Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum

Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: dvJvSy8.png]

This is Pokemon Colosseum, a darker and grittier reboot to the Pokemon series from the 80s. Expect to see many bloody gladiator battles in Roman Colosseums and such. Since it's so edgy, we need an equally edgy character

[Image: ncQzxzE.png]

like sonic

[Image: h3C0Iq8.png]

That's Skarmory, the most badass pokemon in the whole world. Remember this pokemon.

[Image: i81Abmn.png]

This is a clothing store, hidden out in a canyon. It's terrible for business.

[Image: vED4u3B.png]

All the employees are clones, except for 2 of them.

[Image: IhzrOPd.png]

[Image: BlpgUyV.png]

Oh no!

[Image: PYRhmTH.png]

"What was that?" asks Dr. Eggman! He's the boss of the operation.

[Image: fKgJH0f.png]

"It was me!" said Sonic!

[Image: cpR7hpP.png]

But Sonic, why would you bomb the place you work at?

[Image: g3p4dPI.png]

"I need some asymmetry in my outfit," Sonic grinned, "So I can be cool like Sephiroth!"

[Image: 65cGsd1.png]

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted Sonic! He was different from us... he didn't belong!" sputters Eggman.

[Image: QoCwTTI.png]

"Gotta go fast!"

[Image: KZ8RsSZ.png]

[Image: EUkEUBG.png]

"Consider that my resignation notice!" laughed Sonic as he sped away.

[Image: v7Daoqe.png]

There's Skarmory again. This is called bookends! It's a literature device.
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: Jlf6QoB.png]

Level 1... the Outskirt Stand

[Image: kMCu8mD.png]

Someone's hovertruck with a squirming sack.

[Image: NBLxPqn.png]

[Image: LhbNNwN.png]

"Fwaah! We sure pigged out, eh? I love chowing down after a job! It adds to the flavor, I swear!"

"Heheheh, yeah. And we bagged ourselves a great catch, too! Boss'll be sure to fix us up with big rewards, too. Heheheh, it doesn't get any better than this!"

[Image: 1tRzKFa.png]

[Image: YDyCHxK.png]

(paraphrased) "The building that blew up in Eclo Canyon was Team Snagem's hideout! They are a gang of pokemon abductors already marked for arrest. The hideout was only discovered as a result of the explosion. When police arrived, the ruined building was abandoned. Police are investigating currently."

Looks like it wasn't a clothing store after all- is Sonic a pokemon abductor too?

[Image: bVuFcjJ.png]

[Image: p8P6FWX.png]

Ah yes, the rival. The pokemon games of the 80s always had a rival who would pick the pokemon that was strong against the pokemon you picked! But Sonic doesn't play by the rules- not only does he have TWO pokemon but he didn't even choose them!

Willie: "I'm Willie. I got a good look at you and I just got this huge urge to fight you! I can tell you're no ordinary Joe! What do you say? Let's battle!"

[Image: t66OcJp.png]

Why is the camera behind a Wheel, Willie?

[Image: hJO5GxS.png]

"Yeee" -Willie, 2004

[Image: gg7kGsI.png]

So in Pokemon Colosseum, the pokemon levels start in the 20s. It's harder in this game, since it's so dark and serious.

[Image: SpgLEeP.png]

Meet Shadow and Silver. Unfortunately they must go by Umbreon and Espeon until I get to the Name Rater.

[Image: sYvIlYp.png]

[Image: XBYGvZm.png]

[Image: q5IGvpO.png]

[Image: 8WK5t2z.png]

[Image: CD0BDAm.png]

This is cute though. Zigzagoon's damage animation has him run between Willie's legs, but only if the Zigzagoon is alone on that side of the field.

[Image: bHXjKd6.png]

[Image: W2kxx0Q.png]

It was hard but Sonic finally beats the first boss!

Willie: "Tch! Wiped out. I still need seasoning! But yeah, you're tough! Real tough! Hey I know, why not test your skills in Phenac City? It's out west from here. You'll find trainers way better than me there. You should go out there and get some battling in!

"Alright! I love battling!" says Sonic, "I live for the thrill of fighting!"

[Image: tjlmdeW.png]

Good thing we already have the HM for fly!
MAP: Outskirt Stand. A lonely gasoline stand in a desolate desert. Travelers visit it on their journeys.

[Image: uNMHdp4.png]

We don't actually fly, we just drive across the desert.
MAP: Phenac City. A gorgeous jewel of a town that overflows with water in a forbidding desert.

[Image: Co7epNj.png]

The three hedgehogs depart on their unicycle. The sidecar has a hoverpad for balance.

[Image: ONgH0ag.png]

Shadow the Hedgehog is the most laidback and chill hedgehog out there. He loves to just lay back and enjoy a chili dog. He may be lax and careless, but it's okay because Umbreons are tanks. The Lax nature pretty much balances out his already high defensive stats.

[Image: ZCr00Ce.png]

Silver the Hedgehog is a real jolly old fellow. The world he comes from is ravaged by absolutely nothing but eternal Christmas cheer. Snow everywhere, glittering, and smiling children warming themselves by the fireplace. The lowered special attack is going to be a bit of a problem though. Silver didn't even one-hit KO the Zigzagoons.
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
silver e. hedgehog tries the best he can, but its no use!
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: 6HaeSmH.png]

Chapter 2: Phoenix, Arizona

[Image: X5ga8bA.png]

Sonic arrives in Phenac City right on the tails of those two henchmen Sonic spotted earlier.

Sonic wonders just what might be in that bag! A rare pokemon perhaps?

[Image: g3SGj7E.png]

"Hey what are you doing? Get a grip, man!"

"Yeah, but it won't stop squirming! Makes it tough to hold on to!"

[Image: ZAUTvv0.png]

Bag: "Mgflpmmmgg... Beh! Help! Someone let me out! Kidnappers!"

A talking pokemon, perhaps? Those are rare!

[Image: 5My4IBt.png]

"Tch! The tape didn't keep her mouth shut!"

"Oh drat, did that punk over there hear all that?"

"Since you overheard, we must settle this with a pokemon battle!"

[Image: xZXeNbg.png]

[Image: XicXjsR.png]

[Image: nhrsNpW.png]

As always, Sonic's speed settles battles almost as soon as they begin!

Folly: "Gah! You're tougher than you look!"

[Image: BiATuzB.png]

[Image: ozbiqQ1.png]

Lady in Suit: "Eek! Somebody! Robbers! They're robbers!"

Trudley (the second henchman): "Y-You be quiet! We're no robbers! We're kidnappers! Get it? Kidnappers!"

[Image: xQi2SD6.png]

Embarrassed by that foolish confession, the henchmen leave. Sonic grumbled darkly, disappointed he only got to fight one of them. But justice has been dealt- the henchmen ran to the desert. They won't last long in the sweltering heat without their vehicle.

Sonic approaches the bag, determined to unveil the spoils of war. A rare pokemon perhaps?

[Image: JsY0LLm.png]

"A human? Looks like those thugs were really kidnappers all along!" states Sonic wisely.

Girl: "Thanks"

[Image: fYmlps9.png]

[Image: dybQjoZ.png]

I went with the default name.

[Image: 9tpEisa.png]

Anca: "I was in Pyrite Town when I got kidnapped."

"Hold on right there! If you were kidnapped in Pyrite Town, to the west, then why did I see the kidnappers earlier at Outskirt Stand, to the EAST?" shouted Sonic, wisely!

Anca: "then why the fuck didn't you save me earlier"

Sonic growls in a edgy manner.

[Image: 34bMkDE.png]

[Image: mCxi0XC.png]

Anca: "Did they use any peculiar pokemon?"

Athlete: "No, they looked ordinary to me."

[Image: uWR0mPJ.png]

Lady in Suit: "It's easy to see something is on your mind! You should go see our MAYOR for his advice."

[Image: xkTH1Jr.png]

Anca: "I see. Well in that case we must go. Hurry up, Sonic."

Sonic: "Wait... why are you giving ME orders?"

[Image: JKDhFQb.png]

Anca: "Thanks for joining my party, Sonic. You're a welcome addition to the team."

Sonic: "Hmph! I only work alone!"

[Image: tFxQ7yK.png]

Anca: "We're partners, now, whatever that means."

Sonic: "Go away!"

[Image: JWZi9av.png]

And so Sonic left on his own journey. He didn't need Anca, he didn't need anyone! He would solve the mystery of the peculiar pokemon all by himself. Sonic was a pokemon master, and a pokemon master's job was to catch them all and go really fast while doing it.

Of course Sonic had no idea what kind of "peculiar pokemon" Anca had mentioned were, or how he would find him. But Sonic could feel in it his toughened, angst-ridden bones. He could feel something... something cool. Drawn to it, Sonic knew that was where the next step of his journey led.

[Image: J5TXJEX.png]

Here.... it's here! The source of the cool aura... so bad...

[Image: edl2lde.png]

It's overwhelming!!!

[Image: omU6tjg.png]

IT'S SEPHIROTH!!! Sonic's hero!

??????: "Hm? I'd guess you're a traveling trainer. Hm... I like what I see in your expression. Fufufu... I have a feeling I may see you again somewhere."

[Image: eJYAqhI.png]

And just like that... the Sephiroth cosplayer leaves.

Sonic only just recovers from his awe and manages to muster up the will to choke out a word, "wow..."

[Image: 25z0MAS.png]

"Wow is right," says Anca.

"WHAT? Where did you come from? Have you been following me?" shrieks Sonic in surprise.

"Yeah. This is the mayor's house. I thought you were leading me here? Why, did you not notice me or something?" inquires Anca.

"I... I totally noticed you!" says Sonic, getting his cool back.

"Okay then, let's go in," Anca goes in.
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
this is a good and important thread thank you crowsy
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: Sonic_Thumbs_Up.png]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: RRF15fS.png]

Mayor: "Welcome to Phenac City! I'm the Mayor, Es Cade!"

Sonic: "And I'm Sonic, her Es Cort!"

Silver: "And I'm Silver, the Es Peon!"

Skrub: "And I'm Skrub, the Cipher Peon!"

Ein: "And I'm Ein, the Cipher Admin!"

[Image: 0EcNhrt.png]

[Image: uR8qjbR.png]

Anca: "I saw a pokemon with a black aura. It was like a fighting machine."

Sonic: "Whoa that's incredibly badass."

Anca: "Because I saw that pokemon, I was kidnapped. Apparently, I'm the only one who has the power to see the black aura. These pokemon are not afraid to attack humans."

Sonic: "Aw man, if I can't see the black aura, then that's significantly less bad ass. But fighting machine is cool, at least."

[Image: 5U5MFVq.png]

Mayor: "We mustn't allow thugs to do as they wish! Especially not ones that endanger a pretty young lady like you!"

Anca: "uh"

[Image: VPxN13i.png]

Mayor: "I'll order an investigation. In the meantime you should check out the Phenac Colosseum. It's really nice."

Sonic: "The Phenac Colosseum? Colosseum means fighting! I love fighting!"

Mayor: "Um, hold on, don't go upstairs, that's not where the Colosseum is, um"

[Image: OKCEn0q.png]

Sonic: "You again...? How did you get here... before I, the fastest hedgehog around, did!?"

[Image: I9ncerb.png]

Lady in Suit: "Oh hi, aren't you a cute guy? It must be nice to travel around with a cute girlfriend!"

Anca: "Yeah, it must be."

Sonic: "Oh you must be a different woman. How come you all look the same?"

[Image: IqdZP25.png]

Anca: "Sonic, help me."

Sonic was confused. What was wrong with Anca?

[Image: Z3s8AIJ.png]

Anca: "I'm stuck. Please come back."

Sonic was more than happy to be rid of Anca and left her behind.

[Image: 2P49RJq.png]

Sonic found a rare pokemon item cube.

[Image: EAYtQLN.png]

Item cubes are special... they can contain more than one item!!

[Image: eoIIOQz.png]

Sonic could not fathom how this Athlete and his Castform could be running faster than him. What was going on here?

"Come back! Slow down! Please! Give me directions to the Colosseum!" cried Sonic.

But the Athlete did not slow down. Sonic was hopelessly lost in this huge city.

[Image: pJjFbBO.png]

[Image: COX6tY0.png]

TV reporter: "A Team Snagem Member was found hiding in Eclo Canyon. He told us that the explosion apparently destroyed the SNAG MACHINE used for stealing pokemon. However, only the large machine was destroyed, and a smaller portable one was taken by the member who blew up the hideout."

Sonic nodded sagely. Yes, he did that. He did a real cool thing, he blew up the clothing store he worked at, and stole the snag machine sleeve, but those days seemed long gone. Sonic didn't know where to go. He didn't know who to fight. He didn't know how to go fast.

[Image: UM3n3Rc.png]

Finally, after what seemed like days of running around, Sonic finally found the Phenac Colosseum.

[Image: 2p4yKtX.png]

Sonic expected the arena of violence to be more badass. Maybe if those were fountains of blood instead of water? Sonic had always considered a career in interior design if he hadn't gone into the fashion industry. But alas, the days of honest work were over. Sonic was going to become a gladiator! Sonic was getting pumped! Finally, some fighting! Sonic could feel his energy returning to him! He was finally gonna be cool again!

[Image: 96NjPxI.png]

Front Desk Person: "Welcome! This is where we register trainers for challenges. However the current challenge has already started. Please come back later."

Sonic was disappointed. Fight later? There was nothing Sonic could do. And so Sonic waited. And waited. A minute went by. The water disturbed Sonic. Even though he lived in a desert, the water reminded him of the darker days of his youth. Sonic couldn't swim, but sometimes he could run on water if he went fast enough... but could he still go fast?

Front Desk Person: "*Ahem* maybe you should wait outside."

Sonic didn't even protest. His rebellious attitude had left him. He obeyed and walked outside.

[Image: Bs6ra8b.png]

Team Snagem Member: "There you are, Sonic! We finally caught up to you, you filthy double crossing traitor!"

Anca: "Hm? Sonic used to be a member of Team Snagem?"

Sonic: "What the- how long have you been there?"

Anca: "The whole time. You looked like you were brooding so I didn't want to disturb you."

[Image: Fi1NKgz.png]

[Image: dExMYXh.png]

Team Snagem Member: "He's no ordinary member of Team Snagem... for one thing, he's not a clone! This means that he has rights... including the rights to steal pokemon!"

Anca: "That's not a right at all. That's illegal. No one is allowed to do that. No one CAN do that."

Snagem Member: "Well, thanks to the power of technology, Sonic can. That fancy sleeve he's wearing allows him to turn pokeballs into Snag Balls, which allow him to catch pokemon even if they aren't wild! And he's really good at it, he snags pokemon without fail!"

[Image: nIGpauc.png]

Wakin: "Sonic, I challenge you to a duel!"

Sonic: "I'll do anything for a fight! YEAH!"

[Image: ishgdLN.png]

[Image: 0nfTuG3.png]


[Image: ZQuj7iR.png]

[Image: LiouEdm.png]


[Image: ghwXffJ.png]

Wakin: "Curse you, Sonic!

[Image: ekbMSrb.png]

[Image: USp64X8.png]

Anca: "So, Sonic, it seems like you're good at stealing pokemon..."

Sonic nodded. "Yeah, I'm the best at stealing pokemon."

[Image: Yrw0qut.png]

Anca: "Let's buy some pokeballs then."

[Image: j2d3W7p.png]

Anca: "Sonic it happened again."

[Image: bnqGhV5.png]

[Image: Z55WCvM.png]

Anca: "I can't go up the stairs."

Guy: "No one sells pokeballs around these parts, that's common knowledge. There is no use for them as there are no wild pokemon in the Orre region! However the guy that runs the Outskirt Stand used to sell them, but you have to keep that a secret."

Sonic: "I could have sworn I saw a wild Skarmory."

Guy: "Pah! An exception to the rule."

[Image: sF5Yitr.png]

Shadow and Silver don't get to sit in the sidecar anymore.

[Image: RoUGjIk.png]

Willie: "Oh hey it's you! Some scary clone guys came by earlier looking for you...

Sonic: "Oh yes, they found me... and then I beat them!"

Willie: "Wow! You're just so cool Sonic!"

Sonic didn't say so, but he secretly enjoyed the praise.

[Image: 7cBvA5U.png]

TV Reporter: "It seems that the smaller Snag Machine that was stolen is compact enough to be carried by one person! It is an alarming device that can change regular Pokeballs into Snag Balls that can steal pokemon from other trainers! It is hoped that the device will not be used for nefarious purposes again!"

[Image: ow8zLK1.png]

Outskirt Stand Owner: "Huh? What was that? Pokeballs? There's no call for those around these parts but I have some somewhere around here. Yes, here are some. They are a little dusty, but otherwise in perfect condition. Here's 5 for free, if you want more, I'll be putting them out with the rest of my merchandise!"

[Image: 1wK6Fpd.png]

Then Sonic spent all of his money on pokeballs! That would be plenty of supplies to last for quite some time.

[Image: 1ifgOxV.png]

While we're looking at Sonic's PDA, what should we set his ringtone to?
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
Set ringtone to f a s t

Wait, it doesn't-- What kind of stupid phone doesn't have... Auhm. Melody 4, then.
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
@NTA: Melody 4 it is!

[Image: a1mYFmv.png]

And so, Sonic sped right back to Phenac City.

Lady in Suit: "Oh thank goodness you're back! A lot of scary men came here!"

Sonic smirked. Well they can wait awhile-but Sonic wouldn't keep them waiting for long... START THE TIMER!


[Image: FcLxU7g.png]

[Image: Fahj1z6.png]

Glasses Man: "There's been nothing but news about Team Snagem all day long on every channel. Usually they'd have at least one channel showing anime or something. Grumble..."

[Image: G6mVmkW.png]

Sonic: "You're too slow!"

[Image: PYgIm4g.png]

Trading Clerk: "We're still getting ready, come back later!"

Yeah unfortunately we can't trade pokemon until after we beat the game. The RSE sprites for non-RSE pokemon are really nice though!

[Image: aacmWdH.png]

Kid: "Hi big guy! Look, look! This is really neat!"

Sonic: "It's not neat... it's just a silly thing for kids!"

The kid began crying, but Sonic was already gone.

[Image: Q1zWlTF.png]

[Image: 3xcZn8N.png]

Silver fell asleep!

[Image: qGc9yeZ.png]

Sleep got nerfed in Colosseum. There are no wild pokemon, so you can't ever run so instead you get CALL!

[Image: PJKZsVx.png]

Fun Old Man: "You really are just like me when I was young! You must break a lot of hearts!"

[Image: djx9m7T.png]

Then Sonic fought a Roller Boy who had some bug pokemon.

[Image: 2mgE7Il.png]

Silcoon used Tackle!

[Image: M3J8SdR.png]

Wasting image space to show you Silcoon rolling around.

[Image: FoNXNz9.png]

[Image: EhXM44k.png]

Cooltrainer: "If you're still traveling, you should stock up on supplies at the shop there! I recommend it, after all, it's my house- Er. Ahem."

Sonic could empathize, having lived in a clothing store all his life, but the better part of his mind warned him against showing compassion. Sonic continued on his journey without saying a word.

[Image: Z2pzqvb.png]

Justy: "Hi! I'm Justy, in charge of running the Pre Gym. Would you like to do some fighting?"

Sonic shouted eagerly, "You know it!"

[Image: qw1T843.png]

Justy: "You'll be fighting four trainers!"

[Image: 1DXQbd8.png]

Since Sonic is going so fast, Sonic skipped Botan, Liqui and Dugo, going straight to the fourth trainer, Lady Gwin, who uses Rock pokemon. What's her name supposed to be a pun off of? Sonic didn't know.

[Image: js5EiBG.png]

Justy: "Nice battling! But you can't fight me until you have 6 pokemon."

Sonic gritted his teeth. Who did this guy think he was? The implication that Sonic wasn't strong enough really made Sonic mad! Sonic needs 4 more pokemon? He'll get them.

[Image: PeVMPYJ.png]

Sonic headed down the elevator. There was an Oddish, and a Magikarp..

Cooltrainer Liqui: "That's it! Yes! Splash! Way to go!"

[Image: i1SHABR.png]

Cooltrainer: "Excellent! Don't forget that timing. That's going to make us surefire winners!"

Sonic: "Who are you and what did you do with Lady Gwin?"

Sonic didn't wait for an answer, and snagged that Aron and headed up for the last pokemon.

[Image: bUisi3J.png]

Rich Boy Dugo: "Uh... hey? Where did it DIG to? Where'd my SANDSLASH go?"

Sonic stomped on the ground in defeat. The Sandslash was gone. Sonic had only managed to steal 3 pokemon, just one short of a full party! Resigned, Sonic left the Gym. He'll back for Justy. He'll be back.

[Image: SZtrthj.png]

And... STOP!

Anime destroyed? Made a kid cry? Fought some battles? Stole 3 pokemon? All done! And it only took Sonic...


No time at all! Even Sonic found that hard to believe!

"Did you even start the timer?" asked Sonic?

Anca replied, "No, I didn't."

[Image: tnK0wk1.png]

Folly: "Master Miror B! It's, It's him! He's the one that took the girl from us!"

Miror B.: "Oh, now aren't you boys frightfully pathetic? You mean to tell me you were bested by these darling infants? Darling, didn't you say your name was Sonic or something? I so don't like saying this, but we're not at liberty to keep your lady friend at liberty. That sweet young thing, she can see things that ordinary people aren't supposed to see. That just won't do for what we're planning to do. No, it just won't do at all! If you don't like pain, like most people, you can avoid the pain by keeping your nose out of places it needn't be."

[Image: Jwsgb0z.png]

Miror B.: "Boys! Oh, boys! Boys, I shall make my return to Pyrite Town now. Do remember that I will be waiting for you to return with the little lady. Am I making myself clear? I won't accept failure from you again, boys. Fuhohoho..."

[Image: 3cHNY1n.png]

Miror B.: "Let the music spin! Let's get it on!"

[Image: FcgTgUT.png]

Sonic: "Looks like you've been promoted from Shady Guy, Folly!"

Folly: "No, I've always been a Miror B.Peon, you just didn't know."

Sonic: "Oh, I see."

[Image: lqThd1d.png]

I spelled Trudly as "Trudley" in an earlier post here, oops.

[Image: AMaiT66.png]

[Image: FrXZwHK.png]

[Image: JqEIvYl.png]

Anca: "Sonic, that Makuhita is the pokemon I saw with the black aura. That's the pokemon that these guys kidnapped me for! Careful Sonic, it's not afraid to attack humans!"

[Image: zarbF5w.png]

The Makuhita winded up a punch, loaded with dark energy.

[Image: jOrZRmJ.png]

Sonic leapt back. That Makuhita had such immense speed- Sonic thought for sure he would have lost all 10 of his rings! Something- someone blocked the hit for him!

[Image: 63yVyLF.png]

No! Sayonara. Shadow. The Umbreon. Your sacrifice will not be in vain.

[Image: TiJunc3.png]

[Image: IZ07UHl.png]

[Image: nSRUWYD.png]

Sonic: "You're mine now!"

[Image: VXqzjZ6.png]

Folly: "Oh man, the boss is really gonna chew us out. What do we do?"

Trudly: "Run away!"

[Image: afNGByU.png]

Anca: "Great work Sonic. But I'm sure there's more powerful pokemon like that out there. You need to catch all of them and save them from the bad guys."

Sonic silently agreed. He loved powerful pokemon. He couldn't wait to capture all of the shadow pokemon. He'd be so strong! And they were all so cool!

[Image: 5qrgzUW.png]

Mystery Troop: "Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not about to let you pass."

Sonic was tempted to fight this guy, but Anca said, "Hold on Sonic. The other two colorful guys must be blocking the other two exits. You only have time to fight one of them, no matter how fast you go!"

Sonic: "Nonsense! Where did you get that foolish idea?"

Anca: "Well, you're actually not that fast at all. I have absolutely no trouble keeping up with you. Except when stairs are involved. Sorry to break it to you."

Sonic could feel the angst weighing him down. She was right. He was slow. But that was okay. He still had his unicycle. He still had stairs to get her stuck on. But for now, he simply had to decide.

Bayleef, Quilava or Crocanaw?
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
Quilava.... Is a hedgehog.....

It must be Amy Rose?
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
I'm partial to Vector the Crocanaw, but hedgehogs are thematically appropriate.
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: GC6_E01_2.png]

Rosso: "Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not about to let you pass. Or do you have this idea you can take me in battle?"

[Image: GC6_E01_5.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_7.png]

Ah, my original character, Sweltering the Hedgehog

[Image: GC6_E01_25.png]

Anca: What have you done to all these pokemon?

Rosso: "We turn them into fighting machines by artificially closing the doors to their hearts. But knowing that's not gonna help you!"

If you ever play this game be prepared to see variations of the phrase "artificially closed the door to its heart" all the time.

[Image: GC6_E01_29.png]

Anca: "Well actually I know how to naturally open the door to a pokemon's heart, you just gotta battle with it. Alongside it, not against it!!!!"

Sonic lowered his fists, but asked, "But why would I want to open their heart if that's what makes them stronger?"

Anca: "You have to fight alongside them, if you don't, then you won't even get to make use of their strength."

"Well, if she says to fight alongside them, then I won't," thought Sonic, "that would be the rebellious thing to do."

[Image: GC6_E01_32.png]

Since there is nothing left to do in Phenac City, Sonic headed out west towards Pyrite Town. Except he had to go here first.
CONSTRUCTION LOT: The construction site for an immense tower, which will have a COLOSSEUM on the top floor.

[Image: GC6_E01_34.png]

This is the Construction Lot? Looks rather nice...

[Image: GC6_E01_37.png]

Oh, they are done, but still need to clean up.

[Image: GC6_E01_45.png]

PYRITE TOWN: A rough and dirty town full of thugs and scoundrels. It is said to be home to sinister POKEMON.

[Image: GC6_E01_46.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_47.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_50.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_51.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_55.png]

Cail: "Aww, Mr. Johnson, give a man a break! I don't know anything!"

Johnson: "Well alright, if you say so. But if you're trying to con me, I'll know it!"

Cail: "I wouldn't lie to you, Mr. Johnson!"

Johnson: "Well, okay. I'll let you off easy today."

[Image: GC6_E01_61.png]

Cail: "Haha, I tricked him."

[Image: GC6_E01_71.png]

Sonic and Anca barged into the first house they saw, searching for information. Apparently, this town is full of thugs and scoundrels, who get in fights, barge into houses, sabotage windmills, orchestrate prison breaks, lie to policemen, steal pokemon, conspire to steal pokemon, and commit murder. Last but not least, turn a blind eye and allow this to happen. And it looks like this "DUKING" guy is guilty of that last one!

[Image: GC6_E01_75.png]

Duking used to be the man in charge in Pyrite, but all that changed when Miror B. came. Now all Duking does is run the local Colosseum... or does the Colosseum run him?

[Image: GC6_E01_195.png]

Sonic, using his detective skills noticed that the bookshelf had been moved often. With his muscles, Sonic drug the bookshelf over, breaking the automatic button-activated mechanism in the process.

[Image: GC6_E01_198.png]

Kid 1: "There's nothing special behind this bookshelf!

Sonic: "Whatever you say, kid."

[Image: GC6_E01_204.png]

Sonic and Anca went through the doorway, discovering a cave... with children inside!

Kid 2: "That's why, Marcia. We've got to somehow snag those pokemon from the criminals... Whoa! Who are you? That's weird, my little brother is supposed to be on lookout..."

[Image: GC6_E01_201.png]

Marcia: "Are you Papa's kids? I'm Marcia. Pleased to meet you. We're busy right now, but we can play later."

[Image: GC6_E01_199.png]

Kid 3: "My sister's done nothing but chat all day! I'm bored!"

Sonic screamed "I'M BORED TOO!"

Anca: "Sonic, shush..."

"CHILDREN ARE BORING!" screamed Sonic as he stormed out.

[Image: GC6_E01_207.png]

Silva: "Duking! How much more are you going to take from Miror B. and his stooges?

[Image: GC6_E01_210.png]

Duking: "..."

Silva: "Well, I've had enough! I'm going to do something dangerous!"

Sonic: "I like your attitude!"

Silva: "I like yours too!"

Silva stormed out. Sonic stormed out after him, taking care to cast Duking's desk violently aside even though it wasn't in the way. But when Sonic got outside, Silva had dissappeared. "Who was that cool guy?" wondered Sonic.

"That was Silva, Duking's best friend," answered Anca.

Silva.... repeated Sonic. At last, Sonic knew a name.

[Image: GC6_E01_90.png]

Suddenly, Sonic found himself under attack!

[Image: GC6_E01_89.png]

Upon his defeat, the Chaser explained that in Pyrite town, battles are exchanged instead of greetings.

[Image: GC6_E01_95.png]

Chaser Calda: "Fufufu, looking in your eyes, I can see... You're just like us. It's easy to see."

Sonic could feel the pride welling up in his eyes. A fellow badass cool guy, from the town of thugs and scoundrels, calling Sonic one of their own. Sonic felt like he would fit in perfectly here in this rough, unpolished town.

[Image: GC6_E01_98.png]

Anca: "We should be careful, Sonic. It was here in this very circle that I saw that Makuhita and got kidnapped. Even at the best of times, there's nothing normal about this town."

Sonic: "What... what did you say? Normal? Conforming??? In MY town?"

Anca: "Okay first of all, this isn't your town, you just got here, second of all, i said there's nothing normal, meaning it is abnormal, non-conforming, the opposite of what you apparently thought I said, dangerous, not safe, "

Sonic: "How dare you call my town those words, this is like a home to me! This place is perfect..."

[Image: GC6_E01_100.png]

Chase Emok: "Hey cutie, how about you ditch that wallflower with you and be my sweetie?"

Sonic: "Sure!"

Anca: "Fucking hell."

[Image: GC6_E01_104.png]

Anca: "Sonic I swear to god if you ditch me I'll kick your ass."

Sonic: "Your anger is kinda hot but, this girl has a bare midriff, and didn't make fun of my town, so"

[Image: GC6_E01_118.png]

Sonic: "Holy shit, I can't believe you just threw her down into the chasm. That's the most badass thing I've seen in my whole life. Can you forgive me?"

Anca: "Sure, fucking whatever. Can I forgive myself? That's the question."

[Image: GC6_E01_119.png]

Glasses Man: "Ayiyiyi, that's scary. Take a look down there, it feels like it's going to suck you right in."

Sonic: "Maybe you should get your glasses adjusted because it did indeed suck someone in! Just now! Hahaha!"

Glasses Man: "Oh dear... they might still be falling. You can't see the bottom from here. Pyrite used to be a mining town and they dug so deep......"

[Image: GC6_E01_126.png]

Hunter: "I've heard rumours that if you win the challenges here at this Colosseum, you'll get an awesome pokemon like Cail did. Too bad the current challenge is going on right now so you can't participate yet!"

Sonic was pretty irritated that both of the Colosseums he had gone to so far he couldn't fight in because the current challenge was already underway. But Sonic needed some exercise anyway, so he could be faster, so he ran all the way back to steal Cail's pokemon to make up for the fact that Sonic couldn't just win one.

[Image: GC6_E01_162.png]

Cail: "Huh? You want to know if I have weird pokemon? Well, you're not a policeman, so I'll show you!"

[Image: GC6_E01_164.png]

Cail: "It's this one, the Furret."

[Image: GC6_E01_175.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_230.png]

Cail: "Ugh! That's so lame. Miror B. said these Shadow Pokemon were supposed to be awesome and then you just stole it anyway..."

Anca: "Well don't worry, I heard that scientists predict that in 5 years they'll have more than one shadow move and will deal super effective damage to everything except other shadow pokemon."

Sonic scoffed at Cail's weakness. His Shadow Pokemon was weak because he didn't know how to use it! As Anca had advised him... or not advised him? He forgot whether he was rebelling against her or not. But as he had concluded from what she had said, the best way to use a Shadow Pokemon is to not use it at all, allowing it to keep its potential for as long as possible!

[Image: GC6_E01_233.png]


[Image: GC6_E01_234.png]

Sephiroth Cosplayer: "I trust things are going according to plan, Miror B."

Miror B.: "They are, Nascour, we broke Duking's spirit, allowing us to freely distribute Shadow Pokemon to Colosseum winners to collect data, all according to plan."

Nascour: "Good. That is indeed according to plan."

[Image: GC6_E01_242.png]

Miror B.: "I feel like dancing!"

Nascour: "No, "

Nascour has disconnected.

[Image: GC6_E01_246.png]

Anca: "Well, looks like we're done with Cail."

[Image: GC6_E01_247.png]

Anca: "Now let's do a Colosseum challenge. Then while you receive your pokemon, I'll go, well, do something depending on how exactly they give you a pokemon. Grabbing the rest of the shadow pokemon would be the best case scenario, I think."

[Image: GC6_E01_248.png]


[Image: GC6_E01_253.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_255.png]

Researcher: "The Chief's inside! Silva came and..."

"Silva beat you up :D ??? My hero~!!" Sonic sang, "Ohhh where is he now?"

Researcher: "He left...."

[Image: GC6_E01_256.png]

Researcher: "S-someone... There's trouble, h-help me..."

Sonic left this guy behind. Sonic probably wouldn't find Silva, but apparently the Chief of Police was in the windmill, which meant Sonic was free to fight the system and mess around in the police station.

[Image: GC6_E01_294.png]

"Jackpot!" says Sonic.

[Image: GC6_E01_297.png]

Chaser: "Wow, you're letting us loose? Cool! Take this TM as thanks!"

Sonic: "Anything for you, brother!"

Sonic hadn't realized that was not the same Chaser that Sonic fought and befriended earlier, but Sonic looked at the TM. It was TM46-Thief. Sonic chuckled joyfully to himself. How clever!

[Image: GC6_E01_301.png]

Folly: "Oh no not you guys again. Please don't tell anyone we're here."

Trudley: "Even if you begged us we wouldn't leave! We turned ourselves in- it's safer in jail than to face the consequences of failing our boss!"

"A noble reason to stay in jail!" cheered Sonic, "Have fun you two!" and Sonic left back to the Colosseum.

[Image: GC6_E01_275.png]

It seemed darker than before, but everything seemed to be in working order.

Attendant: "We have a power out! Something must be wrong with the windmill. We can't open the doors! And yes, the PC and healy-thingy are battery powered."

Anca: "Well, Sonic, looks like we have to check out the windmill after all."

[Image: GC6_E01_268.png]

Gear Chief: "Silva came in here and just ripped out one of the gears. The windmill can no longer function and this town is without power."

Sherles, the Police Chief: "I wonder why Silva would do this to shut down the Colosseum and betray his best friend Duking? "

Sonic: "Don't worry, fellow citizens! I'll find that Silva for you <3 ....and that gear too."

[Image: GC6_E01_284.png]

Sonic: "Duking, do you know where Silva could be, or at least where he put that metal gear from the windmill?"

Duking: "Silva took a gear from the windmill and cut the Colosseum power? Grrrrrr"

[Image: GC6_E01_289.png]

Sonic: "Joyous sons and daughters of Pyrite Town, do you know where Silva could be, or at least where he put that metal gear from the windmill?"

Little kid 3: "zzzz, I hope Plusle is okay, zzz"

Sonic: "If Plusle is a fellow citizen of Pyrite, then I too, wish with all my heart that they are okay!"

[Image: GC6_E01_322.png]

Sonic: "It was here the whole time, at the Construction Lot!"

Anca: "It's a good hiding spot. It's miles away from Pyrite. How are we gonna take this back to Pyrite?"

Sonic: "ohh, what I want to know is how did Silva carry it all the way here.... did he use his muscles? swoon...."

Construction Workers: "Would you like us to carry it for you? We have literally nothing else to do. We are in absolutely no hurry to finish this tower."

Sonic: "Thanks fellas, I owe you one! How long is that gonna take you?"

Construction Workers: "Without a vehicle, probably overnight. Unless you want to help?"

"No way!" shouted Sonic as he jumped onto his unicycle and sped off. Anca barely had time to scramble into the vehicle after him!

[Image: GC6_E01_147.png]

Sonic and Anca went to the Pyrite Super Grand Hotel.

Anca: "Why are we here, Sonic. There's a free pokemon healer in the Colosseum and it's battery powered."

Sonic: "I'm just supporting the local businesses! And we're not here for our pokemon to sleep. We're here for US to sleep! 2 rooms please!"

Anca: "Oh. I suppose it would be nice to sleep in a room then. Your unicycle sidecar is so uncomfortable and the engine is so noisy..."

Time to turn in for the night. Tomorrow, the windmill shall be repaired, and the Colosseum challenge, and the Shadow Pokemon prize, and possibly saving this delightful little town from Miror B.

[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
RE: Sonic and the Pokemon Colosseum
[Image: GC6_E01_1.png]

Anca: "I can't believe the hotel rooms were just the jail the whole time..."

Trudly: "Yeah, it's the worst part about being here."

Foley: "Having to stand all night watching the customers sleep..."

Anca: "You were watching me sleep?"

Trudly: "No we were watching Sonic do some arts and crafts."

Anca: "Oh, can I see?"

Sonic: "N-no!"

Anca: "Okay then."

[Image: GC6_E01_2.png]

Johnson: "A prisoner seems to be missing."

Sonic: "Oh, Johnson, that would be because I let him out yesterday."

Johnson: "Why would you do that?"

Sonic: "He had a TM."

Johnson: "I approve. Such is the cost of freedom here, a TM."

Sonic: "Yeah, I need to hoard them all before the price rockets up in a couple of generations."

Johnson: "Best of luck, my friend!"

[Image: GC6_E01_27.png]

Duking: "Hey have I seen you around before? At a glance I can tell you're no ordinary trainer."

Sonic: "You sure have seen me before! And it's true, I am no ordinary trainer- I'm a friend to the town of Pyrite."

Duking: "Ah, I apologize for not recognize you. Things have been troubling my mind, but some construction workers brought the gear here earlier. Now that the windmill is fixed and power has been restored to my Colosseum, that's one worry out of the way."

Sonic: "That's good!"

[Image: GC6_E01_62.png]


Attendant: "Congratulations, you won!"

Sonic: "I know! Do I get a prize Shadow Pokemon?"

Attendant: "Not officially, of course! Just head outside and someone will be there for you."

[Image: GC6_E01_75.png]

Nore: "Hi, there! You must be that superb trainer who won!"

Sonic: "Yeah! That's me, I'm the strongest!"

Nore: "You must be expecting a prize, so follow me!"

[Image: GC6_E01_79.png]

Sonic: "We're... walking so orderly, I'm uncomfortable..."

[Image: GC6_E01_81.png]

Nore: "Here's your Shadow Pokemon! It's a Yanma."

Sonic: "Thanks!"

Nore: "Enclosed in this file on the counter is your paperwork. Please fill it out a sheet monthly and mail it in to our address in Phenac. The details are all in the file. We're gathering data on how well our Shadow Pokemon perform in combat!"

Sonic: "I absolutely hate paperwork, but if it's for this cause, then I'll make an exception!"

Nore: "Thanks! Now if you'll excuse us, we need to do some chores."

Sonic: "Bye!"

Anca: "In Phenac, huh...?"

[Image: GC6_E01_100.png]

Duking: "Oh good, you're safe! So this is the building where they are operating from..."

Anca: "Yeah, it seems they didn't actually take over your Colosseum, they just hand out Shadow Pokemon to winners as they leave."

[Image: GC6_E01_105.png]

Marcia: "Miror B. kidnapped Plusle though. You have to rescue him!"

Anca: "Of course we will!

Duking: "Thanks! Well, we'll leave you to it. Bye!"

Anca: "Bye."

But Sonic was not paying attention, he was looking through the file.

[Image: GC6_E01_116.png]

Sonic: "Hey... this isn't paperwork... this is a doctoral thesis. 'Ein's doctoral thesis about Hyper Mode.' I'm not reading this."

Anca: "At least read the conclusion!"

Sonic rummages through the papers and gets to the last page.

Sonic: "Every now and then, a Shadow Pokemon will enter Hyper Mode. Using Shadow Rush will give them an increased critical hit ratio, but items cannot be used on Shadow Pokemon while they are in Hyper Mode and they will also disobey any order besides Shadow Rush. You can CALL a pokemon to break them out of Hyper Mode, but this will open their heart a little more, which is bad. More research must be done to prevent the doors to their hearts from opening again. Perhaps a padlock? That's all I can afford right now. Please give me more funding."

Sonic nodded. This was good information to know. But it wasn't paperwork! Sonic would have to go find someone to give him the right paperwork.

[Image: GC6_E01_133.png]

Sonic: "Excuse me, miss, do you know where I can get the right paperwork? This is the wrong folder..."

Anca: "Hey! You're alive! I've been quietly regretting my outburst ever since yesterday! I'm so sorry i threw you off a cliff!"

Emok: "Hey, don't worry about it. I think I would do the same thing in your situation, which obviously makes your actions okay!"

Anca: "Gee, thanks! But how did you survive the fall?"

Emok: "There's a safety net. I just took this elevator back up."

Sonic: "Okay, well you two can chat, I'm gonna find my paperwork."

Anca: "Alright, see you later! I gotta make sure this guy does what I want him to."

Emok: "Bye!!"

[Image: GC6_E01_166.png]

Sonic: "These books are too difficult and are not the paperwork I'm looking for! Everyone in this building I've talked to had no idea where I could find the paperwork!"

Anca: "Well I guess we'll just keep climbing, to the roof if we have to!"

[Image: GC6_E01_184.png]

Sonic: "Silva!!! Are you hurt?"

Silva: "Oh, hi? Uh, yeah, I am?"

Sonic: "They'll pay for this!"

[Image: GC6_E01_191.png]

Reath: "How did that just happen?! Unbelievable!"

[Image: GC6_E01_197.png]

Ferma: "What just happened?! Unbelievable 2!"

[Image: GC6_E01_202.png]

Silva: "Wow thanks, you saved me!"

Sonic: "I did~!"

Silva: "Do you know Duking? I got mad at him for not doing anything about Miror B. but I realized it was because Plusle was kidnapped and being held hostage."

Sonic: "Who is Plusle, anyway?"

Silva: "Exactly! Since you apparently don't even know who Plusle is, and hostage situation is meaningless to you! So you can barge right in and beat up Miror B. for me! Miror B. is responsible for ruining this entire town in so many ways!"

Sonic: "Anything for you, Silva, and home, Pyrite Town!"

Anca: "Wow, Silva, how did you know that Sonic would do anything you want him to? He's been acting unusual ever since he saw you yesterday!"

Silva: "He's wearing a hand-made T-Shirt that says 'I Heart Silva' on it."

Anca: "Oh, I hadn't noticed. I always walk behind him you see."

[Image: GC6_E01_218.png]

Sonic: "Oh, here's the paperwork! Wait- no it's just another one of Ein's doctoral theses. Shadow Pokemon are made into fighting machines by artificially closing the door to a pokemon's heart. However it also exudes a dark aura that can only be seen by those with royal blood..."

Anca: "ROYAL BLOOD???"

"...or possessed by the vengeful spirits of the royalty that we have slain over the years," Sonic continued, "As always, our policy is to eliminate all such possible witnesses. Of course, research must be put into finding a way to exorcise all these ghosts. Perhaps a vacuum cleaner? It's all I can afford right now. Please give me more funding."

Anca: "...ghosts....?"

[Image: GC6_E01_175.png]

Sonic and Anca went up to the rooftop, where a man guarded the entrance to Miror B.'s cave.

Hunter Doken: "Hey there, fellow thugs and scoundrels. You should go back inside and assist with taking care of the intruder."

Anca: "Actually, this guy here is the intruder. I'm escorting him inside for Miror B. to deal with him."

Hunter Doken: "Really? I could've sworn by my glance into his eyes that he was no ordinary trainer but-"

Sonic: "Um, actually, I'm not a prisoner at all? I'm the escort."

Hunter Doken: "Hahaha! So you're actually the escort and she's actually the prisoner? You think I'm gonna fall for that? If that were so why is she behind you?"

Sonic: "What?"

Doken: "Well anyways in you go. Good luck escorting the prisoner!"

Anca: "Thanks!"

Sonic: "You're welcome!"

[Image: GC6_E01_292.png]

Sonic: "Anca, help me, I'm stuck, where am I."

Anca: "You're behind the staircase, Sonic. There's literally nothing up here, not even another floor, so I'll come back and get you... more than you've done for me when I get stuck!!!"

[Image: GC6_E01_373.png]

After asking for directions, Sonic and Anca eventually found their way to the bottom floor of the cave, the sewers.

Meli: "I'm training down here! One day I'm going to win at the Colosseum and get a Shadow Pokemon! Want to help?"

Sonic: "Sure!"

[Image: GC6_E01_374.png]

Sonic's pokemon defeated the Zigzagoon, but the third pokemon to be sent out... was a Swablu!

[Image: GC6_E01_358.png]

Anca: "Hey, Meli, are you sure you haven't already won at the Colosseum?"

Meli: "No, why?"

Anca: "Because that's a Shadow Pokemon you have right there..."

Meli: "Huh. Cool, I guess I don't need to win at the Colosseum at all...."

[Image: GC6_E01_376.png]


Meli: "No no, not that again, you should use Sing instead!"

[Image: GC6_E01_379.png]


[Image: GC6_E01_380.png]

Meli: "Oh nooo...."

[Image: GC6_E01_391.png]

Meli: "My confidence has taken a hit... I give up. Do you want this Swablu? He's caused me nothing but trouble since some Cipher Peon handed it to me randomly as I was minding my own business crossing the bridge."


Sonic: "I'm a champion! You should hang out with me!"


Anca: "Where's Miror B. by the way?"

Meli: "Just a little further that way, and to the right!"

[Image: GC6_E01_397.png]

The sound of music flowed through the door...

[Image: GC6_E01_398.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_399.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_400.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_401.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_402.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_404.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_405.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_406.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_407.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_408.png]

[Image: GC6_E01_409.png]

Miror B.: "So, Sonic, it's a surprise to see you here. All of my minions were too incompetent to inform me that you were even here. Otherwise I would have dealt with you myself. But fortunately for our grand plans, you shall go no further! I have the advantage of the higher ground. You're surrounded by my Ludicolo. A lifetime of dancing practice has toned my body for hand to hand combat. Are you ready to get down???"

[Image: GC6_E01_417.png]

Miror B.: "Let the music play!"

[Image: GC6_E01_427.png]

Miror B.: "What an outrage! I can't believe you beat my 4 powerful Ludicolo, and then snagged my secret ace up my sleeve- the legendary Meloetta! You won't get away with this! Our plans are huge and you can't stop us!"

Miror B. ran away...

[Image: GC6_E01_435.png]

Sonic: "Aha! P stands for Paperwork! I finally found the paperwork!"

Anca: "Really? Are you sure that's not just another thesis? Let me see... Yeah this is indeed the paperwork after all. And the mailing address is... the Mayor's Office?"

[Image: GC6_E01_445.png]

Sonic: "Who's that pokemon?"

Duking: "It's Plusle! You're alright!"

Sonic: "Oh, Plusle is a pokemon."

[Image: GC6_E01_450.png]

Silva: "I'm sorry Duking for messing with your windmill!"

Duking: "Don't worry, Silva! Everything is fine now that Sonic drove Miror B. out of town!"

Sonic was startled... did Silva just... apologize? Like a polite person would?

[Image: GC6_E01_455.png]

Duking: "Sonic, you're a hero! If you were any later, Plusle could have become a Shadow Pokemon!"

Sonic: "Maybe I should have waited..."

[Image: GC6_E01_461.png]

Plusle: "I want to help you too!"

Sonic: "You do?"

[Image: GC6_E01_464.png]

Anca: "Looks like we've got a cute and brave addition to the party now! We can finally replace you, Sonic!"

Sonic: "W-wait, no!"

Duking: "Okay, if you're gonna take care of Plusle, I want you call back every 12 hours with a status report on how Plusle is doing."

Plusle: "Oh my god! I'm 13, Dad! I can take care of myself!"

[Image: GC6_E01_470.png]

Sonic was actually starting to warm to Plusle's angsty teen attitude, but nonetheless gave Duking his P*DA phone number.

[Image: GC6_E01_475.png]

Silva: "That was real good work you did there, Sonic!"

Sonic: "Thanks, Silva!"

Silva: "Deep under the town of Pyrite is a town could The Under. I think that Cipher organization may be smuggling Shadow Pokemon through there."

[Image: GC6_E01_477.png]

Silva: "I'm going to do a little digging into the underground town of The Under!"

Sonic: "Good luck Silva, but I recommend using the elevator instead!"

Anca: "It might actually be easier to fall down there. There's a safety net."

Silva: "I'll consider those options! Thanks! Bye!"

[Image: GC6_E01_487.png]

Secc: "I'm trying to get in touch with kids from other towns, to form the Kids Grid! It's the age of networking, and together we can bring down Cipher!"

Anca: "How much do you know about Cipher? What's their relationship to Miror B. and Team Snagem?"

Secc: "They're all just parts of Cipher, which is the big big big bad organization. That's all."

Anca: "Okay. Just making sure we're clear. By the way, I think there might be something suspicious with the Mayor's office in Phenac City."

[Image: GC6_E01_711.png]

Es Cade: "Hello! I heard about you two on the news earlier. Good work defeating Miror B. and saving Pyrite City!"

Anca: "Thanks, Mayor, but we're here on business. So, tell me-"

Es Cade: "Ah! Do you want to open up a free mailbox here? My mayor's office also doubles as a post office!"

Anca: "I see. No thank you that won't be necessary. However, where were you when Miror B. and his 5 minions were in here?"

Es Cade: "They rented the office out for a dance party, which is another offical government function of my mayor's office. Therefore, I simply went to the Colosseum to watch some pokemon battles! I had no idea they were criminals at the time!"

Anca: "Okay... last question, who was the Sephiroth Cosplayer?"

Es Cade: "Just someone checking their mail. Their name is Avery G. Joh."

Anca: "Okay. Bye."

[Image: GC6_E01_714.png]

Pokeballs Currently Owned: x34
Purchase 99 Pokeballs for 19,800$?

Anca: "Okay, so I was thinking of going to Agate Village next. My grandfather lives there, and he used to be a mythical trainer in his youth, so he might know what to do."

[Image: GC6_E01_715.png]

Pokeballs Currently Owned: x133
Free Premier Ball

Anca: "Sonic did you just spend all our money on more pokeballs than we will ever use in our lifetime"

[Image: GC6_E01_716.png]

(Pokeball x99 and Pokeball x34 as separate entries in the list)

Sonic: "Check it out Anca, I have two separate stacks of pokeballs!"

Anca: "That's pretty cool, actually."

[Image: GC6_E01_717.png]

(Pokeball x43 and Pokeball x92 as separate entries in the list)

Sonic: "Look I can even use whichever stack I want in combat, and I just bought 10 more pokeballs and they went into the smaller stack because I rearranged it to be at the top of the list!"

Anca: "Nice! Is this the kind of cool stuff you learned in Pokemon School?"

Sonic: "No, all you ever learn there is how status afflictions worked. I had to learn this on the warm sandy path of Eclo Canyon. Now, I guess we're going to see your Grandfather!"
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]