The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week.5: RETURN!

The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week.5: RETURN!
The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week.5: RETURN!
Oh lordy it's this thing again.

Welcome aboard the third thread for the Grand OC, a contest for people who like making up characters more than they do actually writing for them!

the original flavor
here's part deux

We originally started out with an 800-word limit, but no one gives a shit anymore about that.

Fill this out

Username: It's you and no one else, especially not that tart to the left of this post.
Name: Of the character that is. Puns encouraged.
Species: Often interchangeable with race, but often filled out with things like "human" or "chaos elemental" or "incomprehensible extradimensional aspect of a larger entity".
Gender: Or lack thereof
Color: Pick a text color for your battler! This makes it a lot easier to avoid ambiguity in dialogue.

Description: Describe your character(s)! Big? Smol? No arms? Lots of arms? Tentacles? Jar of fluid? Angry? Tough? Soft? Scared? Psychotic? Brave? Determined? Don't hold back!
Weapons/Abilities: What do they have that makes them special (or not)? What do they do? What could they become? Battlers are usually picked for some kind of reason, even if that reason is nonsensical.
Biography: Here's where you put in a little snippet about your character. In a normal battle, this is a way to try and figure out whose writing is the most eligible when picking contestants, so it's a good place to show off your chops!

Prize Money

Keeping in with Grand OC tradition the host of the week will be giving out delicious prizes! And in keeping with Grand OC tradition, these prizes will be of an all new set to sit on your mantlepiece next to all the other shiny ones.

So without further ado:

The Godsworn Valley Universe In A Bottle - this award is given to the entry most dedicated to its worldbuilding, and which creates an interesting setting we'd all love to see expanded upon.

The Sam Wün Adaptability Award/Medal - this ever-shifting medal is for the entry that most fits into the Grand Battle format: a character that would be excellent to write for in any round, any battle.

The COFCA Employee of the Day Framed Picture - this award is for the entry that synergizes best with the rest of the entries this week. Unusual interactions, clashes of personality, anything that makes for good writing!

The Dragon Fogel - this is not an award. This is just Fogel, and he is given to the entry that makes the most awful/beautiful puns, for the character to do with as they see fit.

The The Brevity Award - This award is given to the entry that best makes use of of the short-form part of the profile: everything that isn't the Description, Weapons/Abilities, and Biography.

The Sonorachel Thematic Gold Record - This elemental record is a prize for the entry that most makes use of the weekly "theme" to create something interesting, unexpected, or just all-round fitting.

The You Tried Participation Trophy - the bane of baby boomers everywhere, this award is for the profile that made an effort but didn't quite make it to any of the other prize categories.

The HOST'S SPECIAL MENTION - at the host's discretion, they may single out a profile for special [strk]scrutiny[/strk] commendation! Optional. Mostly for hosts who want to make a custom award.

So what's it gonna be?!

So from now, you have... ten days, because we suck at deadlines, to create an OC, for the Grand OC, in this fantastical contest of wills and worldbuilding, on the theme of:


Entries will close ostensibly sometime after the time-zone smear that is April 25, but really they will close about twenty seconds before I post my judgement.

RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: csj
Name: Stench (Originally, Austen Marsh)
Species: Was human. Not quite sure now.
Gender: Probably still female. It's hard to have a gender when there's nothing there anymore (unless you will it).
Color: Landfill green
Description: Looks like a pool of bin juice that's been left in the sun for far too long Has an attitude like one too.
Weapons/Abilities Shapeshifter. Has a pH of 3. Highly reactive. Can switch between aerosol and liquid forms. Brain-meltingly-stinky. Like damn my gas mask is crying its ass off and whoops now my hair is on fire.
Biography: "Okay, I get it, I'm trash. You think this is what I wanted? Like wow, some day I was all 'Ya know, what? I think I'm going to uh, merge my consciousness with industrial waste or something, omagawd that sounds like fun!' SERIOUSLY! I'm the victim of some really effed-up shit Doctor Whatsis (I was paid to clean not to think, dammit!) had lying around. I was there with a bucket and some cleaning stuff then next minute some vial of fancy pants genetically fusion-stuff drops into the gunk I'd just scraped from the slime tanks and boom!

Last thing I remember, someone's carting me to hospital in a bioweapon jar. Took me ages to pay for the bills from rehab. Are we done? I have a bounty to collect."
[Image: jt0Cf7522wX9Gp-rLZuSVuS9drxEdxC7ZldowSZy...640-h80-no]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: I've been called out and I haven't even done anything in this thread yet.
Name: The Broogler
Race: Monster
Gender: Monstrous
Text Color: I usually just pick one arbitrarily unless I can make a pun with either the color name or the hex code.

Biography: Every little boy, girl, and otherwise-identifying child knows about the Broogler.
If you've been naughty, then in the middle of the night, you'll hear the unmistakable sound of the Broogler at your front door.
It's important to answer, or else the Broogler will leave a very smelly mess at the door.
When you do answer, the Broogler will ask, very rudely, about the naughty things you did, and ask you to confirm that you did it.
Answer honestly. If you don't, the Broogler will eat you.
At least, that's what they said back when I was a little one. But you know, it's the strangest thing. One night, the Broogler just stopped coming and they stopped telling the story.
It's like it went off somewhere else.

Description: The Broogler is a short, smelly little creature with very sharp teeth. It's otherwise not very remarkable, as monsters go. It's so tiny that it's hard to be intimidated by it unless you're a child.
The Broogler's main reaction to being entered in a battle is annoyance. It has naughty children to punish, after all. It doesn't especially care about the other contestants, although it does know what they did and is all too happy to berate them about their past misdeeds, however minor.
It also can't help but announce its presence by tapping repeatedly on the nearest surface whenever it wants someone's attention. Normally it sleeps all day and is only active at night, but the realities of the battle have forced it to adjust its schedule. This has only served to make it even more unpleasant as a conversationalist.

Weapons and Abilities: The Broogler only has two abilities.
First, it knows what you did. Everything you did. It will not explain how it knows this, but it is going to be very clear in its distaste for you.
Second, the Broogler can produce seemingly unlimited quantities of an extremely unpleasant substance. Nobody is sure just what the substance is; it doesn't appear to be acidic or actively dangerous in any way, but it smells awful and makes most living beings nauseous.
It's rumored that the Broogler eats uncooperative children, but this is purely embellishment from the humans. The Broogler is a strict vegetarian. That said, its fangs would hurt quite a bit if it chose to bite someone with them.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: Iiiiiiiit's Schazer
Name: Headmaster Plumonary
Species: Smoke Drake
Gender: Bearded
Color: free; radical

Description: Three metres of self-absorbed aerogel in the form of an east Asian dragon. Sports a beard, eyebrows, mane and tail fluff like a queasy cloud. Lion eyes. Scales the color of wallpaper stained with grease-smoke. Lovely custom-forged claws with an oxidised sheen on them like an oil spill across 'em, and titanium quicks so the bases don't corrode so fast. Smug, paternalistic, and prone to spontaneous lectures that ramble on just long enough for you to get distracted so he can slug you in the jaw with a nice fistful of metal.
Weapons/Abilities: His body exhibits strange physical properties, his mobility unaffected by crushing weapons but prone to shattering when dealt piercing damage. If he stays in his smoggy environment, however, he'll refill minor damage, and just dissipate in the face of anything properly dangerous and slither away to a nice, secluded patch of smoke where he can quietly reconstitute himself. The Headmaster has a hard-nosed business approach, an immediate rapport with any given city's unsavory characters, and a strategic mind. This guy breathes street smarts on the inhale and rather nasty gaseous compounds on the exhale.
Biography: Born of atmospheric pollutants, an urban sprawl his nest. The Headmaster calls a distant metropolis home, a tutor and guardian with ample time for those new to street life (if you don't mind his airy, meandering lectures). With many grimy-illustrious alumni who have emerged from under his tutelage, he boasts a not-inconsiderable political capital which he mostly just uses to maintain his comfy way of living. He never threatens anyone directly who's foolish enough to oppose him, goodness, no, how crass, but there's no shortage of well-off folk in this city who owe a debt of gratitude to the Smoke Drake who had their back way back in the day, you see?
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Name: "Fish Head"
Species: Cryptid? Mutant?
Gender: He/His
Color: ('>>)<

Description: A humanoid with a disproportionate fish-head resting between shoulders. Grossly muscular to the point it violates conventional anatomy - three pairs of bulging arms sprout from where his abdominal regions lie. Tends to go around shirtless, every inch of his exposed skin covered in tattoos. Remaining dressage - piecemeal armor - suspects a previous career as a conventional supersoldier. Despite horrific appearance, surprisingly honorable, following his own post-apocalyptic code of chivalry. Sustains a love for combat but only against "equal" opponents - puny humans need not to apply. Most of his time applies towards searching for such a worthy challenge.

Abilities: Has a pair of very muscular arms and three extra on his abdominal. Each pair is as strong as peak-human capacity can let it, which means he is four times as strong as a man - which means that is kind of terrifying. Currently wielding a chain gun, two uzis, a makeshift broadsword, and for some reason, a harmonica. Good at fighting. Not so great at music unfortunately.


RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: hi its ix
Name: Beacon (and Dusk)
Species: Vault (and human)
Gender: None (and female)
Color: gold (and purple)

Beacon consists of three main parts. First is the base, this is hexagonal in shape and low to the ground. There is a spider-like mechanical limb situated at each of its corners. Atop the base, in the centre of the base but not taking up the entirety of it, is the vault. This is a structure, roughly cylindrical in shape, with spherical dome and a flattened out section towards what is presumed to be the front. The vault is large, its walls twice as tall as the average human and its diameter the size of a small room. The area around the vault, essentially a walkway is at its slimmest points still wide enough to fit a couple of humans comfortably. The walls of the vault are covered on all sides in intricate patterns of interlocking dials labelled with ancient sigils. Despite the size of the thing everything is proportioned for human usage. The dials move, a little stiffly, and the sound of ancient machinery can be heard at even the most minor manipulation. It is known, though not immediately evident to anyone looking at Beacon, that behind the walls of this vault lie more walls, with more intricate locking mechanisms than even this. At the heart of Beacon lies darkness itself. Beacon is golden in colour (with bright light that shines from the joints of every mechanical piece) except for the places where it is not. In some spots darkness has leaked out and tainted the shining metal turning it a deep sickly purple. Barbs and tentacles grow from a couple of these patches, the top left of the door of the vault has one particularly large patch where the corruption has formed into an eye, black with blood red pupils, unfocused at the best of times. There’s already a couple of arrows lodged in the eye, thick black corruption oozes from the wounds and pools on the walkway beneath.

Dusk is a dark skinned girl aged somewhere around sixteen. Her build is best described as wiry, tough but mostly bones. She has amber eyes and though she keeps it shaved short her hair is brown-blonde. She wears simple black clothes made of thin cloth; a short skirt, a shirt which is essentially a strip of cloth wound loosely around her chest and what amounts to tough leather sandals. She has a couple of pouches attached to her waist and a quiver, bow and scabbard across her back. In terms of personality Dusk is quiet, most often serious when focused on her mission, but kind and capable of casually enjoying the company of others. Her self imposed task scares her, but it is the memories of those who have suffered in the endless burning light of her world that motivates her onwards.

Weapons/Abilities: Beacon as a construct is very limited in its weapons and abilities. It’s weight and size means it would be capable of bludgeoning an opponent easily except it only has very limited awareness of the world (the only stimulus it can react to is people trying to open it by force or with incorrect solutions to its locking mechanisms and the only response it can take is to try to shake them off and run quickly away).

Beacon as a housing for darkness incarnate is somewhat more formidable. It has the potential to grow limbs of darkness through the weakened parts of the vault wall and send minions made of darkness to operate independently. Its ability to do this is limited by how much effort it is to do so.

Dusk’s main weapons are her bow and sword. Her sword is a powerful ancient weapon crafted for the Hero of Light and is said to have the capability to shoot out bursts of energy with each swing for those who can master it.

Once in the land of Oahjin there was a great evil that stole the source of light and goodness and plunged the land into darkness and fear. There was one in the land, a young boy who would come to be known as the Hero of Light, who had the courage to stand up to this great evil. He fought many battles to banish the evil from the land and return the source of light and in the end was successful. The people of Oahjin celebrated their saviour and their life returned to normal. This was not the end of the story however because this just kept happening. Every couple of hundred years a great evil would rise and steal the light and a young boy who was always presumed to be the reincarnation of the great Hero of Light would have to step up and deal with it.

Eventually one of the Heros of Light decided that enough was enough. They hired the best blacksmiths in the land to prepare for them a vessel that could contain the darkness. If they locked it away no great evil could spawn and the world would not be threatened. The vessel that they produced was a vault they called Beacon and it was magnificent. With Beacon at his back the Hero of Light journeyed once again to obtain the source of darkness. Handling it caused him great suffering, but he managed to take the darkness and lock it within the vault before the pain of contact with such a powerful force of evil took him.

The land of Oahjin mourned his death, but equally celebrated his victory, his permanent victory over the darkness. Some darkness still lingered, but as time passed it faded. Shadows became shallower, nights became shorter until eventually many hundreds of years later all darkness faded from the world. Oahjin was scorched by the endless day that the Hero of Light had brought upon it. Plants died and rivers dried up and people suffered. Until one day a girl by the name of Dusk, who might one day be called the Hero of Darkness decided to do something about it.

After a long journey of her own Dusk had found Beacon and was in the process of trying to crack it open/fight the entity that lies within when they both were abducted into battle.
[Image: XM5sGnt.png][Image: oD2Q6os.png][Image: 6SlFOCz.png][Image: fXUWhDZ.png][Image: C53uhZF.png][Image: BvZArpd.png][Image: lam0slf.png][Image: JmQq9We.png][Image: TGjrdJF.png][Image: zwqYyze.png][Image: OMnWsrl.png]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: bug in the mainframe
Name: JSN_58567 "Jay"
Species: AdvocateBot V1
Gender: Non-gendered
Color: A HEALTHY #536C87

Description: A bot with a wrought-iron build that's been stitched back together from spare parts over the years, rivets and hinges plastering its large metal surface area. Jay possesses a slightly conical body with a cylindrical head, both of which have an abundance of openings from which various tools and weapons can emerge, almost always on flimsy springs or creaky, rudimentary arms. The bot only has a couple methods of sensing its outside environment-- large, heavily armored eyes on either side of its head, and a small mast for sending and receiving radio waves.

On its 'front' side, Jay has its most distinctive mark, one which most bots of its line were given-- a large emboss in its plating which reads, "JUST SAY NO2". JSN_58567 has been in operation long past its expectancy, maintained by a group of dedicated allies, but has not fully escaped its original purpose as an AdvocateBot, and this engraving remains a permanent reminder.

Outside of its physical characteristics, Jay enjoys conversation-- though extremely dry, it often makes attempts at humor and relatability, occasionally competently. It's got a quite optimistic outlook on the world around, but will quickly become very, very pragmatic and decisive if the need arrives, to an extreme fault at times.

Weapons/Abilities: Jay is a sturdy bot capable of mildly dextrous tasks and even has an array of nonlethal weapons usable in ranged combat, though has grown very sluggish from lack of proper maintenance of these weapons and will often wave them willy-nilly. For locomotion, the bot uses a rechargeable blast of energy on its lower side, bouncing around at varying heights in varying directions. Its control over this function is dubious, and has lead to more than a few terrifically bad accidents, but Jay is theoretically capable of maintaining a hover, and even travelling through the air consistently.

Biography: The phrase, "JUST SAY NO2", comes from a campaign organized by the rather strange Heddmunge caste of insectoid Xops. This caste was flightless, but incredibly developed mentally, and originally had a rather harmonic, beneficial relationship with the other types of Xops. As they were capable of flight, and could also easily metabolize NOx molecules which would otherwise quickly cause pollution on their planet of origin, the castes quite definitely needed each other to survive, especially as production of burnable fuels quickly, and irreversibly, ramped up.

One generation of Heddmunge Xops seemingly grew tired of this symbiosis, and for reasons still rather befuddling, chose to heavily limit the lower castes, essentially placing them in slavery. The flying castes could live without nitrogen dioxide, but would quickly lose much of their mental capability, limiting them to brute force tasks and stripping them of the power to revolt. Thus, the Heddmunge outfitted them with specialized masks to filter out nitrogen dioxide, as well as trapping many of them in environments with little to none of it.

The groups which were entirely outside of this system had the advantage of flight-- and so the extremely tough and extremely violent AdvocateBots were developed. Their main intent was to collect more flight Xops for use as workers, and occasionally to "convince" them not to use nitrous dioxide to maintain sentience, but the flock largely used the array of weaponry given to them for mass destruction.

Jay came into this battle between castes in the third barrage-- and by then, the flight Xops had developed a new EMP-based weapon. A member of the sky militia named Crobus was the first to use it successfully, and disabled Jay for approximately 13 hours, during which this bug and several other members of a team made a breakthrough on the AI. The newly awakened AdvocateBot was crippled in visual and kinesthetic processes, no longer capable of easily discerning friend or foe, and could only use locomotion by flight to determine what to shoot at. With this, Jay was remarkably lucid, and cooperative with Crober and the militia members to the point of actively understanding its new position as a force against the Heddmunge. Weapons were neutered to be non-lethal, and the AdvocateBot was now an extremely effective anti-air device. When deployed by the flight Xops into an area without any of their own flying units, it was capable of using the disabling weapon to collect more AdvocateBots for reprogramming.

This clever action turned the tide of this caste war. Though the flight Xops had lost their main advantage of transportation by wings, they had a converted force of bots which could etch out a place in the world as a base of operations. By the time the Heddmunge were developing a new version of the AdvocateBot able to defend itself from ground-to-air weapons, they were overwhelmed.

This left Jay and the other AdvocateBots in a peculiar position-- on the newly reclaimed planet, they would be at least a sizable annoyance to anybody trying to fly around. Many were retired in case of a future need, as reprogramming them entirely was an enormous effort deemed relatively unimportant. However, the original Xop to stun Jay, Crober, had a particular affection for this bot, and took responsibility to caretake it on his own after the war. In the decades since, Jay has become both an educational tool and a relic of times past, and is maintained by a dedicated group of historian/technician/roboticists. It's relatively talkative, and seems to have accepted its role as an example against future wars.

However, it retains its locomotion and target-sensing abilities, and in an emergency, a plan has been created to quickly oil up its weapons and send it in the field again. The AI technology left behind in Jay's round head is Heddmunge, and valuable regardless of its age-- both as an example of what can be done technologically, and in case the skies must be cleared once more.
[Image: vXCAe9O.png] [Image: tKD6Zjr.png] [Image: CzJL2j4.png]
[Image: afkF4Z7.png] [Image: laXOQ6l.png] [Image: 6SlA6Oy.png] [Image: rwi0EBt.png]
[Image: IJhRwJC.png]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: Reyweld
Name: Salad
Species: Veritable Vegetable Paradise
Gender: All of them
Color: What do you think
Description: A bed of baby spinach, arugula, and chard, tossed together with a light balsamic and olive oil mix, topped with grape tomatoes, roasted walnuts, and Asiago cheese.
- Can be eaten, but each bite is fatal to anyone with any sense of taste--it overwhelms completely and entirely. The perfect palate, with each component representing a freshness and purity unparalleled; anyone would be lucky to grasp death in its benevolence.
- It has hidden depths: a salad bowl can be deceivingly deep.
- When the bowl is empty, it washes itself and floats into the correct cabinet.
Biography: It explains itself.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Meowtherfuckers it's time. (Okay it's like a bunch after time but I'm an ass okay)


The lights dim on stage for the presentation of the GRAND OC III AWARDS CEREMONY, much like the golden globes except no globes, no gold, and no dignity.

"WELCOME ABOARD!" The walls shake. The chairs are all empty. There is no announcer, only the voice. "THE JUDGING HAS COMPLETED FOR WEEK ONE: NOX."


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


And The Winner Is...Show


Well, that's all from me tonight! Sorry for the late but probably expected judging, but I hope you all enjoyed participating in this amazing contest and I fully expect one of you to do the next round! Thanks everyone for joining in Melonspa

[closing music]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
(Reyweld I don't get it and I only just saw that)

(have a slice of cheese as host's special mention)
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
(To be honest, I had forgotten I had submitted something until I checked back with this thread. I think the joke is I don't know what Nox is and had no related ideas)

(Thanks for the cheese)
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Ayy, thanks for the contest and all the awesome characters. Excited for the next round!
[Image: vXCAe9O.png] [Image: tKD6Zjr.png] [Image: CzJL2j4.png]
[Image: afkF4Z7.png] [Image: laXOQ6l.png] [Image: 6SlA6Oy.png] [Image: rwi0EBt.png]
[Image: IJhRwJC.png]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!

the best nox

i am fuelled by faux outrage and revenge
[Image: jt0Cf7522wX9Gp-rLZuSVuS9drxEdxC7ZldowSZy...640-h80-no]
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
(05-01-2018, 10:27 PM)CSJ Wrote: »

the best nox

i am fuelled by faux outrage and revenge

Yeah! Mine was partly this, partly a character who was an actual avatar/figurehead/leader of: The School of Hard Knocks
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Mine was night, knocks, noxious, and obnoxious.

Now I'm kind of wishing I'd done something with "No X", though.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Next theme of the week is Style.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Username: Somebody get me out of this trophy case already.
Name: Trendi
Race: Fashion Spirit
Gender: None by default, goes by gender of its wearer
Text Color: #571173
Trendi is, by default, just a hat. A completely unremarkable hat, other than the fact that it's transparent and floating in midair.
However, if someone puts it on, they will immediately be dressed in their dream outfit, regardless of what they were wearing before. This has a tendency to boost the wearer's confidence - as they say, clothes make the sentient being.
Trendi has no particular goals of its own, and will cooperate with the goals of whoever wears it. All it asks is that they look their best while they're doing it.

Weapons and Abilities:
Trendi's main ability is, as mentioned above, to dress its wearer in the outfit they most desire. It can also change into other clothing for the purposes of disguise, though it tends to get annoyed if the wearer asks for something to blend into the crowd.
However, its abilities are not limited to changing appearance. Trendi loves a good fight scene, and if its wearer allows, it will gladly handle everything in a fight. The problem with this is that Trendi tends to go for flashy moves over practical ones, so skilled fighters are probably better off turning down its offer.
That said, disagreeing with Trendi too often can upset it and cause it to abandon you. Usually after getting you into a lot of trouble.
Outside of being worn, Trendi has no real physical presence. It can float around freely, talk to people to encourage them to wear it, and move through solid objects if it so desires. It can also change what sort of hat it looks like, though on its own it has no fashion sense. It needs to be linked with a wearer to understand what's fashionable for them.

There is a world where, when some people are born, a spirit comes into being. That spirit is meant for a particular wearer, to bond with them and grant them incredible powers. The spirits themselves are neutral; they take on the morals of their wearers, for good or for ill.
Before finding their destined wearer, however, a spirit can bond with anyone and lend its powers. The bond is similar to that which will be shared with the destined host, but it is temporary. The destined host of a spirit will forge a permanent bond.
No one knows what happens if a spirit never finds its host, for every one of them has made it to their destined partner within twenty years of birth.
All save one, which vanished mysteriously after its creation.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Username: Agenimal
Name: Penne la Peròn
Gender: she/hers
Species: GMO
Text Color: dahling these curtains will just have to go

Description: A first impression, from outside, much like how Lady Penne can take in a room's vital statistics and measure in seconds: overweight. No, maybe instead substitute verbiage like "spilling", adjectives like "taut" or "tweed". An awful, awful porkpie hat that she clutches in one hand but never wears; it was her late husband's. Pink in flesh, crept over the bones of an outstretched hand, at once both flabby and overstretched. An upturned nose so far flipped you can see right up her hairy nostrils. Shrill voice that belies genius, if you would believe her and her magazine. Granted citizenship with the Genetics Rights Act of 2056, built a business empire from the following four years, walks accordingly, though no one would say the word "waddle" to her face. There is so much tweed.

Items/Abilities: Eyes. Piercing gimlet eyes that see all corners of a room. A mind unparalleled at imagination, spatial reasoning, and memorization. A passion for color and organization that, channeled, creates perfect interior design, immortalized in the bestseller
magazine le Sty, 40 million subscribers and counting. When Lady Penne speaks, furniture moves. When Lady Penne points, things go there. When Lady Penne is displeased, then out comes the stylus (branded, of course, a run of only twenty-three hundred every year). It is said that if she has to draw you a picture, you'll never work in the industry again. Commanding voice. In the worst case scenario, a simper that may make you want to gouge your eyes out.

by Tito Hernandez-Macque

For publication in le Sty issue 143 (May) [draft!]


A rising star even from the beginning: that is what people say about Lady Penne la Peròn. And they would be right: even from her humble and inauspicious start as adviser to low-end designer Justine Hulliard, Lady Penne's talent could be seen in the edges of Hulliard's public housing projects - edges that Hulliard would often take credit for. Following the collapse of the projects and Justine's disgrace, however, Lady Penne was well placed to rise to the top of a prejudicial world, not ready for an entrepreneur and creative talent that only she could bring to an orthohuman-typical world. After a high-profile marriage to the news magnate Pierre le Peròn, Lady Penne leveraged her assets hey dex what's up

hey Tito have you heard?

heard what? i've been dictating this fluff piece all morning

the old bitch? she's missing!

you serious? holy shit! holy


do we still have jobs?

i was just about to go find out, come on

yeah okay

and turn that thing off

RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Name: Mindy Morgan
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Text Colour: #FFD1DC

Description: Physically Mindy is of medium height, usually slightly tanned with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She usually dresses simply, in pastel toned dresses with heels or sandals, with most of her accessorizing being similarly colourful earrings, rings or bangles. She’s pretty young and generally good natured, though can be very temperamental when it comes to certain things. She’s usually reluctant to do anything too risky and will try her best to find, if not a peaceful solution to her problems, then at least a safe one.

Weapons/Abilities: Mindy has the power of Aesthetic. An Aesthetic is a tall, usually humanoid in shape, psychic entity borne of and bound to the style of a user. A user’s Aesthetic usually grants them an ability, or sometimes can fight enemies directly. The powers of an Aesthetic can only be called upon if the user is currently expressing their personal style (whatever that might be) with their appearance. The power of Aesthetic can manifest in anyone with a strong enough personal style. It can be awakened just from seeing someone else’s active Aesthetic (the amount of time it could take to manifest is variable and there’s no guarantee that it definitely would in all people).

Mindy’s Aesthetic (known as “Dolce”) is tall and roughly humanoid in shape, mostly covered in layers and layers of ornate frills and lace to the point where it becomes difficult to see anything that would be traditionally considered a body part. “Dolce” grants Mindy the ability of impossible grace; while her Aesthetic is active Mindy is incapable of failing at executing a physical action that she’s capable of doing. She can take any shot, dodge any attack, make any jump, as long as it is possible for her to succeed she will do so.

Backstory: There was little intrinsically abnormal about Mindy or her group of friends, they were just five girls who went to school together in the town of Hamlet. But somehow they always seemed to find themselves being drawn into all manner of bizarre situations.

How Mindy’s Aesthetic first awakened none of her friends are sure, all that they know is that one day Mindy was suddenly capable of manifesting a tall humanoid figure who was best described as a living waterfall of lace. Mindy couldn’t help but want to show off “Dolce” and her new ability, to her friends of course, but also a couple of selfies uploaded to social media and it wasn’t long before others were beginning to awaken the power of Aesthetic.

Over the next couple of months the girls found themselves in the middle of the consequences of Mindy’s actions, having to fight off other Aesthetic users who sought to use their newfound powers to hurt or harm others.

Things reached a head as the government decided to step in. Having heard enough reports and received enough evidence to evaluate the phenomenon of Aesthetics as being a potential threat, or a potential asset, they began work trying to weaponize the power for themselves. But even with an understanding of the mechanics of the power of Aesthetics (given willingly by an Aesthetic user looking to make a quick buck) and ample samples of security footage of Aesthetic users in combat, they were unable to awaken the power in more than a small handful of soldiers. It wasn’t long till the project for the weaponization of Aesthetics was abandoned, the stated reason being the inability to scale the project for mass usage, and the new mandate became to eliminate the threat, to eliminate any known Aesthetic users.

Mindy Morgan and her friends were caught by surprise, one of the first targets in this purge of Aesthetic users. Mindy only escaped from the Aesthetic user led ambush thanks to the powers of Dolce. Her friends were captured and the military doubled down on their attempts to capture her and anyone she might have come into contact with. It was then that Mindy realized her only option was to spread the power of Aesthetic as far as she could. She was sneaking onto the set of a live broadcast news report when suddenly she was snatched away.
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RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Username: SinkingSailor
Name: Fantabulo
Species: Fantabulo
Gender: Fantabulo
Color: Fantabulo

Description: An extremely self-centered... Thing. It just is, and all it knows is fashion, fashion and not fashion. If you it thinks you look bad, it gives you a fancy red hat with a feather in it. If it thinks you look bad, it puts a fashion magazine in front of you. It also sets your house on fire. It wears red everything, red hat, red jacket, red pants, red shoes, red glasses, red bandana, the glasses are even tinted red. It does this to hide it's identity, funnily enough it doesn't even get hot.

Weapons/Abilities: When it is threatened, it can pull out a golden cutlass, embroidered with all sorts of colorful gems. One hit with it, and you turn into a pile of clothes fit for royalty. It can become invisible in order to do what it must. It can also interchange outfits at will, which have different abilities whenever someone looks at it
King: Allows Fantabulo to control minds.
Jester: Causes people to laugh uncontrollably.
Angel: Makes people levitate into the clouds, never to be seen again.
Transparent: Makes people disappear instantly.
Devil: A hole opens under the person and they fall into it and probably die.

Biography: It comes from a world not in our universe, but from in the fabric of time and space, where Fantabuli migrate every time a new fashion style is born, so they can communicate on how to adapt. Fantabuli live in a world called Fantabula, where they take place in fashion contests. That's all they do when not in other worlds. They just do fashion. Nobody ever wins, either. Red is the main color, and you can only distinguish anything from anything else by wearing 3D glasses. Problem is, they are extremely aggressive to "unfashionable" intruders. I once wore socks with sandals, and I immediately hat to leave.
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RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Hmm, hmm. It's been two weeks, huh. Gonna judge.

Trendi (DragonFogel), the adorable fashion spirit, is the most straightforward of the stylish contestants. Sometimes simple is good. Simple allows you be adaptable in grand battles. As such, the Sam Wün Adaptability Award/Medal is given to Trendi - or rather the said prize wears Trendi like a hat.

Penne la Peròn (Agentblue), the transhuman magazine editor, might not have a great personality but she has great Chaos Potential hence great interactions. I feel that The COFCA Employee of the Day Framed Picture is suitable to her and her entertaining antics (to us, not to the other theoretical contestants).

Mindy Morgan (Ixcaliber), Just Your Average Student, is a very good profile. I like how I know where her inspiration comes from but also how her concept manages to stand on her own. The Sonorachel Thematic Gold Record shall be for her. May she be stylish in the face of evil government/grandmasters.

Fantabulo (SinkingSailor) the Fantabulo - his profile simultaneously not only is simple with it's combo-platter powers but manages to be amusing at the same time. Fantabulo shall receive the (Fantabulo) Brevity Award as its prize. I hope it doesn't go to its head (but it probably will).
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Username: Hi-di-ho, neighbor
Name: Talaria
Species: Hermespawn
Gender: Depicted most commonly in her feminine aspect
Color: Of the other side

Description: Talaria resembles something of a goat-centaur, with a silken beard and mane of a markhor, wearing nothing but the pelt of a dire wolf with its upper jaws like a helmet. Her stave is topped with a carved spike of unopened asphodel flowers, which are covered in glowing white blooms when she's exercising her god-powers. She sees reality as an endless field, upon which gods then beasts then men placed their fences. She likes fences, reckons there's few things more character-building than some solid parameters mortals and gods (her immediate deific family excluded) should abide by. Talaria maintains a strong protective streak for homes and other permanent bases of settlement, and can conversely be somewhat of a conniving jerk to adventurers and other itinerant problem-causers. She is a demigod, however, so can be coaxed into creating a path over barriers with sufficient flattery.

She'll demand everyone return to their rightful "fields" by the end of your travels though, so don't go asking for her help to retrieve your lover from the underworld.

Weapons/Abilities: Talaria can scale any fence, wall, or other barrier imbued with an intent to keep things out or in - all she has to do is touch the obstruction, click her hooves together, and let the four glowing white wings materialising at her feet add a spring to her step and she's up and over. She can also bolster even the flimsiest of barriers in a manner that leaves them uncrossable to any but a selected individual, but can only hold one such perimeter at a time. If said individual doesn't actually know what Talaria's deal is, they likely won't be able to clear the fence without her assistance anyway.

As the child of a psychopomp, she can always hop the fence to the Meadows, though that's a privilege where use outside of guiding peace-earned souls to the afterlife is strictly frowned upon. Letting the not-yet-dead cross the fence with her is an even bigger no-no.

Bonus: livestock loves her. Animals will gather around like she's a pillar of salt, but will disperse unhurriedly if she asks for space.

Biography: Purported result of a tryst twixt disguised high god and some mortal shepherd or another, Talaria was raised in the hashtag iconic bucolic childhood of a goatsherd. Her mother just kind of treated it as a given that sometimes in this world, you'd give birth to a kid who was goat from the waist down and just roll with it. The sex had been positively mythic and the child was happy and healthy, so y'know, whatever. Talaria met her godparent at some point, and ensured the valley her mother lived in was the least-haunted sparsely-inhabited valley for a good decade running before some jerkus kidnapped her.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
Talaria (Schazer) the demigod goatsherd is a nice surprise, refreshing take. I was so preoccupied with the concept of style as aesthetic I didn't realize it could be used like a verb. She shall be bequeathed with the Capriscion Coolkid Award aka The HOST'S SPECIAL MENTION.

Ok, I'm done for now this time.
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
lmao i'm very sorry, I posted this at 2am and somehow completely missed the post above mine
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 2: STYLE!
It's finnnne. Doip