[Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure

[Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
[Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure

Okay, so I just need to explain one thing before getting into the meat of this thing that I have no idea how to do. That being that I originally started writing this fanadventure back at the beginning of April but never got around to posting it here. Keeping that in mind, I had gone through a few suggestions back in April, so character creation just finished, and the game is just about to start. I apologize that you don't get control over any of that sort of stuff, but hopefully that won't detract too much from your enjoyment of this... thing.

With that being said, I present to you my fortuna fanadventure!

You boot up Fortuna, the game that’s been filling up every crack of your freetime for a while now. Honestly you can’t even remember a time when you didn’t have Fortuna in your life. It’s been so great, getting to have something that you can actually obsess over with other people, especially since you were able to get one of your real life friends into it, although they have yet to get that far in it. It just brings you so much joy, and can at times be hilarious, or, even dare you say it, emotional. As such, you decided that such a great game deserved to be even better, and what better way to improve it than with mods! You had so much fun picking out all of the mods, some of them even getting you to burst into laughter from the absurdity of them.

You had already played through the tutorial to make sure the mods wouldn’t crash the game, and thankfully it didn’t. You didn’t really get to experience many of the mods with the tutorial, it being so short, but it was probably better that way, so you see if any of them left any lasting effects on your crew when they didn’t just have two planets before Fortuna. You go to “Settings” option to review what mods you have in place.

There was the “Genre Pack”, a modpack filled to the brim with different mods that in some way or another changed Fortuna to mimic another style of game. Some of them were drastic, changing a lot of the gameplay, but others just added in some extra features every now and again. The genre pack itself helped to make sure they didn’t interfere with each other by having only one major one active at a time, but allowing some of the smaller ones that were compatible with the majority of the rest active most of the time. From what you read online this could have some absurd results, with having to rhythm games in the middle of a turn based strategy game, and having a dating sim while being attacked by a clockwork.

Next you had “Who Needs Character Creation Anyway!?” mod. It was very aptly named as it took out the majority of character creation at the beginning of the game, giving you only one character to make, giving you limited amounts of things to choose for each character, or, in the most extreme cases, giving you a single character for the entire crew. This led to some funny shenanigans apparently, with a single crew member getting stuck with a Selene AI.

You also had the “Hybrids for Everyone” mod, which made the chances of having more hybrids after a successful game of Fortuna higher, and allowed you to select more hybrids for your crew initially.

“The Rejecteds” was also a mod that you had decided to pick up, which gave a higher chance for encountering more hated species or AIs, such as Humans or Prometheuses. It also increases your chances of finding an Janus ship.

“Activator” was a mod that told you when a mod directly affected your game, and listed the name of the mod. You mainly installed this one so that if you didn’t like what a mod did, you could clearly pinpoint which one it was so you wouldn’t have to go searching through the list for the right one, reading every, single, one’s description.

You had other mods as well, but you didn’t care to read further down the list, plus, you had already looked over all of these mods when you were downloading them, so this was really just a refresher of the main ones that you would probably be seeing. You clicked the “Use all” button above the list, and they all became active. Clicking back to the home screen instantly revealed the extent of the mods. The home screen flipped from one version of it to another, and the activator was almost constantly telling you that the Genre Pack was doing things, in the top right corner.

The screen flicked from the normal one, to one that was brightly colored with a strip of bouncing eighth notes that pulsed to the beat of the ambient menu music while they scrolled by. Then came the fluffy, pastel pink, dating sim menu, with spinning hearts floating down in the background, as cheerful music played. There was one with a gritty, realistic picture, that was filled with shadows, and emphasized by the options being shoved to the right hand side of the screen. One had simply a tenebrous ship cabin, with the fading fluorescent lights flickering, with an AI shell there one flash, but gone only a moment later. One became pixelated, with a few popular AIs in all their pixel-y gloriousness posing, as the bobbed up and down. More of such screens came and went, all only existing for a couple of moments before being replaced.

With the mods seeming to be working, all that was left to do was actually start.

Well, nothing like the present moment, time to get this party started! You click the “New Game” option, ending the seemingly endless cycle of different home screens. You’re taken to the normal ship and AI select screen, except when you hover over one of the options you are presented with a visual that sits in between the two columns of options. The visual changes from a floating three dimensional model that spins, to a surprisingly detailed pixelated version, to many other styles of design, yet all of them very clearly resemble the same ship.
When you hover over one of the AIs, a similar thing happens, yet you are treated to a much larger variety of different designs. Like the ships the AIs have 3D models of them, and pixelated versions, but they also have pictures that look to be straight out of a cartoon, and some that look like little 2D platformers or beat ‘em ups, along with many others. But besides the style shifts, the appearance of the AIs change, seeming to be showing off the many generations of some, and the wide variety of appearances for others.

As for the choices of the ships you had, it seemed you had the choice of picking from a typical Hermes, or Apollo ship, an Artemis ship, a Mors ship if you felt like adding even more randomness to your game, an Athena ship, a Nike ship, and a Nyx ship for some reason, you really had no idea why the game would offer you a ship as infamously horrible as that, but whatever.

For the AIs you could choose from having a Somnus, a Selene, a Nike, a Kratos, a Hemera, and a Cupid. Sort of a strange assortment, but really what else were you expecting? These mods that you added were supposed to spice things up, and seemed to be delivering.

Well there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that you should pick the Selene AI, but you were split between getting the Mors ship or the Nike ship. After a bit of deliberation you finally decide in favor of the Mors ship, as the Nike was probably going to just be too flimsy if you ran into anything nasty right out of the gate. Plus, the Mors would add more randomness to your already unpredictable game. You select both and when you have confirmed your choices you are sent into a slightly different character creation screen.

The first thing you notice is that there are only two crew members, one that Fortuna would create for you, and the other that you would be able to make. The Activator helpfully told you that this circumstance was thanks to the “Who Needs Character Creation” mod, as if you couldn’t figure that out yourself. Each crew member had the basic name, species, and job columns like Fortuna always provided on the first screen. This time though, they also had a “genre speciality” column, along with a box next to your customizable character’s name that appeared that it could be checked.

If you hover your mouse over the box, it asks you if you would like to allow Fortuna to extrapolate from what you give it now to add to the character sheet if the genre of game needs more stats or data. If you don’t check it, it seems likely that you’ll either have to do a whole lot more steps when creating your character now, or when the data is needed it’ll pull you out of your game to fill it in.

You decide to think that over while you create your crew member. You select the only crew member that you can customize, and are presented with a bit different version of the character create screen than normal. The screen, like always, allows you to input three blue traits, two or three red traits, and two or three green traits, along with the crew member’s name, pronouns, species, job, and backstory, as well as distributing the 26 stat points to the usual six stats. You could also pick the colors of the crew member if the species you chose had a variation in colors that they could appear as. But along with all of this information, you also needed to put in a genre of game. This was likely what genre they would fit with the best, but you could also just put in something random.

It looked like all you had left to do was actually create your character and choose if you wanted to check the box or not.

You decide to check the box, no way were you going to do more character creation than you already have to. For what you have to do though, you decided to make the captain, you aren’t going to entrust Fortuna with making one for you, if she would even make one at all. You fill in all of the spaces on the sheet so that when you finish it appears as such:

Name: Eso
Pronouns: They
Species: Kaikian (hexeyes muikian)
Job: Captain
Red: [Unnerving] [Mute by Choice] [Unforgiving]
Blue: [Enjoys cats] [Artist] [Loyal]
Green: [Persuasive] [Knowledge of Chaos] [Multitasker]
Stats: Str: 3; Int: 7; Char: 5; End: 5; Agl: 4; Luck: 2

Yep, this is the character you made, this is what’s going to make up half of your crew, wonderful. You try and add a purple and yellow trait, but Fortuna accepts neither of them. Oh well, maybe it’s for the best, this character already seems a bit... strange. You set the genre specialty to the first thing that pops into your head, a first person shooter. After you finish the character off you’re taken to the last screen of setup.

All you need to do now is choose which character to start with out of the two available to you, the planet total not being available to edit because of your ship choice.
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>Might as well start with the character you created.
RE: [Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
>May as well pick your character

I can't find Muikian in the species list.
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(08-03-2018, 07:31 PM)Kenshiago Wrote: »I can't find Muikian in the species list.

Muikian is a subspecies of the kaikians. Sorry, I'll note that for their species.
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>change mute by choice to a different red trait
>character made as starting
RE: [Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
But before you’re able to enter the character, the game stops you, having realized that you input too many red traits for your character after a slight delay. It promptly takes you back, and gets rid of the trait [Unnerving]. While you’re here, you decide to replace the trait [Mute by Choice] with [Overreacts] as well, as it would probably be best if your captain could actually talk.

With that all sorted out, you go to the next page and select Eso to start with. The screen fades to black for a moment before the new screen fades into view, that of a three dimensional model of what must be your ship. Everything seems to be fine, although seeing Fortuna in three dimension is a bit jarring you must admit. The graphics also look like they’re at least a decade old, though getting enough models for all of the parts and possibilities of Fortuna must have been a lot of work, so you can’t really fault them all that much.

The screen currently displays what must be your ship’s cockpit, which is pretty normal in design. At the console appears to be Eso, tapping away at a high tech looking tablet of some sort while a couple of the eyes on their head glance around at the different gauges and the like on the dashboard. For a moment, nothing else happens, it’s rather peaceful really. Then, rather suddenly, the Selene AI rolls in on her skates, skidding to a halt next to Eso.

“Good evening, Captain!” the Selene chirps, a large smile drawn onto her face.

“Hello, Luna,” Eso mutters in reply. “Why have you come to bother me?”

“I came to help, of course!”

“That’s great, Luna, but I don’t need any help right now,” Eso explains, exasperated.

“But I’m sure there’s something you need help with. You don’t want to over work yourself, so let me do something for you,” she pleads. A moment after she finishes, a few options pop up in a list of how you could make Eso respond, along with a timer ticking down the seconds you have left before the game chooses for you above the options. The options are rather generic, so you suppose some base Fortuna might still be in play here, so you could probably expand upon what you want Eso to do, beyond just the template options you’re given.

There are four options, those being:
> Begrudgingly accept Luna’s help
> Reject Luna’s help and ignore her
> Reject Luna’s help but give her something else to do
> Stay silent

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>At least give Luna SOMETHING to do
RE: [Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
>Be nice enough to give Luna something to do.
RE: [Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
You select the “Reject Luna’s help but give her something to do” option and a small box pops up in the upper right hand corner of your screen telling you that Luna will remember this.

“Luna, how do you not get it? I don’t need your help!” Eso shouts, finally stopping their tapping at the tablet and turning to face Luna.

“But you have to at least have something for me to do?” Luna pleads, quickly drawing on a pouting mouth.

“Fine,” Eso snaps. “If you really want something to do, go and bother Maddox, I’m sure he’d welcome any help he can get with fixing whatever’s broken on this stupid ship.”

“But Captain, weren’t you the one who bought this ‘stupid ship’?”

“So what if I did!? Just go help Maddox before you find yourself the one in need of repairs!”

“Y-yes Captain!” Luna flinches before quickly skating out of the room to go and find Maddox.

Eso sighs, putting a hand to their head and massaging their scalp. “Why did Maddox have to get that AI for our trip?” Eso goes back to typing on the tablet, a couple of their eyes periodically glancing at the controls for ripping a hole in space which sat in the middle of the console. Again, the same layout of options and a timer appears on your screen.

The options this time are:
> Go to the next planet
> Discuss it with the crew
> Do nothing

Although if you choose do nothing you could probably switch to another character if that mechanic of Fortuna still holds up with this mod.
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>go to the next planet
RE: [Genre Split] - A Modded Textuna Fanadventure
>Planet time
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