Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [JINGLE BELLS INTENSIFY]

Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [JINGLE BELLS INTENSIFY]
Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [JINGLE BELLS INTENSIFY]
It's that time of year, and I'd like to introduce you to a tradition I used to partake in elsewhere, and kind of miss.
It's the
[Image: fortunatree.png]
But What Is A Christmas Tree Exchange?
It's simple! From now until December 1st, you can sign up and post a wishlist of things you'd like to recieve art of. Original characters, species you've made or just like, just straight up concepts you're a fan of, whatever. Preferably Fortuna themed. Then, up until December 25th, you'll make art for as many people that have signed up as you can, but not post them! Then once Christmas rolls around, I'll take everybody's submissions and compile a few posts to show off what's underneath each participant's digital tree

I don't think I can commit to making this much art...
The name of the game here is quantity, not quality. This doesn't mean to just, not try, of course. It means that simply making doodles for other is totally encouraged. And, honestly, if you can't do a ton, that's still fine. As long as you manage to get a few pieces out there, it's fine. Do as much as you feel comfortable doing.
On that note, doesn't have to just be drawn art. If you're a writer and feel like you can do little poems or vignettes, s'cool as well. If you're willing to create, you should be valid to be rewarded.

I'm worried I won't get much art
There's a solution to this, too! Over the course of December, I'll keep the thread updated with information about who is getting more or less art than others! This isn't to like, make people feel bad about how much they're getting, but just to highlight that maybe somebody is being missed, or somebody else has already gotten plenty of attention. Encourage people to make sure nobody's getting skipped over, and everybody gets at least a few nice things. And like, nobody's gonna stop you from making something for somebody who's already got a lot, if you really wanted to draw their character, but maybe while you're at it you can make a little something for somebody you hadn't thought of.

What should I do once I've drawn something?
Send it to me! I'm on Discord in the various Fortuna servers, and the Eagle Time server too. Otherwise, PM me on the site. If you forum PM me I'd prefer it if you'd gather your art in a single message to not hurt my inbox too much but I know how it is. Sometimes you think you're done and then you get the urge to make more. On Discord I have zero problems with you sending me pictures as soon as you're done them. I'll save them until December 25th when I can post them all at once.
I'm participating too, and if you're making a picture for me, you can send it instead to LoverIan on the forums here.

Well I'm convinced, sign me up!

Great! Last time I've participated there was a requirement that you would commit to at least five pictures, but I don't think I'll have that here. I think you should plan on trying to do at least three but y'know, it's the thought that's important.
Make a post in the thread with a wishlist of what you'd like. Format it however you think is best. For OCs having references is ideal, probably a little bit about their personality, feel free to expound in great detail if you think it's necessary. Maybe you'd just like to see your favorite species, or a species you made, in any context. If it can be found in the Cosmosdex, perhaps link the relevant page, for ease of access. Perhaps you'd just like to see certain themes, feel free to mention those! Something that you can say "yes this is specifically tied to what I would like" would probably be good, but it's your list. You do you.

in order of posted wishlists
  1. Fellow
  2. ShiningKatana
  3. CosmicClaxon
  4. Robust Laser
  5. Flandab
  6. Ten11
  7. SirBlizz98
  8. Gimeurcookie
  9. Dorsidwarf
  10. Fenny2
  11. Babybowser101
  12. sugarthekitty
  13. LoverIan
  14. potatocrisps(CW)
  15. Artem1s
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Sure I'll sign up.

I'd like to recieve art of my any of my own species(mafleeca, speddari, drattle, kounini). I could also go for some art of my favorite two notail cats.
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
id like t0 participate. its a win win cause
A. i get better at art
B. i get art and s0 d0 0thers
i request these two, preferably t0gether, lime and Atheaxe: The Axe of Illusion (athy f0r sh0rt)

and i als0 request my Wolrid babies (f0r better ref img search bec noir theyre just rip0ffs 0f him)

0r, the easiest 0f all, just s0me aftiks. me getting art makes me happy.

Edit: i am 0fficially changing species to aftik!
i w0uld like pfp art f0r here and disc0rd, and here what i am g0ing t0 l00k like

Thank y0u!

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RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I will FIGHT you guys with art

Concepts (these are my species/fauna/AI of the cosmosdex. You can do whatever you want with them, design your own or just draw/write about the dex art/entry!)
Waylend (missing dex art. Sketch ref here)
Pud (missing dex art. Sketch ref here)

Piccolo Fritz
H-420 (missing dex art. Sketch ref here)
G-44 (Alt outfit! Since G-44's entry is not written yet, her character in a nutshell is "The Director", films everything, remembers everything, still sees life through rose colored glasses)
The Tele-Trek Crew (multiple refs. Characters from this fantuna!)
The Dinner Table, a Food Bot Support Group (multiple refs. Characters from a mini-AU)
[Image: hzso4Pf.png]
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Ah yes I suppose I should also post my own wishlist.

I would looooove to see anything regarding the Cth'Leans. my precious dead squidbabies
And of course things regarding my other species are rad too, the Viedafo or Boog.

And I've got a smattering of OCs too!
Alice.exe has a large variety of robot bodies she uses sometimes, and is not limited to just the ones in that picture if you're all like 'hermes units are cool but i think the cultbot really needs to be in a palaestra'
Hawkmoth is my oldest friend what can beat you up, and Bizz is also cool and probably a jerk. You know how it is.

edit: oh yeah my s-class leader, STAB. i only got one pic of him at the moment which is the S-Class dexpic but it's mostly accurate so... ewe

@Thalia, I mean you can, but it certainly can't hurt to link to a picture or two of things that you do have available! I'm sure people would still like to reciprocate your kindness. :>
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Ooh. This looks fun. Time to stretch some artistic fingers this December.

Niko! That blue lizard(?) salesman with a fez that's secretly a robot.
A lampy! A sketch's in hand.(I don't remember putting darkness in its diet. The quote was supposed to be metaphorical, but now it's canon.)
3 is a charm. Hmmm... Azul Featherfall as the sorbetier of the universe. He looks like my avatar.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Would like to sign up.

I would like to see art of the AIs or [you] interacting, no particular prefrences.
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I think I'll sign up for this as well.

Any of my species (The Sadbois, The ladlads, the Happybees, the Spookbats, the Iceawoos, and the Squishbabs)
Also quelans, klannecs, and sagitarii because I think they're cool and deserve more love.
Some OCs because I'm selfish like that: (My girl Alex(Preferably M-Alex, but you can do whichever Alex you want, even spooky Alex.), My other girl Juno, or my other other girl Luna v4)
[Image: 9oAO3Nx.gif][Image: PxleLogo_Da.gif?dl=1][Image: Njx8eUo.png][Image: FuJRCK7.png][Image: A43ybmM.png][Image: PxleSig_%5BLOST%5D.png?dl=1][Image: JoFm6nh.gif]
Adun Toridas, Space Ninja...
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I would like to sign up!

I would like to see some more art for the marsues, gemimi, wozzee, John Rodriguez, leo, Circe, Kratos, or O-7's new design (same colors as his old one.) 1 | 2 | 3

Also would be ok with ship art of my characters* joke ship art like this and this are my favorite. I would just prefer no art of Princess (O-4) x O-3.

*When I mean my Ocs know I don't mean characters like Cobalt or Nova, I mean my personal Ocs like Princess or my AIs, no characters who have been made for our crews. Those aren't personal ocs, more like, work ocs.
[Image: rwjHVeX.png][Image: 69CsXS0.png][Image: ejuvK4p.png][Image: VBRHq44.png][Image: 2RQ0SBA.png][Image: wtUXrmA.png]
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I suppose I can join in too.

On the "wishlist" I'd like any art for my species, including metima , carcili, and even ybe

Additionally, I'd really like pics of my favourite characters, Minty , Cy, Quiet , as well as legendaries Leon and Mamlinar
[Image: 0T9kaDK.png]

RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
sh0uld i start making art n0w 0r wait till december 1st?

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RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
No reason you can't since it all gets held secretly until the 25th anyways

I just won't start announcing relative results until we get going
So just make sure you don't post any finished pieces.
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I would like to sign up, and I guess for art, some art of my species Ignivis could be good, here's some reference art too, but it's fine if you just go off of the description, I would also like Mialcsem art because they are wonderful slime people, Agnivyr art would be good too, they've been my favorite species ever since I saw them!

[Image: UZraNAX.png]
someone made my child grumpy[Image: NQE1VH9.png] I am very proud of my child :3
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
I'd like some art of my species, the pyronians and the skabels, as well as a species that I love as much as either that I've created, the kloegarbs!

I'd also like art of... well, any random chaotic character design you want! Just draw whatever species and themes come to mind. Like an extral with an oversized glittery wizard hat, a Coeus with a bright and shiny color scheme, or a boog with six heads all of different species, for example. Have fun with it!

EDIT: OH YEAH, NOW THAT CASH MONEY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED I'D LIKE ART OF HIM TOO. Since the dex art hasn't been accepted yet here's what he looks like.
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
don’t mind me joining at the last second as per usual!

i got a broad option range here!
roman polly & helios are my faves (surprise surprise pfft), i'm totally down with any art of them! i don't mind what body roman polly is drawn in, his hermes one or his "real" one are both cool!
another thing that would be neat would be art of the tailmics, they aren't my creation or anything i just like em a whole lot! they're good.
i only have a few completed fortuna ocs (completed as in their designs are final). they include her (my pAI), S-23, tailor, and merchant! any art of them would be wonderful too!
my apologies that the refs are all kind of last-minute, i really don't make references of my characters
(and y'know,, if anyone were to make art of Her and polly/helios interacting that would make my entire year and probably then some)
I can summon bendy straws at will and also turn oxygen into carbon dioxide
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Signing up.

1. Planet/Species ArtShow
2. AliCat2020Show
3. MuseShow
4. [LIVEShow
5. [MShow
= non-fortuna zone =
6. SpliffyShow

As a reminder if you are making any art for Robust Laser please make sure to dunk it right into my dm's. If you prefer Discord I'm on the various servers too, and my username is @LoverIan#1538
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
Any AI ship art because it is my life blood. Heck man, draw your own ships thats cool too
Jokes aside, if anyone has a sona, robot or otherwise, yeet it in thread so I can do a group Christmas pic. If it's already somewhere, lemme know i guess :-)
As an extra thing, I challenge all of thee to maybe try a technique you haven't done yet n just experiment in general.
And remember, yer making a thing. And that thing didn't exist and now it does and you made that. And i think thats great and you're doing great and i lov u. Mistakes are ok and imperfection is great. Mer' chrmis

Thanks for setting this up by the way, it's super neat and im excited =]]
womp c(:
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
HI I WAS THINKING ABOUT TO JOIN BUT fell asleep, if this is too late that's ok

if it's not, for my thing i'd love art of any of my fauna submissions, cratics, mallons, eyegrets, twachis, or guirands (am i saying you can just send a blank canvas and call it a guirand? u kno it). also tailmics are little baby babies who i adore so if you draw a tailmic i'll also love that

or of any of my other submissions/collabs especially e-47. q-7314, quiet (doodle since she lacks a dexpic), ruhi (more refs), or nafi (another ref), but chiraam, x, m-4, or w-8 are also a-ok!
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [Signups end December]
(in actuality if somebody comes in late with starbucks saying they've been making stuff, i won't list 'em but if art for them happens to fall into my lap as some sort of appreciation for somebody who is kind enough to participate without any guarantee of reciprocation, i'm not gonna argue against it)

Alright so when people finish art for people, send it to me and I'll keep count of how many individual pieces of art people are getting! Then every few days I'll make suggestions as to who could use a little more attention and who is literally drowning in art. stuff for me goes to loverian of course.

Incidentally, I've already gotten two pieces in! S'a bit early to declare to whom but I'm sure some of y'all have been eager.

(sidenote: Thalia, I've removed you from the list because you don't have a list of any sort. You sort of fit in that category up there of people who want to just draw without needing anything in return b/c i can't suggest people draw from your list if you don't have one)
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
We're halfway through and I said I'd give more updates but presumably plenty of participants are putting off entries until a bit later on. I've gotten 13 pictures in so far, and the top three receivers are
1. SirBlizz98
2. Gimeurcookie
3. Fenny2

which isn't to say don't make for them so much as maybe consider somebody else as well if you were gonna go for that!

I want to start seeing some more pictures in my inbox so I can make another update within a few more days!

have not counted anything towards me here because obviously i don't know
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
Here's you're weekly update: as of tonight, everybody has at least one piece of art! My count's inexact because of reasons but I've got it marked down as at least 23 pieces being completed.

Instead of the top earners today I'll say who's only got one picture. If you've been saving these people for later, here's a reminder, or if you just were thinking on what to do for 'em, maybe give it another think.

RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
Gods. I'm so screwed. I didn't make much. I literally only finished a single picture and it isn't top quality so to say. I'm gonna need to upload it.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
I'm in the same boat as flandab, I've been slacking way off with art. I'm gonna try get some done in the next couple days.
RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
has every0ne g0tten art?

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RE: Fortuna Christmas Tree Exchange! [LET THE ART BEGIN]
Yeah! My post a few up says who could use more the most though!