Notail Simulator Beta (4/4)

Notail Simulator Beta (4/4)
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(03-21-2018, 07:04 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »
This is the route I suggest. Safety, but good forwards coverage.

>I recommend we look out for opportunities to make allies with anyone we meet along the way, or try to catch/tame creatures we run into. Cage them to keep us fast unless they're a mount worthy one.

RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)

[Image: n1Tczze.png]

You plot a course you think would work out. Your friends pack up all the extra saved up rations and hand them to you. Your bag is a little heavy now, but you should be able to make this trip just fine.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 11 is rolled.

You start off by heading north east. The trip is fairly quiet and you run into no issues. After traveling around for a few days you find a large clearing and a forest center. The forest center, called Goose Call, has an adult S, V, T, and N-class living in it. It's a fairly calm place and is meant to be a rest stop for kids early on.

You check out the T-class store and find a wall lined with faces. The dragon faced T-class at the counter was extremely tall and his arms were replaced with those of a reptile. He leans in over the counter to get a better look at you.

"Crane kid. Don't even need to scan you, you're just too obvious. Crow kids push down the door like they're bout to get into a fight. Albatross kids slip in without making a sound. Dove kids come in pairs. Eagle kids are sadistic religious freaks who can't stop making jokes even after being stabbed. Last week I had one come into my store, lean on my counter while bleeding out, and you know what they said to me while laughing their head off? "Mister, I might need and band aid, maybe even one with the smiley faces on them for extra strength. >u<." before passing out right then and there.

Gull kids walk in here like they own the place. Stork kids are a...mixed bag to say the least. Heron kids know what they want the moment they walk in, seem to only know 5 words tops, and those freaks like to keep their hands behind their backs like they're hiding a knife. Never seen one panic either. Then there's Hawk kids....Haaa, hawk kids......But of them all, Crane kids are the most boring. You guys just.....walk in, all casual like. Sometimes I forget that I'm in the middle of the damn woods when Crane kids flood the area. They like pretending nothing is wrong.

To be honest. It's actually a nice bit of fresh air. A little boring never hurt anyone. Little tired of the hustle and bustle you know.

So Crane kid, what are you looking for today? PwP"

"I just wanted to know what trades were here. =3"

"Right, so I'm buying faces, looking for nice animal faces. Don't worry kid, I won't ask where you got the faces from. That's your issue to deal with. I'm also looking for live gweches. When food shortages roll in gweches are perfect for trading to kids. I'll take a look at nearly anything you got though.

As for what I'm offering I got a few knives, fire starting kits, capture cages, 1st aid kits, beast bait, emergency rations, bows, arrows, tents, a tool box, and quite a few books on some skills you might need.

Oh! PwP"

The T-class lifts his head in the air as he does a little laugh before banging his fist on the table and leaning back down to look you in the eye.

"And I got faces. You know, just in case some kid happens to steal yours for some strange reason. Hehehehehehe. I might even have face that looks exactly like the one that was stolen. Just randomly you know. PwP"

You thank the T-class and keep a mental list of what he wanted. Next up you head north west.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 14 is rolled.

After days of walking you see the woods turn into plains, and then you see a large tower rising into the sky. You come from a village of two stories high buildings at max. As such you have to stop to stare at the giant column of rock that is taller than anything you have ever seen before.

As you approach the tower you see a group of H-classes who have set up a semi settlement around the tower. You stay by the tower for the night, and by the morning you see many classes and groups pass by the tower, trading for food with the H-classes.

After asking around you learn that there are 4 towers in total and people usually use them as nice trading points and landmarks. It's very hard for people to set up permanent camps at the towers though as there is either someone else already settled around them, or someone who wants the spot. The teen marks where the other towers are on your map.

Before you leave you ask about the towers. The teen says that no one they've talked to knows about them. They have stairs that go up them but the tower is so tall no one really wants to climb up them. It's unlikely that there's anything up there anyway.

You thank them and leave, off to the next location.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 13 is rolled.

Heading north east you hit extremely dense forest. You can barely tell when it's day as the trees overhead utterly block out most of the sun. Movement during nighttime is impossible without a light source. Finally you see a light at the end of the tunnel and rush towards it, excited to escape the darkness after days. It's sunset and before you is a clearing. The whole area sinks downwards quickly. Not quite a cliff, but not quite a hill either. Down in this crater is a fair group of tents and shelters. The oddest thing to you is the strange alter in the middle of this shanty town.

You go to seek the nearest ladder downwards but someone comes up behind you and pushes you down. It's a rough and long tumble down. Once you finally come to a rest at the bottom of the crater you can hear laughter. Kids just seemly appear from nowhere and laugh at your fall. An S-class casually walks up to you and attempts to pick you up, but you shoo away her hand and get up yourself.

Despite the fall you were a rather hardy kid and were uninjured, just a bit scrambled. You do a quick scan of a few of the kids.

Eagle Cliff kids. They were all N, Q, I, T and V-classes with the exception of the single L-class. The few S-classes lurking in the corners seemed to be from other villages and were only here cause the Eagle Cliff kids kept getting themselves hurt.

Most of them were covered in scars and bandages, some of them already had a limb replaced with that of an animal because they've already lost theirs.

"Wow! A Crane kid who don't cry after being pushed! <=3"
"I'll fix that! BP"

The V-class says this and launches himself forward with a knife in hand. It seemed he was going for a non deadly blow but you weren't on the market for getting stabbed. You grab and twist his arm, causing him the yelp in pain drop his knife. In one fluid movement you fling him away from you.

He slowly pulls himself up with his arms, shaking.
"That..........Was awesome!!!!! BP"
"I want to me tossed! Toss me next! That looks like fun! <=3"
"That Crane kid is strong! I want to tussle with the Crane kid! :U"

You cannot believe what was happening. Even as you pick up the knife and aim it at them they seem utterly unphased by it. This alone was enough to cause you to turn around and escape up a ladder. You would have been caught by one of the quick-footed V-classes had the L-class not yelled for everyone to stop. Everyone heeled right in place, many were disappointed.

As you reached the top of the crater and looked down you watched the kids go back to work or play fight with each other.

At least you got an extra knife out of this.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 12 is rolled.

You head to the south. It's all just a grass plain with not much in site. You see a few small groups here and there in your days of trekking through but nothing major. You don't approach the groups. After your encounter with Eagle Cliff kids you would rather not make contact if possible without backup. One strange group that you see are kids with strange metal beings with them. They moved and seemingly did work while these kids were relaxing and soaking up the sun.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 9 is rolled.

You head south west. As soon as you enter the area you feel a sinking feeling. You pick up your pace but as you do, whatever is following you picks up the pace as well. Suddenly a large unicorn jumps out in front of you, and on it is an R-class. You've heard all about the horrors of the R-classes in the woods. They're hyper aggressive and territorial and if any class is going to kill another it's going to be an R-class.

You pull out your knife, ready to swing it to protect yourself.

The R-class pulls out a pen and paper.

"Put away your weapon, sir. uuu"

Another R-class trots in on a unicorn. This is impossible. R-classes don't tend to tolerate other people in their space, much less another R-classes.

"Ma'am what do you think you're doing running around this area with a concealed deadly weapon? vvv"

"What? =3"

The first R-class points to you and then writes a note.

"I'm going to call them explorer, do you approve of this change, ranger? uuu"
"Affirmative. vvv"

You put away your knife and quickly scan both of them. The first one is from Albatross town and the second from Heron Lake.

"Explorer, scanning of others while they watch is extremely rude. uuu"
"Agreed. vvv"

The R-class scribbles more onto his notes.

"What business do you have here? uuu"
"Exploring. =3"
"Likely. vvv"
"Agreed Ranger, very likely story. Where is your group? uuu"
"I don't have an exploration group, I'm scouting for my team. =3"
"Explorer scouting for their group alone? Unlikely story. uuu"
"Unlikely. vvv"
"Ranger you patrol the area and see if there's any other E-classes around and scare them off. I'm going to lead the Explorer around the town before dropping them off to make sure they're not attempting any fishy business. uuu"
"Affirmative. vvv"

The other R-class leaves while the first one hops off his unicorn and ties your hands together. He drags you over to his steed and helps you on it. Both of you ride off. You're not really ok with this but you don't feel like you're in danger. You don't want to make an R-class angry either.

You ride past an area with high walls and fairly nice looking shacks inside for being in the middle of the woods.

"Is that a forest center? =3"
"That is the Albatross town 2. Maintained by Albatrosses and some Herons. No other villages can stay, but they can visit and trade if they agree by our rules. This town has been here for generations of kids. Being passed down from L-class to L-class. uuu"
"That seems a little excessive no offense. =3"
"You're a Crane so you wouldn't understand what Albatrosses and Herons know. uuu"
"Are there monsters in these woods big enough to be that bad.... =3"
"No, not in the woods. uuu"

The R-class points in a random direction and swings his arm in a line.
"Beyond the walls of the woods, there are things out there. If the walls of the woods fail us, we must have a backup plan. We can't depend on something we have no control of. uuu"
"What's out there? =3"
"I would never tell anyone who doesn't already know. Most of us wouldn't. uuu"

Once you get a fair bit away from the town the R-class unties your hands and lets you go. He hands you a copy of the ticket he wrote. The thing just tells you that you're "rude" and "Ask too many questions" and "Carries an excessive amount of knives for an 11 year old." Once you can no longer see the R-class in the distance you ball up your ticket and litter it on the floor.

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 15 is rolled.

You finally head south, back to your starting point. You made amazing time and are back earlier than you thought. You show your group the map you made and tell them stories about what you saw.

[Image: KO09Wle.png]

"Hmmm....sadly I can only see those plains or maybe the tower being a good place to go. None of the settlements seem hospitable or willing to let us in. We might have to keep traveling and looking for a place. XwX"
"I like the Eagle Cliff settlement! Those guys seem fun. *u*"

Says one of the V-classes, the other V-class agrees.

"I think the rest of us aren't hoping to get stabbed. Hmmm lets see, as a group I think we could move about 5 spaces on the map in a year as long as we don't hit anything too big.....but if you went alone I think you could cover 10 squares easily while taking care of yourself and your capture creatures. If you leave your creature with us you can likely go up to 12 squares.

We could attempt to settle in one of the other places while you spend a year traveling, then coming back to us. If things aren't going well for us you will have likely found a much better spot. One year of turmoil wouldn't be so bad considering we have 7 more years here. XwX"

You really don't want to be left alone for a whole year exploring on your own, but you know the other Z-classes wouldn't be able to do it, and the V-classes aren't here to help. Only you could go scouting.

You were the E-class after all. It was your job.

You fiddle with your fingers while looking down. You didn't want to say you didn't want to do it but you also wanted to make sure you did what's best for the team.

Z-3894 seems to sense this.
"You don't have to go traveling if you don't want to. We can either all try to just settle down in one area or travel into the unknown together. It shouldn't go too badly. XwX"

Quickly thinking it over, you make your choice.

[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
[Image: ckqmIPS.png]

If you can, let's see if you can work on being extra charming this year! You're sure to run into more kids, right?
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
Once again this is my plan. Migration, trade routes, and exploration.

>head through Albatross Town 2. This is our group, and we are moving to the tower for now. We'd like to trade from our farm when possible.
> Try to set up cohabitation with the H classes at the tower. Our ranch'd creatures will keep their farm safe, and if everyone is up for it we'll set up a permanent farm elsewhere.
>Investigate the tower's insides
>Ask the Z classes to breed Midnight with a worthy female. Otherwise farming should be left to them.
>Trade routes to Albatross Town 2 (food, medical care, tailmics; if they are open to that) and Trade Center (Gwechs)

>If we explore, ask each settlement about sameface

If we work on skills/stats these are the picks we should look into:
- fire
- hunting
- crafting
- Up our Agility
- Up our Intelligence
- Up our Endurance
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
(03-22-2018, 12:23 AM)LoverIan Wrote: »
Once again this is my plan. Migration, trade routes, and exploration.

>head through Albatross Town 2. This is our group, and we are moving to the tower for now. We'd like to trade from our farm when possible.
> Try to set up cohabitation with the H classes at the tower. Our ranch'd creatures will keep their farm safe, and if everyone is up for it we'll set up a permanent farm elsewhere.
>Investigate the tower's insides
>Ask the Z classes to breed Midnight with a worthy female. Otherwise farming should be left to them.
>Trade routes to Albatross Town 2 (food, medical care, tailmics; if they are open to that) and Trade Center (Gwechs)

Then we explore, or we work on our skills. Of those skills we should work on:
- fire
- hunting
- crafting
- Up our Agility
- Up our Intelligence
- Up our Endurance

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[Image: d5a769c8d074938e4bcaf613cd3d038b.png]
Take nine spaces with your capture creatures, with your last three ending near the group.

We'll form up on the clearing. Bear in mind that we might have to move out.

Those eagle notails look very dangerous, but the towers are far more ominous.
Bear in mind that those eagle notails are probably the reason nobody lives on that spot.
I can take one in a fight, but you probably can't.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
>I want to collect many, many tailmics.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
(03-22-2018, 12:20 AM)Apo11o Wrote: »[Image: ckqmIPS.png]

If you can, let's see if you can work on being extra charming this year! You're sure to run into more kids, right?


i say we try and boost intelligence and charisma, and if we can work on our e-class skills that'd be real fuckin swell.
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
>You should work on acquiring some faces to acquire more knives.
[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
> Working on our mapping/exploration skills certainly would be important, especially since our group is depending on us to do so anyways.
> In going alone, make sure to work on our survival skills in general. It would help the group if you could learn how to make a proper fire, track down creatures, and forage for food.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
(03-22-2018, 12:39 AM)Artem1s Wrote: »
(03-22-2018, 12:20 AM)Apo11o Wrote: »[Image: ckqmIPS.png]

If you can, let's see if you can work on being extra charming this year! You're sure to run into more kids, right?


i say we try and boost intelligence and charisma, and if we can work on our e-class skills that'd be real fuckin swell.
Thirdin' this!

What makes me really nervous is the fact that we've been getting really good rolls. I'm just waiting for the moment where the good luck stops, but lets hope we dont get any roll les than a 3
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/20)
(03-22-2018, 12:20 AM)Apo11o Wrote: »[Image: ckqmIPS.png]
I agree on settling on the plains, but why make the other kids make such a detour and travel through the R-classes' territory? They could land in the same spot with time for doing something that isn't traveling.

[Image: 79XYCV1.png]

Or we want them to try to scout out the spot on the bottom right.
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[Image: tTgYYj2.png]

[Image: FuCnbUj.png]

Z-3894 being so kind to you just made you want to help him and the group even more. You get up and nod to Z-3894.

"I want to go. We can meet up next year at the fields. I think that place will be good for setting up camp and trying to get settled! =3"
"Are you sure, E-2732? XwX"

You clench your fists and nod.

"I'm sure. =3"

[Image: mTQajE9.png]

For the next few days your group carefully packed all their supplies up while you and Z-3894 made plans. You decided to head west and fill out as much as possible by heading north afterwards before rounding your way back to the plains. You wanted to play it safe so you decided you'd take your capture creatures with you and only go 9 spots on the map in case of delays.

Z-3894 decided he wanted to check out the location to the east that you have yet to check out, then he wants to snake the group upwards, interacting and talking with everyone nearby, after all these guys could be their neighbors for the next 7 years. Better to get to know them now and hopefully set up friendly relations. Plus using the areas as landmarks would help them not get lost as they would not have a map unlike you.

Your group decided to leave before the end of the month to avoid the rush from groups who would be forced to head out into the less friendly part of the woods.

You headed northwest.
They headed east.

You never asked them what they were going to do if you didn't come back by the end of the year.

[Image: H86w5xV.png]

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 17 is rolled.

The first area you came across was a large and vast lake, much bigger than any of the other water masses you and your group have been using to collect water. There was plentiful food in the area and you greedily collected anything you could find to place in your bag for later.

One day while looting some more trees an H-class stopped you. You said sorry when the H-class asked you if you were eating fruits and picking plants to eat around here. From the way she looked it was clear that this place was where she was farming. You said sorry but she just shook her head slowly and hooked your arm with hers. You tried to ask where you were being dragged but she said "You'll see." You were worried you were going to have to toil in a field to make it up to the H-class but instead she seated you down next to her campfire and asked you to hand over some of the things you took.

A few other H-classes came out as the fire was started. She started cooking some of the items and showing you how to do so too.

"Eating stuff raw is ok in a pinch but you really shouldn't be doing that unless you have to, ok? I'm from Crane's Toll too so I can't believe they haven't been teaching you about how to cook there. =u="

You didn't tell her it was because you avoided your lessons.

The group of H-classes would bring things they have grown or trapped and cook it at the fire. They would freely share anything they cooked with the others. Some even brought food just to share, not to eat personally. The H-classes in the area were doing fairly well for themselves, and as they had so much extra they would share it with any hungry passersby and travelers in general. No use hoarding anything when someone else could use it. The only hoard they kept was a stock for winter, and they'd share that too if someone really needed it.

You ask why more people don't live around here, after all it seems like a good spot.

They tell you it's cause the anomaly to the west. They said that the wind you were hearing wasn't wind at all, but the anomaly. Every 2 weeks the anomaly moved to the lake area and scrambled all over the place making a deafening noise and hovering over people and while mumbling gibberish.

Understandably most people hate trying to sleep with some monster screaming every night, and if that doesn't run them out of the spot waking up to a monster hovering above them sure will.

"By the way-" she says as she hands you a blindfold and two carefully made earplugs, "-you're going to need these tonight. It's been two weeks since last time it passed by. =u="

[Image: jEym2kH.png]

That night you woke up to some odd muffled mumbling but the blindfold prevented you from seeing what it was and the earplugs prevented you from hearing it at full force. You closed your eyes tightly and went back to sleep.

Had you not been helped by the H-classes you would have woke up to some terrifying anomaly and ran off in a random direction, possibly without your supplies.


In the morning you thank the H-classes for being so nice to you but they tell you that making sure no one goes hungry is their job so no need to thank them. They ask you where you were going, and you realize you're heading to the west, where that anomaly would be.

"Maybe I should change my route, it wouldn't cost me too much time to take a path around the area. =3"
"Nah it's ok, just go through it, even though the anomaly sure is creepy it doesn't harm anyone. Just remember to never make deals or listen to blessed creatures. Next time when I go down there to pick mushrooms I better not see you hanging out with those other kids in that area you understand? =u="

The H-class states, with a sudden serious tone in her voice.

"I won't make deals with blessed creatures, I promise. =3"
"Hey how are they going to even travel in that anomalous area? The whole place is just water. 0o^"

She points at Slithers.

"Look at that big fella, those things float so I'm sure they'll be alright. Just gotta ride that thing for a few days. =u="
She says as she finishes packing your bag with a few meals that could last a week or two before spoiling. She pulls up the bag with a struggle, brings it over and helps you put it on.

"Pheeew. You gotta be strong to be carrying that thing around all day. Now remember what I said, no making deals with blessed creatures. =u="
"No making deals with blessed creatures. =3"

She brings you to the lake and points out which way you need to go. She reminds you that the area you're heading to is blessed land so things won't work like they normally do. She says to keep a leveled head and a firm grip on reality.

You say thank you again and waves goodbye as you and midnight get on Slithers. Slithers takes to the water easily and swims out.

To the west. To the anomalous land.

[Image: f8BD0K7.png]

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 7 is rolled.

The lake turns to river, and river dips down at a steady pace. From the top of the river you could see that it just kept going down until you could see no farther due to a thick fog that covered the whole area. The place looked like what you expected being in the clouds was like. Slithers went under this fog, and when you were out and under the fog, you were greeted to darkness. The underside of the thick fog was somehow solid rock. You brain tried to work out how the underside of a fog could be such a thing before coming up with a simple answer.

You had entered the blessed domain.

[Image: AOQSAh7.png]

While dark there was some light provided by star-like bits of crystal above. Another likely impossible feature. Had you not known this place was being provided by a blessed creature you would have appreciated its beauty a bit more. You found yourself looking for reasons to hate the area, as is the correct thing to do in blessed land. Appreciation for the things the gods willingly created was forbidden, least you be dragged into their will and become a vessel for them. You already were blessed, something you had no control of because you must have been a baby when it happened, you would not allow them to bless you even more thus giving them more power.


A whole day you drifted. You and Midnight were getting a little restless due to being confined to Slither's body which had little space to play on, never mind that there was nothing to do down here. Sure the strange rocks you would see were interesting, but you refused yet again to touch or admire them. The only capture creatures down here were lilybuds. You had to have seen at least a 1000 of them by this point. You would capture one but you were likely to rarely travel by water so it would be a waste of a capture cage.

The rate of lilybuds drifting in the waters got higher and until the river emptied into a giant underground lake. It felt like you were outside on a dark night with not one cloud in the way. The top of cave felt like it went upwards endlessly and showed the stars above. As you lowered your eyes there were suddenly other kids on the lilybuds. They all allowed the flow of the water lead them to wherever it wanted them to go.

But something was wrong. They all appeared to be murky shadows.

All of this was a lie. A lie created by the giant anomaly before you.

You scan it.

[Image: KasFwCQ.png]

All the children before you were kids who didn't want to be taken out of the woods and thus made a deal with a blessed creature.

Now they would be here in this underground world, invisible to adults who might want to take them away.


The anomaly lifted a tendril and it slithered your way. You had a brief moment of panic before you remembered that the H-class said it doesn't hurt anyone. A kind voice filled the area, appearing to come from every angle.

"It's so tough out there, and it'll be even tougher once you have to leave the woods. Aren't you scared? You can stay with me. I will protect you from the world out there. I protected my child and I will protect any child who needs it. The world is so cruel."
"No, thank you. =3"

The tendril gets closer. You watch Slithers start to eye it aggressively. You attempt to calm down Slithers with pets and gentle shushes.

"It's so calm in here. You can float forever in peace and never have to worry about survival. You don't have to worry about your future. It's so unfair. So unfair. Children shouldn't have to go through so much pain."

You agreed internally with the blessed creature. Not having to worry about the future, one that was decided for you the moment you were created, was a nice thought.

It wouldn't be so bad.
To float in peace forever.

But your group was depending on you.
You promised same face you'd see him again.
And you wanted to meet the aliens in the stars.

These fake stars would not do.

The beast called Life may have tossed endless amounts of bad luck your way and attempted to drown you in her swamp but being with your friends made it worth it.

"No. I would like you to leave me alone, please. =3" You stated calmly.

The anomaly's tendril tried to get even closer when it touched Slithers lightly.

Slithers erupted into a blind rage, hissing and snapping at the tendril. You and Midnight hanged on for dear life but as the tendril started to pull away from Slithers they suddenly started flinging their head back and forth in an attempt to rip it off.

You and Midnight fall off Slithers and into the water below.

You can't tell if it was the shock of the fall or your overfilled bag, but you found yourself unable to swim. You rose your head above the water for a split second before sinking downwards again. You felt like you were fighting the water to rise your head above it just for one breath of air. Over and over.

And then you were lifted above the water. Below you was Midnight who fought to get his own breath of air but wanted to make sure you would be safe first. Knowing that time was limited you looked around for a platform you could get on. Slithers was in full force trashing around, the waves they made hitting you and Midnight, stealing another breath from the struggling creature.

The lilybuds with their inky shadow children on them littered the water, and one was only a few feet away. With a calmer head on you push yourself off Midnight and start swimming to one. You toss your bag on it before climbing up. You take a few much needed breaths before you spin around in a panic.

"Midnight! =3"

You didn't see Midnight.

Slithers ripped off the tendril that had touched them before hissing at the anomaly and starting to swim away.

Then something rose from the water. Midnight. He clung to the lilybud cause he saw you swim towards it. You ran and started to pull him up while yelling to your other capture creature.


[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 2 is rolled.

You felt like you were screaming as loud as possible but the words coming out of your mouth were meek and low.

You haven't read the limbo book in ages, but you know that one of the themes of the Singer, the god of Sound and Silence, was that if he couldn't have you, no one could.

The anomaly didn't bother you for the rest of your time in the underground lake. You bet it was proud of itself for taking something away from you when you refused to come with it.

You replayed the event over and over in your head. When Slithers left Slithers had lowered his top petals slightly. Something they did to protect you from the rain and sun.

Slithers still thought you were on them.


The lilybud seemed to refuse to sting you even though you were not the owner of it, and when it drifted out of the lake area the kid who was on it faded away.

After coughing up far too much water to be healthy Midnight dragged himself over to you and plopped himself down, both for pets and also to keep you warm. Too exhausted from the event you fell asleep as you petted Midnight.


By the time you woke up you saw the path ahead split into two. One that headed in a direction that made you believe that it was looping to the entrance so it could go around the cave once more. Looping over and over endlessly. The other showed a deep fog, just like the one you entered into. Every single lilybud ahead of you naturally drifted back into the loop. To make sure that didn't happen to you, you got out and pushed the lilybud towards the path to the exit. As it got closer and closer to the fog it went faster and faster. You hopped on as it hit the fog.

As the lilybud passed the fog you watched the bright green lilypad turn into a dead unhealthy brown. That solved the non-stinging question at least. If some anomalies are powerful enough to cause a whole area to become blessed, for a fog to turn into a cave, and for it to trap those who are desperate to escape, you understand why people react so aggressively to anomalies.

You don't think it's ok for them to associate you with monsters like the one you met but you understand what goes through their heads a little better now. You would make sure to tell people you're not a monster like that thing in there.


Once the dead lilybud hit land you went to look for Slithers. You desperately hoped they didn't head back into the loop. They haven't eaten lately and if they had to go through that loop again you feared they would starve even if they knew to take the exit next time. You ran around the area over and over calling out to Slithers, this time your voice loud and clear.

There was no responses.

You desperately looked at trees hoping to find one covered in vines but you didn't find any. Just when you thought that Slithers had definitely went the wrong way, you saw on the shore, far from the exit, tracks. A large snake-like creature definitely was here recently, but the track disappeared as the sand turned into dirt, and the dirt into grass.

Slithers being gone was heartbreaking. You and the Z-classes worked so hard on taming them.

You may never see Slithers again but the fact that they had made it out as was alive made you happy. It was bittersweet, but it was better than Slithers dying a slow death alone and scared in the blessed land.

You took a quick rest and headed north.

While you were no longer calling out for Slithers you still flicked your head upwards time to time.

Looking for a tree covered in vines.

[Image: eJkpjot.png]

[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
> Use beast bait if we get to some ruins! I want a ruin-dwelling capture creature!
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
>Track Slithers as you travel, have Midnight help.
>Use beast bait on square four
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
(03-23-2018, 04:01 AM)Apo11o Wrote: »> Use beast bait if we get to some ruins! I want a ruin-dwelling capture creature!

It is possible something interesting could be lurking there, so I can second that.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
[Image: tTgYYj2.png]

[Image: i0kkEic.png]

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 5 is rolled.

There were thick grasslands to the north, some of it even reached up to your neck. You kept checking back to make sure Midnight was behind you and sure enough he was tagging along as close as possible.

There wasn't much food to be found. Grass was inedible and all the animals and capture creatures around were steed types, big enough to ride and thus too big for one kid to take down. All the food the H-class had packed for you was mostly ruined when you fell in the water.

As night was setting on your 4th day of trekking slowly across the landscape you came across a fire and quick camp setup. You approach the two kids who sat by the fire with no worry. Usually other notails were fairly safe and were willing to lend a hand even if they were a little snobby about it.

"Hi, do you guys mind if I camp with you all? =3"
"Yeah sure, long as you don't take our stuff. :)"
"We already lost enough this year. (;"
"Oh, same. =3"
"Let me take a guess, you got kicked out of your swarm? (;"

One of them points to the E on your shirt.

"Oh, no I don't have a swarm. =3"
"Hmmmmmm does that smell like a lie? Cause it doesn't smell like one just by the tone of voice, but it sounds like it might be a lie. :)"
"No no, on further thought, it is most definitely not a lie. (;"

You decide to scan the two notails. Both of them are I-classes from Dove Peak.

"You could have just asked us where we were from instead of scanning us. (;"
"They're one of those types who needs to scan everything. :)"
"Anyway, we were going to say, if you got kicked out-"
"-then you and us would be in the same boat. :)(;"

It's a little weird that they finish each other's sentences. In fact it feels like you're talking to one person, but they own the fire so you're not going to point this out and possibly offend them.

"Oh, what happened to you two? =3"
"We've been living in the settlement in the bottom left of the woods. All the way in the corner. :)"
"We've been living and working there for as long as we've been in these woods. (;"
"We have less than a year left and we get kicked out because they believed we stole some dumb anomaly artifact the landlord had. :)"

"Well actually they only believe one of us stole it. (;"

The other I-class whispers while folding their arms and looking away. The other I-class jabs them with their elbow.

"Some silly coin of the Sleeper. (;"
"Landlord was obsessed with it but she was protecting the settlement so we just pretended nothing was wrong-"
"-and just hoped that the adults would take it away from her when she exited the woods. :)"
"But then the coin goes missing. We try to investigate what happened...."

The I-class looks over to their partner and mumbles.
"...and then someone just had to make a joke about how I would totally steal the coin if I could. :)"

The other I-class jumps up.
"Well you admitted to them when they asked if you would steal the coin if you could! (;"
"Yeah but that's only because I refuse to lie! I didn't steal it but I WOULD steal the coin if I could so I could-"
"Get it away from the landlord. :)(;"

The other party mimics the other in a mocking way.

Both of them shoves their leftovers over to you at the same time.
"Take this I'm not feeling hungry right now! :)(;"
"Thanks. =3"
"You're welcome!!! :)(;"

The two start arguing and you just leave them be. You haven't eaten much in the last few days and you don't intend to let these meals go cold just because of the two fighting in front of you.

When it's time to go to sleep you move to a location away from both of them, just in case they have another argument and finally get some rest.


You wake up as someone lifts you up and brings you to the camp site. Your senses are confused as you're tossed on the floor near the two I-classes from before.
Three other notails surround you and the I-classes. All of them with quite sturdy sticks in their hands.

"Ha! Your friends here ratted you out. >=3"
Says the largest and most imposing kid of the group. He was able to carry you so he was easily as strong as you, if not stronger.

"Sorry we're bad liars. :)(;"
"You two didn't even attempt to lie. >=3"
"That's what makes us bad liars. (;"
"Idiot. :)"

The kid swings his stick, hitting the I-class in the arm. You flinch at the quick movement but the I-class takes the hit without even a yell.

You scan the attacker.

A Hawk kid.

"Lets not anger the people who have access to weapons when we don't. ;)"
"Psh, this bozo hits like a 1 legged gwech! :)"

The I-class spits out in anger.

As the kid gets ready to hit the I-class again you get in the way, taking the blow yourself. You could tell the I-class was in more pain than they let on.

You fall back and the Hawk kid instantly turns to you.

This situation wasn't like the one with the eagle kids. The eagle kids were roughhousing, admittedly with a person who was in no way interested in such play, but the hawk kid wasn't playing. This wasn't for fun. This was for a show of power. The other two kids were shifting through bag contents but you saw them keep a close eye on the situation. Not on you guys, but on how the kid handled the situation. Should he fail handling this situation you're sure the other two, who also seemed to be Hawk kids, would pass heavy judgement.

"Oh, so you want to take the hits huh? I'm not going to kill you cause killing notails is wrong, but a broken arm wouldn't be too bad to shut you up. That's what all you other village kids do right, you break an animal's leg to gain control over them? >=3"
Part of that question almost seemed genuine. Did this kid not know how capture creatures worked?

As he got ready for another strike something barreled through the tall grass and lept on the Hawk kid. Attempting to fight the stick away from him was Midnight. Having gone to look for food he only just got back.

"I thought! You said! There weren't! Any! Stupid Creatures! >=3"
He waves the stick left and right but Midnight keeps holding on. The other two Hawk kids don't even bother helping him. They just laugh at him. Loudly.

"L-Let go! Let go of my w-weapon! >=3"
He sounded like he was going to cry but you had little sympathy for the jerk. The two I-classes saw that this was a good distraction and jumped for the bags. One I-class slammed into one of the kids who was closest to a certain bag while the other grabbed it, quickly fishing around for what they needed.

Thank goodness Hawk kids don't know too much about capture creatures or else they would have taken an item that would save you. They pulled out a capture cage and activated it.

As you watched the large and imposing creature burst from nowhere, the kid had finally tossed Midnight off the stick.

You quickly scanned the creature, a force of habit.

[Image: O4BkyVf.png]

The creature swipes at the two other Hawk kids causing them to run while yelling back that they were cheaters for using a creature.

You were so impressed by the creature you didn't pay attention to the other fight.

The kid lifted that stick in the air-

[Image: D0uOlzU.png]
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 1 is rolled.


A well aimed blow to the neck had killed Midnight instantly.

Everything suddenly felt muffled and far away. Your head unfocused from the world.

You watched what you think was one of the I-classes tackle the last Hawk kid while the other took the weapon from him. You really couldn't pay attention past that as your vision distorted from tears you were trying to hold in but failing to do so.


You didn't pass out, but you felt like you did, and when you finally were able to pull yourself out of your haze you were just a foot away from Midnight while one of the I-classes tried to talk to you.

"Hey, are you ok? ;)"
"Are they not responding? Do you think he hit them in the head? We don't want to have to drag you to a forest center but we might have to if you don't respond. :)"

You put one hand on Midnight. He didn't look like he was dead. He didn't look like the time you went with a swarm and you watched one kid's creature get attacked. Midnight wasn't covered in blood, have wounds, or was struggling to live, giving the owner at least a few moments to say goodbye.

He was just dead.

You didn't know what to say to "Are you ok?".

No. You're not ok.

And yet you didn't want to say you weren't. You have to remove your emotions and keep them inside, that's what you were taught at your time at the village.

"I'm fine. =3"

You said bluntly as you picked up Midnight's rag doll of a body, still trying to process what happened.

They're I-classes, a class that smells out lies with ease.

They knew you were lying.

But they didn't mention it.

You have personally died once but no one you've been close to has ever died before. You laid part of Midnight's body on your lap and placed your hands on him.

Stupid anomaly powers couldn't bring your pet back to life.

"What do I do with the body? =3"
"Most people just leave it there. :)"
"Or eat it. No use wasting good meat. ;)"
"To be honest that's a strange question to ask. When a body dies it's no longer useful so you just throw it away right? :)"
"Yes as we think about it we would say that's right. ;)"
"Speaking of which. You owe that Crane kid a capture creature and us a heap of our supplies. :)"

The I-class talks down to the Hawk kid. He's clearly been roughed up, he doesn't attempt escaping.

"Hope you're really proud of yourself. ;)"
"Capture creature code says you shouldn't kill another notail's capture creature unless you think it's going to kill you. :)"
"But a dumb Hawk like yourself wouldn't know that. ;)"
"You don't even get capture creatures at that dumb village right? :)"
"Everything about Hawks is awful, including everyone who comes from it. ;)"

He just takes the insults thrown at him. He doesn't attempt to defend himself. You've seen this kind of person before. He tried to act tough but he was just a [pushover].

"Ugh. I hate that we had to bring out our shared capture creature out for this. :)"
"Look at them, they want food. We keep you inside the cage cause it takes so much effort to feed you but it looks like we have no choice, we'll have to keep it out to defend ourselves. ;)"
"Hey Hawk kid, look at me! What happened to this place? We were heading to the settlement around here. We took a trip here for a trade like 2 years ago and I don't remember this being the type of place that would tolerate Hawks. :)"
"Hawks raided it...a-a-a few m-months back. So they all left. >=3"
"Figures. :)(;"

"I don't think I've heard of anything else good being around here. :)"
"There's a forest center somewhere up north, looks like we'll have to stay there for as long as they let us until we can find somewhere that doesn't suck. ;)"
"So we can live out our last few months here in peace. :)"

The two I-classes gather up their supplies, or what's left of it.

The Hawk kid just sits there without moving.

You do the same. You're still trying to take in this whole event. The I-classes acting like this is natural is so jarring to you. They got attacked, robbed, had to fend off the intruders, and then after that they just went back to acting like everything was ok.

You're [Observant] and noticed that both of them were slightly shaking due to the stress of the event as they picked up items and looked them over.

They're both older than you.

So they're better at pretending they're ok than you.


After a bit of packing they waltz over to you and hand you your bag. A quick glance in it showed that you were missing your emergency ration and whistle. Thankfully for you it looked like the kids were more interesting in looting the other two.

"Hey if you're heading up north you can come with us. :)"
"We don't want you to get attacked. ;)"
"It's clear that SOME KIDS want to make the woods even more stressful than it already is. :)"
"You don't look so good. You can rid on our Mix-Match until you feel better. ;)"

"You know, even though I want to drag that idiot around to make him repay us in work, I really don't care now. :)"
"Because I realized that when he gets back to his camp his friends are going to be quite crossed with him. ;)"
"I think the quick beating we gave him might as well be butterfly kisses compared to what Hawks do to failures. :)"
"Which to Hawks, he is. ;)"

"We're ok if you want him to drag him along though. :)"
"You can just use him as capture creature bait to get you a new creature. ;)"
"He killed your creature, having to capture you a new one is going to be peanuts compared to all the work you likely put into that thing. :)"

That thing was Midnight.

"Just know that if he tries to run away we aren't going to catch him. ;)"
"Oh, but where would he run back to? The Haaaaawks? ;)"

The two laugh while the Hawk kid lowers his head to look at the ground.

Did you want to take him with you?

And....what are you going to do with Midnight?

[Image: YONfxOP.png]

[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
> Give Midnight a burial. Say goodbye. You'll be okay.

> Drag Hawky with you. He'll be useful.
[Image: fNYPmPd.png][Image: uLF0DoV.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
> This is his fault. It's all his fault.
> Keep him with you for now.

> Bury Midnight. It's not practical. It's not smart. You could use his meat. You could leave him be. But he's your first capture creature. Bury him.
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/24)
> Eat Midnight. We don't have the option of being sentimental, or at least not much. Use him for rations, and bury the rest of his body.
> Ask the kid if he wants to come. It should be his choice, not yours.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/24)
> If the hawk kid wants to kill Midnight, the least he can do is help us catch a new capture creature.
> You can try using a mask on Midnight, and if that doesn't work to bring them somewhat back, bury Midnight. The others might not understand, but do it to at least give yourself some time to think things over, mostly about Midnight.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/24)
Try Placing One of your Floating Face Friends onto Midnight. Maybe their Super Special Anomaly power is Necromasky! If that doesn't work, Bury Midnight. Take a couple of his legs first, though. He'd have wanted it that way, probably.

and Hawkey'll be someone you can shove at Impending Doom to distract it, if needs be, or possible a source of emergency food, since he went and murdered your other one

edit; Having thought some more, If Necromasky doesn't work, Don't bury midnight. Eat As Much of him as you can. Save as much of his meat as you can for later consimption later as well. If You Eat Him He Will Always Be A Part Of You and he would have wanted you to become as Magnificently Huge as Possible
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/22)
>Take him with. Make him help you track Slithers.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/24)
>Feel a spark of genuine hatred.
>Midnight wasn't just some capture creature, they were your friend.
>And in one single moment, one sickening crack, they died.
>Don't you think the one responsible should pay for that?
>Could use Midnights pelt for a cloak. Keep warm, carry a memento and all that.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Notail Simulator 2018 (3/24)
> does anyone know how to preserve meat? ...Do you even know that meat can be preserved?
> Take the Hawk guy along. I mean, he's free to go anywhere else, but you would like his help.
>> First order of business can be carrying Midnight, if possible, and if rations can't be made from him.
> Midnight would probably rather be of some help in death.