Masks 2

Masks 2
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Radka gives a, what some might call a laugh, or it could just be the wheezing of some very broken organs. “This, is your opening salvo? Really? Helping that woman first while I’m still very much still in the fight?” She just gave out a tsk. 

Her body started to grow dragon like scales in its entirety, the bullets Red Reaper was shooting were slowly starting to plink off as they were forming a bit more slowly. “Always bullets with this one. At least the fire is new.” She quipped as she made a clawlike gesture and shot finger bones out of her hands like bullets in the direction she was getting hit from. No illusion could really block out that. 

The root system did look to be lagging a bit and the work the heros were doing to it seemed to be working! Good job! She gave a few displeased grunts as she looked about and could not really see past the illusion no matter how many eyes or ears she had. Well this wouldn’t do. With her tendrils not being able to feel anything out, she tried a new plan.  

She ripped out the flesh in her wrist and an unnaturally huge flow of blood came from it, oh, and it seemed to be boiling. She held it up and let it spray over every spot of the area. Giving light burns to all the heros there, if they didn’t have a supernatural way of dodging this attack. 

“Now I can see you.” She snarked. And then she snarked back at Orla. “Of course. That was a blob monster. We’re nothing alike. Like the hotness gulf is like…. SO fucking wide.”

Finn and Esen did manage to get close enough to do something physical to her. They would be attacking her as she’s spraying blood. 

The arms do fall of of candy and any sort of flesh bone thing around her disintegrated.

Cadence comes back to consciousness from the groups efforts! She’s still a bit stunned though.

Therea hasn't been noticed! Yet.
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Raven took a step back looking at the godless abomination Radka was turning herself into and realising his necromancy as it was, was only barely slowing it down and people were still too busy getting into positions to do solid damage to her. And those dragon scales she was growing were going to be a problem.

He patted down the packs at his side and the pockets before fumbling out what looked like a small, clear, if irridiscent, plastic bag filled with white powder with a label slapped across it with 'Druggie Dougie's Super Special Slam Jam' scrawled upon it. He tore off his raven mask, sighed briefly before tearing open the bag and-

Snorting up the entire fucking bag of white powder.

He shook violently for a second and his eyes flashed a deep purple taking a deep, gasping breath... And bellowed out a spell in magetongue firing a thunderous wave of lightning straight at Radka to break through her defenses.
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Esen does her best to dodge the boiling blood and attack at the same time, but if she's gotta sacrifice damage in order to not get horribly burned and scarred that's a trade she's willing to make. She does her best to concentrate her shots on one spot, in order to get through the scales and crack Radka like a crab.
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RE: Masks 2
Radka's fingerbone bullets flew out towards the Red Reaper and largely failed to hit him, though a few glanced off his armor. Ceasing his fire, he moved to relocate and resumed firing from there. He kept up the constant relocation, doing his best to avoid retaliation.

Nick and Elizabeth kept up their efforts at misleading and misdirecting Radka, hoping to minimize the damage. Darkmagic, having filled a lot of the roots around her with necrosis, switched to shield bullets and fired a couple in front of Elizabeth and Nick. Then she switched to firing them them in front of whoever Radka happened to be firing at.

Tony Margera, spotting the roots that Umeko had ripped up, began grinding atop them to set them on fire. Salamandra aided in this endeavor, tearing up and setting roots on fire.

They had no idea if that would do anything, but they were doing their best.

"KZZZTTTATTLMOST THERE. HANG OKZZZTTTTTTTT, came Emily's voice through their comms, crackling with interference.
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Finn has cut back enough tendrils to come at Radka. Much as it's going to hurt to beat in a pretty meat face with far too many eyes, a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do!

She's got no illusions about the danger of the thing -- after all, if Radka could basically suffocate Candy with one hit, Finn would hardly fare any better -- but someone's gotta be on the vanguard, and she's not about to volunteer Orla or Essen or their cool demon buddy for it. So in she goes!!

Using the same technique as before, she tries to do a flash-dash-slash on the almighty babe before them. Minimizing the contact seemed for the best -- she's just gonna try and land a solid blow as she passes by. Hopefully doesn't get caught and suffocated by a giant tentacle or anything.
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Orla winced as the burning blood splashed over her, but pushed through it. It was a low grade pain she was able to ignore as it melted into her skin and grew back at the same rate, beginning to push forward and just, charged directly at Radka.

The basic logic being even if you're an immortal unkillable pseudo avatar of the planet, hopefully you're not so inhuman that you don't get potentially distracted in the thick of combat by someone running at you screaming, and throwing a spear at you for attention as the other hand cut a path forward with a sword.

She didn't seem concerned about throwing herself into friendly fire either.
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Once Raven's Necromancy was lifted, Radka instantly reformed from all the damage that was dealt to her. She didn't get much of a chance to celebrate that though, as horrible lighting started to hit and course through her. Now, fun fact, Radka can't feel pain, but she did actually still let out a scream. Her face changed from taunting to terrified for a second to absolute anger. All her priorities were to get this wizard the FUCK out of here. With a small gesture wooden fleshy walls appeared all around Raven in a dome and enclosed around him and brought him underground.

"I don't think that will hold him for long. So, my friends, I think our time is over. I'm very aware of hero's overcoming in the last second so its time I wrap this up, to avoid anymore of THOSE attacks." She says quickly as the melee fighters approach.

Radka sizes up Esen and decides to let her have the opening and just rip through her. Her chest gets pierced open and blood and gore splatter all over Esen as her attack strike true. Unfortunately it already looks like shes putting herself together. Just flesh though, the scales have been peeled off for now. It seems her counterattack isn't happening yet. Strange.

She just let Red Reaper fire at her, the bullets were either bounced off or taken and spit out by her body, it didn't really seemed she was concerned about it. Probably hoping it would ricochet into an ally probably.

For Finn, all eyes turn towards her. All of Radka's manually designed reflexes react and reach to catch Finn in mid air. She did manage to get her sword through the scales though so those are gone around her arm, but her arm kind of expanded for that to not be much of a problem to hold her.

Radka turn to Orla and grinned, and turned to charge at her naturally fast, and met with her charge and let the spear take out half her torso from the spot Esen hit. But a hand shot out of her hip and grabbed Orla. With a grin Radka says.

"I've noticed you've got regeneration. That's a pretty good one. If you weren't against me that is." And then, a pulse of energy shot through Orla, and she felt herself growing multiple limbs twisting around her own ones, tangling them up to impossible ends with just masses of flesh connecting to all of them, until Orla was just a ball of flesh and bone.

"That should hold you for a while."

Then she closed her eyes and felt her blood mingling on the others, seeing through the illusion. "Well that is, when your healer is gone." With that Emily also got enveloped and taken into the tree.

"Now. Let me show you something." She turns and says to Finn. Then they both disappear into the tree as well.


Finn and Radka appear outside the tree actually, out on a branch.

"Here's a fun thing I've been wanting to tell you guys for a while. You will do though. Take a look Girlie." Radka nods her head out to the horizon. For Finn to see massive titans of Radka coming from the earth and vines for miles.

"I've already over taken the earth, Darling. It's already all over. I have multiple versions of myself in each tree and now as titans cleaning up the place. I have already achieved what I came here to do. Even if you heroes DO  manage to get out and regroup, heck, lets say even if you kill me. You will also be killing the earth itself as well!"

She drops Finn from her grasp onto the tree branch as she laughs hysterically. "It's SO FUCKING EPIC!! I DID IT!! I've been in control for HOURS! Ever since all the trees I planted connected into one circuit!! The ones in all major continents!! There was even one in the ocean! Ever since that point there was absolutely no way to stop me!!! My Gaia seeds sprouted into fruition, and no one ever noticed. This is over."

She just continues to laugh right on that tree branch.

In the main chamber. 20 Radka's walk out of the wall and grin at each individual hero.

"Were here to clean you guys up." They say in unison.


To Emily and Raven, they are in their own little hollows in the tree, separated from the others, and a Radka for each of them appear before them.

"Time for some alone time don't you think?" She says to both of them.
RE: Masks 2
Dr. Hartmann looked around the little hollow, before her tired eyes fell on her own personal Radka.

"So what's the game here? Hold me here until the end of time? Show me all the horrors you plan to unleash upon the Earth?" Emily shook her head. "Do you even have any long-term plans? Because it seems like you haven't thought anything through past 'become the Earth'. So unless someone's left some faster-than-light engine lying around somewhere, I hope you're looking forward to drifting in space forever."


Theraea remained crouched in place, still furiously working away at her project. Time was running out, but she had a little - she'd deflected the wave of burning blood with a hastily-conjured barrier, and it would take at least a moment for Radka to track her down. That was enough.

The Weaver's fingers flew across an alien keyboard, hastily rewriting the functionality of her reality anchor, while even more hastily rewiring it to charge with several times the safe tolerances in Abyssal energy. Enough for one singular pulse. One discharge of laws rewritten. One last hope, if this would even work. It would need to be well-placed, and it would need to count.

If the Radkas managed to see past the illusion, they would see Theraea standing tall, a strange gun in her hands. A black, rectangular door stood in front of her, clearly wavering and distorting from some interference from the tree itself - and it remained open just long enough for Theraea to fling her improvised device through. When that was done, she reached into a pocket and, impossibly, pulled out what appeared to be an authentic 13th-century Mongolian lance. With a beat of her wings, she charged into battle alongside her comrades. This was out of her hands now.


Meanwhile, just to the left of conventional reality, a lone Weaver sat in her room, enjoying a session of Stefano Kart: Twin Tear!! - a brand new game recovered from a drifting scrap of reality by an intrepid scouting team that had nothing better to do. Rather insistently, a message notification dinged, and she was forced to pause her game to check.

FROM: Mender Theraea, 17-Ibuarska
TO: Observer Cydia, 1-Amgarsk


Package delivered to portal chamber. DANGEROUSLY UNSTABLE. Disconnect mauve wire and IMMEDIATELY send into CORE OF EARTH PRIME or otherwise CENTERMOST POINT OF ANOMALOUS TREE NETWORK. HURRY.

If I make it out alive, we should hang out more.

- Theraea


And in the portal chamber of Observation Post One, there sat a mass of hastily-MacGyvered technology, with a number of wires and other bits of machinery sticking out in all directions. Dormant for now, a new set of laws hummed away within, ready to explode out violently once set in motion.

A cessation of communication, to disrupt the networking of the trees.
A cessation of regeneration, that Radka might not heal from all wounds.
And an ordinance of withering, that the part of the plant network disrupted might not so easily be restored.

A gamble. A gamble atop a gamble atop a gamble. But maybe it would be enough to give the world's heroes a chance.