Ordinary Journalism

Ordinary Journalism
Ordinary Journalism
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The job gets you a meager paycheck and ridicule from your peers. There aren't exactly CRYPTIDS around here, and there's not enough CORRUPTION for a man of your profession to write about something mundane, so everyone working for the newspaper thinks of you as "that one conspiracy guy".

You've heard rumors about rabid animals and odd noises coming from one of the many government owned concrete cubes around here. Hopefully you can get a story about something exciting, like EMBEZZLEMENT.

But before any of that, you need to get past this FENCE.

There's not much to work with around here, so you decide to think about what you have to work with yourself.

[Image: p8GPHO2.png]

You are a rather competent individual, after all, the average person only has 4 points in each stat. 

You enjoy a high INT, exceptional WIL, and competent STR and DEF; 
This is slightly balanced by a poor WIS, maybe why you're raiding a government building for a news story.

The only skill that you have is INVESTIGATE:
You spend 1 point of FOCUS to find out the stats of an enemy.

[Image: dC84IrP.png]

You briefly wonder why you didn't think to bring any more EQUIPMENT with you while raiding the government, but you digress.

You cannot really see how any of this helps you, but it's good to know.

[Image: zIfYpWk.png]

You of course have all of this stuff EQUIPPED, but it still wont help you with your main problem.

Your insistence on raiding government buildings That FENCE.
RE: Ordinary Journalism
Take your coat off and Throw it on the fence then climb it, the coat should protect you from any barbs

also why are you not wearing shoes?
RE: Ordinary Journalism
>Maybe walk around the fence, see if there's some point where it would be easier to climb or bypass