red dust.

red dust.
red dust.
[Image: 1.png]

entombed within a prison of red, you have waited for almost an eternity. as your body rusts from millenia of disuse, the smell of raw iron permeates the air. alongside it, wails of your fellow heretics. at least, those who still remember how to scream.

[Image: 2.png]

your eyes are pierced by a brilliant light, as the door opens.

[Image: 3.png]

the haggard man's steps crunch against bone and dust, as the light shines into your cell.
"You. You must.. escape. None of these fools have any chance, myself included. This... this chance cannot be wasted on a poor soul like mine. I see it in you. Your infinite possibility. You will cleanse this befouled land..."

he coughs suddenly, splattering something onto the floor. he looks at you, one final time, as he passes a ring of burning light through the bars.

as you take it, he joins the others remains, as a mound of dust and bone.

[Image: 4.png]

the ring burns your tired flesh, but you cannot bring yourself to let go of it. it entrances you, and in the center, a flame flickers to life. it wafts into you, and you are drenched in intense, purifying pain.

you are CLEANSED. who were you, before all this began... and why are you special?
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RE: red dust.
Hmh. Here's some possibilities, to kick this off.

Aroch, Former TyrantShow

Grimsea, Gilded HungererShow

Aquaragia, Murderous AlchemistShow

Nameless WandererShow

The first three, frankly, belong here. The fourth may or may not, as a blank sheet is wont to be.
Yet, not everyone in these dungeons is a monstrous criminal, surely?
Perhaps some of them were falsely imprisoned, and could even be considered 'heroic'. We will see.
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RE: red dust.
You were a stage magician. You traveled from place to place, bringing entertainment with you.

It was said that you performed not merely tricks, but miracles. More than once, after your visit, rain came to a village suffering from drought. Or a plague broke out, but missed one village where you had stopped by. Once you even performed in the middle of a warzone, and just days later, the two sides came to their first peace agreement in ten years.

Even now, you have no idea how all of that kept happening. It just seemed as if you left good fortune in your wake.
RE: red dust.
I was Agatha, the once feared captain of a ship now lost to the ocean deep, victim to the wailing sirens of the black seas. What made me stand out from your average flock was the ability to navigate the land and sea, no maps or compasses needed.
RE: red dust.
A wanderer without a home, the only thing you accomplished was basic survival. This is your chance to do something greater.
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RE: red dust.
Your name was Aland
You barely remember it but you believed in things that nobody else believed. Saw things that nobody else saw. But in this world, any opposition to the "divine" was punished by being condemned to a false hell. Of course you were bunched in with the truly vile people. Yet those who followed his word, even if they were murderers, thieves, frauds, or warlords, were spared.
Your name was Lavinia
You barely remember it but you made a deal. You knew what would happen. In fact, you wanted it to happen. The motive wasn't in what you would get, but what they would get. Your soul. It was important that you were here. Enough to sacrifice eternal happiness. Enough to conspire with demons. Enough to associate with murderers. Enough to be here.
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RE: red dust.
You are an android. One of millions. Your original creators were very nice, but some empire declared an inter-galactic war, and enslaved your creators. All robots are being either destroyed or tortured due to religious reasons. What you got was actually a drive with an anti-virus, and some power.
RE: red dust.
[Image: 5.png]

A blinding flash of light erupts from the ring, as you reminisce on the past before you entered this cursed place.

You were AGATHA AQUARIA, and you held the world in the palm of your hand. A renowned stage magician, you took the world by storm.

Fairly literally. A streak of good luck brought upon you by some not-so-holy dealings with daemons came to a crashing halt, as your audience began to be the victims of your... karmic retribution.

Balance was never your strong point, and you still never have the sense to take the good with the bad.

Luckily for you, you don't typically need to.

The cards are always on your side... until they aren't. And even then, you'll just start running.

[Image: 6.png]

Speaking of, your cell has now been blasted open by the wave of heat and light that erupted from the flaming ring. It has dispersed now, but the wails of your fellow convicts have gone silent, and things are starting to seem a little brighter.

Picking up the gear from the poor sod who thought it wise to trod down here, you head straight out the exit, and towards your freedom.

[Image: 7.png]

A peculiar stone pillar illuminates the endless abyss before you.

[Image: 8.png]

You step towards it.

And then...

[Image: 9.png]

You are alone, in a rust-covered bunker, completely stripped of anything valuable, and with no sign of your former prison.

You head through the large, crudely-dug tunnel, and hear a sharp creaking, as the valve door swings open.

[Image: 10.png]

[Image: 11.png]

Rust blows on the wind, and the sun beams on from high above, coating the landscape in a murderous red light.

[Image: 12.png]

The vast rust expanses spread out in every direction before you, but a sign just outside the bunker mentions there's a town a day-or-so's walk north of here, and a temple to the east.

Who knows what awaits?

HEAD - Siltstraw Wide-brim Hat {Ragged}
BODY - Haggard Robes {Ragged}
ARM - [none]
LEG - [none]

- One rustwood torch
- 30ft of rope
- A set of trick playing cards
- An amulet emblazoned with the solar spiral
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
RE: red dust.
Examine the amulet, then head east. If we're lucky, it might even be abandoned.
No practicing holy-house would accept one who deals with demons, but an abandoned one isn't quite as capable of expressing its distaste as clergy with fire, conviction, and large, heavy, iron-wrought maces.
(And if they are there, well. Perhaps a different kind of luck is in order, one where your reputation is unknown to them. Perhaps, perhaps.)
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RE: red dust.
If the temple refuses us, then we can go to town, and will have only wasted an hour. If town refuses us, going to the temple will waste a day.