Space Sheep

Space Sheep
Space Sheep
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Lola: “Alright. That should do it for Sector: D."
Suddenly, your pager buzzes
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Pager: “Clean up in Resident’s Deck D20”
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Of course.
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After a few minutes you round the corner to D20 and see a soft drink spilled all over the floor along with a bunny sitting nearby looking at her phone.

 “Hey!” She says when she notices you. It’s Amelia.

Lola: “Did you make this mess?”
Amelia: “Relax. It’s just Ultra Squeeze.”
Lola: “It’s not even a good flavor.”
Amelia: “Yeah, that’s why it’s all over the floor."

You raise an eyebrow

Amelia: “Okay fiiiiine! I have some good news and I couldn’t find you. So I figured I’d let your pager call you over."

You start mopping up the soft drink.

Lola: “Couldn’t wait until I was done with my shift?”
Amelia: “No, not really. It’s time sensitive good news.”
Lola: “Well, what is it then?
Amelia: “I can’t just tell ya! You gotta come with me for a sec.”
Lola: “I’m still working, Amelia. I can’t."

[Image: yNFp6KP.png]
Amelia: “We’re talking ten minutes max, girl. Just say you’re taking a bathroom break.”
RE: Space Sheep
>You will concede to talk only if she mops the floor for you. Retribution for making a mess.