Terms And Conditions May Apply (Recruiting)

Terms And Conditions May Apply (Recruiting)
Terms And Conditions May Apply (Recruiting)
"Hello contestants, and welcome to the Millennial War. Despite the name, this is a competition between only a few people, with a single prize to be claimed by the last being of you still standing. Namely, a single wish of yours will be granted without any corruptions so long as you avoid the list of off-limits wishes, intended to prevent abuse."

"To those who will in all likelihood lose, you should be aware that I have made a deal with the Reaper for this multiversal cluster; in the event of your elimination you will be returned home in more-or-less intact, but will be unable to depart your home universe for the foreseeable future, barring adjacent subdimensions. Anyway, anyone who doesn't provide a signed consent form will also be sent home, but without the travel restriction. Said consent form will also bind you to give your all in the battle ahead, so that we won't be having any quitters."

"I am your host, Professor Scarlet, and this is a GRAND BATTLE!"

Character Sheet Format (blatantly stolen from the GROC thread)
Username: It's you and no one else, especially not that tart to the left of this post.
Name: Of the character that is. Puns encouraged.
Species: Often interchangeable with race, but often filled out with things like "human" or "chaos elemental" or "incomprehensible extradimensional aspect of a larger entity".
Gender: Or lack thereof
Color: Pick a text color for your battler! This makes it a lot easier to avoid ambiguity in dialogue.

Description: Describe your character(s)! Big? Smol? No arms? Lots of arms? Tentacles? Jar of fluid? Angry? Tough? Soft? Scared? Psychotic? Brave? Determined? Don't hold back!
Weapons/Abilities: What do they have that makes them special (or not)? What do they do? What could they become? Battlers are usually picked for some kind of reason, even if that reason is nonsensical.
Biography: Here's where you put in a little snippet about your character. In a normal battle, this is a way to try and figure out whose writing is the most eligible when picking contestants, so it's a good place to show off your chops!
Signature: Your character's signature on the consent form! Professor Scarlet only wants willing contestants.
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