Fantastic Mastermind

Fantastic Mastermind
Fantastic Mastermind

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In an age of Magic and Spies...

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...can you gather enough followers and technology to do what it takes...

[Image: bUdO50q.png] achieve world domination?

It is the middle of the century. A worldwide communication network is on the rise. People wear colourful clothes, and sing colourful songs. There are huge advances in magic, there is even a nascent magic space program. The world is at peace.

Or so it seems. Two great superpowers are seeking to project their power across the disk. One is the H.A.R.M.O.N.Y., who prefers to bring out the most of the natural magic and abilities inherent to the people. On the other side, we see the D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E., who favour magic learned through great scholarly efforts. These two forces have become increasingly paranoid about each other across the years. But these days, they can not confront each other directly. So they have to rely on thieves, assassins and diplomats who weave lies, plots and the very future itself. People wonder, in whose hand will the world be in the end? 

“Mine” says you, the Fantastic Mastermind. And with these two forces locked up in a fight with each other, this is the perfect moment to strike. On your Island Of Indeterminate Location, hidden beneath a respectable Legitimate Business Front, shall you scheme and plot. Even if the forces of justice manage to spare a few agents, to penetrate your base, surely, they will fall afoul to your loyal henchmen, or perhaps your genius traps…

Will you manage to finish your Doomsday Device and ransom the world? Or perhaps you will be upstaged by other Masterminds? Or maybe even decide “hey… only one continent isn’t that bad” and team up…


Before this game begins, we will need to perform the LOREning, so you shall create the world that you will… rightfully rule? Destroy? Up to you. I will cherry pick from your suggestions, and craft a world out of them.


Members of H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.: Three regions. They prefer magic that is spiritual, nature based.
Members of D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E.: Three regions. They prefer magic that is extremely methodical like alchemy and runes.
Unaligned countries/regions: seven of them. 

A region might be made up of smaller nations, such as an archipelago, or a region made up of miniscule tax haven monarchies. 

Races: There are eight races in the world. Two are major in H.A.R.M.O.N.Y., two are major in D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E. The rest are scattered... But who are they?

Once the LORENING is complete, mechanics and signup forms will be revealed.
RE: Fanstic Mastermind
RE: Fanstic Mastermind
The Amethyst Islands are home to the race known as the selvin, and boundless natural beauty. These three large islands are picturesque tropical vacation spots, surrounded by thousands of smaller islands spreading out sparsely into the sea. The three large islands are Auza, Urvalia, and Maith, and each is home to palm forests, mountains and beautiful beaches of the islands' signature mauve sand. The colourful local flora and fauna are beautiful to behold. The seas around them are filled with reefs and tiny islands, and many more of them spread out into the ocean, and the crystal-clear waters are filled with shoals and tropical fish.

The selvin are humanoid, with leathery, patterned greenish skin and an almost turtle-like protruding beak structure to their jaws. They can naturally hold their breath for a long time and are at home in the sea, even if they live on land. As a result of this, people often call them turtle-people, despite the fact they very clearly do not have shells. They inhabit the Amethyst Islands but are found elsewhere as well.

Politically, there are several traditional selvin-majority kingdoms spread across the three big islands, as well as independent settlements throughout the smaller islands. Ever since the conflict between HARMONY and DISCIPLINE, however, the kings have come together to form the Amethyst Confederation. This is a loose multi-country union, created to avoid being bullied by the two superpowers. They continue to offer their luxury tropical island vacations and off-shore tax haven services to all, and since the most wealthy members of both superpowers like both luxury vacations and tax havens, the Amethyst Confederation has managed to maintain nomainal independence.

The outlying islands, of which many still remain unvisited, are definitely a classic place to hide an evil lair.
RE: Fanstic Mastermind
Steve, The Giant Spider Made of Enchanted Silver Nails-

Steve is considered many things. They are, primarily, a giant spider-shaped golem composed of ancient, enchanted silver nails. They are, secondarily, one of the foremost magical powers in the realm, having a combination of ancient knowledge and unfettered access to the mana realm. They are, third-arily, an internationally recognized sovereign nation, because no one wants to mess with the giant metal spider mage.

Spidernest Canyon is a canyon hidden deep in the Frostmarch Mountains, located in the center of the only easily-traversable pass through the mountain range. The entire canyon has been filled with a labyrinthine castle of Steve's own design, which is unfortunate because, though it is stable thanks to countless enchantments, it's horribly laid out, because Steve isn't an architect, they're a giant spider made of magical nails. Steve is very welcoming, the castle-city is populated and staffed with a variety of people from different races and backgrounds. Steve is very sympathetic to those who have been oppressed or driven from their homes, and many a time has someone planned to pass through Spidernest Canyon and have ended up calling it home. Near the canyon, through a series of tunnels that only the inhabitants of Spidernest know, is an otherwise completely isolated from the world, verdant valley, where the people of Spidernest grow crops and keep animals. The valley is also home to a small variety of entirely unique, endemic reptilian life, which they protect and preserve as well.

Steve used to be a part of HARMONY. However, as HARMONY tried to push Steve into their conflict with DISCIPLINE, Steve grew irate at the prospect of being used as a weapon in a war, rather than an ally in spiritualistic peace. As such, while members of both coalitions are allowed to pass through Spidernest if they need, they are forbidden from any conflict within. Any involved in any conflict will be, at the very least, permanently kicked out from the pass. And nobody wants to cross Steve. The last time a national power tried to cross Steve, their leader turned to iron and rusted to dust.
RE: Fantastic Mastermind
The Arkhan Reach:

Prince Arkhan was a noble and gentle soul, who lead his people to the blessed and fertile lands of the Reach. There among the valleys and cliffs they learned to tame the mighty hippogryphs, the wondrous unicorn, and the ferocious drakes. They built their homes to only be accessible by flying or magic, and developed quite a superiority complex. After all, their land was the most wonderful, their creatures the most powerful, and their magic the best. The people of the Reach became incredibly snooty, barely caring about anyone else.

When the world started becoming more interconnected, they realized that they couldn't afford to ignore everyone else and joined HARMONY. After all, DISCIPLINE was too stuffy. And their magic was boring. Only people whose land sucks have to do stuff like "craft runes" and "study spells". REAL mages just go to the nearest faerie and ask for a blessing because yeah, the Reach have fae too. And they aren't the mean kind, because the people of the Arkhan Reach are just that awesome.

It's rumored that the people of the Arkhan Reach are researching a way to expand their land's awesome blessings so that they have more space. If they have to blow up all the locals first, they don't really care.
Current Projects:
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