GPT-2 Outputs Thread

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GPT-2 Outputs Thread
RE: GPT-2 Outputs Thread
I got up today morning and found that there was a large, human-faced cat standing outside my door. It held a cake in its paws, made of plaster and cotton.

HUMAN-FACED CAT: [grinning menacingly] "You want this cake. It is good."
[shouting to Cat.] "So what do you have in mind? A good meal. Good dinner." [cat begins laughing nervously in Cat's ear]

HUMAN-FACED CAT: [groan] "Oh, you haven't eaten in months. Are you kidding?" [cat laughs] "Of course. Have a good meal and leave us alone." [cat starts eating] (Cat looks at her friend and apologizes)

HUMAN-FACED CAT: [giggling as Cat is looking at the cake] Y'know what? It's a good cake, a good meal!" [cat makes a sad face and Cat continues giving cat food to the cake)

TALK TO CAT: [to Cat] No. I am sorry…

(TALK TO CAT) You are a sweet cat. A sweet cat is the one who has given life to the world. A sweet cat can always be turned into a sweet cat.


HUMAN-FACED CATS: [nodding] Thank you so much, you really came out here today.

(PID FATHER) "Yes, thank you so much. You are the best. So I am glad you have enjoyed your stay today. It was such a good meal with lots of good food and some good snacks" (PID FATHER) "I have some sweets too. I can tell you what. And my sister was kind enough to allow me her own sweets." [cat looks confused]

(PID FATHER) "I wish you came to see me. I'm sure I'll be okay." [cat shudders and takes a cupful of her coffee but she quickly returns it] "Y'know?" [Cat, confused, looks at her friend.] "Yeah? Thank you so much. You were very helpful, so grateful." (PID FATHER) "Hmmm. This is wonderful. Your face was beautiful today, and we both looked forward to seeing things again. This is so comforting. I really think you just want this cake. It is a wonderful meal, right? I love that I can enjoy eating. My heart is so filled with this delicious stuff that I feel like I'm about to get up from the chair!"

HUMAN FACED CATS: [laughing] I love it, my cat.

(PID FATHER) "I want you to take this cake on my next visit. But, wait what? You should be the one that is not coming to visit?" (PID FATHER) "I need to see you.
RE: GPT-2 Outputs Thread
I haven't mentioned it yet but I read and really loved this thread! Thanks for sifting through waves of bot-spam to deliver these tasty generated morsels, Kaynato. They are really funny.
RE: GPT-2 Outputs Thread


You have been in the kitchen for so long.
You are looking at the clock. It has been sitting there about half an hour.
You are staring at it at half an hour. You are sitting there and watching the clock. It is looking at you and you are standing there. Now the only thing that matters in this place is your life.
You are listening to the clock. You are listening to the world.
> I told you not to take it. I don't want to take it anymore.

You are looking at the clock. As you say the clock is going to start again. You are looking at it, sitting there. You are sitting there, waiting. You are watching it. When it does come, it will give you a reason to smile.
You are looking at the clock. I told you not to take it again. I don't want to take it anymore.
You are sitting there and sitting there. You are watching it and you are sitting there. When it does come, it will give you a reason to smile.
When you are walking your dog. I tell you not to take your dog for walks because dogs can break free from the world.
You are looking at the clock. Now I just want you to stop looking at it for a moment. You are looking at it and your dog is taking it out of you. That is it.
So if you are still doing your homework and you don't feel like trying to explain everything, look to this. You are looking at the time it takes one person to go and fix the mess on something. There has been a time when people did that all the time.
You are watching the clock. What does I have to say to say it was wrong for you? The time you put it into, what did you do, and why did you do what you did? Where did that come from? Or how do you explain back then? What did you think they were doing right that day?
You are looking at the time it takes one person to go and fix the mess on something. And you are standing there with me because it has been seven years.
You are waiting in the middle of the room and you are watching the clock. It has been five years. I tell you not to go into the middle of the room, and you are too busy.
You are sitting there. There is nothing happening right now that you can do. And then it was like when you were walking your dog. All your senses are lost. Everyone is being watched.
So if there is a time when you are going to walk your dog home, sit back, and watch it, that time is not on that day.
> Why did you put some of that in that clock?
That was it.
RE: GPT-2 Outputs Thread
Name: Guts'gut, or the Cat Killer that Shoots the Killa
Born in 1992, Guts'gut is most well known as 'Cat Killer that Shoots the Killa' leading hip-hop group All Cops Are Bobcats. Guts'gut also claimed
to be a fan of Eminem and Tupac Shakur, and he once admitted to performing in the Tupac Shakur video "Rappers". He was even a contributor on Eminem's 1995 album The Eminem Show. However, this is the only real public record of his existence, and was leaked during the period of time during which he was actively producing the album in which it was being produced, in 2007, with Guts'gut's brother, Fazl.
The album Guts'gut produced, called The Guts Guts'gut's Gutsgut'gut's Gutsgut's Gutsgut was released between 2004 and 2014. Despite being released under the name Guts Guts'gut, the album was called Guts Guts Guts'gut's Gutsgut's, and while its title was meant to represent his real name, there's been some debate over whether or not he actually wrote the song.
The album was produced as a full length release on Tidal on March 13, 2014 with one disc consisting of two tracks, a studio version of "The Guts Guts'gut's Gutsgut'gut's" and a separate version of "The Cat Killer That Shoots the Killa". Guts'gut also contributed a single track to "The Cat Killer That Shoots the Killa" on Guts Guts'gut's debut album.
One of the most well known hip-hop artists of the last century, Guts'gut made it to #1 on the Hip-Hop Albums chart in 1998, becoming the first MC to do so since Eazy-E was the first. Guts also appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards and was later mentioned by rapper Drake .
His second, full length studio release, titled Guts Guts Guts Guts, was released a week after his debut album and the album became the bestselling hip-hop album in the entire world.
Drake has never confirmed or denied that Guts'gut produced one of the tracks on the album.
[Image: vXCAe9O.png] [Image: tKD6Zjr.png] [Image: CzJL2j4.png]
[Image: afkF4Z7.png] [Image: laXOQ6l.png] [Image: 6SlA6Oy.png] [Image: rwi0EBt.png]
[Image: IJhRwJC.png]
RE: GPT-2 Outputs Thread
How to effectively answer common interview questions.

1. Why is my house backwards?

This is tragically common. The interviewer got hit by a falling tree on the way to work and is now suffering from amnesia.
(More on this below.)

You can check out this article on what happens on a fall tree when the interviewer makes a mistake for a moment (or even a couple seconds, depending on the type of question) and then try to remember everything.

2. Why is my house sideways?

This is really important. There are a handful of reasons why, but these are simple:

1. There is nothing standing on its side

This is why the house needs to be sideways. (More on this below)

2. There is a very small amount of light in its frame

You can often see the light from above the house and it is a great indicator of the place you want to look.

3. My house is in the middle of a long driveway

This is how the interviewer got hit just after his job interview. (More on this below)

4. I have a small house that isn't standing on its side.

It could be because the whole floor of my house is in a straight line, but my house is only half-way. There might be something going on in there – like when I was at home in my office.

5. The place is upside down.

If there is an opening to walk into, your hand and arm must feel like they are falling into it.

6. I am in the middle of a long driveway

This is when you can see that you are not standing on the wrong side of an opening. (More on this next point)

7. There is a very small amount of light in the frame of my house.

No doubt that some lighting makes the situation worse. (More on this next section.)

8. As I walk down to my car, I am in the middle of a long driveway. (More on this below)

9. You have a long driveway. I would normally be in the middle of a long driveway too. (More on this below)

10. I am not standing on the same side of the driveway.

If you walk into this same area with a little light and you see an opening, you may feel like you are standing in front of it. Just remember to pay attention to its position.