Notail Leader Assassin OOC chat

Notail Leader Assassin OOC chat
Notail Leader Assassin OOC chat
So Great Fuade and myself took the idea of "what if there was a guy who has technically killed so many notail leaders, they're technically in a position to inherit enough leadership roles that we could have a constitutional crisis."

The catch is, this guy is so good at covering his murder tracks that nobody knows who it is. Nobody knows who the replacement position should be handed to. So the leaders get cloned and the government remains low key embarrassed.

Why I've made a thread for this is because it's more fun if a cosmosdex entry reflected what an unknown this character is and could incorporate some Zodiac Liller-level theorizing.

So. We'd like to make an RP thread, where folks pretend to be a cosmosdex editor and we show off the evidence we've documented and argue about what it means for our killer's identity. The resulting tire fire of a thread can be linked at the bottom of the Notail Asssassin article for future internet arguments archivists to enjoy.

I'd like to nail down some "characters" in this OOC chat first before making an actual thread.
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What if one of them is actually a contract killer who harshly critiques the methods used
"Sodium nitrate? Are you kidding me? I didn't know this was amateur hour!"
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Possible identities of our master assassin (choose one for your character and defend it to the death, or have no real agenda and just rock up for the banter):

-rogue U class
-immortal alien of unknown species
-anomaly (everyone feels this is a cop out answer)
-O-1's true identity
-An O-12 who survived and is back from the shadows for vengeance
- a whole secret society of O-12 survivors
-a notail who has secret government support and has their own clone line, sometimes called o-13
-a group of people who have just. Committed to needling the notail leadership, and also committed to pretending they are just 1 person
RE: Notail Leader Assassin OOC chat
-Metaparxi rebellion
-Weird publicity stunt pulled off by the O-Class, AKA they're doing it to themselves Because Reasons
-The universe realizes that a cloned person has died before and keeps trying to correct the "mistake" of the person not being dead
-"He wasn't shot. His head just did that"
-Nobody died at all. That's just what they want you to think
-A massive, contrived set of coincidences that only happen to class leaders
RE: Notail Leader Assassin OOC chat
-Direct divine intervention
-Publicity stunt for an upcoming movie (Who cares, they come back anyway right?)

-Person who wanted tech support, came to the wrong forum and is now deeply invested in the debate
-Person whose posts have all been deleted by the forum moderator, and whose opinions now only exist in people's refutations thereof
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