Driver Mafia 30XX - Cancelled (setup is still around, I'll try it again someday)

Driver Mafia 30XX - Cancelled (setup is still around, I'll try it again someday)
Driver Mafia 30XX - Cancelled (setup is still around, I'll try it again someday)
Driver Mafia 30XX

The year is 30XX. The country of Vehiclopia is at peace -- however, this was not always the case, and today, this peace is at risk once again.

After the end of the Transitolution, the Bus Wars began. These wars would define what forms of vehicular travel would be used in this country, and what it meant to be a Bus. Ultimately, the Buses were victorious, and that brought an end to virtually all forms of Transit except for that of the Bus. With the end of the wars, the fighting had finally come to an end.

However, traffic is in the air, and with traffic comes carflict. A group known as the Sedanunists have formed to revolt against the Busocracy and undo the results of the Bus Wars, threatening to bring a new period of strife: the Sedan Wars. They begin their mission by infiltrating and locking in those inside the Carpital of Vehiclopia: the Parking Garage.

With the Parking Garage closed, the country awaits a variety of futures as the metal doors hold firm. Who will come out when the door slides open? The Busocratic leaders they know an love, or the Sedanunists, primed for a new era of Transitolution?

Setup and Mechanics

Driver Mafia 30XX is a chaotic 17-player Mafia setup with a focus on redirection shenanigans and powered-up roles that are balanced with the context that they are in a game where one can not reliably trust their abilities to reach their intended targets virtually ever. As the name and theme of the setup suggests, the vast majority (but not all) of players have busdriving-style abilities of various forms (but don't worry, non-drivers! You'll have plenty to do at night to get all those nice actions busdriven all over the place, and you'll find your roles have been adjusted to compensate for the busdrivery).

That all being said, roles have been designed in such a way that most components of "Classic Mafia" strategy and scumhunting are applicable and are encouraged for use. This is not a Jester game, and even though this is critically a Busdriver-centric, there is still a Mafia faction that the Town wishes to kill, a Town the Mafia faction intends to kill, and a standard lynching system in place. I would love to say more, but you'll have to find that out for yourself by killing each other.

I intend to start this game near the end of ?????? Mafia (I will provide at least a week's notice of game start), though I'm open to suggestions as to exactly when it starts. The game will not start until it has at least 17 players.


Because of the (vaguely) similar nature of being MSPAFIA-like games, I am roughly plagiarizing approximating Dini's rules page from the Wander Island Incident game.

1. Days will be up to 5 days (or 120 hours) long. Nights will be NO MORE than 48 hours - if all actions are in, day may start early. If I am unable to start a night within 72 hours, I will provide notice in the thread. (Please note that due to the nature of this game, nights may take longer than a standard game.) Day 1 will only be 72 hours long because, well, Day 1.
2. A Hard Lynch occurs when a simple majority of remaining players votes to lynch a single other player (i.e. above 50%). This ends the day.
3. A Soft Lynch occurs if the day reaches deadline without a hard lynch. A Soft Lynch will target the player with the most votes on them at this point, assuming these votes total more than 25% of remaining players. A tied soft-lynch will result in no lynch for that day.
4. There will be no Day Extensions, barring Extraordinary Circumstances (at which point they may be given at the Mod's discretion).
5. There will be potentially significant weirdness in this setup -- however, I will note that there are no cults, alignment-swapping, traitors, or jesters. If are concerned about a role type that could be in this setup, I am willing to provide a "no/maybe" response (maybe meaning that I would have been okay adding a role or a variant of that role into this setup).
6. Every player should make at least one post per in-game day or face replacing out, unless they have given me notice for their absence. If a player is unable to post on a specific day, I will inform everyone in the day start post.
7. If you want to replace out of the game, please let me know privately. In-thread requests do not count.

Game Conduct
1. When voting, remember to bold your votes, or they won't count! If you are swapping your vote you do not need to specify an unvote beforehand - just vote for your next target.
2. All official GM-to-Player communication will be done through the Quicktopics you'll receive in a forum PM when the game starts. Please don't forum PM me with questions, I will miss them. If you've got an urgent question, other issue, or more general mafia question, you can also feel free to DM me on Discord (I'm legendaryq#6295).
3. Do not edit or delete posts in the thread, even if it means you have to quadruple or quintuple-post.
4. Do not share your Quicktopic link with ANYONE, even if you're co-aligned.
5. Do not talk about the game to other players outside of the thread or a sanctioned Quicktopic! This (unfortunately) includes dead players! If you really need to vent about the game, dm me (in Discord) or someone who isn't involved.
6. In general, do not copy/paste stuff en masse out of your Quicktopics or other communications with me, please at least paraphrase information. Posting the exact mechanics of something that happened to you or what item you got in the night is kosher, posting the entirety of your role pm is not. If you're not sure, just ask me.
7. No ciphers or similar chicanery. They're a distraction that only tests people's ability to crack ciphers at best, and a game-breaking nuisance at worst.
8. After you die you may make one last post in the thread that cannot contain any information about the game. Beyond that you're only allowed to post in deadchat.
9. You may not post in the thread at night, except if you're using rule 7's 'bluh post' clause.
10. Try to play to your win condition! If you don't, you're letting everyone else down. If you're tired of playing for whatever reason, please let me know - it's better for everyone for you to replace out than throw the game because you're not having fun.
11. Karkat Rule: No faking day-activations (saying you're activating an ability in-thread, such as the classic Dersehunt Karkat who could take control of the lynch and force it on one player at the cost of his own life), on pain of modkill. There may or may not be day-activated powers! You CAN still lie and *claim* to have a day-activated power you don't, as long as you don't actually fake activating it.
12. Karkat Rule 2: Part 1 is there to ensure that if a day-activation is claimed, ASSUME THE DAY IS PAUSED (i.e. DO NOT POST) until you hear otherwise or The Thing happens. If a day extension is required as a result, I will grant one.
13. Don't try to massclaim Day 1 -- it won't end well mechanically for y'all and that's all I'll say because I know you know better.
14. Follow The Forum Rules above all else. I realize mafia can get heated and occasionally some light *fist-shake*-level outrage is unavoidable (or even desirable), but there is a line that should not be crossed. If you find yourself typing up a personal attack beyond the level of 'ahhhhh you scummy jerk!' take your hands off the keyboard, phone, or tablet (or stop talking into your speech-to-text), stand up, and head out for a calming walk.

Additional GM Notes
1. My word is final, in unforeseen circumstances there may be exceptions made to the above rules (except for Rule 14 of Game Conduct, which is inviolable).
2. Breaking the above rules will result in sanctions depending on the severity of the rule-breakin', up to and including the ol' modkill.


As noted, the setup is designed for 17 players, but if we go well beyond that, I can add additional roles and bump it up. Otherwise, latecomers can join Replacements.

1. Mirdini
2. Myeth
3. Robust Laser
4. awkwardcarapace
5. Pharmacy
6. Thalia V1
7. Numbers
8. Palamedes
9. LordlyHour

Ye Replacement Folke
1. Reyweld
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thank you for saving me from having to work out how to make this.

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vroom vroom (I'm in)
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I’m in like 3 anyway, but I wanna ruin my life
*nyoom* (I’m in)

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I'll be a replacement.
RE: Driver Mafia 30XX - Signups - 6/17 (starting late September/early October-ish?)
zoom zoom (I'm in.)
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RE: Driver Mafia 30XX - Signups - 7/17 (starting late September/early October-ish?)
Hello I am a car.
RE: Driver Mafia 30XX - Signups - 8/17 (starting late September/early October-ish?)
So, we're nowhere near close to being able to start this game, so it's looking less like late September/early October and more just... when we get 9 more people. If more people join, maybe it'll be something like mid to late October, which is my hope. If you join, it should be pretty fun, and a good mix between actual mafia and delicious shenanigans.
RE: Driver Mafia 30XX - Signups - 8/17 (starting with enough players, hopefully October)
well, I remember saying I'd join if y'all were having trouble getting enough folks, so Toot Toot, Motherfuckers
RE: Driver Mafia 30XX - Signups - 6/17 (starting late September/early October-ish?)
(08-31-2018, 11:17 PM)Numbers Wrote: »zoom zoom (I'm in.)

I’m coming to mess up your perfect driving record! Muahahahaha

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