Masks 2

Masks 2
Masks 2

Prior to the spring of 2016, things were relatively normal on Earth.

No alien invasions.

No robot apocalypses.

No cataclysmic wars between gods.

Then things began to get weird, or perhaps the weirdness just became more obvious. Truly extraordinary individuals began to emerge; some were benevolent, some were malevolent, and some ended up being in between.

A series of calamities occurred in the years between 2016 and 2021, nearly wiping out mankind. In the end, however, they were saved. Saved by a mixture of gods, aliens, mutants, extraordinarily well-trained humans, mythological creatures, mages, an artificial intelligence, and everything in between.

Thirty years later, the world has changed a great deal.

Where will you fit in?


Prepare yourselves, for Masks 2 has come.

First off, let me introduce myself! Not all of you may know me, but I'm Cidellus. I used to run and participate in games on the Chocolate Pi forums, and participated in games on the MSPA forums waaaay back in the day. Now I'm here, because the Chocolate Pi forums have basically died. Looking forward to meeting you all!

That said, I'll explain what Masks is.

Masks 1 was a super long game that ran from mid-2016 to now on the Chocolate Pi forums. It was focused on superheroes and supervillains, and had a VERY LONG plot that resulted in the creation of a very interesting world and cast of characters by the end of the game. So I am creating a sequel here! The game has a lot of lore at this point, but I have typed it all up in a codex which I will post below if you're interested. There is a synopsis, as well as an encyclopedia of the various heroes and villains that appeared throughout the first game.

Here's a link to the first game!

Most of the game happened in PMs, as people had individual adventures that eventually culminated in thread-based crossover crisis events. Masks 2 probably won't have as many grand crossover events, as they didn't work very well in the first game. It'll be mostly PM-based, with smaller PM-based crossovers.


Right, so, getting to the game itself.

Masks 2 will start in the year 2050. In the face of the numerous crises between 2016 and 2020, the federal government was destroyed. In its place, a pro-corporate puppet government was established in 2020. Over the next few decades, the corporations gradually consolidated into one gigantic megacorp that now dominates America.

Here is the Codex. Best viewed with Print Layout turned off and Document Outline turned on under the view tab.

I would read the codex, since it outlines everything pretty well. It's super long, and for that I apologize, but take comfort in the fact that most of the length comes from the encyclopedia. You don't NEED to read that, the synopsis gives you most of what you need to know. If you don't want to read the codex, you can probably get the gist of things from myself or other Masks 1 players via Discord! :D

Here's a tldr version:
-History was normal til 2016
-Then aliens attacked the world and killed like 25% of humanity in 2016. Superheroes helped defend the world.
-Then an AI invaded the world in 2017 and killed a ton of people.
-Then angels and undead invaded the world in 2020 and lots more people died. God also spoke to every single person on the planet in an event known as the Visitation.
-Then the world slipped into dystopia after 2020 for the most part. American corporations consolidated into a single megacorporation that pretty much controls all economic activity in the United States, though they maintain all the brands and subsidiaries to maintain the illusion of competition.
-The game will be a cyberpunk superheroes game.

The basic gist is that the game will be a mix of a cyberpunk game, a post-apocalyptic game, and a superhero game set in 2050. There will be legacy characters coming in (PCs from the first one), but that just adds to the fun.

I'm hoping you all enjoy this! As a word of warning, my games get pretty ridiculous in activity levels and don't really work unless people reply consistently. I'm hoping people can reply at least once a day (though more is always fun). A lot of stuff happens in these games.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a friend request through Discord and DM me (I'm called Cidellus there, and am on the Eagletime server). Sign-ups will last two weeks, to give everybody time to read that damn novella of a codex I ended up making.

And now, finally, here's the character sheet:

Name: Your character's legal name.
Aliases: Any aliases your character may have.
Date of Birth: The date of your character's birth. If your character was cryogenically frozen or otherwise preserved, the government will assign your character an adjusted date of birth to act as your new birthday. If this applies to your character, include that one in parenthesis.
Place of Birth: Where your character was born.
Place of Residence: Where your character lives, and a description of it. Your character should live in the United States, so either make up a megacity in America or pick a real life one. Whether you make one up or choose a RL city, feel free to describe it and flesh it out. Name districts (perhaps based on the real world districts of that city) and outline the city's character. (note: a character will be starting in space due to a continuation of adventures from the first game. I don't want too many characters having spade adventures, though, since I'd like the focus to be on Earth. Let me know if you absolutely must have space adventures, though, and I'll try to figure something out.)
Appearance: A description of your character! Things like facial appearance, build, height, eye color, hair color, fashion sense, scars, tattoos and whatever else you'd like to include.
Personality: Your character's personality. This might include their fears, ambitions, tendencies, habits, and whatever else.
Powers, Skills, and/or Resources: This'll drive how your character approaches problems. Your character can have a mixture of superpowers, skills, and resources if you want. Powers and skills are self-explanatory, but resources could cover anything from money to property to armor and weaponry. Whatever useful possessions they might have. Don't try to match your character to the other applications, as this isn't a competition. You'll be fighting NPCs more than anything, and your enemies will be tailored to you. (The Punisher would get splattered against the wall by Galactus, as an example). One final rule is that time travel powers aren't allowed. They just wouldn't work in this type of game. Just try not to make your character too OP if it can be helped. Keep things interesting.
Biography: Your character's history! The more detailed, the better! Whatever you want to include to flesh out your character's past and how it shaped them into the person they are today.
Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:
Pretty self-explanatory, but any characters that are important in your character's life. These can include parents, siblings, friends, contacts, or enemies. If you want to play a character with some experience, feel free to stick in a former rogue or five. In a new approach to NPC management (for me) I'll be creating files on each and every important NPC in the game. So...don't go crazy, Kiven. Please. Quality, not quantity! :D



Anomaly - Theraea Sbata-Pmutsk-Ibuarska
Bigshot - Zilvala Ndubueze
Galloglasses - Desmond McDonagel
Kadis - Yasmine Reese
WesternSage - Marcus Loxley
MQuinny1234 - Orla Cillin
Pail - Candice Fontaine
Pharmacy - Kenjiro Isekai
Protoman - Fionola MacEachthighearna
Vancho1 - Esen Kingsbury
Whimbrel - Alexandria Escher
RE: Masks 2
RE: Masks 2
Work in progress!

Name: Fionola MacEachthighearna.
Aliases: Finn Faulkner (chosen as her professional name because Anglophones are terrible at pronouncing Gaelic shit!!!)
Date of Birth: October 12th, 2026.
Place of Birth: Minerva, New York, USA.
Place of Residence: Great Bay City, Rhode Island, USA.
Appearance: A tall, pale, lithe woman with short red hair styled upwards in a big ol' feathered swoop. Bowie-esque hair. Hair that looks like it's as windswept as the dunes, except it's been swept into a damn stylish arrangement, unlike actual windswept hair, which just sorta gets to be a frizzy mess. Hazel eyes, wide nose, and a bright smile. Keeps kind of a semi-punk aesthetic in terms of style. Lots of leather jackets, jeans, plaid, and t-shirts in her closet. Typically wearing a shit-eating grin.
Personality: A woman of immense determination, Fionola manages to be hopeful without sacrificing realism. She's the sort to look at a bad situation, recognize its awfulness, and - in the absense of a more viable moral option - charge straight in. Some might call this recklessness - charging in fully aware of danger, moving when the odds are against you. She calls it the only sane way to survive in a world so utterly hopeless as the one she was born in. The deck is stacked against normal folk anyhow, and if she avoided every situation that might lead to her painful, painful death, she'd not have come to the big city in the first place!
She's fairly cheery, though since that cheeriness is often augmented by sarcasm and flippancy, she can sometimes seem rather uncouth. She always means well, but it's easy to get the impression that she doesn't actually care about the things she's doing. Something of an alcoholic.
Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:
Being a private eye, Fionola's extremely perceptive! Her work has also trained her to get into places she shouldn't be without being noticed - stealth, lockpicking, and the works are key! This also means she's a pretty talented escape artist. She also knows her way around a gun (especially pistols) and is a pretty competent brawler.
Latent magical abilities! Unbeknownst to her, she's descended from wizards on both sides of her family, and has a strong potential for magical ability which has, thus far, gone utterly untapped.
Friends!! She's made plenty of allies across the city - people she's worked with, people she's helped through her work, and people who she's just plain friendly with. She can tap these resources for information when she needs to - provided she can make it worth it for them, of course. Also an apartment! It's a two-bedroom one-bathroom place with a living room that gives way to a kitchen, separated by a divider. It's fairly small overall, but the fact that it's got two bedrooms is pretty sick.


Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:

Friends and Family

Slaine MacEachthighearna

Detective Amalia Giugovaz

Thomas Sawadogo: Bartender at Heaven's Night, a jazz bar that just so happens to be Fionola's favorite. The grandson of Burkinabe immigrants. Has a few lip piercings, dresses very formally on the job, but usually hits a balance between punk and goth while off the clock. An amicable guy, making his way fairly well all things considered, and well liked by all the patrons of the bar. Is the only person Finn knows who knows the bar's mysterious owner.

Travis and Sandra Hawthorne: A husband and wife, friends of Slaine who bonded over their shared efforts towards relieving the destroyed city. Transferred their apartment lease to Fionola after deciding to move someplace smaller once their son moved out. Unbeknownst to Finn and her mom, they're an ex-crime fighting duo, previously known as the Taser Totalitarian and the Watchful Warden. Their son has joined an underground resistance network and is currently outside the city.

Severin Denault: Finn's roommate. Son of a minor city official, of middle-upper class background. Big ol' hipster jackass taking a year off from school to 'see how the poor live'. In constant surprise about the 'odd' practices of the poor. Finn hopes that someday he'll realize that it's not a matter of choice. She is not INCREDIBLY hopeful about this prospect.
RE: Masks 2
Bursting onto the scene for continued adventure and fresh Eagletime blood I see... Very well...

Howdy folks, and welcome to the ALMOST COMPLETE (just need to finish the timeskip part of the bio to tie up stuff) mess that is: Coyote.

Name: Maria Maldonado Bezos

Aliases: Maria Maldonado Moritz (It’s her name now alright, but certainly not a legal change), The Aztec Killer, La Sonrisa, Coyote, Pahtiameyalli, Katerina Campbell, Hikin’ Helena, Petra Cisneros

Date of Birth: February 17, 1993

Place of Birth: Mexico City (Raised in Miami)

Place of Residence: Ft Diligence, West Virginia. A settlement along the Greenbriar River in the section along Watoga state park.


Appearance: Maria is short and kinda buff, though not really as much as she used to be, with tan skin with cool undertones. Her eyes are large and dark brown, and her hair is nearly black and goes down to her mid back when undone (been going crazy with a haircut). It is rarely un-done however, as she generally keeps it in a low ponytail pulled to the side like a dead anime mom. Wears a plain silver wedding band that has a skull engraved into the inside. She has a birthmark on her right shoulder blade that looked vaguely like a marigold, and she has since tattooed over to accentuate that. Physically, she looks like she did when she was 25, despite being 57, and when she has to be in like, a city, with people, she often dresses herself and does her makeup to appear her age. It’s not perfect, but she’s managed to come off like she’s trying to cover up wrinkles and is kind of bad at putting makeup on, so it works out. No need to pull that in the fort though.

She’s come a long way from the collected, unaffected schemer she was at Masks gamestart. She’d gone into a place of emotional extremes and poor coping mechanisms, and appeared to mellow out with age. In her reality, she’s still... her. Afraid of the woman she used to be and the villain that is nonempathy, still sort of paranoid about the safety of her loved ones so long as she’s still alive to have them targeted, and how safe they’d be if she wasn’t. She’s introspective and prone to melancholy, and yet, thirty years of things actually going well for once does wonders on the psyche. She’s not as bad off as she used to be. Hadn’t had a horrible self-induced self harm dream in... 20 years maybe, and paranoia has been dampened by ‘hey we all made it THIS far’. She hates lying and loves fiercely, and generally comes off as... tired, but hopeful.

Also, she’s got a habit of trying to... get superpeople to start talking about their issues with SOMEONE. She’s of the firm belief that there needs to be a supertherapist, because every superperson she’s met CLEARLY needed one. Let’s see how much we can make her cry THIS time!

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:

Biography: Abandon hope all fresh Eagletime faces who enter here. Maria is an Aztec goddess of Rain, and it’s been a long ride to get there.

Background/Masks 1 events for my own memory/anyone who gives a crap. Legitimately, this is absolutely ridiculous, you really don’t have to read this, I’m so sorry. Some of it may be a bit out of order, whoops.
TLDR: Maria was... bad and mean... and then... she got morals and stuff because her sister said “thas mean...” ... and she cried a lot... and kinda became a superperson... and also a god, twice.... and made a bunch of weird friends... and then Masks ended.

Timeskip stuff for Cid and Legacy Characters and you know whoever:

Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else: Abandon hope again. Maria has two major solutions to her problems. Kill them, or befriend them. She did an awful lot of the latter.

Acquaintances/People she hasn't talked to in a while:
Local Groups:

Trivia i wanna keep around
RE: Masks 2
Name: Zilvala (Zil) Ndubueze.


Alien Information:

RE: Masks 2
RE: Masks 2
Name: Deirdre Rosenthall

Aliases: The Songstress

Date of Birth: February 21st, 2031

Place of Birth: ???

Place of Residence: Glashrike City, Indiana
Appearance: Deirdre stands at an unintimidating 5'4", with dark brown skin, brown eyes, and fluffy black hair that reaches down to her back. Despite her living conditions, she looks remarkably well groomed, and seems to have an alluring aura about her. She has a balanced build, with no obvious amounts of muscle in any one place. Deirdre's hair tends to look somewhat damp despite its evident fluff, and she usually wears it down. Her fashion typically consists of 'dress up clothes', ranging from simple collared shirts and pressed jeans to three piece suits (on occasions where they are necessary). Deirdre also has multiple piercings, consisting of an industrial piercing and earring in each ear, three lip piercings, and a tongue stud.

Personality: Deirdre is someone who tries to be a composed, stoic, and intimidating person. She tries to talk only when she needs to and keeps her words short and prompt. She keeps her posture strong and her expressions hard. In reality, though, Deirdre is simply a teenage girl who is in way over her head. She’s anxious and awkward, and tends to be clingy towards those who genuinely seem to care for her and/or give her the time of day. She doesn’t know what she’s doing and constantly fears making any sort of mistake. In addition, her powers distress and scare her, and she can’t fathom why. Still, she is loyal to the “Burning Oak Orphanage”, and is more than capable of swallowing her worries when it comes to helping it out. When it comes to Burning Oak, Deirdre is an awkward older sibling when she's taking care of the younger members of the orphanage. However, they adore her presence.

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:


Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:
RE: Masks 2
Name: Orla Cillin

Aliases: Nope! (Princess Something or Something Princess maybe)

Date of Birth: June 22nd 2034

Place of Birth: Salem, Massachusetts

Place of Residence: MEGA-Boston
A tall multi-story complex that her mother bought a layer of on the cheap just after Wilson was born. This was later revealed to be cheap because she heard about the rooms being put on the market after a brutal murder-spree inside so... She still refuses to tell the kids which room said horrific murder happened in. Orla ended up getting a small corner room, that whilst not having a window, does have a route into the attic layer where she'd made a little secret room in, hanging up curtains to 'seal' off the rest of the attic outside of her little area. It also has a little window that was cut into the roof that doubles as a rooftop access. She prefers to sleep up there when it's raining. There are three other bedrooms currently for her three youngest brothers and parents, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, den and office. And a couple of closets. Mostly since they converted some rooms since originally the top layer was for two families, and the whole murder thing was...thorough, to the point that a lot of people currently in the building moved in at similar times to the Cillins.

Appearance: Short! And Smol! And some other S-synonym to do with size! A bit under five foot. Not much muscle or fat, looks a little waifish. Has light amber eyes, ginger/reddish hair that after some struggling and taming is kept wavy compared to frizzy as hell, and kept on the short side, around slightly-stick-outy ears, not past the neck. So many freckles, like, a lot, all over her face and arms. Quite pale, even for a ginger. Long fingers with viciously bitten nails. Has a good smile for beaming grins, but normally has a nervous or concerned natural expression, irregardless of actual emotions.

Personality: A pretty polite and quiet child. Apparently was a right screamer as a baby, well, when she could be anyway, but chilled out after her toddler days. Doesn't swear, hate's getting direct aggression or even direct attention. Has a pessimistic (or maybe realistic, this is Masks after all) streak, but finds herself a sucker for romantic movies or songs, though they're just stories. Gets surly and snarky rather than full-on angry. Likes to keep things clean and neat, well, most things. If she has easy control over something it'll tend to remain neat and tidy unless outside forces interfere. Hates horror movies or anything too extreme in stories, but is pretty comfortable with blood and stuff in real life. Bad nail biter, can't kick habits, restless leg syndrome and pen clicking incoming. Would quite like to one day be able to live by herself, have her own job and life, get a good degree, go travelling in Europe, nothing too major.

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:


Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:
Fionna O'Neill - Mom, a cop*. Serious herself but appreciates a laugh. Likes tidiness and punctuality and the like.
Jerry Cillin - Dad, a Law professor. Has an awful problem with correcting people, and is sarcastic as hell.
Wilson Cillin - Oldest brother, 26. Also a cop*, SUPER responsible and authoritative, but can has a competitive streak and falls for challenges.
Colin Cillin - Second oldest brother and twin to Peter, 24. New Vet, works for "insert city" zoo, bought like 5 pets the moment he got his own place with Peter.
Peter Cillin - Third oldest brother and twin to Colin, 24. Accountant. Super big nerd, likes computers and maths and shit, thankfully also likes animals.
Felix Cillin - Fourth oldest brother and twin to Glen, 21. The suffering artist, went through a far-too-long edgy phase, turns out at least memorising all that poetry helped get him onto an arts and theatre course.
Glen Cillin - Fifth oldest brother and twin to Felix, 21. Movie buff, consumes all forms of media, an awful enabler to Felix's dramatic moments, collects boxes of old books and comics.
Roy Cillin - Sixth oldest brother, 19. Buff and tuff and loud, has a slight 'little man' complex as the shortest brother but not bad at heart. Likes sports and games.

Emily Marisa - Best friend. Immediate friends together since both enrolling at Cinoskamit high school. Enjoys science classes, horror movies and spicy foods.

*̻̙*̞͈͉͖̻̝*͓̞͔͚͞*͕̕*̵̪*̧̯̜̣̰͓*҉̣͉*̜͕̗̠̤̲͚́/Mr G
- A now possessed old doll of a GeneTech mascot from the private hospital Orla was born at. Wears a white lab coat and stitched-on shades. Speaks in a nasally tone normally, is a parasitic extra-dimensional being, or is a shard of some eldritch god, or an unholy abomination, he's kinda vague about it. Likes deserts and snacks, and watching tv. Is the sentient avatar of the force using Orla as a protective shell to survive in reality.

Theme song:
"Don't get me started on Henchmen."
RE: Masks 2
Hey, what are you nerds doing here?

Conditional reserve I guess?
RE: Masks 2
Pretty much :P Masks 1 wrapped up and Cid figured it'd be best to restart up here.
"Don't get me started on Henchmen."
RE: Masks 2
sounds like a classic case of "Blame Cid"™
RE: Masks 2
Name: Esen Kingsbury

Aliases: Aura, Miss Green

Date of Birth: February 12th, 2027

Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York City.

Place of Residence: The Bronx, New York City.

Appearance: Esen is a tan-skinned girl of mixed ethnicity, with gold eyes and light brown hair tied in a braid. Her angular face is often covered with makeup to fool the facial recognition algorithms. She has a tattoo of an eagle across her back, which she shows off when she's in more casual wear. She wears light, loose clothing, running shoes, and bright green gloves pretty much anywhere. She has a little emerald necklace from her father. Esen's 5'11" and is lean and fit from her running.

Personality: Esen is a quick-witted and emotional girl, passionate to a fault. She hates the corps and the government, and is always looking for a way to stick it to the man. She's intensely loyal to her friends and willing to forgive the little things.

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:

-Parkour: Esen is trained in the art of free running. She's in near-peak physical condition, and knows how to navigate the urban landscape through a combination of running, climbing, and jumping. She's also got good balance and an eye for distances.

-Street Fighting: While never formally trained in any martial art, she's picked up a few tricks to stay alive.

-Hookshot: Esen has a weird ethereal tendril that she can control with her mind. It's usually invisible unless she wants to manifest it, in which case it becomes a shimmering silver braid. It's incredibly strong and allows her to both grab things far away and propel herself forward, giving her an advantage in the skyscraper-dominated cityscape. Her tendons and bone structure are also supernaturally strong, allowing her to use her power without ripping her arms off (and letting her survive falls and fights better.)

-The Rainbow Network - A loosely organized group of anti-corp activists and freelancers. See bio for more details.



Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else: (to be expanded)

Kagan Kartal - Father, dissident and writer from Turkey. Presumed dead, [etc]

Simone Kingsbury - Mother, programmer by training, rebel at heart. Currently in an unknown corporate prison.

Selene Ikendale (Madam Red): A journalist and anti-corporate activist. Dated Esen's mom.

Violet: An unknown member of the Rainbow Network.

Michael "Baseball" Jones : One of Esen's friends and occasional rivals in running. Big Yankees fan, known for the signed bat he carries around.

Rin "Ice" Chen : An androgynous runner who likes to show off. Is really good at staying on slippery and icy surfaces.

Mustafa Balik: The owner of the Turkish restaurant where Esen works and also her landlord. Lets her off easy sometimes because he was a good friend of her dad's back when he immigrated.

Pam "The Knife" Smith: A really sweet girl who runs with Esen; the nickname is kind of ironic, referring to how skinny she is. Goes between having a crush on each of the other three.
RE: Masks 2
[Reserved for a reprise of the critically acclaimed 'Worst']

~◕ w◕~
RE: Masks 2
Name: Destiny Atherton
Aliases: N/A
Date of Birth: (Edit: I got confused with the age thing. She’s 16.)
Place of Birth: England
Place of Residence: Miami
Appearance: Pink wolf with light pink on and near cheeks. Has dark blue pawpads. Wears a light green sweater with 3 dark green horizontal stripes on the front and back of the shirt, and 3 vertical ones, only at the front. The sleeves are dark green too.
Personality: Generally acts cute; despite this, they are surprisingly pragmatic. Can be highly cynical around enemies.
Powers, Skills, and/or Resources: Destiny Atherton can see ghosts and travel through planes. They are also skilled at art, and have some practice in fencing.
Biography: Spoilered for length.
Tl;dr: Destiny was born pink, excluded for this, then ran away, died, was revived by a ghost rabbit, learnt how to talk/walk, moved to Miami.
Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else: Has a small, purple, rabbit-like phantom that follows them, and gives advice. The rest of her friends are back in England.

(This honestly sounds really fun, and I’m looking forward to it!)

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Masks 2
Ok, imma get this one out of the way.

Name: Tamarangi Rahonui
Aliases: Boomer, Fists, Crusader
DOB: 5 Nov 2010 (cryo-frozen circa 2018, defrosted 2028)
Place of Birth: Christchurch, New Zealand
Place of Residence: ex-Lowman Building, Emerald Megacity (Seattle-Tacoma, WA)



A 2m, 160kg brick wall of augmented Polynesian bulk, Tamarangi’s traditionally-tattooed frame is as distinctive as it is imposing. His black hair is rather unkempt and due to both his limited means and size, his wardrobe is rather… sparse. Most of the time, he wears some assortment of awkwardly-tight-fitting leather and denim, with perhaps some Kevlar when he's on call (and can find a piece that fits). His hazel green eyes and the traditional tattoos on his arms glow when channelling powers, something he tries not to rely upon.
Relaxed and easy-going most of the time, but abrasive and demanding while on-the-clock (so to speak). Reacts poorly to threats. Not fond of the MegaCorps, but willing to do whatever he needs to survive and protect the things he values most.

He has a profound dislike (and rumoured phobia) of cats. Might be related to [REDACTED]

Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:

Hinemarama Rahonui (née Mata'afa)
Grandmother of Tamarangi and primary maternal figure. (b.1952 d.2049)
Seumanutafa Rahonui
Father - Samoan. Location and fate unknown. (b. 1983)
Hinemarama Rahonui (née Taiaroa)
Mother - Maori. Location and fate unknown. (b. 1985)
Other relatives
3 siblings (Te-Kihi, Kawiti, Rewi), 2 older, 1 younger. Fates also unknown, but were among the cryo-frozen refugees. Believes that some of his aunts/uncles may have ended up elsewhere, possibly in California.

Wikiriwhi Family
Very distant relatives. Arrived safely in US and one of the more respected migrant families in the area. Current family chief was born around the same time as Tamarangi, but was released from cryo shortly after arrival. Helped him with scholarships and citizenship after his release, but quickly disappeared as they rose up the corporate ranks.

'Buddy' Bob Berkeley
Fence & contact within the corporations, with a habit of wearing fancy contact lenses and attire. Eccentric, Queer 'Old Seattle' type from Capitol Hill. Good at closing a deal, decent at cybertech, terrible at shutting up.

K-1 Transport & Technology Mainframe ('Kitt')
Illicit AI with a large presence within the Seattle crime scene, mostly active around the docks and old Industrial District. Unknown motivations and objectives, but pays well for jobs ranging from seemingly innocuous to borderline suicidal. Hard to tell their missions apart beforehand but rarely loses agents. Impossible to kill without locating her 'actual' body, as many rivals can attest.

The Dockyard Crew
A motley collection of friends he used to 'hang' with as a teenager. Some are good kids, some maybe a little wild. Others, not so good. His main contacts in the underworld of Emerald were once part of the Crew, aside those in the Underground proper.

[Image: jt0Cf7522wX9Gp-rLZuSVuS9drxEdxC7ZldowSZy...640-h80-no]
RE: Masks 2
Name: Madeline Alexis Reynard
RE: Masks 2
Name: Candice Fontaine
RE: Masks 2
Name: Elena Amador Herrera

Aliases: Dragonfly.

Date of Birth: 19 February 1993 (adjusted for Circumstances, 19 February 2023)

Place of Birth: Houston, TX

Place of Residence: A cryopod in the long-ruined Ripcara Research Facility, some 10,000 light years from Earth. Built into an asteroid in some uninhabited star system somewhere on the Perseus arm, Ripcara was dedicated to all sorts of highly illegal and illicit experimentation, mostly on kidnapped aliens of all sorts. The survivors tended to end up with strange powers, dangerous implants, and so on, and were typically shoved into indefinite cryostasis until further research could be conducted on them. That or they were sold as brainwashed super-soldiers and the like. Just some really bad stuff.

That all changed about 30 years ago, though, when God visited everyone in the universe simultaneously. It didn’t take long after that event for many of the aliens at Ripcara to become religious fanatics (perhaps they missed the point of God’s visit entirely), and the place tore itself apart. Save for those still frozen in hidden cryopods, the population of the station is almost entirely a bunch of violent, fanatical mutants that used to be researchers. So, it’s not great.

Appearance: At a glance, looks human enough. Specifically, looks like a fairly unassuming Hispanic woman of short stature (5’1”, to give a number), slightly overweight. She has long black hair that pretty much constantly gets in her face, and a pair of gray, metallic eyes that can glow in a variety of colors. Has a variety of thin lines in her skin all across her body, resembling odd tattoos that pulse with a purplish light.

In her Augmented form, only looks human if you really squint. She has elongated limbs and a significantly taller stature (like, 7 feet tall), though she stands in a stooped-over position naturally. Hands become sort of claw-like, and she’s got an extra pair of arms. A set of jetpack-thruster-things in the shape of insectoid wings extend from her back for Flyin’ purposes. Her face also becomes entirely inhuman, as her lower jaw splits into a set of insectoid mandibles and her skull shifts to accommodate several more eyes that shift into place. All this shifting also results in her skin being pulled apart, and generally she takes on the look of a big, glowy, metal monster bug.

Personality: Socially semi-functional, but fairly reserved and a little rude - sometimes on purpose, sometimes by complete accident. Laid-back and generally at ease with close friends and people she trusts, but otherwise maintains a sort of distant demeanor. Quick to anger and incredibly tenacious when she really needs to be. Generally tries to give people a chance, but like, people are dicks sometimes, alright?

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:


RE: Masks 2
I'm really enjoying all the apps so far!

Just a reminder that there is one week left until sign ups close on the ninth. I'll probably be accepting however many players I think I can handle, which will likely be in the 10-12 range. Somewhere in there. If you don't get in, don't worry too much, as I'll likely accept more players into the game at a later date once everything is set up and running smoothly.
RE: Masks 2
Name: Kenjiro “Ken” Isekai
Aliases: Hackerman, Jack George Eli David, Old Man, Gramps, Grandpa.
Date of Birth: January 1st, 2032.
Place of Birth: San Jose, California.

RE: Masks 2
Name: Disfortunato
Aliases: Demone Feu, Dis Paternoster, Dis'
Date of Birth: 2021 Jan 1, on corporate papers
Place of Birth: Detroit in corporate papers
Place of Residence: The Corrugated Iron City of Dis, under Detroit
Appearance: Crimson hair, short and fat. Wears black goggles, and a horribly stained jumpsuit. Golden skin, the eyes under the goggles are gems.
Personality: Eternally grumpy, and sarcastically servile. Often spends hours writing down horrible poems about the grand corp, or whittling corrugated iron.


Hellectrician: Being a horrible gremlin, he can easily add teeth and a murderous intent to your TV.
Fireproof: Complementary of living in the hell under Detroit.
Machine Commute: Can travel through anything with gears, clocks and clockwork. But not through time.


Mechanic: Being in charge of the Detroit Hell Paternoser, he is very good with
Dirty Fighting: Knows where to hit to deal the most damage, and when to hit.
Pilot: Very good at piloting small aircraft, especially if he can remote control them while sitting on the wings.


Detroit Hell Paternoster: The only way to enter the Corrugated Iron City, and he is its Lord.... and servant.
Demonic Informants: Petty demons working in the Detroid Hellergy Plant, producing power for the city. Their eyes see all, their ears hear all. Their mouth won't tell what they notice for free, though.
THERE IS A WING UNDER THE GREMLIN: A small, battered ultralight aircraft, used to fly around the Corrugated Iron City.



RE: Masks 2
Name: Marcus Loxley

Aliases: Vigil, Protector (former), The Robin (during team up with Casey, known then as The Rock), Ranger (operational codename)

Date of Birth: March 30, 1988

Place of Birth: Shermingham, West Virginia

Place of Residence: Varying, but the last five years (and a few prior to that) have been spent in a commune called the Hollow, established in what used to be a forgotten and derelict underground missile silo in the wilderness of West Virginia.
Appearance: Standing at 5'5", Marcus doesn't strike a particularly imposing figure in his civilian clothes. He tends to wear heavy raincoats and non-descript tactical clothing out and about, and when not in the field, he wears more comfortable clothing, long-sleeved flannel shirts and blue jeans. He has a scraggly beard, mostly grey with streaks of brown remaining, and his short, amateurishly cut hair sports the same coloration. He has one hazel eye on his right, and one steel-grey on his left, the latter sporting a camera-lens iris. His left arm is a sleek looking metal prosthetic, with a pointed elbow and knuckles. He sports a severe scar on the left side of his face, particularly around his eye, and on his shoulder and lower leg.

As Vigil, his costume is a light hooded jacket, black, with a light xeno-metal armored vest. The chestpiece has a symbol consisting of a dark-gold "V" with a candle in the middle, the flame on which conceals a powerful LED light capable of blinding or spotlighting his enemies. The long pants are lightly armored as well, having hidden pockets on the side for concealing small objects, and his belt is a utility belt, with various pouches for grenades and gadgets. His boots have armored toes and spiked soles towards the front to assist with climbing.

Personality: Terse, reclusive, and pragmatic, Marcus isn't always the most pleasant person to be around. He comes across as a grumpy old man, but most who know him will attest to him always being that way. He identifies as asexual, something he's only come around on in the last fifteen or so years, having not thought too much on it before then. He attributed it to him being a trained human weapon, a toxic mindset he has worked very hard to defuse, though this odd brand of toxic masculinity still haunts aspects of his personality to this day.

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:



Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:

RE: Masks 2
Sign-ups are closed (for now).

Alexandria Escher - Whimbrel
Candice Fontaine - Pail
Deirdre Rosenthall - SupahKiven
Desmond McDonagel - Galloglasses
Elena Amador Herrera - Anomaly
Esen Kingsbury - Vancho1
Fionola MacEachthighearna - Protoman
Kenjiro Isekai - Pharmacy
Madeline Reynard - Demonsul
Marcus Loxley - Kocel
Maria Maldonado Bezos - Corn
Orla Cillin - MQuinny1234
Zilvala Ndubueze - Bigshot

That said, all the apps were freaking amazing! Great job, everybody. It's unfortunate that I can't accept all sixteen of you, because that would kill the hell out of me. Not to say that RUNNING sixteen people would kill me, but STARTING sixteen people in the game all at once certainly would.

I still love the characters I didn't pick, and don't worry. Sign ups will almost certainly open again in a month or two. Once I get all the initial characters started, and their backgame typed up, and all that? I'll be totally open to taking more players on.

Right, now I'll try to start getting this show on the road! Just gotta add all these new NPCs to the character database (a flashy name for a folder filled with text files), type up any supporting stuff I need, and get the starting PMs sent out.
RE: Masks 2
I don't tend to go through multiple characters in these games, and I don't know what you're talking about.

Name: Theraea Sbata-Pmutsk-Ibuarska

Aliases: Vesna Lakatos. A regular name for a regular human.

Date of Birth: 3rd Layer, 27th Spiralling, 13087th Ravelling of the Whorl of Days (While time in the Abyss isn’t entirely straightforward, you could safely put her birthday sometime around 1995 or so. Weavers live a long time.)

Place of Birth: Seventeenth Spire, the Citadel of Nineteen. One of the largest citadel-ships of the Weavers, consisting of nineteen spires towering over a massive city. Each spire has its own leadership, various organizations, schools, and so on, and the Citadel as a whole is home to well over two million Weavers. The Citadel travels across the Abyss at a fairly slow pace, while its inhabitants use innumerable smaller ships for their various studies, observances, and other interactions with the multiverse.

Weavers; the Abyss:

Place of Residence: Boston, MA. For now.

Appearance: Theraea looks entirely inhuman under any but the lightest scrutiny. She’s a humanoid enough figure, standing at a full height of just over 9 feet (antennae not included). More than anything, she resembles a giant humanoid moth, incredibly fluffy and speckled in patterns of brown and white that are never quite the same when you look at her twice. She has four long, spindly arms, equally long and spindly legs, and a pair of massive brown, pink, and orange wings (they look kind of like this) that wrap around her body like a long cloak. Her most disquieting feature is her face - it looks something like the face of a barn owl, white and heart-shaped, with two big, black eyes and no visible mouth. She has some big, curly antennae, too. When otherwise undisguised, she prefers to wear huge, concealing cloaks and adopt a hunched posture in the vain hopes that no one will notice that something is wrong.

Her human guise is a far less suspicious matter. She looks like a tall, vaguely androgynous woman with sort of tan-brown skin and long, sort-of-curling white hair. Much like her actual self, this shape is fairly gangly, but she looks normal enough. In fact, other than the stark white hair, she looks almost entirely uninteresting until you get to her eclectic taste in clothing. She never wears the same thing twice, but she always looks like a complete fashion disaster - big old ugly hats, mismatched styles of clothing, colors that don’t match, and so forth, always in a completely different permutation. She does, however, seem to have a preference for long, flowy, and warm garments - so she owns a lot of coats. Literally always wears a scarf.

Personality: In a word, excitable. She really doesn’t understand humans or their culture or half the things around her, but she’s really excited to learn about them, you guys. Always looking for new things to learn about and experience. Also incredibly bold, to the point of foolhardiness - likes to jump into situations headfirst and figure them out as she goes.

Powers, etc.:


Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:
RE: Masks 2
Name: Yasmine Reese

Aliases: Siren, The Herald of the Deep

Date of Birth: November 8, 1995 (lost to an eldritch god since 2020)

Place of Birth: Rainwalk, TX

Place of Residence: The Permian Sea/Rainwalk, TX

Appearance: Still a conventionally pretty Southern blonde, but with a distinct eau de fish. Siren’s hair is always wet and dripping, and her skin has a pale slimy sheen to it like a drowned corpse. Her gills are always present on her neck, and her hands and feet are webbed and dotted with iridescent scales. She dresses in tattered white and doesn’t blink much anymore. Her entire body is covered with runes which softly glow in the dark, and send a nice wash of crazy over anyone who tries to read them.

Back in the day, Siren was a bubbly college kid with something to prove. One might assume that thirty years spent trapped in the cold, dark desolation of an ancient underwater city would have changed that. It did not!
Siren is still chipper and conversational, with a flair for fashion and a love of the spotlight. Cult leaders turn out to need some of the same skills as pageant queens after all! She still feels most comfortable in costume in front of a crowd, and is still convinced that she can make the world a better place. Now she even has a vision for how to do it – by returning the world to the seas, where the ancient gods can return to their seat of primordial power. To this end she is ruthless. It isn’t kindness to let people continue in a dying world. Siren will do anything to convince people of this – be it violence, mind control, or scheduled cult-wide trivia nights and caption contests.
The real Yasmine is still in there somewhere, recoiling in horror at every new recruit and ritual. Not that it does much good. Her reprogramming was done by a god of the old world – what chance does a fishgirl have?

Powers, Skills, and/or Resources:
In Her House in Texas, Dead Fishgirl Waits Dreaming
Siren is now the Herald of Thiotza’ma, The Voice in the Deep, an ancient god of unfathomable logic. She has returned to life to bring the Word of the Deep to the world at large, and to recruit others to her cause. Yasmine now speaks an eldritch tongue as well as English, and can write in a spiky, jagged script understood only by three scholars and one madman. The words have a warping effect on the human mind, and weaker humans will bow to instructions given in the Deep Speech. That or they just really think that giving up everything to join a fish cult is a really good idea! Those who do find slits in their neck and growing fins on their arms and legs. It’s a strange ailment, which became commonly known as ‘The Rainwalk Look’.
Thalassa, Thalassa
As Herald, Siren is a tool of Thiotza’ma’s unfathomable will. Her personality is her own, but her goals and morals have been completely rewritten, and she is little more than a brainwashed servant. As such, she knows the many rituals of the old ways, capable of summoning bizarre and deadly creatures of the Deep World. Most of these rituals require a goodly amount of human sacrifice, so its lucky she has mind control now.
Tied to Thee, Thou Damned Whale!
Yasmine still has the Spear of Oceanus, but the accessories gotta match the look, and the Spear now has dripping tendrils of black creeping up the haft. It grants her super strength and speed, and the eldritch goop will burn anyone else who tries to weild it like acid. Worse, the magic is corrupted. Anyone stabbed with the Spear may find themselves hearing the Voice of the Deep themselves, or even be drowned from the inside.
Tails from the Fish Dimension
Thiotza’ma exists in a strange dimension, a pocket of time frozen when it destroyed the lizard cities and became ruler of the ruins. There are routes back through water with certain rituals, but the only door that permanently exists is beneath Rainwalk.
Always Sharkest Before the Prawn
She can still talk to fish. They think its weird.

Siren was only ever a blip on the superhero boom radar – a minor Texan hero known for her role in the robot uprising and not much else. She’d been a wealthy college kid when she found the Spear of Oceanus, a magical artifact of an ancient society buried in the long-dry seabed of the Permian Basin. The spear granted her strength, speed, and the ability to swim like a motorboat, although that last one didn’t get much play in her arid hometown. It also let her speak to the priests of that long-dead culture, a strange group of ghost lizards that warned her of an ancient evil in the ruins below. As bearer of the Spear, only she could defeat the eldritch nightmare and reclaim the temples. As she got stronger her dreams grew darker, and more… tentacly, but joining her idols as a real superhero was too big a chance to pass up over a few ghosts and some nightmares.
Her career was positively received but pretty short. She helped flood Texas and was star-struck by her fellow heroes along the way, but besides a friendship with the Streak she worked on her own, stopping purse snatchers and the odd bank robber. Her moment in the spotlight ended abruptly during Ragnarok. The god below broke free. It shattered the earth and arose, dragging her kicking and screaming back down with it. The Spear hurt it, but it was like fighting a kraken with a sewing needle. Siren was never seen again and was presumed dead.
Presumed, not confirmed. The tentacle mass was an avatar of Thiotza’ma, an elder god of deep water, the creature that brought doom to the lizards who created the spear. Thiotza’ma dragged Yasmine back to its pocket dimension – a lightless world of cold water and barren cities, where there was no sound but its own screams. Alone in the dark, it told her it's vision for the world outside. Petty heroism was worthless - life on Earth could be fixed only by going back to basics. Very basic basics. Primordial level basics. See, humans can blame the alien invasions and the megacorps and the supervillains, but the real­ trouble all started when that first uppity fish decided to grow some feet on a whim and started poking around where it wasn’t wanted. Stay in your watery lane, life!
This seemed pretty outlandish for the first ten years of metaphysical horror, but after that the eldritch god started making sense. After all, just cause someone has teeth in dimensions you don’t expect doesn’t mean they can have good ideas. You can’t have evil megacorps if everyone is fish. It’s just a fact. Once she understood this, once every trace of her old life had been flushed from her mind, the ruins began to change. At first she thought it was less dark, but really she was only used to it now. The impossible geometry of sunken streets and temples suddenly didn’t seem so illogical – at least no more so than the tides. And, finally, a door opened, leading to... did it matter? She had been reborn, and it was time to return. Yasmine swam through, and found herself…
Hm. Where is this, exactly?

Friends, Family, Acquiantances, Rivals, Enemies, and anybody else:
Thiotza’ma, the voice of the deep. Elder god. Friendly fellow.
Robert Reese – father. He spoiled her and they were close when Yasmine was a little girl, but as she got older he grew more distant and impatient. Lost his fortune in the flood. May or may not still be alive.
Cammie Reese – mother. She fancies herself an artist and likes to redecorate the house at least once a season.May or may not still be alive.
Allison McNamara – roommate, computer science student, webmaster and best friend. The only one who knew Siren’s true identity. May or may not still be alive.
The Streak: The fastest streaker on two feet! They used to chat sometimes.