i lack anything positive

i lack anything positive
i lack anything positive
i can’t think of any good ideas
i’m a negative influence, and now my sister thinks that it’s ok to go out of her way to mercilessly torment everyone
i’m cynical
i’m so unproductive
i can’t do anything right
i think I’m good at things sometimes but everyone else is better than me
i’m not equal to anyone because i’m young and think i know more than i really do
i’m sensitive to even the slightest comment, someone could make a small joke and i’d feel horrible about myself
i’m ignorant and rude
sometimes i just can’t stop myself from bursting into a fit of rage like a spoiled brat
i never spend time with anyone important and i’m too lazy to do anything about it
i’m too socially anxious to make contact with anyone, i’m extremely lonely
i never fit in with anyone anywhere
i hate myself so much
i used to self-harm and the only reason i don’t now is i can’t find the razor
i have suicidal thoughts
i’m a weird loser
RE: i lack anything positive
set your sister straight; being mean to people is not cool and will land you in trouble in the long run
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