Life. It's something most humans strive to create. Something to carry on their legacy in the world, even if it's just 1/10 of their being inside of another. It's still there. And so on this day, the 26th of January, life was created. A lot of life would've been created today, perhaps a couple thousand of lives, perhaps even more. Yet thirteen years ago, a life more important than what people may think was given. It was just another life after-all, who needs to elaborate on it?

Thirteen years ago you were given life as well as a name. Who wouldn't be given a name at birth? Certainly not you that's for sure.
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Your name is Alex Mason and you are currently watering plants in one of your terrariums. You love Plantlife, almost more than your own life in fact. Caring and watching plants grow around you makes you feel whole. Your bedroom is pretty much a jungle with all the plants you stow away inside of it. Of course, you have a bed, a wardrobe and a bookshelf. What bedroom doesn't have a good old bookshelf? One you don't want to be in that's for sure. Oh, and there's a window... A room without a window is pretty much a prison cell, let's face it.

Today is a better day than most as today a new batch of plants is arriving in the mail! Well, seeds, but going into the little things can get rather annoying, can't it? You sprinkle some water over Audrey and let out a content sigh. Today should be a good day.

A ping sounds from across the room, signalling an incoming message.

Well, up until now. Two more of the former noise emits from the computer on your bed, drawing you out of your trance and a scowl crossing your features. It's them. You can tell just by the repetitive noise that's coming from said computer. But you're going to ignore it. They need to start being more patient with everything and you're going to be the one to teach them that. You go back to watering your plants...

Okay, that noise is getting really irritating now. What do they want! You slam the empty watering can onto the side and go over to your bed. Sitting on the tidy sheets, the laptop is pulled open as well as a flurry of messages.

SiO2:hey C2H4!
SiO2: dude.
SiO2: hellllllooooooooooo?
SiO2: soooooo?
SiO2: you just gonna leave me hanging or..............
SiO2: this is fine.
SiO2: go ahead and ignore the best and most powerful person in the world!
SiO2: bitch

---SiO2 has disconnected---
---SiO2 has reconnected---

SiO2: i didn't mean it!
SiO2: i'm very lonely!
SiO2: C2H4?

C2H4: What.
C2H4: What could be so important that you had to annoy me into talking to you?

SiO2: That was my sister.
SiO2: she's an idiot
SiO2: and annoying?SiO2: so rude to the soon to be millionair

C2H4: First of all, Millionaire, and
C2H4: What, are you killing your mom or something?

SiO2: my nana is on her death bed

C2H4: So you want to kill her now?
C2H4: She's already close to dying just wait a little bit.

SiO2: NO!
SiO2: i want you to send a drone over.

C2H4: Seriously? Can't you just buy one?
SiO2: no mom blocked my savings account and is moitoring what I buy.
SiO2: just need you to sweep one down and place it on my lawn.

C2H4: Will the drone's connection even last?
C2H4: It'll be a long way from home.

SiO2: sure it will! I'll get C12H22O11 to hack into it halfway
C2H4: I find it distressing that you use Autofill.
SiO2: how did you know I didn't type it?
SiO2: >:3c

C2H4: Because it was too quick and you take too long to type out anything.
C2H4: Let alone a hefty user name like 'sugar'. Which by the by, you could just write instead.

SiO2: shut up.
SiO2: are you sending the drone or not?

C2H4: I'll try but It'll be hard to get past IT as well as all your home's defences.
SiO2: i'll try and shut them down when the drones passing by. they will only be down for a bit tho.
C2H4: ok.
---C2H4 has disconnected---
---C2H4 has reconnected---
C2H4: wait, why do you need a drone anyway?
SiO2: i don't
SiO2: C12H22O11 does tho

C2H4: Why?
SiO2: ask her yourself.

The soft lull of lapping waves across the shore on a not-so-busy street calms you. They reach to the sand, then fall back into the murky unknown depths of what we call the ocean. You're in no rush to get to either of those tasks, talking to 'Sugar' or sending this drone to SiO2. There is a time and a place for events like that and it doesn't seem too urgent. So you go about your daily tasks, watering your plants and grabbing some breakfast. Before It arrives home or wakes up. You never know what It is doing really.

After a small montage of watering your plants, you are now ready to go and do whatever seems fit. What will you do?

[] Obtain breakfast
[]Ask 'Sugar' why she needs a drone.

A/N: The Checklist doesn't need to be done, or even completed, you could completely ignore The Checklist if your heart desires and go off and do something else. However, Alex is at your disposal and is waiting.
>Suddenly decide to learn how to make glass sculptures. You'll be making glass swans by week's end.
It dawns on you that you don't have many other hobbies besides caring for your plants and, of course, yourself. Taking your phone out of your pocket, you open Arctic and order a shit-ton of glass, you'll be carving swans out by the end of the week...well, you would if your caretaker didn't have the money. Besides, you've always been a bit clumsy and you'd probably cut yourself knowing you. Maybe you do need a new hobby though, broadening out your horizon for the future.

You put the phone back into your pocket. There's also a 10 Silver in there! What a find. You're not as hungry as you should be in the mornings, or is it early afternoon? You're not quite sure. You check your phone. 08:34.

You have unlocked the talents sheet!

>Go get some breakfast. Demand pancakes dipped in french toast batter and prepared like french toast. Orange juice too.
(02-02-2019, 12:20 PM)typeandkey Wrote: »>Go get some breakfast. Demand pancakes dipped in french toast batter and prepared like french toast. Orange juice too.

Have it with extra demand. On the pancakes, not on the side.
Noot noot doot doot.

[Image: 47325.png]
You get a sudden craving for some 'German Toast ' and some orange juice; rather 'pancakes dipped in french toast batter and prepared like french toast' and orange juice. Which is weird, considering you've never eaten french toast before. It also seems rather unhealthy but you'll let yourself slide a little today, everyone has an off day. Pushing open the white bedroom door, you're met with your hallway. It's an average hallway, with pine wooden floorboards and a few pictures of you and your mother and father hanging up on the wall. And some fake plants. You'd much rather have your house be like a giant terrarium but there is kind of a high force stopping you from doing that. You mean that literally, not like a god or something, though that would be cool.

In front of you is the bannister/stairs whilst to your left is a storage room and your right your parent's room and the bathroom. You can no longer hear the distant waves from the beach not-too-far-away. Sighing, you descend downstairs, keeping your guard up for any surprise ambushes. Which would be none, you live in a nice neighbourhood.

Downstairs is the lounge room that also has a door that most would refer to as 'the front door'. from the lounge, you can go to the kitchen or the study that are either side of each other. The lounge has brown carpet and white walls with teal flowers climbing up it. Two couches sit nearby a TV and fireplace and a rug is sprawled out across the floor. Some books are put away on the bookshelf that you had left out last night, meaning that somebody or something has cleaned up after you. You shiver at the thought.

Heading into the kitchen you realize that you don't have the right equipment to actually make the battered pancakes, but you can still make pancakes. And of course orange juice. That's always stocked. Always. Clicking on the hob, you take out a pan and some pourable pancake mixture from the cupboard. Pouring in the mixture you take a small gander at the kitchen. There are large windows that look out onto the streets and a small glimpse of the ocean not too far off. Some people look like they're playing a game of volleyball or is that netted catch? You can never tell the difference. Shuffling the mixture, you get ready to flip the pancake soon, watching it take some form of wobbly lines.


You look back out of the window, pocket buzzing once, then again, yet you don't pay it any mind. The other side of the pancake is golden, but a little crispy in one place. Oh well, nobody's perfect. The scene outside is the same as usual-wait no. It's not. The people-no person on the beach looks like they're running away, abandoning their game. You could've sworn there were more people. The small silhouette of the ball bounces across the sand. Perhaps they were kids just being called inside?

The front door creaks open you could hear the lock clicking the moment the key was put in. You almost freeze at the hob if it wasn't for your pancakes. You really wanted these and you are going to have them. Perhaps whoever just entered your house brought some French toast batter that you could dip this in. Sure, it's too late to make this pancake the perfect 'German Toast' but it doesn't mean you can't do it to the rest.

The pancake is flipped onto a plate you had also gotten out and the hob is turned off. You'll wait and see if they have some french toast batter. Footsteps tap against the floorboard rhythmically, then stop.

"Alex, are you downstairs? I can smell burning." A voice calls out.

You don't reply, instead, taking a glass from the cupboard and putting it against the counter. Orange Juice time. Taking the carton of juice from the side, you start pouring yourself a glass when-

"Oh thank god you're alright. You couldn't have at least made a noise to let me know you were in here? It would have been very beneficial. I could have mistaken you for a burglar."

IT comes into the kitchen. And not that weird clown that everyone seems to be fawning over on the internet, as one of your friends have shown you- it's not a pretty sight, but someone who you've been entrusted into the care of for some god-forbidden reason. IT says it's your uncle but you know that it's not.

>Immediately bombard the alleged Uncle with requests for the french toast batter. He has to have some stashed somewhere. He's holding out on you.
You make grabby hand gestures and an angry face at the alleged uncle. He raises a blonde eyebrow at you and smiles, "What? What do you want Alex?"

You grab the whiteboard off of the wall and instantly scribble down some words onto it, 'Are you holding out on French toast batter?'

Your 'uncle' laughs, placing the shopping bag down onto the counter, 'Well?' This was no laughing matter, you were actually really intrigued on how this pancake-toast thing would taste like. 'Tell me so-called-uncle'.

He stops laughing as he reads what you had just written, "I know you don't like me that much Alex, so if calling me uncle doesn't make you feel comfortable, you can just call me Daniel,"

Daniel pauses, "On French Toast batter though, I actually just downloaded a recipe on different types of French toast so I made quite a few batter batches at my cookery class. I turned up late so I couldn't make them there. Would you like some?"

You nod rapidly, almost cheering as you take the container of batter. Daniel then proceeds to pull out two more containers full to the brim with batter. They look like they could hold 2 litres of water in them if you guessed. For once in his life, you think the man must've been useful.

Experimentally, you open the lid, the smell of cinnamon and vanilla filling your senses. Daniel has his back turned, so you dip a finger into the batter and give it a quick taste. Nice. Turning the hob back on, you grab the pancake you made earlier and submerge it into the batter. Flopping it into the pan, you almost smile as it sizzles, still slightly hot from when you last had it turned on. Outside, the sky seems to have dimmed, dark clouds covering what had used to be a sunny day. The high-tide is coming in from what it looks like. Which is normal if you live near the beach. This early though? That does surprise you.


You can hear Daniel moving about behind you as another impatient buzz sounds in your back pocket. This time, they're waiting, no matter how long. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you skip that, you might as well say goodbye to having a good day.

It sounds like he's actually been shopping whilst out too. Another container of Orange juice is placed next to the one on the side as well as two tin cans that you don't bother reading the labels of. You're too engrossed in the making of this awesome-ass thing. When you think the batter looks golden enough, you flip the thick 'German toast' onto the plate again. For toppings, you simply don some maple syrup. You can't go wrong with that, can you?

"Looks good chef!" Daniel praises, patting your shoulder.

You glower at the man as you take a fork and cut into the odd combination. Daniel can shut up. Sure, he saved your ass in your quest for oddly delicious breakfast foods, but it doesn't stop you from hating him.

Your Checklist has been updated!

>Tell Sugar about the absolutely fantastic breakfast you just had. Drone on and on about it and how she should try it. Oh yeah, something about something she wanted, but bottom line:breakfast was good.
RE: Sarin
You flop down onto the couch, pulling out your phone and checking those notifications. All three of them were from SiO2 but you don't bother reading them. You open 'C12H22O11''s chat log and decide to message her.

Well shit, look like the world has gone to, shit. Those videos just keep coming on and on. Havoc is being wrecked upon the world, even live streams are being cut short due to people dying on them. You never really thought that the world would come to this. You sigh, looking at a picture of your mother and you that's over the fireplace/TV. They look so happy with a bundle of baby in their arms and a brown and white spaniel. Daniel doesn't seem to be noticing the painful screams from outside.

Then suddenly, the house shakes. Any natural lighting has gone out. and the creaks and cracks of floorboards sound throughout the house. Daniel comes rushing into the room, panicking.

"Alex, what's going on!" The couch slides and books fall off of the bookcase.

You shrug as you slide along with the couch, thumping against the wall and jumping slightly. The windows start to crack and small leaks of water start to flood into the room. Then the darkness is gone, water flooding and filling up the room.

The checklist has been updated!

RE: Sarin
[Image: tumblr_pmlxz97Acf1wqpwz3_1280.jpg]
RE: Sarin
>Ah, good, water. You won't need to take a bath now.
>Is that really a problem, though? The end of the world, I mean. You've just had the best breakfast in the whole of creation, there's not really anywhere to go but down at this point. Best to just ride the high point until the curtains close. (Wow, that's really deep, man.)
RE: Sarin
>Close your mouth, close your mouth, close your mouth!
>Also, how's douchebag uncle Daniel?
RE: Sarin
You suppose the burning of your lungs isn't so bad. After all, the end of the world isn't so bad if you've just discovered some cool new breakfast material...but to be fair, it's not even that great now that your thinking about it. Is it really that good? You ponder why your thoughts don't really feel like your own for a good few seconds, before realizing that you actually should close your mouth or at least find an air bubble. You'd like to live, you think, and that doesn't entail drowning. Your also very concerned for your plants in your bedroom at the moment, what with them most likely being ruined now as well. Daniel, from what you can see whilst struggling for breath, isn't in sight at all. A sudden snag on your shirt draws you out of the trance as you're pulled back and a loud clamp of metal sounds.

The room is dim and you get some time to choke out some of the sea water you had breathed in. Everything around you is quiet, so-to-speak, and the light of your phone does not provide insight as to where you are. Then suddenly, a small hologram lights up in front of you. Your house is shown on this hologram, still encased in water.

Your name is Daniel and you enjoy baking and any other parental jobs that a parent may have. You have a nephew called Alex and you just want them to be happy, that's all your trying to do. Yet you can't really do that if Alex drowns, can you? On Wednesdays, you have cooking classes with Janet, Mitch and Rosa, but today you were late. Now, your house is encased in water and you don't know what to do.

There's no burning in your lungs, there's no breath you need to take, you are alright.

"Alex!" You call out, hoping to get a response.

To no avail. Alex has disappeared, and you don't know where they are.

Please choose a class for Alex.

RE: Sarin
>What are the specifications for each class?
RE: Sarin
Ghoul - 3 subclasses
{Strength and Charisma}

You live off of the emotions and flesh of others, With a metaphorical, forked tongue and phantasmal powers, you are a mid-ranged fighter. A Sturdy mind and body and tolerance for all things gory will suit a person for this class.

Druid- 4 subclasses
{Constitution and Wisdom}

At one with nature, the druid amoungst forests. You are a far-ranged fighter yet can be close combat if absolutely necessary. With nature on their side, a strong bond with mother nature and a good memory is vital for a druid.

Pirate- 3 subclasses
{Dexterity and Constitution}

On the ocean is where you thrive best, with the ability to keep steady aboard your ship, you are up front and center in a fight. Pirates need good hand-eye coordination as well as a strong backbone and a hearty attitude to life.

Subclasses will become seeable once a class is chosen.
RE: Sarin
RE: Sarin
Noot noot doot doot.

[Image: 47325.png]
RE: Sarin
RE: Sarin
Alex is now a druid.

You now get to pick a subclass from the druid's table:

Desert druids are masters of the wasteland and can easily scavenge for foods in dire situations. They can control sand as well as easily navigating deserts and have a bonus when speaking to desert creatures.

Adept to cold, these druids can survive in a tank top and shorts without getting cold. You are immune to frost damage, have a bonus in cold weather and can commune with arctic-bound creatures easier.

These druids are adept to highland travel and can move quicker in these areas, they can control rock and can commune with mountain-found creatures easier.

Born in the flames, fire druids are a rare kind. They are immune to fire damage, have a bonus when talking to fire-bound creatures and can easily navigate any magma areas.
RE: Sarin
>Arctic powers sound cool.
RE: Sarin
[Image: tumblr_pn10s4WbN81xkrnapo1_1280.png]

Alex is now an Arctic Druid.

>Be Alex
>Be Daniel
>Be someone else
RE: Sarin
>Well, we just gave Alex some cool new powers, let's try them out.
RE: Sarin
>Alex: look around the room you just appeared in.
RE: Sarin
The room you're in isn't spacious, your legs are drawn up to your chest and the hologram before you fills the room with pale, blue light. The walls are metal and get smaller at the top, some seawater you just spat out is dampening your socks (because who wears shoes inside their own house? Certainly not you.). Your palms rest on your knees as you take care not to bang your head. The room isn't cold and the metal doesn't feel cold. In fact, it feels about room temperature.

You shift a little bit to get a look at the hologram in front of you. As you do so, a few small buds rise out of your palms. You easily recognise these flowers as they bloom, staring at them in amazement. A Cyclamen, a bundle of Hawthorn and a red Geranium. This is freaky, you think, freaky and awesome. Carefully, you shift the flowers off of your hand and rest them on your crotch. It's honestly the safest place for them right now. Lucky nobody else can see this, or else they'd call you flower-dick or something like that.

The Hologram doesn't look interactive, more like a window to what your drowned living room looks like. A fish or two floats through a window, yet are quickly snatched up by something black.


{I'll be adding some images to future posts after this post, this may vary from digital to physical. Currently, only Daniel and Alex can be controlled and multiple commands may be suggested. You can switch between the two at any time.}