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This is a mirror of the same adventure on MSPFA.com, but given that it's not much of a fan adventure, I thought it would be more appropriate here. This is the second quest type story I've ever done, so I'm still learning the ropes both in terms of the kitsch and the drawing (you'll notice these panels aren't very carefully drawn). If you like what you see at all, please leave a suggestion, it helps me make more pages.

> Play.

[Image: wilhelm.png]

Your name is Wilhelm, a prospective writer and recreational violinist. You have travelled all across Europe in an attempt to escape your life of poverty, finding refuge in the most unlikely of places. This foreign empire has been quite hospitable to you since you answered their secret telegram back in Paris, but you can't help the nauseous sense of alarm bubbling within your belly.

Nevertheless, you are an English speaker. You are an invaluable asset to these people and they are willing to pay a generous price for your service. You stand alone in your sun-kissed lodging. What will you do?

> Kiss sun back.

[Image: kiss.gif]

You try fruitlessly to return the favour.

> Pick up fiddle.

[Image: fiddle.png]

You never learned to fiddle, so for now we'll call it your VIOLIN. You are about to dive right into a haunting refrain when you realise you must've left your BOW back in Europe.

You can't believe you'd be so negligent.

> Examine book.

[Image: authorialtome.png]

It's your AUTHORIAL TOME. You use it to practice prose and write shorter fiction. You consider piecing together a few verselets, but it seems you forgot your PRICELESS FOUNTAIN PEN too.

Jesus, you really are a screw-up.

> Look at spectacles.

[Image: reAdingglasses.png]

Why, they're your reading glasses. You use them to light ants on fire.

> Next.

[Image: bakh.gif]

It looks like someone's at your door. You wonder if it's the men come to bring you your furniture.

> Next.

[Image: door1.png]

[Image: door2.png]

What's this?

> Read letter.

[Image: letter.png]


We hope you're enjoying your accommodations, we went through a lot of trouble to organize this for you. It will all be worth it, I'm sure, once your extramundane literary skills and vast knowledge of European happenings broadens the influence of our mighty empire.

You will be notified of your first article within the next three days, and will be paid quite handsomely upon finishing it. In the interim, you are forbidden from leaving the apartment premises. It's unfortunate, I know, but we simply cannot entirely trust you just yet.

I hope you understand that by being here and being paid in the way that you are, we are extending a great kindness to you. Please do not spoil it.

Your new friend,


> Look out window for this Avtokrat guy.

[Image: door3.png]

Your door does not have a window.

> Set letter alight using reading glasses.

[Image: light.gif]

[Image: fire.gif]

[Image: ashes.png]


This ability will be available to you for as long as you have the spectacles in your inventory.

You're sure glad that fire didn't spread to your extremely flammable living quarters.

> Collect ashes.

[Image: ash.png]

You store the ASHES in your inventory.

> Set fire to door.

[Image: burndoor.png]

Let's ignore for a moment the fact that doing such a thing would make you a state enemy. You doubt your glasses could produce enough heat to light up the door. Perhaps if you had something to stoke a larger flame, like a disposable piece of paper, you could set something like a door on fire. Something like that note that you so carelessly burnt.

> Open door and look for messenger.

[Image: newroom.png]

Hello? Avtokrat? Mrs. Godunov?

> Next.

[Image: outside.png]

No one is here. The messenger must have took off while you were busy shitting about in your room.

> Open gate.

[Image: outside2.png]

It's locked. You'll need to find a key, or maybe some sort of blunt object.

> Inspect poster.

[Image: outside3.png]

It's a flyer for a musical performer, Anastasiya. You've been told she's lodging in this very cottage, but you've yet to meet her. This particular show is titled "The Harvester".

> Check dates on the poster.

[Image: date.jpg]

It mustn't be a very popular show, because there's only a single date on the poster. It's difficult to make out in the dark, but it's slotted for exactly a week from now.

>Take poster.

[Image: takeposter.png]

You're sure no one will mind if you take this with you. It's quite an odd place for a poster anyway. Probably Anastasiya herself put it here.

> Descend downstairs.

[Image: backroom.png]

You descend into the BACK-ROOM. It's awfully drafty down here.

> Open door.

[Image: backroom2.png]

This door leads into the cottage proper, but it's locked. The handle is icy to the touch.
RE: Harvester
What's at the other end of the back room?
RE: Harvester
Whats on that barrel?
RE: Harvester
Retrieve violin

(Love the art style you've got for thus adventure! Welcome to the forums!)
RE: Harvester
>Use lens lighter on door handle
Feel free to check out my adventure
Or maybe my music
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RE: Harvester
>You probably should be looking for a pencil or something to write with.