The B-classes seemed hard at work today. In reality, most were being jerks, slacking off or “experimenting.” Even then, those who were taking their roles seriously were bad at them.

“Hey! Hey B-830! *v*”
“Can it, jerk. C:”
“Oh come on, someone grumpy? What’s up with you this time? *v*”
“Do you want your face pulverised? C:”
“At least check this out. *v*”
“Fine, but if it’s bad, you know what to expect. C:”
“Come on then! *v*”

B-830, following B-258, felt [curious] as always. However due to his [uncontrollable mouth], he couldn’t find a nicer way to put it than:

“Is this some dumb experiment again, you waste of space? C:”
“Yep! I made some... changes to the machine! *v*”
“Oh my NEO you are so fired. Then again, that wouldn’t be so bad... C:”

They both enter the room. B-830 stared speechlessly at the machine.


Suddenly, something happened.
Or, SOMEONE happened.

“YO YO YO, WASSUP LADS?! BD” screeched B-420.

Due to B-258’s [easily startled] and [sensory overload] traits, he screams while running towards B-420.

Fortuna rolls a dice. She rolls a 4.

B-420 is shoved into a wall. He begins to bleed and loses 23 health.

“Um. *v*”
“At least show me the thing so we can leave. C:”

B-258 pulls the lever.

What class shall the notail be, what mask shall they wear, and what traits and stats shall they have?

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Smile! -[TEXT]
>X class. The best of them all.
RE: Smile! -[TEXT]
> K class!
> :) mask.
> [Curious] [Strangely Graceful] [Superstitious]
[Acrobat] [Adaptive] [Adventurous]
[Contrarian] [Cryptic]
Strength: 1
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 10
Endurance: 3
Agility: 7
Luck: 2
RE: Smile! -[TEXT]
A baby notail tumbles out of the chute and lands on their face.
“Oh my neo he’s so precious I need him! *v*”

It looks up, with a mask on already.
“...? :)”

You hear footsteps outside.

Fortuna rolls a dice. She rolls a 17.

The door is opened, and someone comes in.

“Hey, B-258. Just wanted to say- OH MY NEO WHAT DID YOU DO?! lwl”
“...uh. *v*”

B-258 looks throughout the room: B-420’s bleeding body, a messed up machine and a strange new baby.

“...nothing? *v*”

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Smile! -[TEXT]
“Ok, ok, this isn’t too bad... who am I kidding, you’re doomed. lwl”
“I know, I messed everything up, but there’s nothing that can be done now. *v*”

There was an awkward silence, which B-420 broke by running off.

Fortuna rolls a dice. She rolls a 2.

In the direction of the class leader.

“Ok, now you’re doomed. lwl”
“Stop saying that! *v*”
“Doomface. lwl”

B-258 almost screamed.

“Ok, I’ll stop. lwl”
“Anyone else hear that? C:”

Someone was marching towards the door!

[Agility check passed!]
B-258 bursts out of the room, and runs!

“... :)”
“I think he’s doomed. lwl”

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Smile! -[TEXT]
I’m cancelling this due to lack of interest.

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???