Sixth Sense Revival

Sixth Sense Revival
Sixth Sense Revival
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End of Prologue...

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[Image: CgpeIZU.png?1]

I awaken from my restless slumber yet again. I think it may be for the fourth time this night? I look at the clock 
beside me and notice that it's about a couple of hours until the beginning of the exam that will test my mettle and
my abilities as a mind manipulator.

After turning on the light crystals, I get out of bed and go through with my morning routine. Wash my face, get
dressed, nothing special.

[Image: EoSWR0p.png?1]

I look at the mirror and proceed to groom myself. I sure do look tired, as usual.

[Image: RI3gCaR.png?1]

There's still some time until I have to leave, around an hour or so.

Items of note in my room include my all-purpose journal, where I collect my thoughts and write down anything and 
everything I learn, and my rucksack where I have stored everything I need for my upcoming journey the night before.

I'll be sure to take both items with me. My journal, while mostly a hobby, is indispensable. I write down all kinds of
useful information I look back on from time to time when I have not much to do, just to keep it all fresh in my mind. 
It certainly helped with my studies.

What shall I do to pass the time?

AN: This was intended to be a visual novel, so there might be a little bit of railroading at times. I hope you guys like it anyway.  Nervous
I'm still not finished writing one of the two routes, so I hope I can finish that up before the adventure catches up.

And YES, that is an exposition journal. YES, I am that lazy.

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RE: Sixth Sense Revival
whoops accidentally posted too soon pls wait until i finish LOL
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RE: Sixth Sense Revival
ok i'm done. suggest away!
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RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>Write down what you remember of yesterday in your journal
>Read the latest news
>Make yourself a breakfeast.
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>Write down what you remember of yesterday in your journal

I reach for my journal and pencil to write about what had happened yesterday.

[Image: X86UhGk.png]

Yesterday was a little special. My friend Cornelius and I were having a going away party with just the two of us, as 
I had passed the written portion of the caste exam and am about to embark on a journey for the practical portion 

As of this moment, I am unproven. In order to rise higher, I must prove my worth to the State somehow, and I’m 
planning to do so by putting my mind manipulation ability to the test. If I pass, I’ll likely join the incubus caste, 
the only mind manipulation based caste. Their specialty is enchanting surface dwellers and leading them back to 
the Underworld to brainwash them into secret agents of the State.

We subterrestrials like to keep our existence secret. I suppose the leading officials believe that this is the best 
course of action to keep the upper hand. I think it’s because of something that happened a long time ago, like 
some kind of insurrection, but I don’t really know much.

Just as I finish writing in my journal, I hear loud knocking on the entrance door that persists for longer than it should.[Image: acY5Wf1.png]
[Image: Q03yZc4.png]
I open the door just enough so that I could take a peek to see who is outside and suddenly meeting the gaze of my
 friend Corneliusc causes me to jump in fright.

[Image: 0ewq2L1.png]
With an exasperated sigh, I slowly open the door to its fullest extent to let Cornelius inside.

[Image: kb4vwRB.png]

Cornelius enters my home with little reservation and plops down on a seat at the table.

[Image: XOeXOp3.png]
[Image: q3KEbQt.png]
[Image: SAvMO83.png]

Cornelius raises the closed burlap sack held in one of his hands.

His last sentence elevates my mood and the feeling of eager curiosity swiftly replaces the sense of annoyance. 
Cornelius brings me rare surface world gifts on occasion, most of which are unobtainable for someone of my 
status. I don’t really know how he is able to obtain these things, but I figure it’s better that I don’t ask.

What could it be this time? Fruits? Animal products like milk or cheese or honey? Perhaps… surface world meat? 
I can hardly contain my own excitement.

[Image: L83L4tW.png]

Cornelius turns the sack upside down and various foodstuffs falls from the sack.

[Image: ORvXLQ8.png]

Let’s see: sliced cheese, bread, an apple, and a jar of braised cave mushrooms. I’ll take it!

[Image: d3wsKd9.png]
[Image: QanBlfz.png]

I dig in, eating the cheese along with the bread, and chowing down the mushrooms afterwards, making an effort 
to give myself time to appreciate the delicious taste. While eating, I notice that Cornelius is watching me intently 
with pride, like a chef watching someone eat a meal he had made from scratch. Once I finish the main meal, I 
begin to chew at the apple last as dessert.

[Image: vDjEwNH.png]

I have a feeling that he has some form of ulterior motive and not necessarily an evil one at that. He just has a 
mysterious way of showing up at pivotal moments of my life, often with some kind of solution.

[Image: IvUZu7s.png]
[Image: egdl7eS.png]

Cornelius digs into his pocket and fishes out a small, colored orb. He places it on his hand palm up and extends his
 hand towards me across the table.

I finish my apple and put the remaining core aside. I pick the orb out his hand with my thumb and forefinger.

A frown forms on my face as I focus on the object. The orb is an object called a magic marble. They contain magic 
that can be unleashed by crushing it, generally thrown at a hard surface. I don’t know what this orb can accomplish, 
but the color green suggests that it’s from the school of manipulation, out of the four schools of manipulation, 
manifestation, divination, and flight.

[Image: Pn8URh1.png]
[Image: Z7PvbYm.png]
[Image: NpoSDTx.png]
[Image: rdD0IcP.png]
I confide in my problems with Cornelius often, and he is absolutely right so often to the point of it becoming 
uncanny. I’ve always attributed it to some sixth sense I know nothing about.

Noticing that he didn’t even make an attempt to tell me what it does, I come to the conclusion that it is some 
kind of contraband. The lower class masses are only allowed to own magic marbles of trivial effect.

[Image: 8kKlsHM.png]

Cornelius smiles wryly and replies with utmost sincerity.

[Image: me6nK9D.png]

A twinge of irritation ripples within me.

[Image: Oz9JlrK.png]

[Image: 1xhzYjw.png]
Intuition is every subterrestrial’s sixth sense. Every subterrestrial but me. Being labelled as a late bloomer is such an
 embarrassment. I’m an adult lacking what every adolescent has. It makes me feel that I’ve long fallen behind.

I’ve begun to cope with such a terrible fact, but it still stings to be put down in such a way, especially by my only 
friend who should be plentifully aware of my feelings on this. I can’t help but lash out.

[Image: SGz01wg.png]
[Image: lcRQej0.png]
[Image: 2K0m4Ho.png]

I point at the door and make my decision final.

[Image: 7vv6ooj.png]

He leaves quietly, leaving the magic marble behind, and makes one last glance before shutting the door with care.

[Image: nrxh0tP.png]

And now there is silence.

I let out a deep sigh and think up words of encouragement for myself.

[Image: g1OR0YV.png]

Time passes and I eventually simmer down and begin to feel guilty over my outburst because in the end he meant well.

[Image: Hxb8ZT5.png]
I shift my gaze to the lone marble that was left behind.

Do I…?

long update is long. hopefully the character portraits made things more bearable?
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RE: Sixth Sense Revival
There some situations where abiding to the law is reasonable, fortunately this is not one of those situations

>commit crime
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>take it
[Image: Iv0bTLS.png]
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>Does taking the pearl means you *have* to use it ?
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>Figure out what the marble does

[Image: qnVj9d3.png]
I pick up the marble and examine it closely and think long and hard. It’s green with light streaks. The dominant 
color rules out the schools of Manifestation (illusion, invisibility, and shapeshifting), Divination (clairvoyance, 
remote viewing, precognition, psychometry, omniscience, and detection), and Flight (levitation, astral projection, 
and teleportation), leaving Manipulation. So it’s either psychokinesis, electrokinesis, mind manipulation, pyrokinesis, 
or dispel magic, at least as far as I know.

I flip through my notebook to help me think. I know that psychokinesis has purple streaks, electrokinesis has blue 
streaks, and pyrokinesis has red streaks. That leaves mind manipulation and dispel magic.
[Image: fFEdqk2.png]
[Image: Sss2mXR.png]
I’ve done all that I can to narrow it down, so there’s no use thinking much more about it now.

>Take the marble

I hate to take it as it would mean I’m essentially agreeing to what Cornelius had said, but I decide to do it. I don’t 
know what it does exactly or what I would do with it, but it may have its uses.
[Image: rKTHw53.png]
I think back to what Cornelius had said and decide to use it only when I’m in dire straits. As destroying it is the only 
way to activate the power stored within, this marble is naturally a single use item.

I store the marble in one of my pockets where it is easy to produce. Additionally, I add my journal to my pack 
and take the time to ascertain the items I had stored in the pack one last time.

Let’s see, there’s my knife, some rations, grooming utensils, a necklace with a light emitting crystal attached, a 
bedroll, a waterskin, and a handkerchief.
After I take the knife and strap it to my leg, my preparations are complete. I dim the lights in my room and take
one look back before I leave for good.

[Image: EISxm4h.png]
[Image: 3yLbYRs.png]
Once I leave my room, the cool air of the Underworld, dimly lit by the overhanging crystals, greets me.

I walk to the meeting place at a brisk pace, my shortcomings and the challenges to come on my mind.
[Image: xSDQ2k4.png]
[Image: sxdSqXl.png]
The silver lining behind all this is that mind manipulation is half talent, half theory. So long as I play my cards right, 
I should be able to succeed.

As a change of pace, I think more cheerful thoughts, like how I’ll be living large once I climb the social ladder. 
More freedom. Better food. Better lodging. Sounds good…

Time passes…

[Image: NIPn0ZD.png]
I eventually make it to the meeting spot. My instructor is standing near the mouth of a cavernous passageway.
[Image: hvL1Yht.png]
[Image: VPeEQcf.png]
[Image: 8NVNKmu.png]
[Image: xoIQlKR.png]
[Image: stzJ1dq.png]
[Image: I3rmpvU.png]
[Image: HqtmxzW.png]
[Image: OIUStqb.png]
[Image: gm9lHCM.png]
[Image: gG4d0BJ.png]
[Image: uZtNu3x.png]
[Image: Pv5r3pl.png]
[Image: 81nF4LG.png]
[Image: pW3gFOG.png]
The instructor produces a divination rod and closes the distance between us.
[Image: 1blNPFV.png]
[Image: 7thi7Fq.png]
He begins to wave the rod around me with vertical motions.
[Image: anaTwhN.png]
[Image: Tm9zEXi.png]
[Image: AKS38Dq.png]
[Image: 9UjLVwT.png]
Words cannot describe how relieved I am.

The instructor stands back and begins speaking.
[Image: hBP6PsP.png]
[Image: Kxz9AEj.png]
[Image: JsECZu8.png]
[Image: QN53Q65.png]
[Image: I2e6rUD.png]
[Image: hTG6K1I.png]
[Image: 57QkD1I.png]
He trails off and procures an orange orb from his pocket, tossing it in his hand a few times. He swings 
his arm once and swings it another, tossing the orb to my direction.

I catch the orb in my hands and examine it.
[Image: 4botBlw.png]
I do as he says.
[Image: anaTwhN.png]
[Image: Q41To3W.png]
[Image: sx9uuQQ.png]
[Image: aH1aitf.png]
[Image: 37cQKVy.png]
I take the sack, slinging it over my shoulder.
[Image: kBmM4qF.png]
With a map in hand, I step forward and make my way to the passageway. My long-awaited journey 
has finally begun.

Time passes…

As I pass through the caverns, I think about the divination rod failing to detect the marble Cornelius 
had given me. How could it possibly have failed? Was it a malfunction? Or is the marble a dud? It’s 
a perplexing situation. For my sake, I hope that the rod had simply malfunctioned.

I put my thoughts aside.

After trekking for what felt like hours, I finally see the natural light. I up my pace, feeling my heart 
pounding in excitement.

Once I leave the caves, I am met with the sight of the dreary Primordial Forest. I continue to the 
edge of the forest and emerge into a clearing.
[Image: gRvabip.png]
I am painfully blinded by the sun’s rays. It’s much brighter than what I was led to believe through my readings.

[Image: sQU8wtX.png]

It takes a while for my eyes to finally adjust, but once they do, I’m met with breathtaking scenery. I take one look 
behind me and see the cave I emerged from hidden by the sickly trees.

I look back at the field before me, and the contrast is immense.

I can’t help but amble about in wonder.

What I understand to be trees tower over the grassland with branches, adorned with emerald leaves, expanding 
from the twigs that expand from the trunks. Colorful flower bushes dot the landscape, and I crouch up to one 
such bush. I slide one petal between my forefinger and thumb to feel the smooth texture.

I finally approach a particularly large tree, and run my palm against the rough bark and the moss growing on the 
trunk in tactile wonder.
[Image: H84pDWl.png]
I hear a sudden voice from behind.

[Image: vO8dcYs.png]
[Image: kCfbmvt.png] [Image: Ab4TOmH.png]
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
Well time to practice

Hey ;)
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>Hey, yourself ;)
I take a moment to channel the magic that courses through my horns, which I feel has been relocated to a different part of my body, and turn around to make an impression.
[Image: mbRAiVB.png]
The man before me stares blankly before speaking.

[Image: LtmppoI.png][Image: So6HJOv.png]
[Image: ansXwNX.png]
[Image: etonFpD.png]
He points at the desaturated group of trees in the distance, the place I had emerged from.
[Image: QWLNggF.png]
I understand now. This man is speaking about the Primordial Forest. The forest is saturated with the poison that emanates from the sealed body of the dark god, Yon. Elder races such as the celestials, terrestrials, and subterrestrials, are immune to the poison because they have been blessed by both Sariel, the god of light, and Yon.

Others who are not so fortunate go insane when they travel too deep into the forest due to the poison. The cave I had come from is not too deep in the forest, just enough to not be found as easily, so anybody I choose to bring back should be fine.

>Explain that you're a traveler from faraway lands and you got lost.
[Image: HVBtyZ3.png]
I think back to the instructions I had read earlier while in the caves. Go to Lanerfield, then to the Blue Sparrow Inn. Meet the owner and proctor, Augustina Gessia. Give her the letter and fulfill your mission. Maybe he can show me there.
[Image: GXDnvxC.png]
[Image: KsCqvrD.png]
[Image: Glup64I.png]
I can see the kindness in his eyes.
[Image: LPFEDRy.png]
[Image: HfjWxvx.png]
The man turns and walks in the direction opposite of the Primordial Forest, waving in his direction. Due to his tall stature, he walks in long strides. I don’t waste time and immediately trot after him.

Once I catch up to him, he looks over to me with a stoic expression, as if his gentle smile had never existed, and speaks.
[Image: 8Zuafs7.png]
[Image: glB2nGx.png]
[Image: 4PFAIGr.png]
After a long period of silence,
[Image: Z6bVy1D.png]
[Image: PHO7CKg.png]
I can’t believe he saw me ambling about. It’s somewhat embarrassing. I act quickly without thinking, blinded by embarrassment.

>"Hey! I'm a human! I love the sun!"
[Image: 2Zee7cw.png]
[Image: Fza8D2D.png]
[Image: MA0VbEF.png]
After the brief moment of laughter, Clarke’s expression becomes subdued at record speed.

[Image: dQFDn1a.png]
We pass by a dilapidated cabin, and I slow my pace to take in the haunting scenery.

When I look back at the guide, I see that he has advanced quite quickly, his speed now much faster. I up my pace to keep up.
[Image: YgPXkkc.png]
[Image: 2tcykoV.png]
His cryptic answer does nothing but pique my interest, but I decide not to question him.

>Have you considered that these mind manipulation tactics feel kinda...scummy?

After we pass the cabin, Clarke slows to a pace that can be easily followed. It gives me time to take a moment and think.

My mind snaps to the mind manipulation tactics I am to employ. The manipulation tactics I had mentioned during the pop quiz were all I could gather from studying about the subject. I felt that all the tactics I had gathered were underhanded, and I wished that there were other options. I don’t exactly like treating people badly.

But on the other hand, the target of my mind manipulation is fated to be the subject of the indoctrination program anyway. It’s a series of steps in which the subject is mercilessly broken down, their sense of self demolished and built anew in our image. That is how the agents of the State are born.

I went to observe one indoctrination session once. The subject was filled to the brim with guilt that had been injected by the assailant, the one who leads the indoctrination, and was made to denounce everything. Their friends, family, their former way of life. Everything.

[Image: DMxD8lN.png]
The subject was in anguish, crying hysterically and begging for forgiveness, for mercy of any kind, and they were willing to do anything for it. It was a terrible sight, and the thought that I will be the one to instigate such sessions makes me sick to the stomach. I decide to stop thinking about the past and future and think strictly about the present instead.

Before long, we reach the small town of Lanerfield.

Clarke stops just at the outskirts of town and turns toward me.
[Image: WZ4gKKb.png]
[Image: P6UZLPu.png]
[Image: QwZ0TWI.png]
[Image: wDD9iSW.png]
It’s difficult to see how he could possibly be so disliked by the locals, but I believe him. I watch him walk past me into the direction we had come from.

Before long, I turn around and enter the town.

[Image: dIqohmH.png]
Helped along by helpful bystanders, I finally arrive at my destination. It is early evening. I take a deep breath and open the door, poking my head into the opening.

[Image: 7lGjxPH.png]
Inside the dim, moderately populated room, I see some who are playing cards and others making loud conversation with large tankards in hand. After scanning the unfamiliar scene a while longer, I step inside, slowly closing the door behind me. No one seems to care to look in my direction.

I wander toward the bar and the friendly bartender turns his attention to me.
[Image: q7zNvKJ.png]
[Image: 63pUjg0.png]
[Image: HzgojL5.png]
Just as I’m about to order something, I hear a loud crash and instinctively turn around and look.

[Image: vvqcoAj.png]
[Image: u35w3tm.png]
[Image: XgY60xp.png]
Edwin clicks his tongue and scowls.
[Image: 9o2E46I.png]
A young woman walks toward to the forlorn girl sitting on the floor.
[Image: 6sS56ny.png]
She looks as if she’s about to cry.
[Image: LVEXWws.png]
Just then, the entrance door swings open and a sharply dressed woman steps in.
[Image: lYLpIPS.png]
Edwin nods his head in her direction.

She wastes no time and walks directly toward me.
[Image: JmkSfdg.png]
The woman takes one look at the shattered glassware and turns her attention toward the girl that had been yelling at the girl who had caused the mess.
[Image: 9wppSlX.png]
[Image: jpLqZ2a.png]
[Image: vPpbbuL.png]
[Image: fLyizHZ.png]
Augustina grabs me by the lapel of my shirt and we walk into a separate room.
[Image: b27cnmB.png]
[Image: DMKEbCw.png]
Augustina gestures toward one of the chairs.
[Image: ioD0FDZ.png]
Without delay, the proprietor of the inn leaves the room in a hurry. You are left alone in the room with a young woman.
[Image: d8WfAtD.png]
[Image: NGrt7Ow.png]
[Image: 5DRrVKh.png]
[Image: eIWMb9b.png]
[Image: UOQ6b1V.png]

AN: Yeeeees, good. Question the motive/mission.
Also I really rushed through this will fix up later!
[Image: kCfbmvt.png] [Image: Ab4TOmH.png]
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
... So why are there even humans and dog peoples ? They seemed to be very much mssing from the creation myth. Is it a plot point there or may we get a itty bit of exposition on the subject ?

>Well so you have a loner who is disliked by the town people and a dog girl.. slave ? of sorts, they both sound like great target for mental restructuring.
>Start asking her question about everyone.
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
Getting more information on the our both potential targets would be good, I don't know if turning a servant of our contact would be a good idea but it doesn't hurt to pretend to have a interest in her if nothing more to gain a trusty acquaintance. Aside from that knowing the surrounding area sounds nice
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
>As a person from faraway have never seen someone with features like them....ask them politely about who they are.
[Image: 6Nb6kYJ.png]
[Image: Z8J4Edw.png]
[Image: MjdOE4Y.png]
[Image: G98f8af.png]
Their brute strength is useful for manual labor, but they’re usually kept as house servants.

Perhaps they remain hidden to avoid forced servitude.
[Image: NyOibrK.png]
>Knowing the surrounding area sounds nice.
[Image: jZGhWi1.png]
[Image: 5Q2TjJC.png]
[Image: rIAnGAm.png]
[Image: bZSzxG4.png]
[Image: e7QSy9Z.png]
[Image: RhqydES.png]
>You want to know more about Lancaster. Why he is disliked by the villagers?
[Image: 5jJYfMY.png]
[Image: YJovdDK.png]
[Image: WnXJtRx.png]
[Image: sC4wEof.png]
[Image: lQ4RvVs.png]
I’m baffled.
[Image: fj32Yln.png]
[Image: JgQgitm.png]
Before long, Augustina Gessia walks back into the room with a hand to her forehead and looks to me.
[Image: 9LYJ6Sk.png]
She sets her sight on the servant and orders him with a shooing motion.
[Image: rIT80OJ.png]
[Image: h1WTzrC.png]
With a bow, Julie leaves at a quick pace.

As soon as Julie leaves, Mistress Bella’s human form shifts to that of a subterrestrial with long, red horns.
[Image: RmUYiZu.png]
She lounges in the chair behind the desk, stroking her chin. With the same hand, she motions toward the other chair in the room.
[Image: pHzeBaD.png]
I comply and sit in the comfortably cushy chair across from her, though I try not to let myself get too comfortable.
[Image: HGwWaVs.png]
She adjusts herself for comfort, resting her chin on her slender hand.
[Image: z0hoM0F.png]
[Image: A3VpKiB.png]
Augustina leans forward and extends her hand across the desk.
[Image: fACdOqR.png]
I get up and shake her hand that’s cold to the touch.
[Image: fGErZnJ.png]
[Image: SO3Xt7I.png]
I had nearly forgotten.
[Image: bfyYRQc.png]
I rummage through my bag and finally produce some bundled up papers and hand them to her before being gestured to sit once again. Augustina spreads the papers out on her desk and peruses them, letting out a few hm’s. With knitted brows, Augustina asks a question I didn’t want to hear.
[Image: U4F6wUo.png]
I cast my eyes at the ground and mirthlessly say the ever familiar phrase.
[Image: aEROgkW.png]
[Image: ibjay3Z.png]
Gathering the papers, she stacks them neatly on the corner of her desk and moves on as if nothing had happened.
[Image: K0YDBnL.png]

>Why are there humans and northern wolves when the old gods only created three races with wisdom?
[Image: 27KEMUj.png]
It’s not known exactly how humans and canines came to be as humans are originally from a different continent mostly uninhabited by the elder races, and the northern wolves originated from a very remote part of the continent, also uninhabited by the elder races.

Maybe some neo deity gave them a nudge here and there to eventually develop wisdom. They sure can’t just imbue beings with wisdom like Yon and Sariel had, but they can shape lives in a way. Then maybe they attained wisdom over generation and generations of changes to their body and mind. Proponents of this theory call it “assisted evolution”, as opposed to simple “evolution” happening without any assistance from outside forces.
[Image: kCfbmvt.png] [Image: Ab4TOmH.png]
RE: Sixth Sense Revival
Clarke seems like the obvious target, but I'm not sure how useful he can be? Do get bonus points if the person we brainwash is influential or this is just a test to see if we can get anyone? And finally important people/organizations we should be aware of?