LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~

LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
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Coming soon, on Global Oceanographic: a brand new series, examining the notorious expedition to the lost city of Antintis.

Legend has it, that the lake kingdom of Antintis affronted the god the dry land, who as a punishment raised their great city up into the sky, high above the water level. A classic tale of hubris! But for decades, we didn't know if this was a real tale, or an allegory of sorts. But one fateful day, a brave fish has decided to put together an expedition to brave the horrors of the dry land, following ancient clues. Or perhaps, were they following ancient rubbish?

But so close to their goal, a terrible accident befall their mighty landship. As the massive vehicle was climbing up the slopes of a mountain, a great explosion rocked it! The survivors boarded their escape pods, hoping they would fall into nearby lakes, or that the pod's automated life support crystals would keep them alive for long enough.

Join us next week, as we tell you about the key figures in this mission. Did they save everyone? Did they actually find Antintis? Were they responsible for the explosion in the first place?

Introducing several celebrity experts, such as historians and engineers! Watch as relatives of the expedition members regale stories about their quirks! Resist the urge to look up the ending on Fishipedia!

Find the answers, only on Global Oceanographic!


Welcome to Landwrecked, a game set on a world where fishpeople live in great continental lakes, surrounded by a oceans of dry land. Fishpeople are well, fish, with two arms, but may have strange extra limbs. Their technology is powered by Brine Crystals: lattices of pure salt, crushed by the highest pressure forges one can find. They also have unlocked the secrets of Nanoalgea, which can synthesize all kinds of empowering food, or can be used to weave organic self repairing environmental suits. Oh, and they have pet starfishes, jellyfishes, crabs and such.

This high technological state of being was only possible due to the brave ones, who connected the various great lakes via landships. Originally these were carts that inched across the land using legs, manipulated by rowers. Later, they added giant sails, that moved the rather wide cargo contraptions. Most recently, people managed to stabilize Brine Crystals, and made them small enough to be part of a vehicle. And thus, a world of global aquatic commerce has begun.

It was this time when a private expedition has launched to find the ruins of Antintis. For what reason? To find an ancient weapon for a coming war? To resolve a mysterious terra incognita in the map of history? Or simply for money? Well, one part of the game is finding this out!

The game is twofold: you will both play as members of this ill-fated expedition, and you will also get the option to answer prompts about the backstory. Every now and then, you will be getting backstory prompts, which you can answer in the thread, by playing as an Expert On Live Fish TV. Everything you say will be canon, though it is best if you collaborate with your friends.

You will also be a fishy explorer, who have survived the great explosion in an escape pod, which landed in a nearby lake. The escape pod has a few Brine Crystals in it, along with a Nanoalgea generator. Perhaps you can reconfigure them, to build a base, and a makeshift vehicle... perhaps you can even find the others. Perhaps you may even fix the landship, stuck on the mountain's slopes, and go home, with or without the secrets of Antintis...

Or you can just try and enter hibernation mode, as so many others must have chosen...

Name: What is your fishy name?
Fishology: How does your fish look like? Any interesting colourations, extra limbs, or perhaps an angler lure?
Skills: Each fish knows Athletics, Technology, Leaderships and Science. Which is the one you are good at (4), which is the one you are bad at (2)? (The rest are level 3)
Employment: what was your job on the landship? What equipment did you have? Or perhaps, did you have access to more algea or crystals?
Friends from the boat: tell me about three people who were your friends on the boat. Or perhaps, "frenemies". One of them will be in your escape pod, one will be in another player's, one will be somewhere out there, in the wild! Further survivors will exist of course, you just won't know them personally.
Short bio: Short and succint, don't want to spoil everything for the viewers
The system will be me rolling a number of dice based on your skill level. If you roll high, you will gain the power of describing the result yourself! In addition, you can ask Companions to do things for you, at a cost or drawback, without rolling the dice.
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
Name: Drago Glau

Fishology: Has some noodly tentacles on their arms, based off of the blue sea dragon. Also likes eating spicy food (aka stuff with stingers!)

Athletics (4)
Technology (3)
Leadership (2)
Science (3)

Employment: Emergency technician - When times are rough, Drago was equipped to go outside and try and fix things! And potentially fight off evil land creatures! Drago likes danger.

Friends from the boat:
1. Flip Thaumoc - Flip is Drago's best friend, a good-looking mimic octopus who is kind of noodly.
2. Bloo Seel - A rival risk-seeker, strong but really doesn't know when to quit. Moray eel.
3. Stylla Amphi - Drago's girlfriend, she's a tech genius who shares Drago's love for spicy foods. She's also trans, because guess what, she's a clownfish!

Short bio: Drago is from a family of adventurers! Their ancestors were some of the first to go out onto land, braving the horrors of the dry land to explore new oceans! Unfortunately, this has been a lot of pressure on Drago, and they grew up kind of weird. Got into a lot of fights, mayyyy have accidentally stung people because they eat too much spicy food. Along with their best friend Flip and their girlfriend Stylla, they set out on ADVENTURE! Surely finding the lost city of Antintis will make Drago popular. Surely.
Current Projects:
Human space is at war, and we're all caught up in it - Scattered Stars

A woman chases another through the snow, but where will their path lead them? - Footprints in the snow
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
Name: Smeltley Bigglebottom Esq.

Fishology: Metallic black and gold patched fancy goldfish (lionhead breed) with a sea-anemone top hat and monocle. Rides around in an upside-down nautilus shell with wheels (that are smaller nautilus shells).

Athletics (2)
Technology (3)
Leadership (3)
Science (4)

Employment: A gentleman and a scholar. He is one of the leading celebrity-scientist of Brinelogy.

Friends from the boat:

Carla Catfish - a Catfish with cat ears. Massive nerd and pushover. Graduate student who works under Smeltley.
Pat O’Sardines - scientist frenemies. They work well together despite the fact they hate each other.
Flippers - an extremely miniature baikal lake seal. Basically a wet dog and too smart for its own good.

Short bio: Smeltley, a known recluse, only took this job because he realized he forgot to lock the gate and Flippers escaped into the wild. Oh no.
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
Name: Ensign Gulpus Garag

Fishology: Imagine a flatfish, fleshy pale on one side, mottled brown on the other, with both eyes on the mottled side. Sounds ugly, right? That's Garag. Despite his horizontally flattened body, he did wear a fancy uniform though, and everyone seemed to agree that he was handsome by fish standards.

Skills: Athletics 3; Technology 3; Leadership 4; Science 2 (he had Mortib for that!)

Employment: Ensign Garag was in charge of a Scuttler Detachment, and led away teams to investigate interesting landforms aboard a six-legged Scuttlecraft. He had a Shiny Uniform that helped him stand out from the crowd and made sure that the crew listened to him. He also knew exactly where in the wreckage of the ship to find the Scuttlecraft Bay.

Friends from the boat:
> Science Officer Tezzy Mortib: a colourful, tropical sort with a strong knowledge of science and technology. She was assigned as the #2 Officer in Garag's Scuttler Detachment to make up for Garag's shocking lack of scientific knowledge.
> Bulgus Bilge: A large tuna-like guy with a knack for engineering, geology and the practical intersection of the two; high explosive blast mining! Garag was good friends with this guy, and brought him on away missions sometimes before the disaster.
> Ensign Treth Ubbler: A blowfish and fellow officer of the ship, both Ubbler and Garag both worked under the same Lieutenant. Garag acted friendly towards Ubbler, but Ubbler saw the truth; that Garag was just a grifter using his good looks to get by! He's been quietly working to try and convince people of Garag's unworthiness, to no avail by the time of the catastrophe.

Short bio: Born to a wealthy family, Garag attended the Coral Point Academy for promising young landship cadets. Once he graduated, Garag was employed aboard various vessels, though his service record is sadly mostly unavailable to researchers. Any claims that he coasted through life on his charisma and family reputation are obviously false, and his family's legal estate have made sure that his exceptional skill and wit is well-represented in this documentary program in spite of any claims to the contrary.
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
Name: Pistol Shrimpit

Fishology: Imagine a pistol shrimp with his arm is like a cannon he can shoot out air bubbles with it has orange coloring and has a shrimp tail he has long eyes stalk and has a six pack
Skills: Athletics 4; Technology 2; Leadership 3; Science 3 !)

Employment: Pistol was the head of the bubble division in the last great war, and led many teams to fight off invader. He has a coat with no under shirt with badges of past honor

Friends from the boat:
> Brigade Officer Bubble Bass: He is a commander of the Brute fish command post and has a fat body with a harden look. He respects Shrimpit for his time and enjoys him as a best friend.
> Private Skipper: A small penguin that always follows shrimpit and has a very friendly and accepting personally
>Researcher Dolfy Dona: The lead researcher of the Dolphiny Division and is a old flame of shrimpit 
Short bio: Born as a renegade Shrimpit has take hits before but decide that life wasn't for him and decide to join the military he has 10 years experience in it and loves helping others now.
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
Game will launch on April 10th! Get your fish in gear... fish gear...

Note about Flip Thaumoc and Pistol Shrimpit: shrimps and octopuses aren't fish, but you can be a fish with shrimps hand thanks to the power of genetic engineering. I assume  Private Skipper is a pet like Flippers is. Shrimpit also needs a third friend.

Edit: Whoops, meant to be the 10th. Edit2: Too tired today... delaying to 11th...
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
[The people I have picked are Pharmacy, Vancho1 and Demonsul. I am sorry HayDay, but I would like to prefer to play with the people I am in daily contact with. :( I hope you'll understand.]

Various escape pods fly out of the great vehicle, trying to veer towards the various lakes. Some land in the desert, turning on suspended animation mode. Some manage to land in life giving water... Will they be able to claw they way through dryland, uniting the survivors, and finish the mission? Or will they abandon it? Find it later!

But first, lets hear some experts talk about the Famous Fish Who Started The Expedition. Who were they? What was their goal? Were they aboard?
RE: LANDWRECKED ~ The search for Antintis ~
So this was all just so your friends could play with you?
I would of preferred if you said that from the start.