Old Shames involving colourful blood and head protrusions

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Garbo Old Shames involving colourful blood and head protrusions
Rainbow  Old Shames involving colourful blood and head protrusions
Bury your nostalgic regrets here, ye who dare enter
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RE: Old Shames involving colourful blood and head protrusions
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Quote:-- citharaHeroine [CH] began pestering gamingSwordsman [GS] at 01:33 --
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
GS: Hello
CH: ᴼω^ Hi there.
CH: ᴼω^ I (ω)as just passing through.
CH: ᴼω^ I got caught in this sandstorm!
GS: yes, 7he sands7orms are qui7e bad ou7 here
GS: come inside 7hen, I suppose
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
CH: ᴼω^ Really?
CH: ᴼω^ You're nice.
GS: I know
GS: haha
GS: would ya like some7hin' 7o drink
GS: ?
-- citharaHeroine [CH] gives GS a big smile --
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
CH: ᴼω^ If it's not too much... I (ω)ould, thanks!
GS: alrigh7
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] goes to the ktechen to get a glass of ice water. --
GS: Here ya go
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh, (ω)o(ω).
GS: wha7?
CH: ᴼω^ Thanks mister!
GS: Oh, no problem
GS: haha
CH: ᴼω^ It has little bits of ice in it!
GS: Wha7 were ya doin' ou7 in 7he deser7 anyway?
-- citharaHeroine [CH] starts fingering the ice cubes, watching them bob up and down --
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh...
CH: ᴼω^ I (ω)as hunting!
GS: hun7in'?
GS: 7here isn;;;,7 much 7o hun7 ou7 here
CH: ᴼω^ I kno(ω)! But it's a nice challenge at times.
CH: ᴼω^ There are some big animals in the dunes north of here.
CH: ᴼω^ Realy big!
CH: ᴼω^ And also I guess there's the daystalkers sometimes.
GS: ugh
GS: days7alkers...
GS: I have 7o fend 7hem every mornin'
CH: ᴼω^ I have been trying to find something to feed my lusus.
CH: ᴼω^ Sometimes she gets very hungry and I have to feed her trolls.
CH: ᴼω^ And that makes me sad!
GS: ...
GS: please don'7 feed me 7o her
CH: ᴼω^ Maybe if I feed her daystalkers, I (ω)on't have to kill anyone anymore!
GS: I need 7o be alive for conscrip7ion
-- citharaHeroine [CH] hughs GS --
CH: ᴼω^ Noooo!
CH: ᴼω^ I (ω)ouldn't feed you to her!
CH: ᴼω^ You're too nice, Mr... Mr....
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] hugs back --
GS: Cadrom
GS: Varnak Cadrom
CH: ᴼω^ Mr Varnak!
CH: ᴼω^ Uh, Cadrom!
CH: ᴼω^ I'm Ωrphea!
GS: Nice 7o mee7 ya, Orphea
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] smiles --
-- citharaHeroine [CH] looks at Varnak's hive --
CH: ᴼω^ (W)o(ω), you have a lot of things in here!
CH: ᴼω^ (W)hat are these?
GS: I know
GS: haha
-- citharaHeroine [CH] points at the posters --
GS: 7hose are video game pos7sers and some 7roll Wars ones as well
CH: ᴼω^ Troll (W)ars?
GS: uhh...
CH: ᴼω^ Is that one of those things, you kno(ω)...
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] explains the saga. all six movies. --
CH: ᴼω^ (W)ith the colours
CH: ᴼω^ And they get projected onto a screen?
GS: uhh wha7?
GS: yes
GS: ya mean movies
-- citharaHeroine [CH] is somewhat ignorant of technology and its marvels --
-- citharaHeroine [CH] despite having a cyborg face, lol --
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh!
CH: ᴼω^ Movies!
CH: ᴼω^ I never got to see any.
GS: Oh/
CH: ᴼω^ There isn't any po(ω)er in my Hive.
CH: ᴼω^ But it's very roomy!
CH: ᴼω^ And there are all these nice rocks too!
CH: ᴼω^ Colourful rocks that you can sorta see though a little.
CH: ᴼω^ They are all sorts of colours; blue and green and orange and red...
GS: sounds like gems
CH: ᴼω^ They are really shiny too!
CH: ᴼω^ Sometimes, there are bad trolls that come to try and steal them.
GS: yep
GS: gems
CH: ᴼω^ But I can't let them into my Hive.
CH: ᴼω^ I guess that's ho(ω) I usually feed my lusus.
GS: hmm
GS: so, wha7 else do ya like 7o do?
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
CH: ᴼω^ I like music.
CH: ᴼω^ I like practising on my lute.
GS: Do ya like 7echno music?
CH: ᴼω^ Techno?
CH: ᴼω^ (W)hat is techno like?
GS: uhh
GS: i7 is like compu7erized sounds bu7 in musical form
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh!
CH: ᴼω^ That sounds a little interesting.
CH: ᴼω^ I guess I don't use computers very often, though...
GS: I could play a song if ya like
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh, okay.
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] turns on his iGrub stereo and plays Messij by Cold Storage --
CH: ᴼω^ (W)o(ω).
CH: ᴼω^ I have never heard music like that before.
GS: whaddya 7hink?
CH: ᴼω^ It's very... different!
CH: ᴼω^ I prefer different kinds of music, but it is pretty nice.
GS: glad ya like i7
CH: ᴼω^ I'm a big fan of Troll Moondog!
GS: uhh
GS: wha7?
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh, he's a musician!
CH: ᴼω^ His music is not like techno, but it is pretty good.
CH: ᴼω^ I can play it for you if you like.
GS: sure
-- citharaHeroine [CH] uncovers her robotic eye and reaches out to touch Varnak's iGrub --
-- citharaHeroine [CH] The iGrub seems to glow unsually, before beginning to play a peculiar tune --
CH: ᴼω^ (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL1F4SF8d...re=related ))
GS: 7ha7s s7range, bu7 no7 bad
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
CH: ᴼω^ I just remembered something I listened to once.
CH: ᴼω^ I think I have it recorded too.
GS: oh?
-- citharaHeroine [CH] starts palying another tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sBZdSHAIZI --
GS: 7ha7's a s7range song...
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
GS: i7's no7 bad 7hough
CH: ᴼω^ It's okay, I guess (ω)e have different tastes.
GS: yea
GS: :::.)
CH: ᴼω^ It's getting early. I think I should get going so I can make it home before morningfall.
CH: ᴼω^ Has the sandstorm stopped?
GS: I don'7 7hink so
GS: I have a spare coon room, if ya wish 7o use i7
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
CH: ᴼω^ Really?
GS: yea
GS: :::.)
-- citharaHeroine [CH] blushes --
CH: ᴼω^ You are really nice, Mr Cadrom!
-- citharaHeroine [CH] hugs Varnak gratefully --
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] hugs back, blushing too --
GS: I know
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] smiles --
-- citharaHeroine [CH] streches her arms a little --
CH: ᴼω^ Can I have a look?
CH: ᴼω^ I'm a little tired.
GS: oh yea, sure
GS: follow me
-- citharaHeroine [CH] follows Varnak --
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] leads down the hall way and shows her the spare coon room --
CH: ᴼω^ It's very cosy in here.
CH: ᴼω^ Do you get many visitors?
GS: no7 really
CH: ᴼω^ Ωh.
GS: I have my quadran7s, 7hough
CH: ᴼω^ I guess it can be lonely in the desert. I don't get many guests.
CH: ᴼω^ And most of them are uninvited.
GS: hmmm
GS: well
GS: ya are safe here
-- citharaHeroine [CH] hugs Varnak again --
CH: ᴼω^ Thanks, Mr Cadrom!
-- gamingSwordsman [GS] hugs her again --
GS: You are very welcome
-- citharaHeroine [CH] gets ready to enter the recuperacoon after a long night's travel --
-- citharaHeroine [CH] ceased pestering gamingSwordsman [GS] at 03:01 --
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