daily drawings

daily drawings
RE: daily drawings
week is weird and generally low-energy

may 10

[Image: s2019_05_10_01.jpg]

may 11

[Image: s2019_05_11_01.jpg]

may 12

[Image: s2019_05_12_01.jpg]

may 13

disintegrating world

[Image: s2019_05_13_01.jpg]

may 14

[Image: s2019_05_14_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
may 15

a natural scene. have i incorporated the script into the scenery before?

i think it's one of my favorites now... very cozy.

[Image: s2019_05_15_01.jpg]

may 16

i thought back to some of the gardens and parks from my childhood hometown.

[Image: s2019_05_16_01.jpg]

may 17

"unnecessary burdens..."

doing things that make your life difficult and don't do anything useful for you or anyone else...

the windmill flower is always a symbol of negativity for some reason.

[Image: s2019_05_17_01.jpg]

may 18

light showers

[Image: s2019_05_18_01.jpg]

RE: daily drawings
may 19


[Image: s2019_05_19_01.jpg]

(a bit simpler than recent drawings... i think i need a new pen. upward lighting has a cool effect too...)
RE: daily drawings
may 20


[Image: s2019_05_20_01.jpg]

may 21

"nightmare" or "disintegrated world"

[Image: s2019_05_21_01.jpg]
RE: daily drawings
may 23

[Image: s2019_05_23_01.jpg]

may 24

[Image: s2019_05_24_01.jpg]

may 25

[Image: s2019_05_25_01.jpg]

may 26

[Image: s2019_05_26_01.jpg]

may 27

[Image: s2019_05_27_01.jpg]

may 28

[Image: s2019_05_28_01.jpg]

may 29

[Image: s2019_05_29_01.jpg]

may 30

[Image: s2019_05_30_01.jpg]

may 31

[Image: s2019_05_31_01.jpg]

june 01

[Image: s2019_06_01_01.jpg]

june 02

[Image: s2019_06_02_01.jpg]

june 03

[Image: s2019_06_03_01.jpg]

june 04

[Image: s2019_06_04_01.jpg]

june 05

[Image: s2019_06_05_01.jpg]

june 06

[Image: s2019_06_06_01.jpg]