[Machina] - Mini update 2

[Machina] - Mini update 2
[Machina] - Mini update 2

[Image: gRgkdUw.png]

It's taken you a little while to get this to start on your shitty machine but it seems to be working now. Just got to wait for it to load...

[Image: eOCcZan.png]

You saw some videos about this all-time-classic game from a while back, Fortuna. It looked really interesting but you never really got around to playing it.

[Image: rfosq7m.png]

A day or two ago, a friend bothered you about the game again, said some modpack that dropped of the radar had updated right out of the blue. She said it looked like your kind of thing, and sent you a code of the game she had "just lying around."

[Image: eOCcZan.png]

She probbably just wants someone else to gush about story or something to, but you finally got around to setting it up and installing the mod this morning. Apparently it's some kind of "total overhaul" for the original game. You guess this means its not even really the game you were excited about?

[Image: rfosq7m.png]

She also added a patch that added one of the "original" species. Thats nice, you guess.
This loadup screen is taking a long time, even for your rig. You swap out and look for the wiki while it loads.

[Image: U12kZ9m.gif]

The site clearly isn't done... pages... species...

[Image: 2pZG7We.gif]

Oh hell no.

[Image: WwZLhGS.gif]

All you want is a good fun sci-fi adventure without humans in it for fucks sake everyday life is full of humans people! Scifi is supposed to be escapism AUGH!

[Image: 5dW4xfb.gif]

You bet they're the generic "Jack of all trades" "Federation" type too, you cant be having with this no not in the slightest. She knows you hate this trope this is absolutely on purpose.

[Image: zRaYYvc.gif]

Some quick searching for mods later you find what you're after. You stick it in your mods folder and reboot, compatibility be damned. More waiting.

[Image: tfA2Os8.png]

[Image: MGlk2TD.png]

An eternity later the main screen appears. Shiny!

[Image: qbKPMVX.png]

On advice from your friend, you start a new game rather than messing with the settings.

[Image: MugxrCP.png]

Why would anyone want the freeplay before they've done the campaign? modders, you swear.

[Image: 4jniTdT.png]

Now what do you do here?

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
> Sierra Rotty
> Enginner / Being pretty
> Krogab
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
The Deltans sound interesting, why not make the captain one?
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
> a human as the captain with 5 in luck and intelligence and 4 in all other stats, may as well get used to the standard sci-fi clichés.
I tend not to draw very well, so don't expect me to do much other than look at Fortuna fanventures.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
>Human, job as either "Meat Shield" or "Generic"
5 in luck and strength and 4 in everything else
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
> A Mixitec captain named Blum Bextrian.
~A complete and utter nerd, but not the bad kind, the okay kind.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
> Sparren captain named Tart!
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
>Human captain named John Doe.
A John/Jane Doe human could actually fill any slot that's left if the captain slot is taken.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
>ten in luck and one in everything else
>job: entertainment?
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
[Image: 5E5murL.gif]

You enter some jobs and names and species. That looks good enough, right?

[Image: h4l9TO8.png]

A loading screen? You thought there was supposed to be character creation now...

[Image: lii5qSN.gif]

Oh, it's a cutscene.

[Image: 1gtbIcg.gif]

[Image: V0FRuiH.gif]

[Image: tfA2Os8.png]

[Image: JznCi9H.gif]

[Image: wj30pgi.gif]

[Image: WZgDrYt.gif]

[Image: jG7YmTQ.gif]

[Image: 86RUkCg.gif]

Wait, what's th-

[Image: dWBhDaS.gif]


[Image: rwHNh4j.gif]

[Image: IPedj3f.gif]

[Image: 8n6T0Ug.gif]

[Image: 9VGTsV3.gif]

[Image: JCBlzn1.gif]

[Image: sqWvYIQ.gif]

[Image: iF7XhsF.gif]

[Image: blXyp4F.gif]

[Image: SDEYhUi.gif]

[Image: R7MmLJO.gif]

[Image: on8sRm5.gif]

[Image: ftKwGVB.gif]

[Image: xARzCpN.gif]

[Image: UiK5x9I.gif]

[Image: 91E9dHT.gif]

[Image: Y3xdbm7.gif]

[Image: nCuS2KV.gif]
[Image: ectggpu.png] : Now you have to customise stats, jobs, maybe tweak some names! Oh, Oh, and you just have to tell the game how they should look 'cause these pics are basically placeholders!

[Image: nCuS2KV.gif]
[Image: 9grzLPa.png] : ...

[Image: nCuS2KV.gif]
[Image: 9grzLPa.png] : Well, uh, this sure is a teeny bit awkward!

Open me!Show

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
[ Sierra Rotty ]
Str- 1
Int- 8
Cha- 10
End- 6
Agl- 1
Luck- 0

[Street Smart]
[Strangely Graceful]

> History : Unlike ordinary Krogans, Sierra was never someone who liked to think too much about easy or philosophical matters, enjoying to keep all matters as quick as possible, ironically, this caused her to be expelled from Leafora with an accident related to toasters and dynamite.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...

[Harsh Critic]
[Human Lover]

[Can Walk on Walls]


Do you have any religions yet? Should I just put down Neo worship?
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
Hardclaw should have a reddish orange and purple color scheme.
Also, the [oblivious] trait.
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
>Hi there mr tutorial robot dude! You're looking pretty swell there! This whole game is looking pretty swell so far, actually. Oh, I don't think I caught your name. Could you introduce yourself?
Watch in awe as I end every comment I've ever written and ever will write with the greatest and most anticlimactic signature in the universe!!!!!!!!!

RE: [Machina] - Mid-Character Creation Update

You decide to ask a few questions while you begin tweaking characters.

>Hi there mr tutorial robot! You're looking pretty swell there! This whole game is looking pretty swell so far, actually. Oh, I don't think I caught your name. Could you introduce yourself?

[Image: fFtQeEp.gif]

[Image: SmD0QC1.png]: Hey hey, thats real nice of you sweetie! I'm Ether, god of the winds. I'm also the tutorial guy even though the game doesn't have a real tutorial. Ask me for help if you get stuck this run!

[Image: SmD0QC1.png]: oh and let me just enable portraits...

[Image: Jr7XpTg.png]: I was thinking of making a religious character, could you tell me about the gods of this universe?

[Image: Jr7XpTg.png]: oh is this my avatar?

[Image: XRw5G4T.gif]

[Image: htL0Gp2.png]: Oooooh! Okay! ( and yes it is)

[Image: SmD0QC1.png]: The Old Gods are the most ancient entities known to us. They were divine beings of immense power that ruled the whole universe. A million years ago, one betrayed the others during an unrecorded crisis and they were destroyed. They were;
The Hungerer myriad and devouring
The Hunter dark and terrible
The Crystal, cruel, bright order
The Etheral, guardian of fate
The Thunderer, the soul of war
The Union, community and love
The Judge, arbitrary and blind
The Tempter, the blackest lure
The Lord, the greatest of all.

[Image: cGDiVQL.png]: In these times, there are three other gods worshipped by species. These New Gods aren't physical entities like the Old, and it could be arguable as to whether they're real, I like, guess?
They are Siara the faithful, Athar the warrior, and Micus the humble. These aren't worshipped as widely, with the exception of Athar who is the god of the Atheron. They're basically all devoted to him.

[Image: x16WAVf.gif]

[Image: cGDiVQL.png]:Anyway scuzi if I chatted your ears off, I think I set off an exposition dump there!

[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...
7 str
6 int
3 char
3 end
5 agil
2 luck
RE: [Machina] - It's Fortuna, Jim...

Once respected by his peers for his expertise in land. His fellow tribesmen cast him out for disrespecting religious rituals. Regardless, he follows The Thunderer for his loudness, and The Judge, for his wise insight.
RE: [Machina] - Mini update.
> Langley Hardclaw, He
> Tino, They
> Give the Figsi a dark green/light green color scheme.
> Give Hardclaw [Clutz], [Sleeptalks], [Charming Drunk], [Never Panics] and [Patient].
RE: [Machina] - Mini update 2

[Image: 389WrTw.gif]

[Image: SXJ2ydu.gif]

[Image: Jr7XpTg.png]:I'm done now, I'm going to start.

[Image: qpvuluT.gif]

[Image: YRCwmjh.png]: ...

[Image: cGDiVQL.png]: Sure! I'll just fill in the rest and we'll get you on your way.
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: [Machina] - Mini update 2
>Sorry for giving you trouble for the work! I really want to see what's going to happen
> Blum : Find and scout the captain to the ship.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Machina] - Mini update 2
Handsome fellows
RE: [Machina] - Mini update 2
>RIP too bad we didn't bring a Chikili
>Oh yeah also sorry if we make some beginner mistakes, but you already know that about us I guess.