Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]

Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
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A universe ends
Exactly as another begins;
Not with a bang, but a whisper.

From the aether it grows ever upwards,
Long but slender, fragile even now.
Slowly, gracefully, it spreads and tangles
Yet it has nothing but the scent of promise.
Just that is enough.

With that meager breath of things to come,
Farmers come to till the fertile fields,
Bring out the sweetness - or perhaps the bitters -
Lurking deep within.

But on the horizon, others lie in wait;
Making plans to lurk when nightfall comes,
To take the work of others, call it theirs,
Leeches who claim to give the blood they take.


Seven - that is, nine - have gathered to tend this forest.

It is empty of all but a promise of more to come.

The universe awaits creation.

Vancho - Fasila Remido: 5
Steilos - Bacsphaal: 5
Kaynato - Diatraxa: 5
SleepingOrange - ElemenSssWwk
Draykon - Esuna: 5
Mirdini - Zkovta: 5
Loather - Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord: 5

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RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord creates a Great Skull Nebula at the center of the void that is the universe, glowing and massive. A small, inhospitable rock of a planet is placed to orbit the Great Skull Nebula, which Elbridge names Deathrock. It shall be a place to park his Great Skull Pickup Truck, a hangout for all Great Skull friends, and a home.

(3 acts spent to create a nebula, 2 acts to create a small planet)
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The Hive of Three descends into the universe. It's quite an unusual first group of entities to appear. The shoulder-riders observe and are quick to comment.

Hmmmmm... Not a bad universe to start with. A blank slate, a reasonable amount of energy...

yezzzzzzzzzuch good very pleazzzzzze wow

Hope giggles at her companions' comments. Still not over that joke, are you Swarmy?

ehehehehehe nope zzzzuch Can you not. Please.

Shall we start with a simple sun, then?

Wait... did somebody just fill the void with a nebula?

...Maybe we should introduce ourselves.

Hello :D!
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
hey spacebuddys whad ya think of my nebula i think its pretty baaad ass

Three skeletal thumbs are raised around the perpetual finger.

feel free to come hang at my rock if ya want i got good music in my truck its all slayer but thats all you need haha
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
A spectacular sight! The crowd cheers with anticipation! The magical, musical, Fasila Remido steps onto stage!!!

"Thank you, thank you. And now, for my first piece, watch as a new Universe forms before your very eyes!"

She steps through a rift in space-time, and finds herself floating out of place in a rather boring cloud of interstellar dust.

"Hmph. What a low-class universe. It needs... some music!"

3 Acts for a sun-like star which pulses a steady beat.

"And now, the first movement.".
2 Acts for a small rocky planet orbiting the pulsar

The diva notices some nearby deities, who seem to be... rather vulgar in appearance. Oh well. She supposes that they, as gods, are in some ways her equal. She moves near them with the air of superiority only a performer could muster.

"My name is Fasila Remido. I will tolerate your actions, as long as they have a certain panache. Step out of time, though, and my vengeance will be swift."

She smirks and opens a dragon patterned fan.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord frowns as much as a skull can, which is not very much.

im all for tude as in atti tude but youre something else like some kind of rude dude rock star snorting weeds burning money im more into metal myself its got more energy more blood and you cant have blood buddys if you dont have blood ya know
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Bacsphaal strides imperiously into the universe, cloak billowing raggedly as he-

What. What in the name of the Void was he looking at? What was the skull thing saying? What they creating? He'd just went and stumbled into a universe full of the biggest IDIOTS he had ever seen! This was terrible! They'd RUIN this universe before he even got to do anything at this rate!

He just stands, watching the madness unfurl in a mixture of confusion and anger.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord waves to the newcomer.

hey billowy cloak geezer im glad youre impressed you seem like a cool dude if you ever wanna rad tat or something just let me know and well work something out haha

Despite lacking eyelids, the Great Skull Lord winks.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Bacsphaal muttered something that sounded a lot like incomprehensible fury and walked away, pointing at a small insignificant star with a rather feeble rock orbiting around it. He snaps his fingers, and a new planet appears, core molten already. He then looked up at the god who had created the star, scowling.

"'One with the beat', eh? Fine, have what tastes you will. Just please, please, speak actual words. First thing I see in a universe is that IMBECILE..."

Three Acts for an Earth like planet.

One Act for a molten core on the Earth like planet.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
"I speak words, and I am the one who created that star. I would rather you help improve my planet rather than creating your own."

She looks down at the Earth-like planet, and sighs.

"Though I suppose this will do as well. Let's strike a deal. You still have an act, right? Give my planet a molten core..."

Fasila smiles coyly, and turns away slightly.

"...And I'll help you make sure whatever intelligent species down there have some culture. Or, I could spend some acts on seas. I do like oceans. They provide a natural music which is oh so pleasing to my tastes."
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord interrupts, and begins to poke at multiple points on Bacsphaal's arm.

hey i was serious bout my tattoo offer it wasnt a joke i mean my jokes are funnier than that shit so whats a good spot on the arm for you like i dont know if youre a modest sorta guy wanting tats they can hide for celestial business opportunities and whatnot or more of an all out biking beer bottle weaponizer who wants the world to see how rough and tough they really are i mean you barely talked to me man come on
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
From the edge of the universe drifted in a slowly rotating bowl of sugar.
From the edge of the universe drifted in a slowly rotating spoonlike being.

It occupied its natural place: Slowly spinning in the bowl of sugar, and flinging it out at odd intervals as a halo crossed with six spokes spun behind it.

Diatraxa cursed, muttering with a voice emanating from its general area but never a specific place. "Assimilate yourself into the native culture, they said. See that you act out what you say, they said. Enjoy some time with the presiding gods, they said. It's never surprising that Entrail Hippo always comes to me for campaigning promotions..."

It took one glance towards the diva and cloaked figure.


And then another to the flaming skull and the assortment of technicolor gremlins.

The bowl of sugar quickly vanished, flowing as a clear smoke into the two crystalline structures orbiting about the god.

"Ahem. God of spinning ann. Allow me to demonstrate."

It flew down to the Earth-like planet, scooping up an amount of dirt and infusing it with crystalline smoke. Having waited for a small amount of time, it set it back to the ground. It was shaped like a windmill attached to a dumbbell, with legs attached on the bar and a disturbingly human-like face simply plastered on the windmill blades.

It emitted a horrid mewling sound through a teeth-grit smile.

"The Spinning Ann. A tiny creature that reproduces by budding into dirt or rock, and moves by spinning around other things or launching itself into the air. Isn't it... cute?"

[2 Acts]

"Soon, we will rule this world. Glory to Entrail Hippo."
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The Goddess of Dreams, Esuna, slipped in and out and about and around the universe like a dancing shadow, before settling upon the Earthlike world.

Her eyes fell upon the Spinning Ann, then on the conspicuous lack of food for them.

"Well that's no good" she said aloud,

She pondered for a moment, and then tossed a handful of seeds into the sky. They fell all over the world, spinning like tiny helicopters as they did, and planted themselves into the earth. There, great rivers spread like roots, and sprouted into aquatic trees. As the trees grew, more of the edible seeds would scatter about. Most would be eaten by the tiny windmills, but many would sprout into still more trees, and with them more rivers.

As the old trees died, the rivers would dry up, replaced with the new.

3 Acts - Riverwood - Simple Plant Life + Special Properties
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Bacsphaal gave the skull idiot a long hard stare, before finally spitting out an "I'm not interested." and turning towards the musical goddess to reply.

He is immeidately cut off by... oh, no. Bacsphaal watches the sugar bowl, watches the spinning thing, watches the spinning anns (the name does not deserve to be capitalised, in his mind) with a look of carefully calculated loathing. He then turned back to the music goddess.

"...Very well, your terms are accepted." He points, and the core is molten. "I am Bacsphaal. Mortals call me by many names, but I'm not too fussed about what they think." He turns back to the planets and watches them peacefully orbit. "Seas... seas would be good. Plenty of valuable things to find in the seas." he adds after a moment's thought.

1 Act spent.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The Great Skull Lord gives Bacspell a pat on the back.

yeah i get it your first rad tattoo is scary since people are afraid of individuality and all but its ok im here for you so just let me know when you get over your fears and ill poke some sweet ass skinpaintings all over your beautiful body haha keep in touch

Elbridge Murderfree turns to give the bowl god a few thumbs up.

i like the little spinning guys a lot you should make like a bunch of them for the water too get some motion in that ocean id make some friends too but im still kinda worn out from making it great you know how it is
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Zkovta grins upon entering the fresh universe. A blank canvas is always an exciting opportunity, and their companions in this journey seem to be quite an eclectic bunch. All the better, staid deities are never much fun. Glancing over at the skull nebula in approval, they draw together some starstuff to form yet another solar system a few parsecs away from the nebula's RAD GLOW.

The newly formed binary star features one sun-sized yellow and one smaller light-blue star in elliptic orbits.

Zkovta rides over toward Bacsphaal's planet. A look at the newly created life on the orb sets Zkovta to quietly chuckling. They hadn't expected worship quite this quickly.

Zkovta creates a binary star system capable of supporting habitable planets for 4 Acts.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The three wander over to the Planet with the Spinning Ann.

Hmm... Promising.

neeedzzz more much more letzzzz do it

First, we should start by introducing ourselves. I'm Hope, this is Swarm-


-and this is Craft.

Salutations! Now, this planet looks dreadfully bland right now, so I do we shall start by filling the seas with life!

The two shoulder riders jump down and turn to the waters, pouring more in and putting down the first steps of aquatic life.

+1 Act to make more water, and +1 to make a type of plankton in coastal water with +1 to make a group of plankton-eating fish called-



That's the stupidest-

Oh come on Craft, let her have her fun. Now, we need some beauty here, something for the mortals to adore, and I believe this will do it.

+2 acts to make a giant spire of assorted precious and useful metals, just sitting in the middle of - oh, it fell down. Anyway, massive concentration of the good stuff in one location.
Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition Turn 2]
Turn End
The Omnipotent Sky-Skull bursts onto the scene, creating a dazzling nebula surrounding a barren chunk of rock. Life's Conductor follows, creating a metronome of a star and placing a planet into orbit around it.

The Eternally Hungry is dissatisfied with his compatriots, and the planets thus far; he crafts a larger and more active one, setting it in orbit around the pulsar as well. The Top Untoppling is similarly vexed by his peers, but takes it in stride, and creates a bizarre creature to prance about the place.

The Dreamweaver is next, and feels the Anns should subsist on more than dirt; she crafts a tree which provides both food and water to those who will desire it. The Lord of Want adds more water, and The Trio more water still.

The Lord Logistic sees the creation of a dual star in the distance, each sphere alone but for its companion. Finally, The Hive of Three fills the rivers and seas of Bacsphaal's domain with plankton and fish, before plopping down a mass of minerals dead center in the largest continent of the planet.

Unable to effectively draw nutrients from the thin atmosphere, the Riverwood withers and its roots run thin and lazily. Thankfully, the movements of the Spinning Anns through the earth manage to keep the soil fertile enough that the trees do not die out.

Between the rivers and the seas on Bacsphaal's planet, there's only so much room for major landmasses. Thanks to the volcanic activity, though, many islands, large and small, form across the world. Since the rivers are still quite thin, the Anns can fairly easily leap from island to island, and have soon spread far and wide.

The Wibbles' propensity to wallow in the planet's rivers proves less than an asset, as this is the main reason (besides old age) that they ever die - caught unprepared when a tree dies and its rivers dry up, they are left stranded and starving. Thankfully, enough of them keep to the seas that their population remains strong.

The Energy of New Beginnings provides everyone with five acts.

The Energy of New Beginnings fades slightly.

Vancho - Fasila Remido: 0 + 6 = 6
Steilos - Bacsphaal: 0 + 8 = 8
Kaynato - Diatraxa: 3 + 7 = 10
Leafsw0rd - Craft, Swarm and Hope: 0 + 5 = 5
Draykon - Esuna: 2 + 5 = 7
Mirdini - Zkovta: 1 + 7 = 8
Loather - Elbridge Murderfree the Great Skull Lord: 0 + 6 = 6

Universal Reference Sheet
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The Great Skull Lord gives Deathrock an ocean of Liquid Skulls- a dark, frictionless, blood-like substance that congeals into great skulls, and explodes violently when mixed with water. Then, Deathrock is surrounded with a ring of water. Finally, Deathrock is given sapience, so it can have a very vague sense of how cool it is.

(+3 Acts for Liquid Skull ocean, +2 Acts for water ring, +1 Act to give Deathrock basic sapience)
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Bacsphaal pointedly ignores that there is now a sapient planet in the universe and looks back to the planet, his planet...

"That spire... yes, that's a good start. But a world this size will need more than one for what I have in mind." He spreads his hands out over the planet, and several more great spires of crumbling wealth, metals and fabulous gems appear over the surface, before sinking down into the ground, partially submerging themselves under the earth... but the spires were placed in such a way that made them easy to control by a few, and not spread over the world evenly.

His gaze then turns to the sea, and taking a handful of gems from the piles scattered around, he populated the seas with them. A mere thought later and the gems embedded themselves into the seabed, growing large, glittering and above all edible, crystalline structures that towered from the seabed and grew from the nutrients that the plankton fed on along with the dim light from the pulsar, that changes the hue of the crystal it produces in time with the beat of the cosmic dance globe. And so Bacsphaal called it Glimmerweed.

"So... I'm thinking..." Bacsphaal put his hand to his chin in thought. "This world needs a name. How about Argent?" He looks over at the other world. "And what of the smaller planet... Fasilo was your name, was it not? What were you planning on calling yours?"

-3 acts for more spires on Bacsphaal's planet, -1 act for Glimmerweed on the planet
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
"My name is Fasila, and it would do you good to remember it properly."

She floats down to her own planet, and surveys its barren surface.

"I do not see the agreed-upon geological activity. Oh well. Perhaps it will appear later. If not, I ask you to make sure it is strengthened."

Fasila spreads her arms, the shimmering green of her dress spreading, spreading, covering the planet. With a deep breath, she sings a single note, which resonates with the entire planet. She fades for a moment, before appearing on the planet's surface in a fabulous red-and-gold outfit. Her dress has sunk into the surface of the planet, forming an ocean.

"This is the Singing Sea. It shall be the seed of all life on my planet."

Her breath fills the skies of the planet, creating an atmosphere. She then creates a tall, tube-shaped plant species, named Organ-Pipes, to dot the landscape.They grow using the energy of the pulsar's light. Organ-Pipes produce a note when the wind blows, which deepens as the plant becomes older and larger.

"There. Some life at last. I shall call my planet Sinfonia."

She alights from Sinfonia, and goes over to Bacsphaal.

"I have reserved an act of my power to fulfill any obligation I have to you. Whatever you wish, I shall try my best to aid you."

(-3 Acts for the Singing Sea, -1 Act for atmosphere, -1 act for Organ-Pipes, -0 Acts to name the planet Sinfonia)
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
"Ah, Fasila. My apologies. One moment..."

The Lord of Want glanced down at Sinfonia, and the insides began to churn and roil, producing tectonic activity and a molten core.

"That should about cover it." he said, before turning back to Argent. "The riverwood seems to be dying on Argent..." Then he pauses, and an idea strikes him. "Aha... would you kindly use that act for an atmosphere? I do believe I have an idea."

-1 Acts to Give Sinfonia a Molten Core, -0 Acts to name Bacsphaal's Planet Argent.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
"Gladly. After all, a medium of travel is required for sound, and therefore, music."

Fasila goes to Argent and sings a powerful note. In a few moments, its skies are full of air.

(-1 Act to give Argent an atmosphere)
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
Bacsphaal nods gleefully and swirls the air of Argent around. Air currents rise and fall, and areas are awash with nutrients one month and barren with thin air the next. "There." he says, looking back with a satisfied air. "That should just - and that is important - cover the Riverwood. Now..."

He reaches up and produces a handful of rocks and metal, which he blows onto the ground below. Immediately large rodent like creatures run around the surface, some devouring soil, others chewing on gems, yet more gnawing on Riverwood and some even attacking the Spinning Anns.

The Gemrunners will try and eat anything, and when they die they rot away to reveal their precious innards. They are, however, slow breeders, and their population. despite technically infinite food sources, does not explode like it should.

-1 Act to introduce a volatile and rather extreme climate system to Argent.
-2 Acts to create Gemrunners, large omnivorous rodents with five-toed paws. About the 1.5x the size of a black rat.
RE: Godhood XIV [Sugar Edition]
The Goddess of Dreams slipped through the shadows of Argent, taking in the changes around her.
"Perhaps things have been made a bit too volatile.." she wondered

So she touched down, and found a single island admist the great oceans.

"Without an island of stability, no civilization worth living will spring up. Let's make that island,"

Then, she placed her hands on the ground, and metal vines began to spread out, until soon the entire island- an area about 500km across- had turned to solid metal.

"By divine decree, the metals within this island of "Anchor" shall not be altered by mortals."

Then, from above, she sprinkled dirt back onto the island- until the divine metals within it were hidden from view.

"Of course, it's no good if we can't grow any food here. Something without thick roots then... ah, that should do niceley~"

And so she plucked glimmerweed from the sea, and shrank it down. Then, as she planted it in the island, it spread far and thick.

"Let's call it glimmergrass. It'll never grow as tall as what's in the sea, but it should grow thick."

2 Acts - "Anchor" - an island of immovable metals
1 Act - Created glimmergrass- an edible crystalline grass- from glimmerweed