daily drawings

daily drawings
RE: daily drawings
April 9 2019


One of my favorites. I played around with the brick texture here.

[Image: s2019_04_09_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 10 2019

Kaynato Wrote:wrt the scenery, it's like... mostly i think about "breath"

sometimes, i break my own rules and make very "packed" backgrounds.... it changes the mood...

usually my favorites are the ones where there's "air" but also "form."

recently i've been generally a bit sick but i've kept up anyway... hopefully it's ok!

i colored an old drawing to use as an avatar on another forum...

[Image: s2019_04_10_01.jpg]

[Image: 2019_03_21_col.png?raw=1]
RE: daily drawings
April 11 2019

[Image: s2019_04_11_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 12 2019


impostor syndrome visualized

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RE: daily drawings
April 13 2019


Barely salvaged this one from the ever-growing pile of rejected attempts at the corner of my desk.

Also tried drawing digital, for once in months...

[Image: s2019_04_13_01.jpg]

[Image: s2019_04_13_02.png]
RE: daily drawings
April 14 2019


[Image: s2019_04_14_01.jpg]

Kaynato Wrote:and... just too precious not to post

[Image: s2019_04_14_02.png]
RE: daily drawings
April 15 2019

Wool sweater returns again! The grass style here returns a lot more... For some reason I connected it in my head to "it's something for negative events."

[Image: s2019_04_15_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 16 2019

Kaynato Wrote:a52 commented that the style seemed similar to "the little prince" so i had a go with a rather direct reference!

[Image: s2019_04_16_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 17 2019

Kaynato Wrote:not a very good day... i had fun texturing the road and drawing cattails though

[Image: s2019_04_17_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 18 2019

Kaynato Wrote:cattails and water ripples and a tree

a bit off model today...

[Image: s2019_04_18_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 19 2019

Kaynato Wrote:i really really really really like the crow in this drawing. i love it.

[Image: s2019_04_19_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 20 2019

Kaynato Wrote:procrastination........... i tried to express that feeling of being frustrated with myself.

[Image: s2019_04_20_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 21 2019

Kaynato Wrote:do you discard your self
in the overgrown fields
a lost doll wandering
further and lost evermore

[Image: s2019_04_21_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 22 2019

Kaynato Wrote:i don't understand what i drew but it's ok? brush stroke experimentation is always decent to do

[Image: s2019_04_22_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 23 2019

Kaynato Wrote:a bit out of it cos i'm swamped with schoolwork................................

this one is mostly "trying out how to make shape and light through flat brush splatter strokes" which is p neat........

but not much other complexity in this

i feel like i'm tracing a wall in the dark right now, so i wanted to express that at the same time

[Image: s2019_04_23_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 24 2019

[Image: s2019_04_24_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 25 2019

Kaynato Wrote:"i am completely doomed very soon, but instead of doing anything to avoid it i seem to just be preparing to accept it..."

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RE: daily drawings
April 26 2019

Now we're caught up... I post these usually at the end of the day as a reference to the day that just went by, sometimes (usually) past midnight...

Kaynato Wrote:feeling of uncertainty

[Image: s2019_04_26_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 27 2019

Kaynato Wrote:where the arctic gusts
ferociously roar,
knives in the wind
and shards of ice
slashing in the din

[Image: s2019_04_27_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 28 2019

Pulled an all-nighter trying to finish work to desperately not fail a course...

[Image: s2019_04_28_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
April 29 2019

Running on fumes, tired, upset, confused, but apparently I still have a chance.

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RE: daily drawings
April 30 2019

[Image: s2019_04_30_01.jpg]

everything hurts
RE: daily drawings
Hey, just dropping in to say I really like your stuff! There's a dream-like quality to it that I like
RE: daily drawings
thank you so much for enjoying these. it is sort of like an expression of "dreams..." very personal to me. i let each picture go as "it intends." (though when i "don't get the right muse" i will scrap it)

i didn't die, so i continued drawing

may 1

slept early for a final

[Image: s2019_05_01_01.jpg]

may 2

slept in the morning after an all-nighter doing projects...

[Image: s2019_05_02_01.jpg]

may 3

felt kind of terrible. very "still" day

[Image: s2019_05_03_01.jpg]

may 4

wanted to just draw something comfy... the day itself wasn't very productive. i can't do all-nighters anymore...

[Image: s2019_05_04_01.jpg]

may 5

sometimes there's a sort of poignant feeling you might have.

i wrote a poem

Of faraway lights, sights and futures without
Under solitude, times muted, unsaid now
Reflective pitch black, lacking knowledge of how
We would walk again, when memory goes out

[Image: s2019_05_05_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
last few days i was pulling a whole bunch of all nighters doing crazy amounts of work for final course projects...

quality fluctuated here and there and i noticed my texturing brush was seriously running out of ink.. i'll have to buy more

for some reason the "struggling with course project" manifested as a consistent symbol in a few drawings???

may 6

[Image: s2019_05_06_01.jpg]

may 7

[Image: s2019_05_07_01.jpg]

may 8

[Image: s2019_05_08_01.jpg]

(finished today morning)

may 9

(went back after a while... there was a feeling i couldn't describe to this. it's like an old photo you'd find on a social media feed that you forgot.)

(went back after even longer... wrote a small thing)

an old social media photo you forgot years ago
of a place that you don't remember clearly anymore
forgotten nostalgia, clothes in corners of dusty boxes
tepid tracks and overgrown fields, ponds since drained away

[Image: s2019_05_09_01.jpg]