The Battle Royale S2 [Round 4: Burnination Studios]

The Battle Royale S2 [Round 4: Burnination Studios]
RE: The Battle Royale S2 [Round 4: Burnination Studios]
Harold Sharpe parried the giant blade that swung down on him, sparks flying as the two clashed, “Any progress Geoff?” With a push, he succeed in blowing the sword backwards, putting the giant knight off balance.

“Almost there, hold them off for a bit longer.” Geoff gave his best performance, holding in his critiques (this time), as he fiddled with an electronic manhole cover. There was no reason for him to actually be able to hack it or whatever, but apparently that was a “detective power.”

“Fools, you will pay for what you did to our friend!” The other actor, a hydra, started to ham up for the camera, elaborating on the grief she felt over her fallen ally, Geoff thought it was good, but was getting tired of it, one of the reasons why he’d sort of started to just roll with the punches.

“Now, Rung, together, we shall burn them away.” The other visible head of the hydra, along with the first, inhaled deeply, the duo preparing for an epic struggle of flame with Harold Sharpe.

“I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend, but I did not slay him. I do not have it in my heart to slay so misguided a being, Geoff, how much longer?”

The flames of Harold Sharpe and Wright and Rung blew at each other, the effects, again, incredible the first time you see them, but by now…

“Almost… almost…” Geoff counted in his head to three, then pressed the button that would unlock the manhole. “There, let’s get in!”

Geoff jumped in, followed by Harold Sharpe as the giant knight and hydra both attacked at once, cracking the floor, but not enough that either could follow.


“It is of no consequence, we will get our vengeance, they will have to leave the sewers eventually, come!”

Harold looked up, catching his breath before putting out his hand for Geoff to take, “Right on time Geoff, thank you.”

“No problem,” Geoff took Harold’s hand and shook it, while pointing to his head with his other hand, “It wasn’t that tough to crack, I’ve solved harder codes in my sleep.” He smiled, holding back his disapproval of the script.

“It's better to split up while we can, we will meet again, I can feel it.”

As Harold went off to the next part of his set, likely dodging and fighting things along the way, Geoff, his part over, stretched a bit, and looked around the sewer system. In the corner of his eye, he swore he saw a light flash, before vanishing behind a corner. Curious.

Geoff rushed to the corner, ready for just about anything except for what was actually there. A tall woman, her head and body covered by a shawl and very well looking dress was standing there, waiting for him, the detective couldn’t help but notice the aura of mysticism that she was bellowing of her. “Ah, Geoff, finally, I’m so glad to meet you,” She said with a very showy voice.

“Let me guess, a psychic? You definitely have the look of one.”

While the upper part of her face was covered, the lower was not, allowing Geoff to see her red lipstick on blue skin give a nice, pleasant smirk. “I'm glad I look the part, it's a very important part of the job you know, pandering to the clientele?”

Geoff nodded, “So you probably know who I am, and you’ve found me, so what's your game?”

The psychic put up a heavily jeweled hand, “There’s quite a lot going on here on Burnination Geoff, and I believe that we can be of assistance to one another, if you’re willing to trust me that is.”

Geoff put his hand to his chin, “I must admit, I’m a bit skeptical, but while I’m willing to lend an ear you’ll have to earn my trust before you can have it.”

The psychic giggled, “Well, of course!” She dug into her dress and pulled out a painting. “So here’s my dilemma, are you much of a connoisseur of art, Geoff?”

The painting was… abstract, but anyone looking at it could probably see what the artist was going for, which Very Bad Things.

“So you paint predictions?”

“Hmm? Oh, no, I don’t paint them, I simply interpret them, you’d be disappointed to hear how many of these actors simply don’t understand true art.”

Geoff was starting to lose the plot, but nevertheless continued forward, “So if I’m correct, this painting depicts some sort of terrible event that you want me to prevent?”

“Well, something like that, because you see,” The psychic flipped the painting upside down, and suddenly Geoff felt a bit better. “Art’s all about perspective dear, and what I want is for you to aim things towards this, instead of, this.” The psychic made a show of turning the painting back.

Geoff chuckled a little, somewhat infected by the psychic’s devotion to her shtick. “So what exactly would you have me do?”

The psychic put the painting back into her dress, “Well you see, my very dear Holly Wood, one of my most precious customers has vanished, and I believe it’s to do with a conspiracy brewing.”

“Holly Wood? She has some sort of powers involving emotions? I can think of a lot of reasons why someone would want her out of the picture. So you think whoevers behind this conspiracy took her out of the picture? Kidnapping seems a bit extreme to sabatoage a movie, but-.”

The psychic cut Geoff off, “I’m afraid the conspiracy isn’t to take the movie out, it’s just a bystander, really. No I believe that those are aiming for something, bigger, much bigger, if you catch my drift?”

Geoff mused on the state of Burnination for a moment, “So someone’s out to make all the Kaiju go wild then? Can’t have someone capable of controlling emotions for something like that, hmm?”

“Bingo! And I also can give you a lead,” The psychic reached into her dress once more and pulled out an envelope, Geoff couldn’t help but notice that it was addressed to Wardell. “I believe you’re familiar with one, Wardell? Well, I’m afraid that he’s in on it, although I don’t know how in on it he is.”

“Where did you get this?”

“One of my more… secretive clients dropped it, whether it was a stroke of luck or a play on his part, I don’t know, but a clue is a clue, is it not?”

Geoff took the envelope, noting that it was from an “R.”.

Suddenly, a director called “Geoff, where did you go?”

Geoff turned to the voice for a moment, long enough for him to hear, but not see the psychic leave.

“Geoff, it's almost time for your next scene, come on.”

“Right, of course.” Solving a mystery while in the middle of shooting a film, huh? Geoff supposed that it was certainly interesting, but was worried and suspicious. A conspiracy to control the emotions of kaiju, someone kidnapping one person and controlling another, and this inevitable train wreck of a film were all sure to collide together at some point, Geoff hoped that it wouldn't be on him.


The psychic removed her shawl, leaning back in one of the hidden corridors of the studios, revealing her head of red hair and wicked smile. Bennie took a deep breath and stretched herself out. Playing psychic was much harder work than she thought it would be, but she knew it would be worth it’s inevitable reward. She took out a cell phone, and dialed the number of her main contact.

“Tschic, baby, I sent the detective on his way, when can we meet up, hmm?”

On the other side of the line, the feathered phoenix-esque paint monster that was Burnination Studio’s’ Tschichold, set maker, prop painter, and makeup artist, miraculously held a tiny phone to his beak while looking through his schedule. “Ahh, Bennie, love! Always a pleasure to hear your voice but I’m afraid I’m about to be in the middle of an appointment, The Harold Sharpe is about to hit this set, and every, single, thing is a massive mess! I’d say I’d be able to meet you soon if all goes well, but given current events, I doubt it! I’ll keep you posted though."

As if on cue (and perhaps actually, on cue), another feathery sort flew into one of the sets that the paint-bird only needed the finishing touches on, "Yargh, disaster, I must go, chao.”

“Alright, chao.”

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