Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]

Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]
Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]

Hello, it has been a long long time I don't come here.... A lot of stuff happened.
Well, recently, I started playing D&D, but the sessions are really sparse, so I want to try something here.

Ok, first, let's make our adventurer
We need to fill in this sheetShow

Step 1: Chose a RaceShow
Step 3: Tell me more about youShow

After this, I'm gonna roll some dice and we can finish our character. And then, we are going to dive in the adventure.
If you don't know anything about D&D, don't worry. This is just a formality, just chose an option that you think is cool.

Thank You and Good Luck
RE: Ruins & Reptiles
>You were lonely as a child because you were the only chromatic colored one in your home town, and people avoided you because they thought you were evil aligned. Now you're traveling the land determined to make twenty new friends before your twentieth birthday!
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: Ruins & Reptiles
>You did crimes and then went to church
RE: Ruins & Reptiles
>Looks like this this
>Named Alice MacEmbers of the prominent MacEmbers family. Born in the city of [Insert Name Here] of which her family are one of the great houses that influences the city's goings on like laws, trade, and politics without actually being the ones in charge. Her family has a longstanding tradition of wielding powerful fire magic (goes with the theme of being tieflings with ember in the name, innit), but unfortunately for her, she is terrible at fire and has a natural born affinity for all things ice. This wouldn't be so bad if she were one of the rare blue tieflings (keeps with a theme, very important), but she is the standard red. This has produced some very mild disappointment in her family as well as a very mild scandal (one tabloid that no one reads) in the city. Despite the ever-so-slight perceived shortcomings, no one holds it against her, her parents especially don't as they have always and continue to spoil and coddle her. Alice, however, is notorious for making mountains out of molehills and finding problems and insults where there were none. She is taking all of it very seriously and has left the city to prove that she can be successful as an ice wizard even though no one ever said or thought she had to.
RE: Ruins & Reptiles
> Wood Elf
> Ranger
> Your home was burned to the ground by the malice of the orcs. They came and took everything magical and drained the land. They didn't wanted to leave anything behind so they strike and now here you are, hiding in the ruins of your home. You are now guarding it with your life, NOBODY WILL EVER COME HERE AGAIN.
RE: Ruins & Reptiles
> Rock Gnome
> Sorcerer
> You were driven out of the cult you were born in because of your affinity for magic
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RE: Ruins & Reptiles

Ok, Good, I didn't expect to see so many cool, characters. I was going to pick just 1, but you know what? I am gonna pick 3!

Ok, so our party consist of: Alice MacEmber, a Tiefling Wizard; An unnamed Dragonborn Bard; and an unnamed Gnome Sorcerer.
That's great, we already have a party. But before we start, there are still some things left to fill up.
First, I would appreciate if you guys helped naming the Dragonborn and the Gnome.
Second, numbers. I rolled some dice for each character, those numbers are to determine our characters' stats. And I also want you guys to decide that, which number goes where. It will make it more fun.
...On second thought.... It can end up being bad, but if that happens, well, I think some characters might die.
Well, these are the stats we are going to fill with those numbers:

Strength is for punching. Since all our characters are casters, I think we won't touch that one much. But who knows....
Dexterity is for escaping. This one is good to have.
Constitution is for staying alive. This one is also good to have.
Intelligence is for casting wizard spells and knowing stuff.
Wisdom is for perceiving stuff.
Charisma is for Sorcerer and Bard spells and also for dealing with people.

Let's see Alice's numbersShow

To the Bard's numbersShow

The Sorcerer's numbersShow

However, numbers are not the only thing left.
Each character still has a lot of decisions to make before adventuring the world.
I made some sheets for them, let's take a look and then I show what needs to be filled.
Alice's SheetShow

Dragonborn's SheetShow

Gnomes's SheetShow

Phew, that was a lot to write.
Well, after that we won't make decisions like that anymore, we are going to dive into the adventure right away.
If when I get to make the next post there still is some information left to fill up, I'm gonna fill them up myself.

Thank you all and good luck.
RE: Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]
For Alice:
>I like how you've boiled down your stat suggestions and I support them wholeheartedly. Best to invest in what you need to succeed.
>My suggestion for a game set is Playing Card Set. Very good at Rummy, she is.
>For an extra language, how about Celestial. An outreach program, important to build social bridges, yeah?
>For the 2 more skills, why not Arcana and Insight
>As for equipment, let's see... A staff, a dagger, and the packs you mentioned sound good.
>The spells you listed are great, but you said "6 level 1 spells" and you only listed five. My suggestion for spells is everything you listed with the addition of Feather Fall.

Additional Names:
>I do have some suggestions for names, though in the end, it's not up to me.
>For the Dragonborn, since he is a Bard, I'd like to suggest a reference and a pun. Arvis Prizeling.
>For the Rock Gnome, why not another pun and another reference? Rocky Barbosa.
RE: Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]
Dragonborn Bard:
17 to Charisma, because that's his working stat and racial bonus rounds it to full 18
16 to Dexterity, 13 to Constitution and 12 to Strength, as a Dragonborn he's fairly athletic, hard to hit and it's useful to have someone around to do heavy lifting
13 to Intelligence and 9 to Wisdom, he has a well rounded education but he's excitable and prone to acting before thinking things through (and getting ideas like acquiring 20 new friends before turning 20)

Arvis is perfect name for him.
He is blue colored and lightning themed, likes being loud.
He learned to speak Goblin in Daycare for Evil Children.
He has proficiency in Athletics, Sleight of Hand, and Performance.
He knows how to play snare drum, tuba, and harpsichord.
He carries with him a tuba, rapier, and diplomat's kit.
He knows Light and Prestidigitation cantrips, and Healing Word, Charm Person, Thunderwave, and Hideous Laughter 1st level spells
Vivian Quest
Tale of a small lizard, crime, and weird biology!
RE: Ruins & Reptiles [8-24-2019]
For the Gnome:
Darius Boaz
17 Charisma
16 Constitution
15 Wisdom
12 Dexterity
10 Intelligence
10 Strength

The cult was primitive and tribalistic, and without mercy. They glorified and worshiped nature above all else. Daias wears a wooden ring with a cherry leaf carved in it - the symbol of the cult.

For the languages I choose Undercommon and Giant. The cult vest is made of a thick tanned hide and has the cherry leaf burned into it.

Wild Magic. Could you elaborate on the 100% chance thing though, I didn't understand it.

I choose Arcana and Intimidation.

I would like to cast through my ring. For my weapon I choose a handaxe. For my pack I choose the Explorers pack.

For my cantrips I would like Prestidigitation, Message, Mage hand, and Chill Touch.
For my spells I would like Chaos Bolt and Mage Armor.
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