Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session

Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session

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You hand over the cash and a bored register worker hands you a token, gesturing to the left. “Booths are over there. If it’s your first time, you might want to look at the booklet on the side,” they say in a bored voice. The token is silver, and has a raised image of a simplified cat head on it- just a circle with two rounded triangles for ears and two dots for eyes. On the back side is the text “ONE PLAY”. As you enter the booths, you stroll past a few that are occupied- as indicated by the rotating sign near the handle- until you find an open one. You pull the handle and step inside. The room is small, about the size of a walk-in closet or maybe a bathroom stall. Inside, there is a relatively cheap metal chair facing a large arcade cabinet. There is an ominous-looking note taped to the screen…

[Image: RW2.png]

The note is written in scrawly, thick red ink, and reads: DOES SOMETHING SEEM OFF? FAMILIAR, MAYBE? ARE YOU HAVING A SENSE OF DEJA VU? STOP, THINK, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… TELL NO ONE. It’s signed with a small spiral.

Shrugging off the chill that runs down your spine, you crumple up the note and toss it into the nearby wastebasket. Sitting down in the chair, you bend down and slide the token into the slot. Suddenly, the screen comes to life, displaying the text “TINY CAT PEOPLE” in large, colorful letters, as well as the words “Press Enter to Start” in smaller, more plain text at the bottom. You decide to take a minute and flip through the booklet the clerk told you about- sure enough, there’s a small slot on the side of the machine containing a small informational booklet. The first two pages contain some basic instructions on how to use the keyboard and the joystick, which you skip, stopping at a page titled “COMMANDS”.

SPAWN- Spawns a TCP using a given noun. Cannot be used unless the TCP limit allows it. Usage: /spawn [noun]
CREATE- Create objects or structures in your play area. Usage: /create [object]
NAME- Names a TCP. Cannot be used on a TCP that already has a name. Usage: /name [tcp] [name]
CHECK- Displays the status of one of your TCPs. Usage: /check [tcp]
INVENTORY- Displays the current inventory of one of your TCPs. Usage: /inventory [tcp]
GIVE- Functions identically to CREATE, but the object created is given to one specific TCP- they will consider it theirs. Usage: /give [tcp] [object]
TEACH- Teaches one TCP a skill or concept. Usage: /teach [tcp] [skill]
SAY- For quick messages to your TCPs. Any of your TCPs currently onscreen will be able to hear you. For convenience, you may simply type in your message with no special formatting.
TALK- For extended conversations with your TCPs, or to talk to other players. To talk to multiple targets at once, type each target’s name separated by a comma. Cannot be used to talk to TCPs and other players at the same time. Usage: /talk [target]
EXIT- Used to return to the main screen after using the CHECK or TALK commands. Usage: /exit
KILL- Orders a TCP to kill an enemy TCP. This is the only way TCPs can die. Usage: /kill [ally] [enemy]

[Image: RW3.png]

Looking back up, you see a keyboard before you and a small joystick directly to the right. You hit the enter key, and a small mechanical whirr comes from the top of the cabinet- a small panel has opened up to reveal a camera, and the screen is now showing a pixelated facsimile of the room you’re in, as well as the top of your head. There is a rectangle in the center of the screen, and text below it instructing you to place your head into the rectangle and press space to take the picture.

Please choose your species… (cont. in next post)
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Please choose your species…

[Image: default.png]
Pockitt- Originally from Whimsy and created by the late god Velvet, pockitts are a marsupial species that values community above all else. Guiding those who need it is considered vital and necessary in pockitt-centric social spheres- and often is, due to the constant danger of Spit’s cult.

[Image: default.png]
Ruffneck- Spit’s species, naturally found in Consumption, these canines exhale smoke and are capable of processing toxins safely, sometimes even seeking them out for stimuli and health benefits. Some ruffnecks are prone to rock-like growths on their neck and limbs over time, and can even cough up precious ores under the right conditions.

[Image: default.png]
The Selected- Elegant yet imposing, this reptile species was created by the god Rein with the input of the god Alloy, with nearly all of the population remaining in their native zone of Solitude. They are raised to be quiet, subtle people, an endeavor lasting generations through careful family grooming and rigid traditions.

[Image: default.png]
Mothlie- An insectoid species born to the late god Wane and raised in Bluster, mothlies are scarce on Taverne. After the loss of their god and subsequently, their zone, they search for a new home. Fiercely competitive and prone to impulse decisions, their fluffy appearances are not to be underestimated- many are capable of beating people far larger than them in tests of strength and endurance.

[Image: default.png]
Snuglin- Soft, sweet, and far too cute- snuglins are a construct species crafted by Snuglin Corporation in Hearth. Despite their wholly plush appearance, they’re just as organic as any of the god-made species in Taverne, with skin, a skeleton, and organs underneath a thick plush layer. Typically found in caretaking jobs, they are taught to be palatable and friendly to all people, even if it’s detrimental to their own health.

[Image: shorthair.png]
Karacel- Hailing from Hoopla and Precipice and created jointly by the gods Wretch and Grind, this feline species is known for a tendency to wander and form traveling groups. Though some are more suited to stationary living, most karacel are filled with the spirit of adventure- though what that entails and whether they choose to listen is up to them.

[Image: basic.png]
Tiny Cat Person- Created by the god Wax and scattered across the world, TCPs are dimunitive feline individuals of infinite varieties, created by thought itself. Sometimes considered invasive, this species has the highest population on Morbit, and are featured heavily in god games referred to as TCP Sessions.
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>uhh Karacel
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
when the jeans hit just right

[Image: mgy3Hch.png]
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
snuglin, mothlie, karacel, or tcp all look good! snuglin or tcp would be most fun, and also cutwst...
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
I vote snuglin for sure! I feel like we should pick something other than a TCP, let these other species get a chance.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
>TCP or The Selected.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
bugbugbugbug Mothlie!!
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
The Selected. I love me some sneks.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
> TCP!
> Alternatively, a pockitt could be cool.
[Image: BMy2LW4.png]
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Gonna go with Ruffneck on this one.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
tcp! tcp!
[Image: Cmh4iZA.png]
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Mothlie or Selected, for sure!

[Image: 8HyFJgv.png]

hey does anyone know unicorn medicine
my child ate a music box help
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
I'd like for us to be a Pockitt or a Snuglin
Tree Eggy!!

[Image: K904x8Y.png]
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
I for one fully support the TCP rebellion against the ungulate oligarchy
[Image: jt0Cf7522wX9Gp-rLZuSVuS9drxEdxC7ZldowSZy...640-h80-no]
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
We're the captain, captain riddick. Every day we do the moves, just like riddick. God, we wish we were actually riddick. Sadly, we are not riddick, but we can try. Alas poor riddickless title of ours belongs to that of a ruffneck.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Mothlie, because they're the FLOOFIEST
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
floofy! moth!
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
> Mothlie

Cute n fluffy, hey can we make them look like a Rosy Maple Moth, or a Luna Moth? Either way, they look sweet.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Snuglin, Karacel or TCP

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session

The first thing we should do is Create a TCP Arcade cabinet in the game.
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]