Young one... you are grown now, and old enough to learn the story of our people. Listen now, and I will tell it.

This land is ours, but we did not always call it home. Long ago, the Ancestors lived on other lands, far away across the sea of stars. Two sister-worlds they dwelt on; Theia and Gaia. The sisters danced for many peaceful ages around their mother star, basking in her smile. But, in time, Gaia grew clumsy with boredom at the endless dance, while Theia became hasty and overconfident under her mother's constant smile. The balance of their dance was broken, and the sisters collided, dashing their heads into pieces.

The sister-worlds cried over their injuries, while their mother star comforted and chided them for their mistake. Together, they took the pieces that had broken free from their heads, and tossed them out across the sea of stars, so that they might carry their foolishness away with them.

Of course, those who lived on those pieces of the sister-worlds were carried off in this way as well. And thus, our Ancestors soared across the sea of stars for many ages, riding together on a large and lonely island...


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RE: Legacy
You are Maintainer Halley Wildner, of the Worldship "Dauntless". You and a handful of other Maintainers and Cultivators are assigned to the Agronomy Sector on Ring Alpha, Deck 2. If this was your average workday, you'd be walking through a towering chrome forest of Algae Vats right now; checking for leaks, broken systems, filtration problems, and stuff like that. If you found an issue, you'd either fix it yourself, or log the problem with your supervisor so someone else could.

Of course, you don't really want to think about work right now. You're kind of in the middle of a... coffee break? A friendly lunch date? Possibly even a... Date date?

You really should've cleared that up earlier. You're too embarrassed to ask, now. But, since this is a maybe-date, naturally you decided to start talking about the big news in Politics. More specifically, the Lord Commander's public address, from earlier this morning...

[Image: concern.png] I still can't believe it. The reports said this planet was perfect...

...almost perfect. [Image: correction.png]

A young woman with a dark security uniform and an athletic build sits opposite you at the Mess Hall table. Meridy, your... good friend? She sips with deliberate calm at a cobalt-blue glass mug of coffee, before returning it to the mismatched green saucer it was resting on.

[Image: away.png] That's just how the Stargazers word things. They're scientists, you know? They don't want to exaggerate.

But that's why, when their report also said this might be the best Candidate World we've seen in a century, you know they mean it. And now, Lord Stoyer wants us to forget about it? Just in case we can find somewhere just a little more perfect?

I'll admit, the footage from the surface looked awfully nice... but I'm sure the Lord Commander has reasons. Have a little faith. He's got the fate of everyone on the Worldship riding on his decision. [Image: encourage.png]

[Image: oh.png] Don't get me wrong, Meridy. I want to believe he's made the right choice here. But I swear, it's like the Royal Family are only going to be satisfied if the New Gaia is exactly like the old one.

...which, might I add, is statistically impossible.

Spoken like a true egghead. Maybe you should've been a Stargazer, hon. [Image: sass.png]

[Image: doubt.png] ...what, and spend the 5 years I get to be out of Cryosleep crunching the math on raw astrometric data? I'll pass.

Besides, it feels good to do stuff with my hands.

A wry smile creeps into Meridy's expression, and she looks like she's about to crack a joke. You wave your hands to cut her off, as your face starts to flush red.

[Image: miffed_blush.png] Whatever you were about to say, don't say it!

I like being a Maintainer. Doing little repairs, and solving little problems. It feels good to make things on the ship a bit better. That's what I meant!

Your face still feels warm, and you can tell you're still blushing a bit. Meridy pretends not to notice and takes another sip at her coffee, giving you a moment to compose yourself.

Anyway Halley, I'm sorry this is how things worked out.

I know how excited you've been since we got to this star system, and the survey footage started coming in. But you know we can't be hasty here. We've got to wait for the right planet to come along, before we commit to making it our new homeworld.
[Image: concern.png]

[Image: away.png] Sure, but we've been patient, haven't we? We've been hunting for a place to settle for at least a couple hundred years now.

And we're lucky we get to spend most of the trip in Cryosleep, if you ask me.

The Royal Family have had to stay awake all these years, responding to emergencies, keeping the Sleepers safe, and considering planets to settle on. If the current Lord Commander is willing to spend his life waiting for a better world for the rest of us to settle, don't you think we can afford to be patient for a few years?
[Image: talk.png]

[Image: talk.png] I get all that. And I'm grateful to the Royals. And... I mean, patience is all good and fine too. But the problem is, we can't just keep going forever.

The Worldship is getting to be in really rough shape. We apparently used to be able to charge a star jump in hours, but these days it takes weeks. And it didn't used to fry any vital ship systems in the process either...

Is this about that Life Support failure again? That wasn't even that bad. We just had to wear spacesuits for a few days.

I thought it was kinda fun.
[Image: judge.png]

[Image: lecture.png] ...don't forget, we had to sleep in spacesuits. Which I'm pretty sure nobody found fun, except maybe you.

I mean, we're doing everything we can just to keep things running. It seems like every month we've got to scrap one subsystem to repair another. The ship's problems are only going to keep getting worse at this rate. And who knows how many more star jumps we've got left, until we get stranded somewhere?

Halley... [Image: concern.png]

[Image: talk.png] My point is, too much patience could hurt everyone just as easy as too much haste. And I'm not sure we can afford to keep waiting for a planet perfect enough to be deigned worthy of the Royal Go-Ahead. You know?

There's a planet out there, right now. It may not be perfect, but by all accounts from people who know better than me, it's Good Enough. And with the way things are, this might be our last best option. Sometimes, you've got to settle on Good Enough.

I know you probably see a problem here, and want to fix it. I admire that.

But deciding where everyone should settle isn't our job, or our place. Your job is to keep the ship running, and mine is to keep the peace. That's the best way for us to keep everyone safe right now, don't you think?
[Image: happy.png]

[Image: away.png] I don't know if I agree with that, Meridy.

...hmm? [Image: base.png]

[Image: concern.png] Well, I don't disagree that our job is to keep everyone safe. And we obviously should all do our best to make sure the mission succeeds, in whatever ways we can. But, given the circumstances...

...don't you think there's more we should be doing?

Meridy's coffee cup makes it halfway to her lips before she pauses, holding it in both hands. She gives you a look that's equal parts concerned and curious.

Oh? And just what do you think we should be doing here, hypothetically speaking? [Image: encourage.png]

I mean, if you're just being hypothetical, a few things come to mind...

[Image: base.png] > Diplomacy. You could spread information to the crew about the state of the ship, and about this planet. If you build enough popular support, the Commander would surely change his mind about settling the planet, right?

> Subterfuge. It's desperate, but you could always just sabotage the Jump Drive. With no means to leave the system, you'd have no choice left but to settle in this system. Besides, with the way it's falling apart, it's a ticking time bomb anyway.

> Rebellion. If confidence in the Lord Commander's leadership is low enough, you could rally the Enforcers and the rest of the crew for a mutiny. Once you take command of the Worldship for yourselves, settling the planet would be easy.

> Independence. If the Royals refuse to settle here, but the crew want to... what's stopping you all from just leaving? If you gather enough supplies, volunteers, and transport shuttles, you could go ahead and settle the planet on your own.

> Maybe there's something else you could do, too...
RE: Legacy
Was there a specific reason given for why this planet fell short?

You could stage a strike. Just get a significant portion of the population to stop working. It's a less extreme measure than mutiny or leaving, so you could probably get more people to agree to it.
RE: Legacy
The fact is, the ship is falling apart. It's held together by a series of ever-more-fragile patch jobs meant to hold the ship together for a few more weeks, not centuries on end. If the ship had paused for proper repair at the previous worlds deemed 'unworthy' of being our new homeworld, this wouldn't be as big of a problem. A few years spent plundering a world for materials now means a few more decades on the ships lifespan.

Plus, if we do keep going, what if the Jump drive finally breaks down in a barren system? Nevermind how terrible living on some atmosphere-void chunk of rock would be, repairing the ship under those conditions would be far harder if possible at all!

So whether the 'Lord Commander' likes it or not, the ship has to at least take a pitstop here for a full repair/damage report. I mean, life support? That's one of the last things that should be breaking down for any length of time!

...And as a precaution, getting the drive engineers to go on strike in combination with the jump drive coincidentally suffering substantial (but not irreparable) damage should force the Lord Commander's acceptance, at least if they want to avoid a full mutiny.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Legacy
> And, besides, doesn't this just feel like a way for them to maintain power? As soon as we start rebuilding on a new world, the Royals would lose a lot of their power and it seems like they don't want to give that up.
RE: Legacy
(01-15-2019, 12:30 AM)Dragon Fogel Wrote: »Was there a specific reason given for why this planet fell short?

None that you've heard. Crewmen like you aren't involved in meetings about Candidate Worlds. Those are between the heads of the Stargazer Caste, the Lord Commander, and the rest of the Royal Family. And the details aren't really made public either.

That's politics, you guess.

(01-15-2019, 04:51 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »If the ship had paused for proper repair at the previous worlds deemed 'unworthy' of being our new homeworld, this wouldn't be as big of a problem.
So whether the 'Lord Commander' likes it or not, the ship has to at least take a pitstop here for a full repair/damage report.

Your job as a Maintainer would probably be a lot easier, if the Worldship spent more time in a star system before jumping away. If nothing else, the way the jump drive takes longer to charge these days gives the Collectors some time to gather raw materials from nearby moons and planets. With that, it's easy enough to manufacture replacements for damaged bits of hull, spent fuel and air, and patching up the infrastructure.

Even so, the ship doesn't have the facilities to manufacture all parts it needs. That, or the facilities that could build 'em must've broke down over the years. Even if you stopped here for repairs... there's stuff that's just beyond your abilities to replace anymore.

And, far as you understand it, landing the Worldship on a planet is pretty much a one-time thing. It's meant to become the heart of the first settlement. It... wasn't really built to take off again after making landfall.
RE: Legacy
hrm. One fear confirmed, a new problem revealed.
Being able to land the ship for repairs would have made it easier, but transport ships heading down to salvage materials for the worldship above would have been adequate.
But, it's a moot point. Being unable to replace all the missing parts simply means the journey is no longer sustainable.
Unless the jumpdrive would have a use in the new colony, it has to go while we still have a livable world to land on.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Legacy
I support the Independence option. How many people are there on the Worldship? How many of them have duties integral to the continued maintenance of the ship? Basically, I'm asking how many people could leave without it significantly affecting the ship? Because if say, a few hundred people want to set up on this planet, and it wouldn't cost anything important, the Royals should really allow it. Definitely at least try negotiation of some sort before taking more direct action.
RE: Legacy
...Is there any particular reason anyone would want to listen to Maintainer Halley Wildner, tho ?
Like: membership of any kind in .. whatever passes for political party or any influencial organisation ? Do they have some sort of social pull ? Some equivzalent to celebrity or fifteen mi ute of fame that would make their voice stand out if they climbed ontheir metaphorical soapbox ? Some kind of influencial support ? Untapped reserves of charisma and leadership ? Any reason anyone would listen to more than ten minutes if they moves over a metphorical soapbox ?
No because those seems kiind of necessary of almost every option, weither you're trying to do this dipomaticaly, stirr trouble or convince them to go colonize the plane on their own, it all hinges on convincing a lot of people fast.

Otherwise, what's left is 'subtefuge'.
Which rather be called sabotage , because that's totaly what it is. In fact it's good thing we're talking theoricaly or yur dear friend inf ront of you probaly would hve to arrest you jsut in case.
RE: Legacy
(01-16-2019, 08:56 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »I support the Independence option. How many people are there on the Worldship? How many of them have duties integral to the continued maintenance of the ship? Basically, I'm asking how many people could leave without it significantly affecting the ship? Because if say, a few hundred people want to set up on this planet, and it wouldn't cost anything important, the Royals should really allow it. Definitely at least try negotiation of some sort before taking more direct action.


[Image: neocities%20button%20lol.png]

[Image: 47325.png]
RE: Legacy

(01-16-2019, 09:11 PM)smuchmuch Wrote: »...Is there any particular reason anyone would want to listen to Maintainer Halley Wildner, tho?

[Image: talk.png] ...and then I said "So that's why it's not really High Treason to democratically sabotage the Jump Drive, forcing us to settle on the Candidate World in this star system.

Even if that's arguably an act of mutiny against the current Sovereign Commander."

Y'know Halley, when I said I was dying to hear about how your date went?

I didn't mean "Please involve me in you and your girlfriend's sexy mutiny conspiracy, because I'd like to get arrested and literally die."
[Image: doubt.png]

Your lunch break isn't quite over yet, but you've found your way back to work regardless. More specifically, you stand in the Equipment Rental Office for your Maintenance Sector. Your work buddy, Carter Wise, is on duty as Quartermaster today. Basically, he sits behind a desk in a cage, and rents out tools and equipment to people like you, to help with whatever work needs doing.

Maintaining Agronomy Sector Alpha-2 is generally pretty slow work, so you keep one another sane by chatting like this when you can. Lately, though, Carter has taken a keen interest in coaching you on your love life. Or what passes for it, anyway.

[Image: oh.png] Wait. Are you saying that conspiracies are sexy? Because this was only our first date. I'm definitely not ready for sexy yet.

Trust me. I think you're safe there.

As for whether it's fair game for a first date... well typically you'd charm her first. Show her your good side, impress her with your looks, your style, your sense of humor, your competence, your common sense, and stuff like that.

Then? Once you got her interested, and she has a reason to stick around? That's when you can finally take her back to your place, put on some music, let your hair down, and show her your... revolutionary manifesto, or whatever.
[Image: explain.png]

[Image: lecture.png] It wasn't a manifesto, Carter! I was just being honest about what I was thinking and feeling. With regard to the political realities of this Worldship.

That's how you get to know people, isn't it? Being honest and open?

And how, pray tell, did that work out for you? [Image: lecture.png]

[Image: concern.png] Well, after that Meridy was quiet for a bit. She looked pensive, maybe amused? It was hard to read the look on her face, so I said "It's drastic, but it's only necessary because the Worldship's falling apart. People like you and I only have so much time left. We'll all die cold and alone in space, if we don't find something nice to settle for soon." Then she raised an eyebrow and was all "We're still talking about the Worldship, right? And... purely hypothetically?" And I said "Well, of course," and then...

...oh shoot, I really bombed this date, didn't I?

What was your first clue. [Image: sass.png]

[Image: away.png] Next thing she said was "It's good we're talking hypothetical, because I'm technically still on duty right now. And I'd hate to have to throw a good friend into the brig, on account of them getting dangerously seditious."

She called us "good friends." That's gotta be code for "Let's just stay friends," right?

Maybe. Or maybe you're just reading too much into it. Maybe she's into power games, and threatening to throw her dates in jail is how she flirts. Or maybe she's warning you, platonically, to not commit acts of treason. Hard to say, on account of how I've never felt the need to date a Cop before.

But hey, if you did just get friend-zoned? At least you went down in a blaze of glory being your weird and beautiful self.
[Image: explain.png]

[Image: talk.png] I guess. I just... really wanted this one to work out, you know?

Her Quarters are right down the hall from mine, so we've talked pretty regularly. She's kind to our neighbors, and really confident, and she has a great laugh. And she's surprisingly built... like, it's not obvious when she's in her Enforcer uniform, but I've seen her in her jogging clothes, and...

... [Image: grin.png]

[Image: away_blush.png] Uh, anyway... when I asked her if she wanted to get coffee and chat some time, and she said yes, I just... hoped that afterward, she'd maybe say we should do it again some time? Or otherwise confirm that it really was a Date date, and not just a lunch date, or a...

Woah woah woah, hold up. Did you ever, at any point, actually let her know you were asking her on a Date? That you wanted it to be a Date date? [Image: talk.png]

[Image: concern.png] ...was I supposed to be that blatant about it? I thought it was implied!

Halley, buddy... you need to let somebody know it's a Date before you ask them yes or no. If you don't, then they don't know what they're agreeing to, or turning down. You gotta be up front about your intentions!

Far as I can tell, the only clear intention you were putting across was that you wanted to recruit her into your covert anti-monarchist mutiny squad....
[Image: lecture.png]

[Image: sass.png] So, what you're saying is...

...that I didn't bomb my date with Meridy after all.

Sure, on account of it not being a date in the first place!

But honestly, since you already exposed your whole manifesto to her, in a way that didn't leave anything to the imagination...
[Image: sass.png]

[Image: doubt.png] There was no manifesto, Carter...

Point is, I think you might've hurt your chances.

If anything, this probably implied to her that you're not interested in her. Next time you see her, you'll want to make your intentions clear. And you're gonna have some damage control to do, especially if she was flirting, and you were...
[Image: talk.png]

[Image: left.png] *Ehem*

Not to interrupt, but you're the on-duty Quartermaster for the Alpha-2 Equipment Rental, aren't you?

A sharply dressed person carrying an oversized Compad and stylus stands near the door to the room. Their face is shaded from view by the failing light fixtures near the entrance, and what might be a great deal of hair. You don't recognize them.

You don't know how long they've been standing there waiting, but their body language is silently screaming their impatience.

[Image: left.png] Carter, was it?

Administrator Adra Markell. The Overseer for Alpha Ring sent me with orders for the urgent transfer of some Synth Workers, Stun Pistons, and Space Suits to Sector Alpha-4. High priority repairs on vital components, which are currently exposed to hard vacuum. Possibly related to illegal Scavenger activity in the area. I'm sure you understand our urgency.

Or should I call the Overseer, and say you're... busy with your friend here?

I'll be right with you, Mezzer Markell. We were just, uh, finishing up.

So, what was it you needed again, Maintainer?
[Image: sweat.png]

[Image: concern.png] Huh? I... uh...

Carter gives you a pointed look, while gesturing to the assorted racks of maintenance equipment locked up behind him. When you give him a puzzled look back, he leans in close.

Look I know you probably don't actually need anything right now, but please sign out some gear? Last thing I need is the Overseer for the whole Alpha Ring breathing down my neck. [Image: whisper.png]

If you remember correctly, you can rent out up to 4 pieces of equipment at a time. But... what should you ask for?

[Image: base.png] GEAR:
> Stun Pistol: (Close Range, Electrical, Non-Lethal / Recharge)
A standard self-defense weapon, designed to stun shipboard threats using electricity. May need a recharge or a fresh powercell from time to time.

> Multi-Wrench: (Innocuous, Melee, Toolkit / Clumsy)
A large multitool-wrench, useful for a variety of shipboard repair and engineering tasks. Makes for a crude but effective weapon, despite not coming across as one.

> Compad: (Comms, Computing, Sensors / Recharge)
A handheld computer designed for communication, data collection, research, analysis, and other tasks. May need to be recharged after extended use.

> Maintenance Keycard: (Access, Innocuous, Prestige / Tracked)
A keycard granting access to personal crew quarters, sealed decks, and other restricted areas for maintenance purposes. Lends some official authority to your activities. It's use is logged, and ensures that the biometrics match the registered user, to prevent misuse.

> Protective Gear: (Armored, Shock-Resistant)
A sturdy but unremarkable work outfit, designed to protect against physical injuries or electrical shocks while working.

> Hazmat Gear: (Acid-Resistant, Concealing, Respiration / Flashy)
A full-body suit with filtration mask, gloves, and smock, designed to protect against exposure to smoke, toxic fumes, and corrosive chemicals. Conceals the wearer's body, making identification difficult, but tends to draw attention and nervous looks.

> Maintainer Exo-Shell: (Armored x2, Mighty, Reliable / Loud, Recharge)
An armored, powered mechanical exoskeleton. Used to augment strength, and protect the wearer during dangerous heavy labor. Noisy when in operation, and may need a recharge after extended use.

> Maintainer Space Suit: (Concealing, Cold-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Pressure-Resistant, Respiration / Clumsy, Flashy, Recharge)
A full-body, thermally-insulated spacesuit with it's own air supply. Designed for repairs done in space, hazardous atmospheres, extreme temperatures, and other adverse environments. Painted in high-visibility Maintainer orange, overbuilt enough that it can be a bit clumsy, and may need a recharge from time to time.

> Intern: (Any 3 Expertise Traits / Timid)
A newly-Awakened crewman assigned to the Maintainer Caste. Though young, they were trained as a general technician before entering Cryosleep. They're still getting used to life on the Worldship, and tend to be less adventurous, and defer to more experienced members of the crew.

> Synth Worker: (Synth, Laborer, 1 Expertise Trait / Foolish)
A semi-sentient Synthetic person. Since they don't sleep, eat, breathe, or get sick, they typically do jobs where these traits come in handy. They can directly interface with and quickly modify software systems. Known for misinterpreting complex or nuanced instructions, and making strange decisions.
RE: Legacy
>Maintenance Keycard
>That'll be all, Quartermaster.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Legacy
> Multi-wrench, Compad, Maintenance Keycard, Synth Worker
RE: Legacy
(03-13-2019, 02:17 AM)Arcanuse Wrote: »>Intern
>Maintenance Keycard
>That'll be all, Quartermaster.

I second this.
RE: Legacy
With a curt goodbye from Carter, and a palpable glare from Administrator Markell, you head out into the spartan metal corridors of Ring Alpha. Once you've gone what you deem a safe distance from the Quartermaster's Office, you take stock of your newly-rented equipment.

Lets see...


One Compad, with standard engineering software suite. One universal toolkit in the form of a hefty Multi-Wrench, for general mechanic and repair work. One Maintenance Keycard, for getting access to basically anywhere, so long as you don't mind leaving a digital record. And, of course, the contact info for a number of Interns with different skillsets to pick from, plus the license to mentor one. All of which you can keep on you, for as long as you need them. And none of which, apart from maybe the Multi-Wrench, are actually necessary for your day-to-day maintenance duties.


Of course, if you change your mind, you can always visit Carter again, and trade these in for something else. Might even be able to request other materials and tools, if anything comes to mind. Though, judging by the concerned looks he kept giving you earlier, you might have some explaining to do before he rents you anything else. You're lucky he was preoccupied with that Administrator this time.

And just what was he concerned about, anyway? It's not like you're actually going to use these things to commit treason against the Royals, sabotage the Jump Drive, and force the decision to colonize this Candidate World, however rare and perfect it may be. That'd still be crazy, right?

Even if, by not doing so, you're standing by while the Worldship runs the risk of breaking down forever in some inhospitable system. And even if, by doing nothing, you'd be complicit in the destruction of one of the last hopes for the future of your homeworld. Complicit in allowing tens of thousands of Gaian refugees to die cold and alone in space. Even with all this, it's... it's still crazy, right? You have to trust the system to work. And if it doesn't work like you hope it could, you don't lash out against the system. You work within it, to change it for the better. Normal things, like... petitions, and strikes, and information campaigns. Anything else would be crazy.


Putting your thoughts out of mind, stowing your gear in the pockets of your work uniform, and slinging the Multi-Wrench casually over your shoulder, you head back toward the Agronomy Cluster. Soon, you'll be back among your familiar forest of Algae Vats. You'll walk the aisles, looking for leaks, filters to replace, and faulty pumps. You'll order replacement parts on the nearest computer console, or your shiny new Compad. And you'll keep doing that until the end of your shift, because the Algae Vats provide vital nutrient paste and oxygen recycling for the whole crew. Meaningful work. Sensible work.

After that, maybe you'll call up one of these Interns and invite them out to the Cantina to get to know them. And if you're lucky, maybe you'll meet someone you like, who you won't totally embarrass yourself in front of by fantasizing about doing crimes. After that, you might go back to your Quarters to rehydrate some Beef-N-Onion-Flavored Mycomeal, and watch some videos before bed. And from tomorrow forward, you'll keep working your shifts day by day, until this last year of your mandatory tour of duty as a Maintainer is over. Once that's done, you'll decide whether you want to go back to Cryosleep, or live out the rest of your natural life awake, and see if you can make it as a senior officer. As things to do go, these all sound like the normal, sensible, and definitely non-crazy options.


Besides, even if you were going to try to sabotage the drive, you'd need to do it before the Jump Drive is charged, and you leave this star system behind. For all you know, it might've started charging early, and could be ready in a few days... or it might be as much as a few weeks. You'd need to get in contact with someone who knows, to be sure. The Collectors probably have a rough timetable, since they're still shuttling around the Star System to stock up on raw materials. Of course the Administrators would probably know too, as would the high-ranking Maintainers who work directly with the Jump Drive.

And even if you could figure out how long you have to enact a plan, you'd need to have a plan in the first place! You don't know enough about how the Jump Drive works to know how to damage it in a way that wasn't catastrophic for the entire Worldship, yet also couldn't be repaired. And honestly, you're not even sure where the drive is exactly, other than in the high security heart of the ship, somewhere near the Computer Core and Royal Manse... and even with your Keycard, scouting that out would be dangerous. Heck, even trying to research detailed floorplans and construction records might throw up some red flags in the computer system, and attract some unwanted attention.

And above all that, you still have the problem of Ethics. You'd want to be certain you were really acting in the best interest of the crew. That'd mean checking that this Candidate World really is all it's cracked up to be, and that the Royals really don't have a justifiable reason to pass it up. The Stargazers would have the survey information, and some of the Collectors might've seen the world firsthand while doing supply runs too. But, before you try to convince anyone else that this really is necessary, you'd need some concrete evidence that the Royals really are just too idealistic and out of touch, or too reluctant to move to the next phase of the mission, and give up control.

Honestly... when you lay it all out like that, it's easy to see how crazy this is.

Who would even listen to a low-rank Maintainer like Halley Wildner? You're not a high-profile engineer or a dedicated Lifer. You're well-liked by your friends, but you haven't really been... socializing until relatively recently. You don't exactly have a lot of clout to work with. At the end of the day, you're just another nobody mechanic. And one who's definitely been stretching the definition of her Lunch Break. If you had a direct supervisor like some Maintainers do, you'd probably get a in trouble for not being back by now.

That's one thing you've got going for you, you suppose. A laid back job, with minimal supervision.

Anyway, you've got a shift to finish, for the rest of the afternoon. Though you suppose, if you wanted to risk it... you might be able to get away with walking off early. There's plenty of things you could hypothetically be doing, either now or later. And it can't hurt to start thinking about how you'd like to spend your evening...

[Image: base.png] What do you plan to do this afternoon?

...this evening?

...and tonight?
RE: Legacy
>Afternoon: You do have a job you need to do... But do you really need to do it? Spend the time looking like your working, maybe even fixing things on occasion, but mostly by talking to and assessing your coworkers for other discontented individuals who may be willing to help.
>Don't, uh. Be obvious about it though. Good way to get someone in management on your case.

>Evening & Tonight, bring your Intern along for a tour of the ships maintenance areas, preferably one that knows absolutely nothing about maintenance and thus cant reliably contradict any mischief you may get up to. Such as identifying structural weakpoints you could in theory slightly damage/apply pressure to, leave, and hear how it broke later.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.