[Tele-Trek] OLD

[Tele-Trek] OLD
[Tele-Trek] OLD
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There’d been a recent trend of game companies embracing the mobile gaming market, and now it was Fortuna’s turn.

No it wasn’t necessarily a new game, but you were still excited. A port could mean new modes, new easter eggs, exclusive content! In making the port, the developers could have coded in any number of changes.

There wasn’t much information leading up to the app’s release, but you just took that as a sign that there was a surprise in store.

So enough waiting— who were you to say no to a surprise?

You open the app and the adventure begins.

[Image: 2riDZoT.png]

[Image: NiD51P3.png]


Is this a joke?

You know five dollars for a game isn’t outrageous, but you would have prefered to know what you were getting into. Back when you were downloading it, the app said F2P. Five dollars, last time you checked, was not “free”.

Begrudgingly, you make the payment.

[Image: vjcG7aM.png]

[Image: ucUa903.png]

That’s more like it!

Even though you’ve played the PC version of Fortuna before, you head to the tutorial. A new download means mandatory tutorial anyway, so you might as well review mechanics and get a hang of the layout.

The adventure begins, for real, now!

[Image: pG5TPnz.gif]

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[Image: 65EugfG.png]

You select [Yes].

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[Image: MlRLBRh.png]

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RE: [Tele-Trek]
> [Bangs hands on table] Make Marcel a notail!

> The captain should be something revolutionary. Something exciting. Something no one has seen before in an excitable tutorial captain before.

> Let's make them a drakon!
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: [Tele-Trek]
[All For One]

Character 2:
RE: [Tele-Trek]
> Make #2 a meteorologist. Or a meteor-ologist. I'll take the pun.
> #3 stats: 3/8/2/5/5/3
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: [Tele-Trek]
> "Hey what god are you? I don't think I've seen you before, or if I have, I've totally forgot your name, sorry if it's the latter."

Character 1
- Piscipleu
- [Energizer] : By some means, whether by speech, yelling, or just about anything else, this character can cause their whole crew’s morale to increase and for a few moments after the ability is activated the whole crew will be able to ignore any negative buffs, injuries, and pain.

Character 2
- No idea
- She
- A loaded gun
- 2 Green Traits
- When she came to the job interview she told the crew that she had a loaded gun. She was instantly hired, after all the job was for guard duty.

Character 3
- Notail but only because he'll have to be an H-class.
- [Bad boy] [Notail]: They're a notail and that's basically a red trait.
- Lazyness traps me so lets go with the stats on here.
- Kicked out for tomato crimes. Not kicked out from notail society just kicked out of his last crew.

Character 4
- Oh my goodness
- I have nothing to say other than I love her.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Ooh. This looks interesting.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Character 1
Species: Spiraji
Trait: Definitely [Energizer]

Character 2
Name: Bubby Hanzi
Pronouns: She
Job: Entertainer
Green Traits: [Pack Mule], [Respectful]
Bio: Played for the Ripped Riperstons, a popular baseball team, before getting kicked off because of her inflated ego. Now she's a street artist that wows the crowd by carrying way more than she's supposed to be able to.

Character 3
Species: Definitely a Notail
Red Traits: [Addict], [Easily Stressed]
Bio: Nobody really knows how long he's been stuck in the ship's closet. It's pretty much the only thing he refuses to talk about.

Character 4
Bio: She used to be a nuclear weapon's engineer, but after witnessing the horrible atrocities her weapons have been used for, she quit her job to become a medical engineer/scientist. Her former peers are always ready to hear back from her though.
I have no son.
RE: [Tele-Trek]
>one of them should definitely be a notail
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Character 4

Name: GUCCI (the caps are very necessary)
Bio: Got kicked out of 3 crews for not actually fixing any issue on the ship, but instead dabs violently on machinery with all 8 limbs. She killed 3 people once for dabbing near a group of notails.
She does not know why she got hired, people still question if she's actually an engineer.
Dont have no adventure no more <o/
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Character 1
-[Logic Bomb]

Character 3
- Oomn
-[PTSD]/[Clingy]/[Dependent], [Fatalistic]
-He was just curled up in the ship closet, waiting for death, but then a khraast let him out and a friendship was born. Nobody knows why or how long he'd been in there. It wasn't even locked.

Character 4
- First names Coreen, Zsuzsi
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Put a viedafo in there somewhere
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Quote:Hey what god are you? I don't think I've seen you before, or if I have, I've totally forgot your name, sorry if it's the latter.

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RE: [Tele-Trek]
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[Image: i73Wvjq.png]

[Image: dfFmlOJ.png]

[Image: hjdLrjA.png]

[Image: I3NDhQM.png]

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[Image: n5BkSap.png]

[Image: X48OSiB.png]

[Image: ZIn9ZZh.png]

[Image: roMdqrN.png]

[Image: ahVBmGW.png]

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[Image: hH27EVV.png]

[Image: bmAgfh0.png]

[Image: qJrturB.png]

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[Image: 5OkbJtS.png]

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[Image: NDtPsmc.png]

Fortuna rolls her dice. The odds are unseen.

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RE: [Tele-Trek]
>Let's go visit the kaikians!
RE: [Tele-Trek]
>let's go to Inteligo and kick some kaikian ass.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Tele-Trek]
RE: [Tele-Trek]
>Visit the ole sapphire, Inteligo!
RE: [Tele-Trek]
RE: [Tele-Trek]
> [We/The crew/Our crew] should [go/land on/fly to] [Planet].
RE: [Tele-Trek]
People throw these words around like tennis balls. But I eat balls for breakfast.
RE: [Tele-Trek]
> Let's go to Planet!
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: [Tele-Trek]
>On to Inteligo!
RE: [Tele-Trek]
>To Avesia!
[Image: egg009.png?raw=1][Image: egg012.png?raw=1]

RE: [Tele-Trek]
> Avesia, seems like the best option right now.
RE: [Tele-Trek]
Inteligo :0
I can summon bendy straws at will and also turn oxygen into carbon dioxide