The Wander Island Incident - Night Four - Five For One [13/21]

The Wander Island Incident - Night Four - Five For One [13/21]
RE: The Wander Island Incident - Day Four: LOST & FOUND ELECTION BONANZA [14/21]
Doesn't preclude their visit doing something or knowing the item's impact.

If I live the night catch my full claim tomorrow bright and early.
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RE: The Wander Island Incident - Day Four: LOST & FOUND ELECTION BONANZA [14/21]
REALLY WISH tehpilot that you decided to say something about this before literally right now
I wanna be a real friend, Don't wanna break when I bend
I wanna a be no seeker, I wanna scream eureka
RE: The Wander Island Incident - Day Four: LOST & FOUND ELECTION BONANZA [14/21]
Day 4 End Votals

Schazer - 5 (Granolaman, Jacquerel, Coldblooded, LordlyHour, Solaris)
beruru - 2 (Niall, Palamedes)
Robust Laser - 2 (Schazer, TehPilot)
TehPilot - 1 (beruru)

Abstaining - 4 (SleepingOrange, Robust Laser, x1372, seedy)

With 14 players alive it takes 8 votes to hard lynch, and 5 votes to soft lynch.

ELECTION Votals Pt. 6

Coldblooded - 6 (Solaris, LordlyHour, TehPilot, x1372, beruru, Coldblooded)
Solaris - 2 (Palamedes, seedy)
x1372 - 1 (Granolaman)
Jacquerel - 1 (Niall)

Abstaining - 4 (SleepingOrange, Jacquerel, Robust Laser, Schazer)

Day has ended, please hold
RE: The Wander Island Incident - Day Four: LOST & FOUND ELECTION BONANZA [14/21]
Due to Sleep Reasons, nightstart is delayed to some point within 8-12 hours from now. We thank you for holding.
RE: The Wander Island Incident - Day Four: LOST & FOUND ELECTION BONANZA [14/21]
Night Four: Five For One

Today’s Assembly is far less bombastic than the last; perhaps the previous day’s theatrics or the tragic death of Sai in the morning had muted most participant’s enthusiasm. While several less-committed Assembly members were brought up as possible INFILTRATORS, suspicion eventually settled on the irreverent Schazer, who’d made a weird face at the start of the proceedings and spent the rest of them doing nothing of note.

The Assembly at large wasn’t too satisfied with this outcome, but Schazer’s prior behavior hadn’t exactly endeared them to anyone in the Assembly (except for someone they kept acting buddy-buddy with, who also didn’t pipe up throughout the day), and so their fate was sealed.

Body, railgun, button.


And, green.

[Image: zPTkR6D.jpg]

Schazer was Misters Alfred, Boris, Colin, David, and Eric Smith, TELEPATHIC MULTIPLICITY.

After a university break accident that involved a particularly adventurous airplane-vacating possessed circular saw landing straight on the body they inhabited’s head, the five Misters found themselves in a mental lounge with no recollection of how they’d gotten there. While multiplicity didn’t quite seem to fit their condition – they all felt just as real as each other– it was the best diagnosis they’d managed to come up with. The mysterious “Michael” they gather used to occupy the body they now steered (with a rotating committee they’d set up) was nowhere to be found.

Instead, they resolved to surreptitiously continue with Michael’s life in his stead as best they collectively could in the meantime, and qualified to attend a famous psychology conference that their university sent three student delegates to each year (which the Misters thankfully only qualified as one of). Which was when shit got weird.

A brief seizure and discovery of telepathic powers later, they saved the life of a fellow conference member from what a psychically-dominated thrall. That fellow conference member turned out to work at Monomin, and politely abducted the Misters to the facility to train their emerging telepathic powers and keep them safe from the sort of underworld that created the thrall he’d tackled earlier.

The six of them hit it off at the Complex and became fast friends. While the Misters managed to control their telepathic abilities to the point where they could communicate flawlessly with their mentor, the ability to communicate with people who they didn’t know/who didn’t have psychic powers themselves remained out of their reach by the time the INCIDENT rolled around. The two of them got trapped following an unfortunate encounter with an enraged mutated rhinoceros, and ended up a part of the ASSEMBLY with a trick up their sleeve: knowing each other’s identities, as well as the ability to communicate privately at-will.

Schazer’s role action was called MENTAL HOUSE MEETING. They were permanent masons with another player in the game.

As the Misters were best friends with a Monomin staff member and the time they’d spent at Monomin had been very productive, they were aligned with the MONOMIN RESEARCH FACILITY STAFF and would have won when they defeated the INFILTRATORS and any other threats to Monomin, thereby ending the INCIDENT.

Most of the Assembly’s participants shake their heads at this tragic waste of not one, but apparently five minds, and move to head to their quarters, hoping that perhaps this night’s events would provide better evidence for catching the foul INFILTRATORS. But of course, they’d forgotten about the




With that interruption behind them, the Assembly truly retires for the 4th night of the INCIDENT.


NIGHT FOUR has begun! Please have your actions in in your Quicktopics or over Discord in the next 48 HOURS, so by 5pm CET on Friday, September 28. Daystart will hopefully then happen over the weekend.


1. Solaris
2. Jacquerel
3. Niall
4. Coldblooded
5. Seedy
6. TehPilot
7. Palamedes
8. Granolaman
9. x1372
10. Robust Laser
11. beruru
12. LordlyHour
13. SleepingOrange