The Delayed Progression - ROUND 1 - Junglesburg

The Delayed Progression - ROUND 1 - Junglesburg
The Delayed Progression - ROUND 1 - Junglesburg
The Doomed had not long to go. He was sure of it. I mean, he was called The Doomed. Luckily, he had his Auto-Enlist system in place. It should be calibrated correctly. He just had to set up the Auto-Setting Switcher. The rest of the systems were in place but if it couldn't move past round one, the Winner Award Machine would fail, and the Auto-Enlister's player cap wouldn't work. Right! Best get on the- HURK.

The Doomed had fallen victim to an interdimensional heart attack out of nowhere.

Somewhere, there was a vast tropical jungle. Living in the tropical jungle, the natives were practicing their voodoo and magic. Soon it would be time to attack. Somebody decided that the town of Junglesburg should be placed where they already had their jungle, and now it had grown enough to have taken over half the jungle. Sure, they may have fancy Sufficiently Advanced Technologies, but they could take 'em!
The residents of the town would probably disagree with this attack. With lasers, possibly.

Contestants were already on their way to this location, but they probably wouldn't get elsewhere.

In fact, it was going to be a severely Delayed Progression.

This is the Delayed Progression! All Round 1, all the time! The Rule Explanation system is online, and the contestants are briefed directly into their brains what's up. Rather, they're briefed on the fact that they're in a grand battle, and that each round when somebody dies, they'll move on to the next round until there's one contestant standing.

But something went wrong, and the round doesn't switch on death.
In fact, there doesn't seem to be a strict limit on the number of players in the battle at any given time. Characters will die. New ones will show up.
The contestants are not briefed on this.

So you want in? Then post! Everybody is dropped in one at a time instead of the ol' gather up and introduce method. Start playing yo!
You still need a profile though! Post your profile in a spoiler at the top of your first post!

Name: What can we call your character?
Gender: If we were to cop a feel on your character, where would we do so?
Race: Would I even know if it is possible to cop a feel on said character?
Colour: What dialect of text does your character speak?
Biography: What is your character's tragic/interesting/humorous/grimdark/awesome past?
Description: Who is your dude/dudette/dudebot/dudeother and what do they look like
Items/Abilities: What sweet skills and cool gear do they have?

If you get bored of your character at any point, or just feel it would make for good story, feel free to kill them off! You can always rejoin again with somebody else.