Obscure media you remember

Obscure media you remember
Obscure media you remember
Here, you can post about obscure pieces of media you've encountered, be it movies, video games, music, books, or otherwise. You can post clips or links if they’re available to you, but feel free to simply describe them if not.

There isn't any hard rule on how obscure it has to be. Just try to keep things within reason and avoid posting something super well-known like the original Die Hard, and you should be good.

For the first entry, I’ll discuss one of my favorite games of all time. It’s a first-person point-and-click adventure game from 1996 called Obsidian. The best way I can sum up the overall vibe is a sort of sci-fi Alice in Wonderland, though even that doesn’t do it justice. The game has such a unique brand of weird that I haven’t really seen anywhere else.

The basic premise is that you're is trapped in a sort of pocket-universe created by a godlike AI that became obsessed with dreams. You play as one of the scientists that created the AI.

Though it got a lot of glowing reviews, it sold very few copies, and to this day, almost nobody knows about it, which is a massive shame.

Here’s a small sample of the kind of stuff you’ll see in the game. Be sure the video starts at the 5 minute mark. Minor spoiler warning.

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spyder riders

di gata defenders

chaotic: the card game: the cartoon

all i can say is that their theme songs sound and look awesome
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