Frozen Hearts Mafia [Family Ties - Mafia/Survivor Victory]

Frozen Hearts Mafia [Family Ties - Mafia/Survivor Victory]
Frozen Hearts Mafia [Family Ties - Mafia/Survivor Victory]


There's a good chance if you're reading this, you've seen that above post of mine. As this new job requires me to travel and it's not in the prettiest place in the world, I'm going to keep a record of all that happens to me. Should something happen to me, I want this record sent to the police and to my family back in my hometown.


Enough of the necessary information and executive orders above. Let me tell you about myself and my situation.

My name is Vincent Blanchard. I'm a private investigator for hire, and former police officer. I had a good run as an enforcer of the law until a bullet through the leg put me out of a job for six months. That was when I took up private work, and I ended up doing that full time for years.

My last line of work was with the Ultramanious family, those rich business tycoons we've all come to love or hate. I was the investigator assigned to Diana's disappearance. I had interviewed the witnesses, collected data, found a few leads - I was making excellent progress on the news story of the year. All of a sudden, amidst a resurgence in crime in Silver Hills and an apparent scandal regarding the expansion practices of the company, I was fired by Richard himself. I returned to the police force I used to work with, but positions were jammed shut with temporary workers hired to combat a sudden rise in crime.

I think it's all connected. Nobody believes me. And now I'm an older man out of work in the dead of winter. My wife and daughters won't have food or heating for what's set to be the harshest winter on record. I was at the end of my rope, and that's when I accepted a position as a cafe cashier.

Of all places, the one job I could find was in Caribou's Den.

Caribou's Den is the northernmost city on the continent, nestled between an arctic sea and the harsh, unforgiving mountains of the treacherous, uncharted regions behind them. You need a light jacket in the summers and going outside during winter blizzards isn't an option. The only reason to live anywhere near that icebox is the prosperous nature of the city. Meatpacking's the dominant industry, and both corporations and privately owned businesses thrive. Thankfully, my job isn't in a slaughterhouse. Not my kind of thing. Just hoping it pays enough to cover my commuter costs, especially with the tolls in Whitewash City being through the roof.

I suppose Caribou's Den isn't the worst place to work. When I drove up here to see the place, however, something wasn't right. There was an uncomfortable tension hovering in the air. The small business owners weren't happy with the corporate takeovers in progress, and the representative from the industrial side didn't have nice things to say himself. The tension's like a tightly wound cord that could snap at any given moment.

I'm on my way there for my first day of work. Here's hoping nothing goes down until I can get back on my feet and back into law enforcement.

tehpilot presents
frozen hearts mafia
a forum mafia game

(fancy banner coming soon)

Hey guys! I'm Pilot, and welcome to the next mafia game of my own machinations. I was the designer and moderator of Radiotower Mafia, and I was the mastermind behind games like Potato Cult Mafia and Retrocausality Mafia 2 for those of you coming from other forums.

Frozen Hearts Mafia is a balanced, closed-setup mafia game for 19 players. As with all of my games, there may be some unusual or non-standard role mechanics in place. The following, however, are guarantees:
  • No alignment changing mechanics
  • No third party, game-ending win conditions
  • No cults or jester roles
This game's setup has been checked by Dragon Fogel and designed in conjunction with amosmyn. Both have give their approval.

General Mafia Rules
  1. Massclaiming is unadvised. Having a lot of players reveal their roles at once generally takes all the fun out of the game, nor will it help you to begin with. Don't do that.
  2. Day cycles will be 120 hours long, and nights will be 48 hours long. Extensions may be granted in specific circumstances.
  3. Make sure you bold or color your votes. If you do both that works too!
  4. Any player-to-moderator communication (or vice versa) should be done in the relevant Quicktopic. Quicktopics are controlled discussions that help the game run smoothly and securely.
  5. Don't copy and paste from your Quicktopic, this is punishable by modkill for the stability threat it produces.
  6. Do not share your Quicktopics with anyone, and try not to talk about game-related details outside of the game.
  7. Refrain from editing or deleting your posts. Vincent has enough trouble writing it all down, don't make him cross out and erase.
  8. When you die, you are permitted one "bluh" post. This post should be spoilered, and should not contain any game-relevant information.
  9. Please don't talk during night cycles.
  10. Day Activation Rule - In the event a day activation is claimed (someone using a role power in the day), assume day has ended and it is nighttime. The game will resume once I have intervened and resolved the action. DO NOT FAKE DAY ACTIVATIONS.
  11. Refrain from ciphering or concealing your posts.
  12. Maintain a reasonable level of activity (minimum of one post per day). Replacement will be used for players who fail to post for a 72-hour timespan, with a prod both 24 and 48 hours into that timeframe.
  13. Remember, this is a game! Play to have fun and play to win. We're all friends here.
I'd like to get this game started around June 14th. Due to prior travel arrangements, an early start will not take place.

All main slots are filled! Replacements always welcome (and in demand).
  1. Affle Wallace the Weatherman, Town Vanilla - Left after surviving an unfortunate incident (Murdered), Night Four
  2. icanhasdonut THE TRASH KING, Town Voyeurmaker - Given a second chance at life (Lynched), Day Three
  3. Palamedes - Lynched, Day Four
  4. OzTheWizard
  5. Mirdini Officer Colton Hawthorne, Town One-Shot Lynchproof - Killed in the line of duty (Murdered), Night Two
  6. Mister Visceral
  7. Druplesnubb Benjamin Lowell, Town Vanilla - Wrongly arrested (Lynched), Day One
  8. ElectroMan SupahKiven
  9. Garuru
  10. Acionyx
  11. makerofthegames Adam Salazar, Town Voyeuristic Watcher - Slaughtered and cooked (Brutally Murdered), Night Two
  12. Speedchuck Lynched, Day Two Eleanor Barton, Town Messenger - Found dead (Revealed), Day Four
  13. smash ball Natalie Bealtaine, Mafia Flavor-Empowered Hitwoman - Killed in plain sight (Daykilled), Day Two
  14. Truegreen Druplesnubb (v2)
  15. Stiqqery Amon Viceroy, Town Cloaker - Found dead during a blackout (Murdered), Night Five
  16. Schazer Affle (v2)
  17. Ginx-sama Eidolonic
  18. Granolaman Carl Birkholz, Town Prankster - Didn't escape the law that well (Lynched), Day Five
  19. Cat
When a player is eligible for replacement, all those on the Replacement Player List will be messaged. The first person to respond gets the slot. If nobody is on the Replacement Player List or the those on the list do not respond in a timely manner, replacement kills will be enabled.

Any player whose name is grayed out (but not stricken out) can be replacement killed. To do so, simply post in the thread with Replacement Kill: <playername>. You will receive your Quicktopic(s) and information as soon as possible.

Directory of Game Events

The Family Business(es)

DAY ONE | Word On The Street | A Chief Mistake

DAY TWO | Scattered In The Wind | Irony and Shrapnel | Without A Word

DAY THREE | Above the Law | Minor Injuries from Below

DAY FOUR | Urban Decay | Snowdrift

DAY FIVE | And Now, The Weather | Slip and Fall

DAY SIX | Cloak and Dagger | High Command | Frozen Hearts | The Syndicate

Cast of Characters / Night Actions | Mod Notes

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RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
I (think) im on the list and im signing up here

RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
pilot filled one of the last spots in my t13 maf so in
also because i failed in rtfia
RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
You failed in radio tower?

Donut I challenge that, I clearly failed way harder than you.

Actually, now that I think about it my track record in Pilot games is not stellar to begin with. Maybe this will change things?

RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
i aggressively gathered scumreads and then flavorclaimed from the op

but then again you claimed town public oneshot scientist that can't use ability til d6 so
RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Awww, why did you post this just after I signed up to SSOHKU? I can't play two mafia games at the same timeMeloncholy
RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
I can... probably.

I'll join anyway.
RE: [SIGNUPS; 0/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
(06-02-2014, 06:02 PM)Palamedes Wrote: »Donut I challenge that, I clearly failed way harder than you.

Actually, now that I think about it my track record in Pilot games is not stellar to begin with. Maybe this will change things?

Donut has the dubious honor of being town's only flavor survivor - you can't just kill a little girl after a full week of what happened in Radiotower.

Jackson "Palamedes" Duskbrood, however, had it coming to him. ;3

Druplesnubb Wrote:Awww, why did you post this just after I signed up to SSOHKU? I can't play two mafia games at the same timeMeloncholy

This game's all set to go aside from the writing, whereas kitchen utensils!mafia will probably need more time. You can think of this game as an appetizer.

...Well, more like a frozen TV dinner with a lot of melancholy and dread written into it that leaves you hungering for a more satisfying, robust mafia experience.
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RE: [SIGNUPS ~4/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
This is happening :D
sign me uuppp
RE: [SIGNUPS ~6/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
technically i'm one of like the 4 flavor survivors
RE: [SIGNUPS ~6/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Fine, I'll sign up!
RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Hit me up as one of them replacements. Aww yeah.
RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
*Apparently required /in post.*
RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
[Image: o55oxe.png]
I already showed pilot this but I felt like this was relevant
(potatoes might freeze in caribou's den)
RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
I'm still hankering for a pankering so in.
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RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
sign me up
RE: [SIGNUPS ~7/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Checking in!
RE: [SIGNUPS ~11/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
But I'm in other games! And this is on yet another forum! And I just started a job working 40 hours a week! I can't possibly...

RE: [SIGNUPS 12/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
If I'm still alive after seven weeks or so, then I will have to be replacement killed. Otherwise,

The wizard is in!
(Filthy Elven wizard necromancer isn't one of the excluded roles, so...)
RE: [SIGNUPS 13/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
I am in!
RE: [SIGNUPS 14/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
can I join u guyse
RE: [SIGNUPS 14/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
(06-03-2014, 07:55 PM)Stiqqery Wrote: »can I join u guyse

Yes you may!

Also only 4 more slots left. Get them while they're hot and fresh!
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RE: [SIGNUPS 15/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Provided nobody expects me to, like, be good at this, I'm game.
RE: [SIGNUPS 16/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia

guess I'm game.
RE: [SIGNUPS 16/19] Frozen Hearts Mafia
Quote:PLAYER LIST [7/19]

Why thank you Teh, I guess we really are a bunch of nobodies, now are we not?