Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session

Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
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(01-01-2019, 09:15 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »>"I have a birds-eye view of the cave, centered around you."
>create mine-cart on track with one of those levers you can push and it moves on its own.

We already have the crate with wheels.~

Let's mine some ore.

Let's then explore more of the cave.
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(01-01-2019, 09:10 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »Hm. Something feels... Missing.
>Create Knocker
There. That should do the trick.

>Create friendly kobolds
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yeah but the crate on wheels isnt on the track
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session
Create: Friendly fuzzy (tiny) mole-people who gladly exchange goods and services for uncommon shiny rocks or plants.
Create: Florescent mushrooms of all different colors that emit musical notes when touched.
Create: Two pins for Echo's jacket, the first of many. They're both of different ores, one saying "I'm a gem!" and the other saying "And you are too!" They are bedazzled and tacky as all get out.

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hey does anyone know unicorn medicine
my child ate a music box help
RE: Tiny Cat People- Arcade Session

Echo puts on the pins, but unfortunately they're too small to show up on the pixellated display. Echo assures you they're very nice, though.

You tell Echo to retrieve some of the glowstone and she obliges, wheeling the crate over to the nearest deposit. As she begins picking away at the ore, you decide to TALK with her some more.

So where do you want to head next?
I think the way we're headed is as good as any! I'm excited to see what else is in here.
I actually have a bird's eye view of the cave, centered on you.
That's interesting. How far can you see?
Not too far. I think you're seeing more than I am, actually.
So you can't see as far, but you can see through walls?
I guess.
Huh. By the way, could I take these arms off soon? The power drain is starting to get to me a bit.

Echo has finished mining the glowstone vein, and the CRATE is now full to the brim of glowstone shards.

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yea! theyre your arms echo you can choose when to use them. we’re excited 2 see what you explore
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>Take them off anytime you'd like Echo. Feel free to put them on top of the glowstone cart and we can head further north if you want
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Let's head back to camp and rest for a bit, maybe sort through our new glowstones and find the best ones
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[Image: 010.png]
Echo removes the PROSTHETIC ARMS and places them next to the GLOWSTONE CRATE. She says she's fine to keep going, she just needed to have those off for a while. She also puts the PICKAXE she had been carrying down, since there's no way for her to use it without hands. Feeling a bit better, Echo and the ANIMAL COMPANION continue NORTH into the next room, where-

[Image: 011.gif]


[Image: 012.png]
Echo has stopped to admire the room ahead, so you can tell her to go back if you need to. It seems like CREATE, SPAWN, GIVE, and TEACH are all disabled currently.
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Ask Echo to see if she can fly a bit with those wings now, if the cavern roof iant too low.
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let her know that we can’t help as much if she keeps going
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> Ask them to take a few steps back for a moment. Just a few, so we can CREATE a nice helpful hazard tape now that we know the perimeter of the base.
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Flip that switch so we don't have the tracks directed towards the base.

It's a bit bare, isn't it? Where does the tracks lead to?
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We might want to adventure along the train tracks, they are bound to lead somewhere because that is the very purpose of train tracks.
Indeed, choo choo down the right path, not forgetting to bring the cart.
Noot noot doot doot.

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>So Echo, when you get out of range of the base which is right about here, we enter what seems to be called 'adventure mode' we won't be able to CREATE, GIVE, or TEACH you anything. With that in mind would you like to go back and take the train down these tracks to explore, continue on without the train, or head back?
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You ask Echo to go back to the other room briefly, and you CREATE a black and yellow caution stripe where the boundary is. Echo asks what it's for, and you briefly explain adventure mode to her. She seems to understand the implications of what you're telling her, and still seems eager to move on.

Echo thinks it's probably best to continue with the train, she's already got it all fueled up, so it should be good to go. As she turns to head back into the previous room, you suggest one more thing to her and she stops. If she had a mouth, you're sure she would be grinning ear to ear.

[Image: 013.gif]

With that done, Echo heads back to the previous room to bring the train in. Using the branch in the path and the switch, she's able to move the minecart behind the train instead of in front of it. She also takes the time to load up some supplies, just in case.

[Image: 014.png]

The train has Echo's PROSTHETIC ARMS, PICKAXE, a few empty CRATES, some DYNAMITE and other MINING GEAR, and room for much more. The MINECART connected to the back is completely empty. Is there anything else Echo should do before she goes?
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Take some glowstone shards. They should provide an amount of light where fire may be problematic.
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Yeah glowstone shards sounds good, like mini-torches. Maybe you should head back so we can
>CREATE Torch Bases x(glowstone shards available)
That way you can slot them in I guess

Take the left path. People always take the right path so why not go the road less traveled
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glowstone torches good!!! put her pet in the minecart too?
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Take one of our lanterns too.
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(01-10-2019, 09:45 PM)Ten11 Wrote: »Take one of our lanterns too.

Wait. How could I have missed this?

Glowstone + Lantern = Glowstone Lantern

A Glowstone Lantern should be easier to carry than a torch.

Hmm. Has this been detailed in the Lamp Book? Detail the lampy characteristics of glowstone in that book.
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Updates might be slow and inconsistent for a bit, since I'm starting a new semester of college. In the meantime, I'm going to be dropping doodles of various things from the session so far in the disthread: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=4086

If you have a request for me to draw something that's appeared in the quest so far (I know there isn't much yet) let me know there!
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Echo loads the crate of glowstone as well as one of the MUSHROOM LANTERNS into the train, and you quickly CREATE some items to use the glowstone with while she's back within the boundary. She loads these into the train as well.

Echo opens the LAMP BOOK and flips to the entry on glowstone. She also decides to check out the entry for glowing mushrooms while she's there.

While glowstone never goes out, it is also relatively dim. This makes it useful for more decorative lighting fixtures, or for emergency lighting. Glowstone tends to glow with a slightly yellowish hue.

Bioluminescent fungus is extremely bright and is ideal for exploration and large light fixtures. However, it is also a living thing and must be treated as such. While mushrooms can survive for a short time by themselves, they should ideally be placed in moist soil and given a mixture of water and fertilizer twice a day. Glowing mushrooms tend to glow with a bluish hue.

[Image: 014.png]

As Echo boards the train again, she notices a sort of throttle. It has three settings: ESCAPE, GO-GETTING and SIGHTSEEING. From what she knows about TRAINS, Echo reasons that this must be the speed settings. ESCAPE will take the train forward as fast as possible and it will not stop for anything short of the track ending. GO-GETTING will take the train forward at a medium pace and automatically stop at a fork in the track. SIGHTSEEING will take the train forward at a slow pace and allow it to manually stop anytime.

Moving at a speed of ESCAPE or GO-GETTING will update the map, but you will not be able to view the rooms you pass through. A speed of SIGHTSEEING will allow you to see every room you pass through, but make overall proceedings much slower.

Echo also notices that you seem to have changed your mind as to which path you wanted to go down, so she'll ask again: left or right?
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Let's go left!
when the jeans hit just right

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>Lefties are uncommon so Go Left