I was bored, so take this. I rushed on it’s plot, so that’s why it’s terrible. Also if you wanna know why my text is orange at the moment, check my bio, and if you don’t, don’t.

“Help needed! Everyone is aware of the mysterious, dark-coloured floating blobs appearing across the globe. They appear to be made of comets. Here at Goldsky Corp., we research these blobs, or as we dub them, the “Nullspheres”, and we have made a quite shocking discovery:

They are expanding at an abnormal pace.

If they continue to grow, the earth will be consumed by them, and they will be the end of us all.

We need help to get rid of them before it’s too late; however we know some will harvest the nullspheres for their own personal desires. If we find out you are one of these people, you will be terminated.”



The mafia attempt to gain the nullspheres to change everything about the world. So, the twist in this mafia is that if a member of the mafia gains access to a nullsphere, this mafia could take place on a completely different planet. Or everyone could suddenly become dragons. (I fully support that idea.) So, if you want to sign up, then your post must contain: (keep in mind this will be very roleplay-ish:)

Name: your character’s name.
Pronouns: he/her, she/him, they/them, etc. Also, please specify if they are trans, gender fluid, etc.
Age: your character’s age.
Physical description: important for the writing, but doesn’t need to be too detailed.
Skills: also important, for the plot.
What they would do with a nullsphere: SUPER important for the plot.

Also, I know that there are a lot of other forum games on. I don’t care. Join my mafia or I will come to your house at 3am and scream.

Oh yeah. I’ll be taking on the role of the leader of Goldsky Corp, as my robotsona. if you think I am twisting the conditions to my advantage, tell me and I’ll stop. And this’ll be based through PMs, not quicktopic. I think that’s all, I’ll reveal roles later.

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[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
Name: Avis
Pronouns: She
Age: 25 yrs old
Physical description: Green ghost thing, made up of a physical substance.
Skills: Ability to form green stuff (this is her corporeal form) turn people insane, intelligent, manipulative.
What they would do with a nullsphere: Summon Thaqqis, an eldritch god she worships.