[Kindoms of Tunalis]

[Kindoms of Tunalis]
[Kindoms of Tunalis]
Its been quite some time since you played this game, much less played it modded, you barely remember what you had since you left off.
You open the mod-list and check if they are all enabled.
Seems all of them are.
You dont quite remember what you were doing before you stopped playing, and dont even remember what Medievaltuna even did, but before you even can try to remember, your patron speaks to you.

[Athena]: COPLAYER! Where in THE NEO'S DOMAIN have you been?
[Ye]: I have been playing other games Athena, i apologize for my absence.
[Athena]: Its been FOREVER!
[Athena]: Please don't leave me like that EVER AGAIN!
[Ye]: Right, once again i apologize athena.

You check your saved games and find a save named "Step on the snek.".
There is only one Traveler alive out 7.
Very Encouraging.
You kick back and relax while you wait for the game to load.

An armored generic is standing in front of a gigantic snake in a cave, holding a sword and a torch.
The snake seems familiar.
The Snake: Fool, you hope to kill me? With that puny sword of yours? How idiotic, i pity you.
The snake: Do you wish for a fair fight?
Generic: Of course i do.
The snake: Too bad.
The snake charges at incredibly high speeds and swallows them whole.
[Bob has been slain]

[Game over]

[Athena]: COPLAYER! Why did you not do anything?
[Ye]: Oh well. I tried.
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Welp, that was a fun game, 10/10. We should probably check out the shop now to see what this "infinite patron slots" thing is about because that just sounds awesome, and a little op, but mainly awesome.
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>Reboot the game.
RE: [Kindoms of Tunalis]
You open the shop, and head to the patron shop section.
[Fortuna rolls 5 dice]
The patron's portraits appear, replacing most of the menu until you pick a patron.

Coeus - Knowledge God / Who?
As a patron Coeus will tell the player the name of one quest at each location on a planet before the player picks a location to land. Coeus will also tell the player how hard the quest are, normally noting if one of the quests has an especially rare reward.
Coeus can auto complete a quest for the player once every three planets, thus giving the player the reward without doing any work. This reward tends to be reduced. The player is not able to pick how the quest is auto compeleted as it is picked at Coeus discretion, which is commonly a coin flip.

Jupiter - Sky God / Thunder King
As a patron, Jupiter will choose a secondary patron to join him even if the player is currently unable to have a second patron at all. If at the time of selecting Jupiter the player already has a patron, he will replace them with his own choice of patron AI. Jupiter will then allow the player to pick one first gen AI and put them in their crew to control, with some limitations. Jupiter will also strike down characters under the player’s control as well as the other patron on the team without permission if he feels the either one has committed a great crime.

Somnus - Sleep God / Furry Trash
Somnus does not grant anything for being the player’s patron other than the fact that he will appear at the start of the game as the crew’s pet. Many of the harder-to-befriend gods are easier to befriend with Somnus as a patron.

Cupid - Love God / Love Child
As patron Cupid allows the player the power to use his bow and arrows. Every two planets the player gets two arrows. The first shot will always hit its target, but the second shot only has a 50% chance of hitting its mark. If it fails it will instead hit someone else at random. The two or more people who are hit by the arrows at the same time will fall deeply in love, or hate, if that is what the player wanted.
If they are in love they will be guaranteed to have children if they live till the end of the game and it is possible for them to have children. If they are shot by arrows of hate though, the two will likely fight each other to the death the moment they lock eyes again.

Ananke - Fate God / Intelligent pet
As a patron, Ananke will tell the player about upcoming events that are for sure to happen unless extreme circumstances or the player's intervention stop it. These events are typically quest lines that will pop up or characters who will soon appear. Ananke may even be asked where certain characters are currently located to assist with finding them. Many of what Ananke says has to be decoded as she will typically speak in riddles or seemingly gibberish statements. Should the player ever get bored of Ananke's monotoned statements, they are allowed to request that she'd take over a specific character to give her more personality and create a more unique acting patron. This does not improve or degrade her powers. Once Ananke is finished using them, they will be returned safely to where they belong with no memory of the event.

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> Ananke and Coeus, we'll know everything about quest lines with this duo!
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RE: [Kindoms of Tunalis]
>Ananke and Cupid
RE: [Kindoms of Tunalis]
(02-07-2019, 04:24 AM)bappitybapcat Wrote: »> Ananke and Coeus, we'll know everything about quest lines with this duo!


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