Forum Games Bulletin & Discussion / Finished Games Archive

Forum Games Bulletin & Discussion / Finished Games Archive
Forum Games Bulletin & Discussion / Finished Games Archive
Forum Games Bulletin & Discussion
Disclaimer: I stole the basic formatting and a decent chunk of the text for this thread from Schazer's old MSPA Forum Games Bulletin thread

Welcome to Forum Games! This is the Eagle-Time home for Mafia/Witch Hunts, State-Building Games, RPGs and RPG-likes, the infamous Post Making Contest and its spinoffs, and other play-by-post forum activities with distinct game mechanics.

We also have a sub-sub-forum for Grand Battles, but they're a somewhat separate RP-based writing thing. The Grand OC threads are the only part of those that have leaked into Forum Games proper, and are also weird in that they're perpetually in signups and running at the same time.

For less involved "thread games" like 'post fuck, a bunch' or TRICKS, go check out Hawkspace or Hawkspace After Dark.

Brief reminder that the overarching forum rules still apply here - just because a game gets heated does not give you license to be a jerk.

This thread is meant to give a listing of current and past games in this forum, as well as serve as a hub for general forum games discussion on the forum. Have questions about currently running games? Want to know if people would be interested in your game? Do you need a mafia mechanic clarified? Got thoughts on a recent game you want to share? Fire away in here.

Running Your Game - Tips from the Cadre
A thread will flounder and die in the sign-up stages of any game without a good OP outlining the game's rules and methods. Make sure to put as much effort in your OP as you'd expect from your players!

- Mafia games get a special mention, due to their current popularity: A setup is more likely to gather interest if you do some/all of the following:
  • For starters, just participate in as many mafia games as you can before running your own. Become known in the community! Acquire a reputation as someone who knows their mafia chops. Read the a Mafia Guide Quicktopic!
  • Learn your Mafia rules, inside out and back to front. Figure out how night actions'll be resolved. Find potential game-breakers or pitfalls that may force a mid-game rule change if you don't watch out.
  • Look at rule-sets for completed games, and figure out what you need to make the game fun for all your players. Anti-massclaim mechanisms? Disincentives for certain behaviour? Don't forget the basics like "no communication beyond what's permitted" and "teamfriendliness is key I mean jeez guys it's just a game."
  • Pitch your ideas/theme in this thread right here or in the #forvm-games channel in the ET Discord to gauge interest!
  • Read guides like this one to get an idea of how to balance games.
  • Ask experienced players/GMs if they can look over your setup - if you're not sure who these are, go back to the first point on this list. You and your players will be investing a lot of time and effort into playing this game, so it's best to get it right from the get-go. Even better, get another person to do so as well! Most folks will be willing to help, and as a bonus will vouch for your game afterwards!
  • Time the launch of your thread carefully - the finite ET Mafia population has a limited amount of attention. There's an absolute maximum of "large" (classic mafia) games that can be played simultaneously and well by the community, and it's probably around 1-2. And that's assuming there's not much crossover between player lists. Consider (with consultation from Discord/thread peeps) opening signups but not starting until big games finish.
  • Once it's done, laugh, cry, learn a few lessons, and have fun going over the trials and tribulations of the game with the rest of the players.

Games Listing & Archive
We had this once upon a time on MSPA and CPI, so I'll be doing my best to keep an up-to-date list of currently running and completed forum games here. PM me or prod me on Discord if I'm missing any!

In the interest of space I won't be including completed/discontinued threads that didn't make it past 50ish posts, unless someone thinks they're particularly notable and let me know.

Mafias & Mafia-Likes

In Signups
LegendaryQ's Driver Mafia 30xx
Reyweld's Buzzfia
Thalia V1's Tiny Warfare

Currently Running
Dragon Fogel's ?????? Mafia
Mirdini's Wander Island Incident

Completed & Discontinued

Other Games

Currently In Signups
Cidellus's Masks 2
Reyweld's Spy Party Party
The Grand OC (GROC) Thread III

Currently Running
Joe Starman's Add A Sentence To The Story
The Post Making Contest 6.0
The Grand OC (GROC) Thread III

Completed & Discontinued