A Time Travel Story

A Time Travel Story
A Time Travel Story
Oddball Joe and Spacewoman Sally Spaeth are sitting on a rocking porch swing. The porch it is hanging in has large columns and peeling white paint. It is lovely but dilapidated. Outside is the apocalypse.

“Did you think of flying away in your spaceship?” asks Oddball Joe.

“The apocalypse is happening everywhere in the universe, not just here,” replies Spacewoman Sally Spaeth. “It wouldn’t do any good.”

“Oh yeah, I remember now,” says Oddball Joe. “Mystical Cowboy Jeb Davis predicted all this ages ago.”

It is a very green apocalypse that is happening. Vines are bursting up from the ground and tearing down buildings. Trees are growing in each building’s ruined foundations.

Yes, outside the bounds of the house that Oddball Joe and Spacewoman Sally Spaeth are sitting on the porch of, time is inexorably speeding up. Within a few hours the sun will go out, and a few hours later will come the heat death of the universe.

“Let’s go inside,” says Oddball Joe.


As they walk down a hallway, Oddball Joe stops and knocks on a closet door. “You know how to fly many kinds of ships, am I right?” he asks.

“Why yes, I do,” replies Spacewoman Sally Spaeth.

“Inner space as well as outer?” asks Oddball Joe.

“Can’t be too different, can it?”

Oddball Joe opens the closet door to reveal what looks like a normal spaceship, bobbing loosely at its tether. There are no walls or floors beyond it, only coils and curls of blue something-like-smoke-that-is-clearly-not-smoke.

“The Sea of Time,” he proclaims.

What time should Spacewoman Sally Spaeth and Oddball Joe head to?
RE: A Time Travel Story
Test it out with something easy first. How about 10 weeks ago?
RE: A Time Travel Story
>Go back five minutes and join forces with your past selves. Have a team of four instead of two.