VV: 10 or 0?

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VV: 10 or 0?
VV: 10 or 0?
The debate rages on as linguists, historians, and entitled men in comments sections give their takes on VV: is it zero, or is it a ten?

"Clearly it's a ten," says local sandwich artist Jacob Lockes, "you add five to the V because it comes after [it]." Others disagree. First in line Pao Gullien, ordering a 'Swedish' meatball sub with sliced banana peppers and toasted whole wheat, responded that "the V is before the other first, so it has to be zero. Nothing else makes sense. Can I get lettuce too?" He received the lettuce.

Archaeologist and former XVX consultant Dr. Alex Koroscoppo--decided with scientific consensus to be "just five"--gave her opinion on the fierce VV debate: "Maybe it's just five twice? We can't do this again." This comment sparked backlash from her colleagues, who were just thrilled that their department was getting funding again. Koroscoppo, along with her coworkers and fellow researchers Dr. Emily Lowe and M. Argus, will be publishing a paper early December to "keep this going".
RE: VV: 10 or 0?
this is the least viewed thread that wasn’t made under a few months ago, as of posting this
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