Ragazza Magica

Ragazza Magica
Ragazza Magica
The world as you know it is not the only world that exists. Many worlds, each separate from each other. If any of these worlds were to collide, there would be dire consequences. It is for this reason, that there exists a force to prevent and minimize the collusion of universes...

♪ Opening Theme

Part One

Walking alone in the dark wasn't the safest activity, but in her mind, Lynette Spettro didn't really have a choice. As her family lived far off in the outskirts of the town, a bus wasn't possible, nor was walking with a friend or other student. She wished she had a bike or something, but if she wasn't going to get picked up she doubted she could get one of those.

Lynette sighed as she started her trek home from school. It was the same walk it always was. She started it after her activities ended, when the sun was about to set, and she’d walk by the school's field. After a while, she'd stop seeing other students and the sun would get a bit lower. More of the same and more of the same.

However, this time, as she made her way past an old park, she noticed something odd... there was no one there. While she was a little unnerved, she shrugged it off and continued to walk. Three steps later, she heard the sound.

It was a like a shriek, followed by a grunt. Lynette turned to the source of the sound and saw something impossible. It was a young man, about her age, being held at his neck by a creature that was taller than anyone she had ever seen. It was pale white with red eyes and seemed to be somewhat translucent. Neither of the two had seen her, but she didn't know what to do. It was holding him in the air without any effort, it didn't look real or even alive, was there anything she could do?


Lynette's heart skipped a beat as she turned towards the new, voice and the world around her faded into white. There was nothing behind her.

"Er...down here."

Lynette looked down to see an orange and white creature similar to a rabbit, with a green bandanna hanging from its neck and green goggles on its head. "Hello Lynette Spettro, I am Vigil. I have come to you because I believe that you can save your universe."

Lynette was speechless, this was a bit too much for any one person to handle. What was going on? What could she do? Why? As she dwelled on these thoughts her breathing started to become irregular and her legs began to shake.

Vigil bit its lip, noticing that Lynette wasn't taking this well. It hmm'd before coughing awkwardly and continuing, "I understand that you might be a bit confused so uh, if you have questions now is a good time."

While she was still panicked, something made her focus on Vigil's words... she wasn't sure why, but she felt like she could think about the situation with a bit more clarity, and properly ask whatever question would come into her mind.

"So? What do you want to know?"
RE: Ragazza Magica
"WHY ME!?"
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RE: Ragazza Magica
"N-no! It's not a good time! You- I- do something! Before that thing kills him!"
RE: Ragazza Magica
"Why's the universe need savin' daddy-o?"
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RE: Ragazza Magica
"Why stop at just one?"
RE: Ragazza Magica

♪ Spacial Void

While there was a lot running through Lynette's mind, the most prevalent thought was "why." While there were many variations of it going on, it managed to be the only one that she managed to say, which resulted in another, somewhat awkward, response from Vigil.

"It has to do with that creature, the one you saw attacking that boy. Did it seem unnatural to you? I doubt you've ever seen anything like it. That is because it doesn't belong in your universe."

Lynette thought back on that creature and its unnatural appearance, "Not from my universe? Universe?"

"Well... yes. Your universe isn't the only one. There's an entire multiverse that exists."

"So does that mean you're from another universe too?"

"Not quite, I'm not from anywhere. Which is why my presence won't cause collusion."


"Oh uh, it is what happens when two different universes start connecting in a way that they shouldn't. I can sense it happening. It is my duty to investigate and find the source of it, and then make sure that it stops. The alternative is risking destruction on a universal scale."

"That sounds like... it is a bit out of my league... Do you really need me? Like... if you can travel across the universe can't you take it and put it back where it belongs?"

"I'm afraid it isn't that simple. While my presence doesn't cause collusion, my actions are a different story. What if I accidentally cause a scene larger than the creature would have caused? The results could end up as bad, or even worse, than if I had never interfered at all. Plus, I don't even know why the creature is here. What if it isn't the only one here? All I know is that collusion is taking place in your town, I don't know exactly why."

"Okay... but that still doesn't explain why you need me..."

"I'll be honest, I don't need you, I just need someone similar to you."

"Similar in what way? There are a lot of girls like me I think, can't you get a group or something?"

"Not quite... we have a type. Someone who has the freedom to follow me around and help me investigate threats that may appear around here, preferably alone, so that they don't cause too much of a disturbance. If I picked an adult or someone who does too many activities or a group then it would appear odd when they suddenly started disappearing to fight monsters or started snooping around seemingly empty places."

Lynette didn't really have an argument against that, it made sense and the sad truth was that she didn't really have any close friends... although she wondered if Vigil knew that. She decided she would discuss that later, as she felt that Vigil's tone was getting a bit restless, and she didn't really want to stay in this void for much longer anyway. "Well, I suppose that sounds reasonable... so what do you want me to do... if I agree? Don't your actions cause that collusion thing? Investigating is one thing, but fighting monsters? What do you expect me to do against... that thing?"

"There is one thing I can do that wouldn't cause any collusion. While I can't directly fight while in your universe, I can empower you to fight for me."

"So you are going to zap me with some magic and I'll get super powers?"

"I'm going to link you to the source of my magic. It will then give you a weapon and an element to do battle with. As you grow and fight you will gain more powers to fight with and your control over your element will grow as well. You will become a Ragazza magica, and in addition to the element and weapon, you will have enhanced speed and strength, and your appearance will be altered so you won't be recognized."

"Hmmm..." Lynette was starting to come around. After all, she had always wanted to do something big, to fight for justice and protect others, but at the same time everything that was happened just seemed so weird and impossible... And there was the timing and all of these weird limiting rules, she felt like she was missing something. Still, that creature had been attacking someone right in front of her, and there wasn't anyone else who could stop it from hurting that guy... and she didn't feel like Vigil was leading her astray, the rabbit had been very helpful and explained everything very patiently... even if it wasn't always the clearest.

"I... I want to help... I want to help you stop that thing!"

Vigil smiled saying, "Thank you Lynette Spettro," before closing its eyes.

"What do I have to do?"

Vigil's eyes started glowing. "Nothing." Its eyes started glowing brighter and brighter. "After I do this, you will become a Ragazza, and then you will be right back in the park." Vigil's eyes continued getting brighter, brighter than the void that it had taken her to. "Good luck, and again, thank you."

♪ Lynette's Transformation

Lynette closed her eyes at the bright glow, feeling oddly relaxed as she felt something inside her stir. It was warm, and she felt it in the center of her body. Then it spread, covering every part of her. She felt the warmth all over and she started to glow.

[Image: lyn-002-1.png]

Slowly, her school uniform disappeared, making way for a different outfit. She was wearing a frilly, short sleeved orchid dress that ended at her thigh. Under it were dark purple pants and an even darker long-sleeve shirt. Her shoes were black and she had soft, but sturdy black gloves. Her hair became braided, and was tinted blue. Around her neck was a purple choker and on top of her head was a black tiara.

[Image: lyn-002-2.png]

She felt different as well. As Vigil had said, she felt stronger and faster. But there was something else as well... a power that she supposed was her "element." In her hand, Lynette noticed was a light blue stick that she felt compelled to call a baton.

[Image: lyn-002-3a.png]

With her transformation complete, Lynette noticed that she was back in the park. The creature hadn't noticed her, and was in the same position as when she had left the scene. She didn't see Vigil anywhere, but something inside of her told her that she could defeat the creature, that she could save the person it was clutching. First she would just have to focus...

♪ Battle Preparation

Lynette focused the power of her element, clutching her baton and feeling the energy flow through her. Her baton glowed with a translucent wisp and her mind suddenly gained clarity.

Ghosts. The life force that remained from the dead. That was what she had control over. With knowledge of her element also came knowledge of what she could currently do...

Ghost Ray
She could shoot a beam of ghostly energy from her baton.

Ghost sense
She could see any lingering dead as well as peoples life forces and which parts of them, if any, were "close" to death.

She could fade away, making it more difficult for her to be detected, but she wouldn't be able to move as quickly.

Lynette then looked at the area of the park where the creature was. While it was mostly flat, empty, and grassy, there were a few trees around. There were also a few rocks here and there, along with some bushes.

She had to act, what would she do?

RE: Ragazza Magica
No time to think about this too long, that guy over there is still being murdered right now. Time to act.

>Use Gost Ray
RE: Ragazza Magica
> Pew pew murder beams
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RE: Ragazza Magica
>fire the ghosts
RE: Ragazza Magica
Lynette had to act quickly, after all that guy was still being held by the creature. Its grip was tightening and his legs had stopped squirming. If she wasted time trying to sneak around, she could risk his life!

"Alright, let's hope this works."

Lynette held her baton close to her hand and raised it to her chest. She took a deep breath as she began to move the elemental energy into her hand and into her weapon. With one swift motion, she swung the baton forward, pointing it directly at the creature. As the beam of ghostly energy left emitted from her baton, Lynette felt a bit winded, not because of anything involving her powers, but because she didn't expect herself to swing that hard.

Wow, I'm stronger than I thought... I should be more careful...

As she recovered from her swing, the creature was hit by her beam. The tall white figure screeched out in pain, raising what Lynette supposed was its head into the air and revealing four, beady red eyes.


The creature's back spiked upwards and it got on all fours, dropping the boy on the ground. It stared directly at Lynette and charged forward.

"Oh shit."

What would she do now?

RE: Ragazza Magica
> Dodge and then smack it on its head with your sceptre
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RE: Ragazza Magica
> Dodge, then go ghost and fade out of sight.
RE: Ragazza Magica
Don't dodge: counter-bullrush
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RE: Ragazza Magica
RE: Ragazza Magica
Lynette stared at the creature as it charged, her eyes going wide in fear before she came to her senses and just jumped out of the way. Very far out of the way, as it turned out, as she lost her balance and tumbled onto the floor.

Looks like my legs are stronger too... Jeez...

Something went CRASH and she leaped upright, staring in the direction of the sound. The creature had crashed into a tree, but seemed to be recovering. Lynette faded out with her Translucence, hoping that the creature hadn't seen her, and that she could get the jump on it.

The creature screeched out again, once more in the pure white state that she had encountered it in when she first saw it. It moved its head around a few times making noise before eventually pointing itself in a direction suspiciously close to hers.

"Oh shit, it doesn't need to see me, does it..."

The creature once more raised its tufts of hair and flashed its oddly red eyes.

"Well, if those eyes aren't for seeing then maybe..."

♪ Taking A Risk

Lynette raised her baton as the creature roared and began to charge at her again. There was a silence around her, one that overpowered the powerful footsteps of the creature, and the low blowing wind. Lynette charged her elemental energy from her body, to her hand, to her weapon, and felt time slow down. She closed her eyes, feeling the the ghostly power flow through her.

Lynette took a deep breath in.

Lynette opened her eyes, glared at the creature, and in one swift motion, brought down her baton and fired at the beast.

The ghostly ray was more powerful than the one she had fired before, it was larger and it left behind a whispy purple trail behind it. The creature charged into the beam, and screeched in pain as the energy hit its beady, red eyes.

Lynette stared as the beam caused the creature to tilt upward and lose its balance, causing it to fall. It continued screeching as it landed on the floor and started to slide on the grass, its white face now blemished with black cracks that were spreading all over its body. It was not long before it stopped screeching and completely froze solid before crumbling into nothingness.


♪ Relax

Lynette fell backwards.

"Did that really just happen?"

Lynette looked up to the sky and took a few deep breaths. A lot of things were running through her head, with every other thought being "I won." She smiled, excited at the prospect of telling Vigil all about how she had saved that boy and defeated the creature and oh shit was that guy alright?

Lynette lifted herself up and looked around to see where the boy had been dropped by the creature, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"I hope he's alright... He probably just ran home..." Lynette paused for a bit before realizing, "Oh man, it's really late! I better get home fast!"

She ran towards her home, leaving the park behind, and not noticing a figure step out of the shadows...


By the time Lynette got home, she had managed to figure out how to transform back into her normal clothes. It was dark, but that was nothing new really. She approached the large mansion in which her family lived in, unlocked the door, and went inside. Unsurprisingly, there was no one there, no one who was wondering where she was, and nothing new going on at all.

She went into the kitchen, made herself some food, and then went upstairs into her room.

By the time she reached her room, Lynette was dead tired. She flopped on her bed face-first, dropping her things wherever and feeling like she could lay there forever.


Lynette groaned at whatever voice had dared to attempt to stop her from just passing out right there.

There was a tap-tap-tap, and then a, "Lynette," before the girl reluctantly turned around and saw that Vigil was standing on the other side of her window.

Lynette got up from her bed and opened the window, letting the rabbit-like creature in, "Hello Vigil."

"Are you ok? Did everything turn out ok?"

Lynette nodded, "Yeah! After I got back in the park I hit it with some energy beams and it just sort of disintegrated."

"What about the boy, is he ok?"

"I guess so, after I beat the thing up he vanished..."

"I see... Well then, I think that you should get some rest, you've definitely earned it."

Lynette stretched out her arms and prepared to lie down once more.

"Unless you have any questions first, we have a lot of work to do."

Lynette frowned, but thought for a bit about what sort of things she should ask about...
RE: Ragazza Magica
>so can you explain WHY this is happening or is it just like. natural.
RE: Ragazza Magica
> why ghosts
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RE: Ragazza Magica
Detect life using GHOST SENSE! See if Vigil even registers as alive. See if you can detect yourself!
~◕ w◕~
RE: Ragazza Magica
♪ Question Time

"So like, what's different about me?"

"I don't quite follow..."

"Like, I was just touched by some alien creature with magic and there's nothing like, different with my body or anything?"

"Not really, I just linked you to a source of intense magical energy, giving you access to your elemental powers and the ability to transform."

"Oh yeah, why is it ghosts?"


"Yeah, that's my element."

"Interesting... but I don't know actually, the power and weapon are linked to each other, but not to me or directly to you. It is simply the element that will be most useful to you."

"Well that's... somewhat foreboding..."

"I'm sure it will be fine, it isn't the weirdest element I've seen by far. Your element doesn't mean anything about you or what's going to happen to you other than you will probably be able to use it well!"

"Well... I did beat up that thing pretty good... What was it anyway?"

"I don't know... I suppose that tomorrow we'll have to start investigating. I think you should find that boy, maybe he was attacked for a reason..."

Lynette yawns and lounges on her bed. "Yeah, I am tired..." Lynette closes her eyes, but notices that she left the light to her room on. "Ugh... I don't want to walk all that way just to turn off the light..."

"You could probably do it from here."


"Oh, that's right, I didn't tell you, you have access to weaker versions of your elemental abilities when you aren't transformed."

Lynette pointed a finger at her light switch and focused her energy for a bit. After enough of it was on her finger, she released it, shooting a beam at the light switch and turning off the lights in her room. "Ooooo.... neato."

Lynette stretched her arms and yawned again before grabbing at her covers and pulling them over her.

Vigil moved onto the bed and curled up near her feet. "Well then, goodnight I suppose."

"Goodnight Vigil."

Lynette closed her eyes and started to try to go to sleep, but instead she started to toss and turn, as if something was grabbing at her mind. Something felt... off, suspicious even…

As she tried to fall into a deeper sleep, her mind swirled around, thoughts partially formed and went away. Lynette opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Eventually, she gave up and decided to walk down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It was dark, but she knew the way, as it was her house. Down the stairs, across the hall, through one of the living rooms.

Finally, Lynette made it to the kitchen, the room not completely dark thanks to various windows. by the night sky. She got a cup from the dishrack and then filled it with cold water. As she drank it, she heard an odd noise, like a snap.

What was that? It sounds like it came from inside the house… but everyone’s asleep right?

Lynette finished her water and put the cup in the sink, trying to push the sound away from her mind before there being another, more clear *snap*.

Okay that… that definitely came from inside the house… oh no…

Lynette edged along the kitchen door and squinted, trying to get a better look at the house, but it was too dark.

Hmm… I wonder if I could… Lynette closed her eyes, focused, and then opened them again, this time through her ghost sense.

It was, in a word, weird, looking at the world through the lens of her power, but not that difficult. She looked around her kitchen, seeing the life force and remains of all of the creatures that had died there, the billions of bugs that had crawled around. It... it wasn't nice, but another *snap* brought her focus back to the task at hand.

Okay Lynette, you dealt with that big monster so you can deal with… whatever that sound is… the question is how…
RE: Ragazza Magica
Yell "I'm going ghost!" really loudly and then transform into ghost form.

Not loud enough to wake up the rest of your family though. Maybe just whisper it instead.
RE: Ragazza Magica
Whisper, "I'm going, ghost" to lull the mysterious sound into a false sense of security (it thinks you are about to leave)
RE: Ragazza Magica
jump out and shout BOO
~◕ w◕~
RE: Ragazza Magica
Blow them into obloovion
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RE: Ragazza Magica
*insert copious ghost puns here*
RE: Ragazza Magica
♪ Sneaking Around

Lynette tip-toed out of the kitchen, wondering not only what the source of the sound was, but if it was malevolent in nature. Was it a monster, like the one that had attacked that boy? Had one of that monsters friends come for her? She shuddered at the thought of one of those things attacking her family because of her actions...


She was definitely getting closer to the sound, and now she could see some sort of living creature in another room. She edged at the door, looking through it and seeing whoever or whatever it was moving very carefully. She would have to take action, it couldn't be another familiy member, her father was away on business and her siblings had to be asleep. In addition, the room was one of the ones farther from the other entrances to the house.

Lynette paused for a moment, if it was a monster, it would be simple, just kill it, but what if it was a burglar? With her new powers she could probably take one out, but how would she explain it...

Suddenly, the door opened, causing the contemplative Lynette to fall into the room.

"Oh, hey Lynette, you are up late."

Lynette was too tired to get up and stayed where she fell, face first on her carpet, "Yeah, so are you Davey."

♪ Sibs

David nodded and then sat on his sister. The young boy was also wearing cute pajamas, with cute stars, and was probably a bit too energetic given the time. "So what's up sibs."

"I went down to get water and I heard a noise, why were you making noise?"

"Yanno, stuff."

Lynette sighed, unsurprised that her younger brother would be ~so secretive~ about whatever things he was doing to his middle sister, she bet that if it was Bea then he would be more open... "Whatever."

Lynette rolled her brother off and then stood up, motioning to the door and tiredly saying, "Go to bed David," before dragging herself back to her room, tired and also a bit disappointed at the night's events.

When she returned, Vigil was awake, "Hello."

"Hey Vigil." Lynette curled up back into bed. After a while of tossing around, she laid back and stared at the ceiling. Suddenly, a question popped into her head.

"Hey Vigil, what's in it for you? Why do you do this whole thing?"

The rabbit was quite for a while, but it eventually responded, "Because this is what I was born to do. We only exists to prevent collusion."

"So that's it? You just go from universe to universe, constantly stopping bad things from happening?"

"That's the gist of it."

"Oh... okay..." Picking up that Vigil didn't really want to talk about this, Lynette eventually got to sleep.

The next morning, Lynette awoke from her bed tired, and groggy, but still managed to get up and attem for the day. The entire time that she got ready, that is did her hair, take a shower, change into the school uniform, Vigil had been asleep. Lynette had a worry that someone would come in and see it, but looking at it now, it hardly seemed like a living and breathing animal...

Lynette used her ghost sense on the rabbit, it was alive. That's magic I suppose.

Feeling a bit guilty, Lynette walked back down to the kitchen for breakfast, where David and Beatrice had started to eat their breakfast. There was the typical hellos and how was yesterdays and who had plans for what that graced the morning table, as it and the ride to school was generally the only time when the three really got to talk. Lynette and David had school, Beatrice had her adult things, David would stay at a friends house and get taken home later in the day while Lynette and Beatrice would arrive upon being done with their respective things.

After brushing her teeth, Lynette went back to her room to get her school things. Vigil wasn't there. "Huh... I guess he went on his investigation or whatever..."

The ride to school was uneventful, with the town being the same boring town it always was. It was weird. Something big happened, something incredible and absurd just fell into Lynette's lap and it was a secret to everyone...

It was difficult to focus during the first two periods, Lynette just couldn't get her head out of the previous night... Luckily, she had a break after that.

"Hey Lynette."

Still not used to its voice just appearing out of no where, Lynette was startled by the rabbits greeting, but recovered quickly, "Hey Vigil, what happened this morning?"

"I went looking for trouble."

"And that led you here... oh no..."

"Uh, no, I didn't find any."

"Oh, okay, that's good! Uh..." Lynette looked around the hall, while there weren't a lot of students, she didn't really like the idea of anyone thinking she just talked to rabbits.

Vigil anticipated the worry, "It's okay, they won't notice me."

"If you say so... any ideas?"

"Well, there's the matter of that boy from yesterday?"

"The one I saved you mean?"

"He might know something about this, have you ever seen him before?"

"Not really... he might not even go to this school..."

Lynette turned around and looked outside and then gasped, "Vigil, look!"

"It's him!"

♪ Encounter At School

Walking along, outside the school, was in fact the boy who had been attacked by the monster the night prior. Without thinking, Lynette ran out of the hall, and outside.

She got as far as saying, "Hey! You!" before realizing that she had no idea what she was supposed to ask about...

Lynette heard Vigil's voice in her head, I'm in a nearby tree, don't bother thinking back at me, I won't be able to hear your thoughts. Just act natural and talk normally, we can get into the weird things later.

Lynette nodded to herself as the boy turned around and said, "Yeah?"

"Well... uh."