[OOC] Swords Beneath the Starlight

[OOC] Swords Beneath the Starlight
[OOC] Swords Beneath the Starlight
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In a land long shattered,
a realm forgotten by the gods,
will the light of hope be rekindled?
Or will the flames fall to ash?

Welcome to Swords Beneath the Starlight! This is a play-by-post forum game based on the Fire Emblem franchise and using the bay12 Fire Emblem forum game ruleset as a source of inspiration (though I plan on deviating in certain areas, especially the class system). In this game, you will be playing as one of a band of refugees brought together by circumstance, a band of nobodies thrust onto center stage by the machinations of fate. Will you bring hope back to your despairing homeland? Or will you watch as the last light is consumed by the dark?

For those unfamiliar, Fire Emblem is a series of turn-based tactical role playing games centered on unique units with unique strengths and weaknesses and a permadeath system. In this system, each player will control their own individual unit rather than having one person run the whole show. There will be battles, and between the battles there will be an opportunity for the story to advance, along with your characters. Unlike in the Fire Emblem series, there will be no singular main character around whom the whole world turns. Your characters and their collective choices will determine the fate of the realm, for better or for worse.

This will be my first time running this sort of thing, so I'll be looking for active feedback in order to make adjustments as we go along. I thank you in advance for being understanding!

If you're still here, I imagine you're interested in how character creation works! Below I will list the classes available to your character, along with an application guideline in order to get started. Let's begin!

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Advanced Classes: Coming soon!

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A series of magical and technological breakthroughs within the Revotrian Republic have created a new god: Progress. His worshipers have embraced the idea that his mighty word must be spread to all corners of the world, that all lands will be beautified by his gentle touch. The Republic is a coastal nation, neighbored by the fractured polities of the Ilyun League - a cluster of agrarian fiefdoms, peasant-republics and city-states incapable of getting along for any goal but to hold off foreign incursion. The Revotrians have looked their way before and always failed. This time, though, they have Progress on their side.

The word of the Revotrian governorship is clear: These lands must be liberated from the backwards traditionalists who would shackle themselves to the past, and beyond that, from the Laguz. "Beastmen," says the Revotrian Consul, "are incapable of moving beyond their ties to the past. It is tragic, but they cannot be trusted to govern themselves." The Laguz make up less than ten percent of the Ilyun population, sticking to the dwindling forests and mountains, and to the Wilds beyond, but they dominate the headlines of the Revotran press. And so they march.

The Ilyun Federation has collapsed. The center of the federation command, Achaim, has been claimed. All is lost.

You are a refugee. Be you an Ilyun running from conquest, a Laguz who flees enslavement, or a Revotrian who understands the monsetrousness of their nations acts, you flee the advancing wall of steel.

All you can do is flee - flee, and hope that something better, someplace better, waits beyond the horizon.


RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Sunny Newvale

APPEARANCE: Sunny's skin is a dark tan in color, her face and shoulders covered in a heavy spattering of freckles. She has bright golden eyes and the hair to match, long and wavy. Tall and thin, Sunny has the appearance of somebody who spends their time asleep on the beach rather than hitting the books. Sunny likes to keep a smile and an upbeat attitude to match her name. She typically wears a long black skirt and a dark emerald crop top, with a sheer black shawl over top. She also has heavy boots and a pair of fingerless gloves.

FIRST CLASS: Ritualist

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Yustava, one of the dedicated 'holy cities' within the Republic.

BIOGRAPHY: Progress, the god of advancement, of development, of growth. All things Sunny valued, all things she supported the Revotrian cause for.

Born in the city of Yustava, Sunny was raised to understand magic. Which tended to be for the best, her constitution was not suited for heavier combat, and the study of such things provided her an ample outlet for her energy. Thus, many of her early days were spent in the sunlight, nestled under trees or in a hammock, keeping up with her studies.

Her life was changed, for better or for worse, upon her introduction to the Progressive faith. The god Progress was weaved into her studies, and Sunny found herself especially attuned. Her parents and teachers were surprised at how well she adapted her work to his word, and how intently she worked to weave his teachings and his concepts into her intellectual pursuits. It was almost startling, really, how readily she worked to pick Progress up. Sunny went on to continue her pursuit of knowledge and experience, moving on to more in depth endeavors, finding herself doing low level state work for Yutsava itself.

Her tireless studies in both bookkeeping and magic served her well, catching the attention of those in Yustava connected with the 'core' of the Revotrian Republic. They claimed to value her dedication to Progress, and wanted her to work for one of their branches in magical studies. A simple research project based on Dark Magic, nothing she would be unable to handle. Ecstatic to contribute to the spread of Progress, Sunny was more than willing to accept, being moved out of the city to bigger and better places. Or so it was intended.

Nobody was quite sure what it was, really. The catalyst was something unknown to everybody but Sunny and her co-workers. But whatever the reasoning, things took a strange turn when Sunny arrived at her place of study. Her presence became grating, her words ignored. Verbal conflicts became the norm when Sunny was around. Sunny's tenacity was replaced with bullheaded stubbornness, and her work ethic shifted into an almost counter productive effort. She became difficult to work with, to the point that she was often left to her own tasks, separate from the others.

One day, Sunny volunteered to join a scouting group headed into some lands bordering a former Ilyun territory, claiming to want to bolster her studies with some 'in the field' experience. Her co-workers, seeing a chance to give themselves a break from her presence, agreed with and backed up her request. Her request was approved, and Sunny was given a minor briefing on what she was to expect from the mission. Of course, the mission was not why Sunny was there, and that was showcased when she slipped away in the middle of the night, nothing but the clothes on her back, some rations, and a couple of tomes in her possession.

Character Sheet:


RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Barnabas Vere

APPEARANCE: Long, greasy black hair, a dark greyish streak in it, and pale, rough skin, clearly more of a night owl kind of dude. Pretty good looking, in a rough, if he cleaned up and had a bath kind of way, a short scruffy beard and slightly crooked nose and haggard pale grey eyes. He's about 6' 2, and wears worn clothing, that probably was a decent set of traveller's clothing once, but is on the very end of keeping itself together with holes in his cotton-grey vest, frayed brown trousers and falling-apart torn slippers. His grey cloak is the most held together item, looking like it was made from several tough hides and pelts, and warm looking, if smelly smelling. He keeps his expression neutral and suspicious normally, but keeps a strong bearing if talked to, pulling himself to a more proud stance and posture and a slightly haughty tone. Has a large, long-healed set of scars down the left side of his face, crossing his eye which is slightly squinty but still functional.

Laguz Features - A long tail, a lil floofy. Fangish teeth. Large irises like most animals. Fur in areas around his body, mostly his lower arms and legs, slightly feral looking hands. Thankfully his foot fur could just look like a sock or leggings in the little bit visible between shoe and trousers. Wolf ears too on the side.

TRAINEE CLASS: Beast Laguz - Wolf

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: The mountain-spattered woodlands of Travai.

BIOGRAPHY: BIOGRAPHY: Barnabas was raised to be proud of himself. You always have to have pride, even when you're down in the dirt, you need to hold onto something. His tribe, the Vere tribe, wandered the territories of Travai, spreading the word of inner lands and tribes amongst the general region, and spoke with and kept up relations with the homes of the Bird Laguz that lived on the upper levels of the lone mountains, collecting information from the bird tribes and their networks to spread amongst the more localised and cut-off beast tribes that populated the woods.

They were one of several smaller tribes, or basically large families, that had free, or at least recognised with permission, passage through other territories, and would help do business with moving goods from the bird tribes to beast tribes, and dealing/trading with outsiders, either humans or other entities be it Laguz that for some reason lived isolated or so on.

They also have the important responsibility, alongside some of the other small wandering families, of spreading word of danger or threats to the Laguz as a whole, at least on the ground. Obviously bird Laguz are superior for rapid transfer of information, but these families of which Barnabas is part of would be speakers on the ground and assist in any diplomacy or verification. Basically these several large families had the roles of easing relationships and keeping the Laguz, at least the beast Laguz, tribes operating smoothly as neighbours and a larger entity.

Barnabas wasn't so hot at this unfortunately. He was a little too proud from an early age, seeing his family's responsibilities as more important than that of any single stationary tribes duties or respecting and caring for old sites and maintaining old wisdom and ways. He was taught a lesson one day for speaking too out of turn, and wears the scar to this day. The remains of a brutal wound from an enforcer of a tribe of Bear-laguz, a set of scars from a claw tearing past and over his left eye. His family told him to consider himself lucky that the enforcer hadn't gone deeper and taken the eye itself, and that it would remind him to respect his neighbours. Took a while for emotions on that to settle and for him to learn from it.

Anyway, humility achievement unlocked, Barnabas took some time to A. realise who he could and couldn't take in a fight and how not to get wrecked like a fool, that was a big one. And B. Not be a little punk teenage turd, and y'know, actually take on and be worthy of trusting with the responsibility of talking with and getting along with different tribes and people. Unfortunately, still in the process of growing as a person, now a young adult, the world decided to throw a wrench at the process by a bunch of insane humans who thought Laguz apparently couldn't be left to their own devices despite, you know, centuries of them doing okay for themselves thanks very much.

Travai was one of the larger group-lands of Laguz, holding a high number of clans, so maybe that's why they were targeted soon after the fall of the Illyun federation. The Vere tribe suspected it was more a matter of resources, wood and ore. It was a hard duty, the Vere tribe heard the news of the fall of the Illyun federation from the bird tribes first, and so had to spread the word and attempt to call a meeting of families of Travai, to band together and see if this was a fight to buy time, to survive or just so that some could flee.

The final decision was that, the adults and some of the oldest, would remain, to see to it that guerrilla tactics could be used to slow down the desecration of their lands, and to do their best to try and care for and maintain their holy places in secret and with minimal people. The rest, being some other elders and the younger adults, would try to escape and flee to other lands and survive, to carry on knowledge and history and pass it on.

That... Had some mixed results. Barnabas, unfortunately, was part of a splinter group. Two elders, a mother and her two children, and himself. Those that were fleeing had picked out locations in the outer neighboring territories to try to flee to and meet up in, and break apart into smaller, less notable groups. And one night, when Barnabas was returning from hunting, he found that his group had been captured in the interim.

He tracked the party for a while that had captured them, but after nearly getting noticed and attacked himself, he bit back the shame and split off to make his own way, lost and alone for one of the first times in his life, and in never such dire straits. Pride seems hard to keep in these times, as one struggles to avoid notice and scavenge food for silent meals as he hopes that other Laguz have made it to freedom to reunite with one day, yet fears facing the shame of meeting them alone. Either way, he can't see himself lasting much longer alone anyway.

"Don't get me started on Henchmen."
RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Airitech mac Tíre

APPEARANCE: Some gruff, vaguely late twenty-something dude. He is grey-haired and blue-eyed, with a lupine slant. He has a shitty facial hair is way beyond stubble but not quite enough to be a true beard. His arms are decorated with vaguely tribal-like markings, the sign of his hybrid nature.

Airitech dresses pragmatically. He is never seen without his headband (which almost covers his eyes) and his wolfskin cape.


WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Ossory, a backwater kingdom and (former) member of the lyun Federation. The terrain is predominantly wetlands (bogs) and forests. The kingdom was founded by a semi-mythical wolf Laguz and his kin. While no wolf Laguz (or any Laguz for that matter) exists in Ossory as of current era, his legacy lives in his descendants, as there is not-insignificant percentage of Branded among the population.

Ossory has been conquered by Revotrian Republic not-so-recently. While a good portion of Ossory has been converted to Revotrian tastes (read: fantasy-gentrified), there has been rumors of a rebel-group existing in the still-untamed wilds.

BIOGRAPHY: In the past, Airitech was a mere peasant. The work was thankless and paid little, and Airitech was compelled to poach the hunting grounds of his lord. Eventually, he was caught red-handed but his Branded nature was revealed to all. The lord, seeing usefulness in his supernatural nature, elevated Airitech to the position of militia leader and all that training that entails.

Airitech participated in many skirmishes. The senseless violence and the number of deaths in these skirmishes had instill in Airitech a dismal outlook on life and a contempt for those in power.

The Revotrian Republic came rolling in. Airitech threw in his lot with the invasion force, viewing their incursion as a hope for better life. Ossory fell without a problem but Airitech realized the Republic will not keep their promises. His people were without homes; the luckier ones shoved into poor-quality communities, out of sight and out of mind. Airitech was incredibly upset. He made a vow to the moon, he will fight the Revotrian Republic until his people are allowed to choose their own destinies.

Thus, Airitech became a lone wanderer, committing vigilantism whenever he could. He has been at this for a while. However, Airitech wished there was some way he could make an impact beyond time and small-scale heroics...

RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Mazelina Mühle

APPEARANCE: What would you imagine an agent of the Goddess of Creation to look like? Whatever one answers is wrong, because the agent looks like Mazelina. Towering and statuesque, many might think Mazelina beautiful. If you ask her, she supposes she is, and very much chalks it up to a blessing by her Goddess. Her skin (bless Her for making it strong) is as pale as snow. Her eyes (Bless Her for letting them see) are a vibrant green. Her hair (bless Her for making it full) is straight and silky, draping past her shoulders. Her body (bless Her for its health) is full-figured, often hidden beneath her robes. Modesty isn't necessary, but it helps worshipers focus, and nothing matters more than the Goddess. (Bless her for all the lives she helped build.)


WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Hadleigh, was a small kingship in the Ilyun League. The Lord's castle was the most massive structure in the town, rich and impressive, but Mazelina would insist that the church itself was the place to be. While the church might have pale in comparison to the Lord's home, it made up for that with its brightly coloured glass, pure white bricks, and bell tower. The rest of the town was full of sturdy buildings, though most were ultimately unimpressive compared to the two standout buildings. The farmers would have their markets every other morning, and the town square was often full of life, celebration, and the laughter of children. (Bless Her for letting them have that joy, however fleeting it proved.)

BIOGRAPHY: Mazelina was born to a father and mother who believed they would never conceive. Thus, she was deemed a miracle baby of sorts, and her parents fawned after her accordingly. Her father (Mikkos) was the Deacon of the church in town, while her mother (Olleta) was a school teacher before leaving her job to raise her daughter. Growing up, little Mazelina was educated privately, though she didn't want for friends. The church had plenty of children her age running around, and her father made sure she knew the word of the Goddess of Creation.

The Goddess was (is) good incarnate, and Mazelina grew up loving her like she were her dearest friend. Often, her parents would catch the girl whispering to the intangible deity, giggling at a joke no one else could hear. It's one she made up herself, of course, but that made it no less funny. The Goddess is a being of all forms of creation, and the church would worship her by building monuments, sculpting statues, painting...Mazelina knows many arts as a result, and considers them all to be a passion. Music, cooking, painting, sketching, molding clay...all give back to Her. (Bless Her for these hands she was given to express herself.) She grew up educating herself among the church until the day finally came for her to join the ranks as a proper Initiate. It was the happiest day of Mazelina's adult life.

Of course, the opposite force of creation is destruction. It's only natural for it to seek out that which it mirrors, and only a month ago, Hadleigh was sieged by the Republic. The castle was taken. The church was destroyed. Mazelina lost all she knew, and her parents are unaccounted for. Given the chance to live, Mazelina fled, taking her hiding spot as a sign from the Goddess that she had more to do than try to heal the corpses of her fallen townsfolk-- though she still attempted this. (Bless her for taking all that they worked to create. There must be a reason for it. There had to be a reason.)

Now, she travels, bringing the word of hope and the Goddess to all she encounters...even if it's a hollow word she's faking until it becomes real again.

RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME:  Milo Carter

APPEARANCE:  Milo is a young man somewhere in his early to mid twenties, with the slim but athletic build.  His blonde hair, while short, is starting to grow out a little and he struggles to keep it looking neat and proper.  Similarly he does his best to keep shaven but clearly lacks the personal skill to get rid of the fine stubble that is constantly gracing his face without the occasional cut.

While generally affable, especially with those from similar class backgrounds, Milo seems generally tired - more mentally and emotionally than physically.  He's usually slouching and sullen by himself, though when something sudden happens or anyone addresses him formally he immediately stiffens up and becomes notably sterner.  Tolerant of most races and creeds, he doesn't tend to ever speak of his own personal beliefs.

He is usually wearing or maintaining a suit of fairly generic light armour: a breastplate, greaves, gauntlets, and a helmet, with light leather gambeson underneath to protect where the metal doesn't.  The armour is patchwork at this point, repaired numerous times since both before and Milo joined the group.  It's vaguely familiar to most, and he's clearly gone to some effort to remove any distinguishing signs; insignias scratched and worn away, badges torn off, and even the colouring scrubbed to a plain grey.  Outside of his armour, he wears the gambeson over a cloth tunic, with heavy boots and gloves.  The only part of his attire that doesn't scream soldier is a worn but significantly more lovingly maintained cloak that he wears in times of cold or bad weather.

Between the armour and attitude rumours abound about him wherever he goes, generally negative.  An Ilyun deserter too afraid to stand up for his homeland, a dangerous Laguz hiding in Man's attire, a Revotrian spy just waiting for the right moment to spring a trap.  None of them are quite true.  Some look and see the actual truth.

BASIC CLASS:  Cavalier

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?:  Revotria's bustling capital, more specifically Gallows Way.  The Gallows is one of the city's many slums and, thanks to its namesake, a place of increasing political importance as the Republic expands and becomes more and more despotic.


Tl;dr:  Restovian zealot turned deserter after he couldn't take his own people's ruthlessness and hypocrisy anymore, ran far far away after snapping and helping to get his squad killed and letting the heirs of Achaim escape.



RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Saya z Beybek

APPEARANCE: Saya is an androgynous, golden-haired youth with large brown wings. They have honey-colored eyes and sharp facial features. They are slender with a runner's physique, and are 5'6" tall (not counting wings). Saya is fond of scarves, and are rarely without one. They wear earth-tone tunics and trousers, light and well-suited to flying, and on fighting occasions, leather armor. Saya has a silver circlet and two small bracelets around their wrists.


WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Azutai, the holy mountains of the bird-Laguz situated near the forests of Travai.

BIOGRAPHY: Saya is the heir to a tribal band, a position earned through much grit and determination. As the child of chief Beybek, all eyes were on them to prove themselves worthy to be their mother's successor. They have trained in combat, leadership, and song, and won the respect of their peers through a series of contests held when old Beybek announced her successor. And it was not a moment too soon.

The Hawks had always wandered, serving as traveling minstrels, merchants, and messengers for the other Laguz. Saya themself has been as far as the human-dominated regions of the Ilyun league, at least before the war. Now, they can only reminisce about those peaceful days past. A small trade-band of the tribe had been exchanging rare herbs with the humans for metalwork when the news came - the League was under attack. The Revotrian Republic was approaching fast, and had already taken the heartland of the federation, and would soon be there as well.

Saya decided that the would not allow this to happen. For weeks, they scouted the enemy lines, trying to figure out how to disrupt the invasion. They soon realized that it was an impossible task. The hawks fled, first to allied Laguz territories. They aided evacuations and fought as guerillas, trying to delay the slavers as much as possible. Saya lost good friends in that fight. When their strength was spent, Saya ordered the retreat to Azutai. The band would stand with the rest of the tribe and defend the Holy Mountain from the invaders.

Despite the passion of the defenders, they could not stand against an army. After a disastrous counter-assault, Beybek called together the remaining chiefs. They decided together that they would have to abandon the Holy Mountain. Azutai would fall. The strongest warriors would have to hold out and delay the invaders as long as possible so the rest of the tribe could flee. Saya wanted to join the fight, but Beybek refused. She told them that they were needed elsewhere; they had to lead the tribe to safety.

And so, Saya fled, leading the tribe members who couldn't fight out and away from the invasion. They cried bitter tears at abandoning their homeland, but nothing could be done. A few days later, they found more refugees, Laguz and human, and decided to travel together. Saya went on ranging missions to find the safest path ahead and also see if any of the warriors had returned alive from the final fight at Azutai. They still refuse to claim the title of Chief, believing that their mother still lives.

On the most recent scouting mission, however...

Current Projects:
Human space is at war, and we're all caught up in it - Scattered Stars

A woman chases another through the snow, but where will their path lead them? - Footprints in the snow
RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME:  Baylee Hicks
APPEARANCE: Short and stocky! Shes chubby but Built and tan,  Messy braided Dark blond hair! Wears a lot of plaid and leathers.
WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: The League, Ceyswe Grove. A small little farming community on the frontier that's under Lady Eleanor Cunningham the 3rd. A woman who was kept pleased with many niceties because if she wasn't there would be unrest and anger.


Baylee was born into her village and spent most of her childhood learning the ways of her family and father under the dangerous logging business. She also was able to learn carpentry as well, as that tends to go well when you have access to wood and lumber. She had a few siblings as well, an older brother who had his head in the clouds and left to be knighted. One day the letters home stopped coming. The family firmly believes he's alive but unable to write anymore, and believes he'll be back to visit. A younger sister who found her true love early apparently and married off. And a final younger sister, who was smart as a whip and was praised across town. Everyone in the village pitched in to send her off to a fancy school called Landcaster some where or other.

Baylee was all happy for them and wished them well, knowing her own happiness came with this work and her village. Her Carpentry work was praised and requested all along the village and nothing could beat the look of a couple of parents who just got a Baylee special crib for their newborn. Many joke that its a wonder she can make such quality works with her burly arms and rough hands, but she gruffly remarks back that the wood needs to come from somewhere and furniture isn't exactly the lightest thing around. None would argue at that. There have been rumors around town that she could fell a tree with three strokes of a recently sharpened axe and she was happy to let them just think that cause there might be some truth to it, who knows!

She's never strayed too far from Ceyswe, Maybe the farthest shes ever been was the next village over. She enjoyed that life and never felt the need to go anywhere or do something grand. This Ceyswe Grove was where she was born and where she was when this all started happening.
RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
Signups will close TOMORROW at FIVE PM PST!!! I'll accept any apps posted within a day of that, but after that there's no guarantee. I might open up more signups down the line.
RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Lyander of Ashvale
APPEARANCE: Lyander has short dark brown hair, gray-blue eyes, fair skin tanned by outdoor work, and a lean, thin build. He is sixteen years old and stands at around 5'7", though he is still growing. One would describe him as neither ugly nor particularly pretty, but rather plain and exceedingly average. He tends to wear whatever clothes or armor are available, and is often seen mixing and matching armor pieces to try and put a full suit together. He's too damn poor to afford proper armor.
WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Ashvale, or more accurately a farm just outside of Ashvale. Ashvale was a peasant village located on the frontier with the Beast Kingdom, and Lyander grew up experiencing seasonal raids from them. As he got older, life seemed to get harder in the settlement. Food became scarce, tempers rose, and the village's sense of community began to break apart. Just a year ago, a full-blown famine hit. Many in his village died in the Autumn, and those that didn't succumbed to the winter. Lyander's parents were in this latter group, and Lyander himself only barely survived by walking through leagues of cold, icy, dangerous wilderness to reach the nearest major town. He was the village's sole survivor.
BIOGRAPHY: Lyander was born to Helvast and Lydia, two farmers living in the vicinity of Ashvale. Both were kind, well-to-do people except for one rather glaring fact: they were mildly racist against the Laguz. Part of that had to do with them being raided by Laguz periodically, which doesn't tend to make friends.

Lyander received a rather typical upbringing for a peasant: he farmed a lot, enjoyed himself at the seasonal festivals, and generally just lived life. He never learned to read or write, had a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics, and could be rather superstitious at times.

When the famine finally did hit, it led to mass starvation in Ashvale's entire region. Soon, not a scrap of food could be found, and banditry became more commonplace. The Laguz did a few raids during this time, taking what was left. Lyander's parents died near the end, and a starving Lyander resolved to TRY to survive rather than remain and succumb. It was a near-impossible journey, and the whole way he had to avoid starving bandits, murderous wildlife, Laguz raiders, and his own gnawing starvation and mounting injuries to finally make it to the town of Belmore. Once there, he basically walked up to the gates, weakly hailed the guards, and passed out.

He was unconscious for several days as the town garrison nursed him back to health. In return, he did various chores and labors for the town. He picked up combat wherever he could from the garrison, knights, and mercenaries in the town, all the while sleeping in a curled up heap at night trying to recover from the horrible trauma he'd been through.

RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
NAME: Logan MacDomhnaill

APPEARANCE: A young-ish individual of mysterious and indistinct gender, kind of short but pretty toned from years of Ranch Work. Moderate-length hair pulled back in a ponytail, in a greenish hue that is totally definitely natural. Totally. Dresses like… well, a peasant. Not much else to say on that front.

TRAINEE CLASS: Flyer (wyvern)

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: The countrysides of Tuathain, formerly a member of the Ilyun League and one of the first nations to fall to the Revotrian offensive.

BIOGRAPHY: Honestly, there’s not much to say about Logan’s life, at least for most of it. They were born the third child in a family of wyvern ranchers, a profession their family had been in for generations. From an early age, they learned the art of wyvern-rearing - and you know what, they even enjoyed the family business. Imagine your standard Horse Person, except instead of horses it’s huge, intimidating not-quite-dragons. Honestly, life was pretty good - and they even learned the basics of wyvern riding while they were at it. Battle wasn’t really something that ever entered their mind.

See, when the Revotrians began marching in the name of Progress, Tuathain was unfortunately right in the line of fire - and even more unfortunately, a wyvern ranch was exactly the kind of thing the invaders would love to take over to fuel their war efforts. So, you know, they did. In the blink of an eye, the ranch was under new management, and Logan’s family was bowing to their whims and vowing to serve the Revotrians. Of course, the alternative was probably death or being thrown in a dungeon somewhere (followed by death), but to Logan, that just wasn’t right.

So, they left. There was no plan, mind you - just a series of things that happened. They took up a pitchfork, fought (or rather, dashed wildly and got lucky) past some well-equipped guards, and hopped on the back of their favorite wyvern, Morven, before she could be taken as some Revotrian soldier’s new mount. And… off they went.

Pretty dumb idea, to be honest, but Logan was never one for thinking things through. Still, somehow it worked - maybe the guards were just too bewildered by this peasant charging past them and flying away to actually do anything about it. So now, woefully unequipped for the trials ahead, they travel, hoping to find something better...

RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
ALRIGHT! Time to get this party started!

We'll be using the basic format of the Bay12 Fire Emblem on Forums system (handbook listed here, Laguz handbook here) with some major alterations to classes! I'll give write-ups for the new classes as they become available, but generally speaking, if it isn't mentioned in my intro post it's not an option - at least by default. Feel free to ask if you want to include something that I haven't included in my class tree.

This is all pretty big, so let me try and boil it down to a sheet! I'll include instructions with what you should have here, with basic instructions and directions on which page to check in the PDF for more info.

The SheetShow

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
Name: Casey

Appearance: Casey's appearance would generally be best described as approachable. Casey is small in stature, a lean frame standing at about 5'4". His hair is a rich shade of violet, self cut and overgrown. He's taken to wearing a headband simply to push the annoying mop out of his face. His eyes are a deep brown, and just below his left he has a mole. Everything he owns is either stolen or scavenged, from the mismatched scraps of cracking leather armor to the ale-stained cloak he hides them with. He keeps himself completely covered from the neck down, save for his hands. Casey makes an effort to stay relatively clean, but for the most part the best he can do is to keep his face clean; his clothes show their age very clearly.

Trainee Class: Novice (Thief Trainee)

Where are you from?: Achaim

Biography: Casey was raised since boyhood on the busy streets of Achaim. He knew nothing of the parents who had abandoned him, and struggles to remember the days before he'd been taken in by his mentor.

Simon was a gentleman with a very peculiar skill set. Under his guidance Casey learned that nothing is off-limits, so long as one possesses ability and determination. The two of them spend several months together, picking pockets, stealing food, and fading into the shadows. Simon taught Casey everything he knew, and before long, the impressionable boy began to see his mysterious benefactor as something of a father.

Unfortunately, Casey never had a great track record with fathers. As soon as Casey was able to survive on his own skills, Simon disappeared. There were no warnings, no heartfelt goodbyes, only a note left on the ground one morning; “You’re on your own.” From that day forward, Casey has thought only of his own needs and enjoyment. He’s had enough guile and wit to keep his days interesting and his stomach full, often seeking out gullible traders or travelers to scam. He’ll draw you in with his dazzling smile and falsified tales of adventure, then pinch your coin pouch as he says his goodbyes.

When the war began, things began to change for Casey. People in Achaim began to grow callous and distrustful, which led to higher risks for fewer rewards. Soon, soldiers were posted in the city as a line of defense, their presence making his work yet more difficult. Travelers were replaced by refugees, fleeing from a conflict Casey couldn’t quantify. When he’d seen smoke on the horizon, he hadn’t thought much of it; a war wasn’t any of his business. He never expected the defenses to crack, for Revotrian invaders to march on his home, slaughtering soldiers and capturing civilians. Casey had never been in a crisis situation, and the simple skills of an amateur thief weren’t enough to escape the chaos. Yet again, fortune had smiled on him. A single Federation soldier had stumbled across the young man, urging Casey to flee with the soldier as his escort. Just as the pair seemed to be near safety, they were set upon by a trio of Revortrians. Before Casey could react, his escort had shoved him towards the city’s edge, brandishing his lance with the intent to fight.

Outside of Achaim, Casey pondered the sacrifice of that nameless Federation soldier. His actions perplexed the young man as he fled the city, his future now completely uncertain.

RE: Swords Beneath the Starlight
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