Over Shadows

Over Shadows
Over Shadows
You know what's going to happen...
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Because when you can't create angels....
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You wake up and realize...
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That you need to fall.
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Your name is Annabelle Bonn and you don't quite know what has just happened. You fell and you should be waking up soon...hopefully. Perhaps to pass the time you should tell everyone about yourself. You have an interest in The creation of life and how the fundamentals of the universe and our existence in it work. A mid-life crisis occurs a lot for you and you're a little bit of an outcast to society. But you enjoy the secluded life that you live and would happily do it for the rest of your life. Meditation from time to time is calming you down from this crisis as well as video games and a pizza night once every fortnight. You live alone for the most part even though you live with your uncle and school work is easy when you use the internet to just cheat your way through it. Makes tests easier if you teach yourself, but that's just your opinion.

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RE: Over Shadows
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oh great. You can't believe you dozed off in the most boring lesson ever. Geography. Good thing the teacher's blind as a bat when it comes to the students she places at the back.

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If only you could create a pocket universe and become its god, that would be awesome...If you actually believed in gods. Your dreams are always the same. Same outfit, same fall, same wings that you see before the fall, no aware dreaming here bud. Tell me when the shuttle lands, Laura, please, Annabelle begs you. Cocky jokes aside, the lesson is almost over so you can go home anyway. All you've done is just doodle on your worksheet and these were going to be put in the trash can after anyway. May as well take it home with you.