. Goopmicks do this well with their mimickry. And goopmicks insisting they are a species they're not is a good source for humorous situations.

Frescar - Mel
I love the idea of some cosmosdex writer having to write up a clinical entry for a species that's basically an old Micky Mouse cartoon. Also, A+ planet name. Literally perfect.

Glunk Art - Mel
The Glunk, a failed(?) attempt at creating a truly harmless fauna. You saw something in them worth giving art, and did a fine job at that. Bravo.

Ruhi - Artem1s
I really like the contrast you have with the Ruhi/Nafi articles. Of course a sketchy cult with an overpowering influence would make the article about themselves positive. When I stumbled upon Nafi it's like all the cracks in the Ruhi article got ripped open and it really opened my eyes.

Q-7314 - Artem1s
7314's entire history section is awesome, and the little thing they do where they manually add the extra numbers to their shirt oozes with character.

Alpha-Quiet - Artem1s
The best notail article and maybe even the best article on the whole cosmosdex in my opinion.

D-20 - Apo11o
You put a lot of thought into this concept. How a D-Class would be chosen to lead and the sort of toll that would take on a person, and how even the benefits of the job would barely even be benefits. A very well made idea

Comrades - The People
Haven't seen this much anarchy since the last time Gime had a dedicated stream - thank you for making the Commiedex a more chaotic place (still wish the emoji communist flag had been able to make it in)

Gigne - Nexus
I just wanna point out that combining a cat with an octopus is hilarious and I'm not sure why. gignes are cool

Speddari - curiousFellow
I really like how you've tied in the Speddari lore into the geckrechaun lore, and how their behavior works.

Baphometti - A group of people on a livestream
I've been in love with these rad cooks since i first saw them, they are so amazing and there's always room in my heart for more possible demon creatures

Tegyp - Hichico
Tegyp are possibly my favorite race, second only to aftiks, because they're so strange and off-putting. I love them.

Itzels - Star(lit Drakon)
Dear the creator of the itzels, hey these birdfriends are REALLY charming!!! Everything down from their fluffy designs and their society (and ESPECIALLY the bangles) feels really cozy.

Geckrechaun - Geckon
Geckrechauns are my favorite species in the Cosmosdex because they look like geckos, and geckos are one of my favorite animals. Geko in his Geckrechaun form is also my most favorite characters in Fortuna so far.

Hyuran - Argenteus
Basically plant gore on robots and i love that. Plus the concept overall is just super neat, like clockworks but plants and robots and just aaa yes

Pon - Arcanuse
The pon manage to be one of the most unnerving species in the entire cosmosdex, and that's a rather daunting feat.

Quelan - LostDeep
I really like how much freedom the quelans have in their apearance, like that one speedtuna quelan who had a fleshmolded beret.

Frilliz - Suffershack
Glowing lizards are quite cool. The frilliz look cool and have an intriguing history with the 'used to be considered fauna' aspect of it.

Skabel - Babybowser101
I think you have a lot of creative ideas and great designs, and this species is perhaps the personification of all that creative energy so I appreciate it a lot!!

Volkronn - Splish
The Volkronn look quite cool and menacing. Additionally, business skeleton lizard alone is enough to sound quite radical (in the cool way).

Abunis - Syuuper
Anbunis are really, really cool looking and I really like their resemblance of the Egyptian god Anubis, which really ties in with the many mythology references in Fortuna.

Mandgi - TangledAlmond
The galaxy would be a strange place even without the mandgi, but it wouldn't be quite as hopeful. With all the monsters in Fortuna, a species that can feel and express empathy for others they don't even know is rarer than it should be. Good on you for bringing a bit more light into the universe.

Khraast - HighwayWizard
Sometimes, less is more. The khraast aren't the most complicated of species, but that simplicity lends itself an air of reliability. Someone you can trust and rely on for stability in an uncertain universe.

Leo - Splendid
their design is so pretty?? Like the Elizabethan collar frills to the pastel colors (and a nice juxtaposition with the candy gore as well)

Gong-an - austell ♡•
What is there to say? The ongoing incident of the Wu Xin Cai is unwisely ignored, both as a tragedy and an example. It is revisionist and unsustainable, a chance for cultural and scientific investment squandered by short-sighted profiteering. As for a compliment, well. The Gong-an article had me interested, and for what it's worth? That's not a common thing. Marvelous work, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

Neighbor - Fuade
The neighbors dedication to civility and earnest nature is a welcome thing in a galaxy where the former is rarely paired with the latter. If pon could feel, even they would be welcoming to the neighbors.

Uutzi - Faust
Their choice of profession is interesting, given the nature of uutzi converts. A devilishly clever war of ensuring a steady supply of converts, certainly.

Pagepoh - BigBrain/Connor
you may not be around so much anymore but these literary duckies are super great!! They have a lot of neat cultural quirks, which I really like.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: [TYCHE]: Anonymous Positivity! (Ends 1/12)
Here's a few extra compliments I've written for people. If you would like an extra compliment you're free to ask here on the topic or in the discord chat.

First off can I say that Reed is one of the best organically designed AI's I've ever seen? I've designed a lot of AIs and designing an organic design AI is so hard because it's so easy to go too organic and make it not look like a robot and yet it's so easy to go too robotic as well.
Reed hits an amazing middle ground and manages to be creepily amazing to boot!
I really love that you were able to write this air of mystery surrounding Reed that oh so subtly hits that Reed is no normal AI. Also this one line is very powerful due to its content, and its positioning in the entry
"he only says it is due to earned experience, sometimes bitterly adding he paid heavily for wanting to know the consequences."

The quishidi are one of my favorite species of this round! When I read them I couldn't stop laughing about them. You might only have two entries but both of them are extremely funny. They're amazing goofy alien species with some darker undertones (Being made of glass makes dying really easy, bird who mind controls) but honestly, you really do nail the Cosmosdex theme, which is greek tragedy and comedy. It's both funny and sad in a way and that's just what makes it amazing. While drawing Sbat did kill me, I'm glad he's who we got in our canon crew.

God, the Queolchrost are another one of those underrated species. I'm going to be commissioning dex art of them soon cause I fear people are missing a hidden gem of a species because there isn't an image to go along with it. Also your Erdel entry is VERY GOOD and I can't wait to put the gimmick you sent me (I'm still sitting on that, sorry, I just got too many gimmicks at once. OTL) to just make it that much better.
You're really good at writing historical entries from what you shown so far and I hope one day you'll be able to flex those writing muscles again.

I love species that have a bit of wiggleroom in their lore, sort of like the "wild west" of lore. See, kaiks are more oppisite to the notails then you think, and one of them is lorewise. With notails you read all of the lore and you figure out a way to shove your character to conform to notail lore.
With kaikian lore, it's more like you read their lore, and then you make an oc to expand on it, as opposed to conform. They are just a fantastic species with a lot of amazing lore that isn't as all consuming as many other species. They're a versatile species who can easily be shoved into major plot points and just work.
Def one of my "Top underrated species" in the cosmosdex. They deserve more love.

Bowser, I think before you I was talking to people about how we were missing elemental species in the cosmosdex and I'm so glad you filled that ninch not once, but twice, and with both of them being very unique as opposed to falling into similar concepts. I def def def love the pyros because it hits that perfect sort of "categorize"ness that I love (just look at me and the notails) with the tribe situation.
I swear if you one day make a lore entry with all the tribes listed and maybe some of the social differences between them / and relations between all of them I will be all over that lore.

The Neighbors are just one of those species in the Cosmosdex that I think exemplifies the type of content you'd see on it. They're cute, funny, and have pieces of them that are very relatable while still remaining alien. They also got that #CosmicHook at the end that's just really good. I love species that have end hooks cause it's what prompts the reader to start thinking about what to do and characters they could make to take that hook. Overall a really amazing species.
I was going to make this about your demigod but you already know how good that is so no comment needed.

I love your fluffy moths. I also think your fluffy moths are a perfect example of what I like people to express in the cosmosdex.
Something that's for them, made with what they love and care for firstmost. I feel like you can see a better "soul" of the article when people put in that kind of care. It's good to be self indulgent sometimes and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
You like moths? By god you are going to put in moths dangit. Basically what I'm saying is your entry has aa good soul to it. It's hard to explain what that means but I hope you understand. Plus I'm so glad you decided you wanted the Dids and Luces to be subspecies of each other. It just makes the lore of both species more amazing and gives them a unique concept that currently isn't seen anywhere else in the Cosmosdex I believe.

Itzels are an amazing species with an equally amazing design. Most of the people I talk to about their favriote designed species always seem to have itzel ranked somewhere up there and when it comes to a dex that's about (or over) a 150 species long that's quite the feat! Honestly all of your designs are A+ amazing and you clearly put so much work into them that I think everything you created just seems to beam how much care was put into them.

First off your art is really good and I love all the icons you do. The Zodiac icon set commission is a great set, you're really good at icons! I also want to say eyegrets are one of my favorite fauna. They're so artworthy and mega dynamic! Nevermind that they have a surprising amount of hook lore for a fauna, an entry type that almost never has any amount of hook lore (instead opting for historical / evolution lore). You have a lot of amazing entries but I really want to give props to the eyegret because whenever I think capture creature the eyegret comes up basically as the first or second thing I think of because it's iconic!

The Stellavis are in my top 20 list for best designed species easily. I don't know how to explain it, it's both simple and yet amazingly designed at the same time. Plus the part where the stellavis have hyper obessions is both funny and relatable. There's so much lore platform for anyone to make an oc with a stellavis. There's some species I would not recommend for a first time Cosmosnaut making an oc, but the stellavis is not one of them.
They hit all the good points needed for a starter pack oc and is a species I would def put up there for anyone looking to make a "newbie into the universe" species.
Now that you made the newbie species you just gotta make the level 100 mafia boss species who knows everything to complete the set.

I honestly love all of your entries, every single one of them has this very unique style of them that's hard for me to pinpoint 100% WHY it's so good, but I think your style hits this almost, "Realistic surrealism" way of concepting. I feel like if I talk to anyone about your entries I have to toss in a "Stay with me here, I swear this is going to make a lot of sense in just a moment." before I pull up a picture of what appears to be a shark scared and confused in a mech suit.
All your entries are memorable on the physical description alone, and as a person who has constant trouble with the physical that's amazing. Never stop making things that stop people in their tracks as they attempt to formulate what they're about to get themselves into.
Honestly I was going to say "My fave entry of yours is the Selachim" but I look at all your other entries and dang, there's only one place on the Schazer tier list and it's 1st place.

God I'm pretty sure I've said this before a ton of times, and I think even one of your comments to you said this as well, but you really know aliens. I've been trying to design aliens as high tier as yours for a bit and whoo, did not realize how hard it is to do so. There's a fine line between making an "Alien Alien" and making an "Alien pretending too hard to be an Alien" and I to this day am not sure how you do it Ian. They're just so naturally alien and have lore that never feels like it's overtrying.
I will say I def consider the Unidolencia not only one of the top species' designed but also one of the species on my underrated species list. Their lore is just so good if anyone hasn't read them yet please don't be intimdated by how huge it is, it is an amazing trip from start to finish.
Also I never thought about it now but your species had the first gimmick. Of course I forgot about the isment when thinking about gimmick history. Typical.

Thank you for humoring the capture creature / pokemon trainer aesthetic for Z-100, you didn't have to but you did it. When I went into your entry I didn't think you'd make Z-100 basically an EV trained, high percentage trainer and I'm so glad you did cause there was so much to work for there.
Z-100's design is super adorable and the posing (and masks) in the dex art are very good. I had a lot of fun just going on the entry and reloading it a few times to see all the masks. It looks like Z-100 is demanding you read their entry because they're so proud of who they are as a person which I hope they are.
Also thank you so much for this last line.
"Z-100 prefers shorts as part of their casual attire, claiming that they are "comfortable and simple to put on. :}""

First off, laser, thank you for suggesting really out there things to do. If it wasn't for you Cosmosdex gimmicks would not be what they are today. I honestly am super excited to show off the newest gimmick you thought of and cannot wait to see everyone's reactions to it. I know when people see a gimmick they tend to congratulate me on making it but honestly, gimmicks are a team effort. I can honestly say that this next gimmick is 90% on you laser, all I did was code it, so when you see how much people are excited to see it feel free to thumbs yourself up.
Also, I'm sure you saw this coming, but Hawkmoth.....Hawkmoth is so good. Honestly, I hope you understand how honored I am to have Hawkmoth here, def after you told us about how Hawkmoth was a character you've had for a while. As a person who carries characters from fandom to fandom, to original idea to original idea, changing them up as I go along to fit the setting, I know how much respect you have to have for something to put in one of your long term "backpacking" character in, even as an AU form of them. Clearly, Fortuna also senses this respect as well considering how many 20s she rolls when Hawkmoth is on screen.

You already know I like your writing so I don't have to go into that, so honestly let me talk about prob your most underrated entries, your faunas. Sadly faunas are less popular in general, meaning most fauna are underrated to be fair. :pensive:
Your faunas always are really fun to read just like your other entries are. I think one of my fav faunas you made is the Alpha Porpoise. I love the small entry to entry gimmicks you have, such as "Marine animals continually mislabeled, Marine Biologist continues to be very disgruntled but not extremely outraged about this." I think the Alpha Porpoise and Omega bass (Also mislabled causing physical pain to all Marine Biologists) are both really good examples of your chill writing style and sort of "Series-ing" which is actually a rarity in the dex but something we need more of.
Also the line where someone points out that the Alpha Porpoises are likely anomalies and the next sentence is basically "Can we just enjoy cool looking dolphins without bringing religion into it constantly" is really good.

freakazoid / suffershack
YOUR NAME IS DIFFERENT ON THE COSMOSDEX SO I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WROTE THE BIVOUAC ELSE I WOULD HAVE LIVE BLOGGED ME CLEARING IT OUT. Your new species is really cool! While I used to not be a totally big fan of hivemind species (Personal level) the recent new hivemind species this year has really been changing my mind and when I was reading the bivouac I was really digging them!

Gosh I also really liked the planet eciton as I think I talked about it when I was clearing it. Can't believe I had a brain malfunction and didn't connect the two in my head. Thank you so much for making such an amazing hook. Also side note, your applications have really improved since your first one, it is always fun to see people get better at writing!


Everything - To like, everyone
Thank you so much for being here and enjoying the Cosmosdex and Fortuna. When I started this I never thought anyone would like it at all. I figured it would die like many of the other forum adventures, but somehow this little adventure with bad grammar ended up surviving a forum dying and moving to its own site.

Thank you for joining me on my personal quest for [Fortuna], both people who have been here since the MSPAForums, those who joined us in Eagletime, and those who have only recently joined us and never knew of a time where you couldn't highlight the text on the images.

I would not have made it this far without you.

While I am saddened that I can no longer be as personally connected to all of you anymore and must "Put on my happy face" and a more professional mask, it always delights me to read all the entries that come through. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people grow in their writing in art skill as they donate their finely crafted works in. Even the ones that sadly get rejected usually still manage to put a smile on my face.

You can always see people's personality and the issues or joys in their lives by reading what gets submitted, and the fact that you're willing to share that with me is touching.

The day that I'm unable to read all of the entries given to the Cosmosdex will be a tragedy.

Many of you have sent me messages telling me how much the Cosmosdex and the people apart of it have improved your mood or helped you work through hard times and I thank everyone who has sent me a message like that.

There are times where I am stressed out and considering quitting, just looking away and tossing it all out, but remembering those messages I've been given always reminds me why I'm doing this.

As a fool who got their neck snapped by a robot once said

"Everything is going to be alright."

and I believe that each and every single one of you will be alright.

It might be gloomy and horrible right now, but just hang in there for a little longer. Spread some positive vibes to others while you wait it out. It's going to get better.
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